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Delmar Library Fundraiser

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Some Thursday Comments

The Delmar Delaware and Delmar, Maryland Planning and Zoning Commission will meet tonight at 7 Pm
Help Bring Tigger Home

        Last night I went to the Laurel Library where the League of Women Voters had a Candidate Forum for the four people running for the 5th District of the Sussex county council.  Those people are; Vance Phillips, Bob Wheatley, Rob Arlett, and Brad Connor.  There was a turnout of 60 or more people.  I even saw a couple of Delmar people there mainly Dr. Ring and Kathy Porter.  I found it to be an interesting two hours.  Thank you Laurel Library and the League of Women Voters.

  I would give more details of the meeting but if you were interested you would have been there.  After listening to them, I can say that there are only two actual candidates and they are Vance Phillips and Bob Wheatley.  One is a republican and the other is a democrat.  Hopefully neither are big on their parties as I view the actions of both the Republicans and the Democrats to be a disgrace to the United States.    The Primary election will be Tuesday Sept 9th.

Should you not remember; this October there will be an election for a Mayor and two council members on the Delmar Delaware side of town. Should you be interested in filing for one of those positions (and you should be) you will have to file by September 12th. You can only file for one office at a time. About the only requirement for filing is you have to be 18 years of age and a resident of the town for one year preceding the election.

The Delmar Historical and Arts Society is continuing their project to take a photo of all the houses in Delmar.  Taking the photo is but a quarter of the work involved in the project, the other part is to come up with a labeling process so we can Id the houses and develop a history on each one.  I was surprised that less than half the houses in Delmar have house numbers on them.  I am sure the emergency workers and volunteers find that as no surprise to them but it was to me.   Also judging from the "For Sale" signs half of Delmar is up for sale.  If anything would actually sell than most of Delmar would be available for sale.  Other than the noise I am not sure why that is.

I had competition on taking photos of houses yesterday as the Google maps vehicle was in town.

Who ever drives the vehicle is a fast moving driver.  The above photo is not good but there is a 6 foot tripod thing on top of the car that I guess takes the photo. 

and speaking of houses, this one at 403 North second St Delmar DE. is being advertised by the town for demolition. Demolition is one of the reasons we are trying to take photos so we will have an image of what was there before it is gone.

Again last week I attended another Funeral, this time it was Larry Esham, a school classmate of mine.  He was buried up at the Veteran cemetery north of Hurlock MD.

Larry went in the Army after High school and I went in the Air Force as it happens we both ended up on Okinawa in 1964/65, so we were able to get together some.  He was at Machinato army Camp before going to Nam.  Machinato was a phsy warfare camp and it was also the storage depot for all kinds of chemicals from agent Orange on up.  A bit of trivial; agent orange got it name from the orange stripe on the 55 gallon barrel that it was stored in.  There were other chemical defoliants that had different color stripes on their storage barrels and they were called agent pink, agent Green, agent purple etc.  Sort of like the names given to the characters in the movie "Reservoir Dogs."

Last week there was a film crew staying at the Holiday Inn Express in Delmar.  They were here to shoot some interviews with a family over in Frankford Delaware for the PBS series "Our American Family".  The series is about average American families in the 1900 to 1950 time frame so it is genealogy orientated.  One of the researchers, Michael Nolan,  had emailed me with a question about the area.  Because I put history items on my blog I get the occasional email with questions.  Anyway I had the chance to interview him for the Lower Delmarva Genealogical Society fall Newsletter, so the interviewer got interviewed.

I am currently reading "Gumbo Limbo" by Tom Corcoran, a mystery book that takes place in Key West.  As is frequently the case with fiction about Key West there is so much travelog material in it that it doesn't make for a good book, but he did have this interesting take on post office mass shootings.  As you recall back a number of years ago  mass killing by postal workers were more popular than todays school shootings.  So it goes like this;
"Political Correctness Police. It's like this.  Three people, two guys and me, we take the post office job app test.  Each of us gets a ninety-five.  We all have equal chances of being hired.  But John Smith was in the military.  He gets an extra five points.  He gets hired before me.  Bill Jones is a Vietnam combat veteran with a Purple Heart.  He gets ten bonus points, and he gets my job.  Do that enough times, Alex, the post offices across the country are staffed by people trained in hand-to-hand combat, small arms, semiautomatic, and automatic weapons.  They got a problem, they solve it the way the government trained them, thirty years ago. "
and by the way Gumbo Limbo is a small tree that grows in Florida.

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Monday Comments

The Delmar Maryland Commissioners will meet tonight, below is their agenda;
Should you be in Southern California this week they are expecting a major Grunion Run due to the Super moon we have been having.  http://www.dfg.ca.gov/marine/grunionschedule.asp

The supermoon has also produced super arrests in Ocean City Friday and Saturday night.

Another fire damaged a house on East State Street on the Maryland side of town.  Estimated $95,000 worth of damage and it was one of the newer homes built in that area within the last fifteen years.

Delmar Heritage Day Celebration will be on September 20th.

The Town is installing utility Lines on Grove street in the area of Delmar Manor.  Work will be continue to Grove street until after school starts.

The people who lived in Mrs. Ellis house had the moving truck there this past week.  The house is up for sale.

This morning there was a little touch up work going on downtown;

and #5302 was sitting on tracks waiting to go someplace

Once again the United States can not stay out of Iraq.  This is the third time they are sending troops back in.  Even to me it is obvious no one knows what they are doing and how can you say you won the war the last two times when you are going back a third time.

I turned 71 this month and the most obvious things that have changed is I notice I tell people to go pound sand up their ass a little quicker then before and I notice the shadow people are getting closer.  You know those dim shadows you see out of the corner of eye and when you turn your head to look at them better  they are gone.  I guess when I get a good look at them it will be too late. Anyway 71 might be a prime number but it is not a prime age.

The amount of stealing that goes on from non-profits etc seem to be back on the rise.  Angela Taylor down in Accomack county was indicted on five counts of embezzlement for the girl scouts, cub scouts and boy scouts.  Brenda Malone was indicted for embezzlement of $70,000 from Lower Shore Enterprise. 

It was in the news that the Princess Anne Library was being used as a place prostitutes work from.  I thought all the traffic was just people enjoying books. 

The Delmar Historical and Arts Society has a project we call "Snapshot in Time" in which we are photographing all the houses and businesses in Delmar DE/MD.  We hope to determine the age of the house and whatever history we can find out about it.  So if you see a fat old man in the middle of the street taking a photo of your house relax he means you no harm.

The Grocery store out at Sandy Fork, East of Laurel,  has been removed.  I rode by it today and just dump trucks are there.  As you can see in the below photo. It was a handy way to tell people where the Sandy Fork area was.  When my children were young and we were leaving Trap Pond we would always stop off there for ice cream.

Our annual Miller-Hastings Family reunion came off very well at St. Georges church this past Saturday.  I think it was the 30th one.

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Delmar Delaware Mayor and Council Meeting Tonight

Thursday, July 31, 2014


Some End Of July Comments

Well the Delaware State Fair is over with and as expected during the State Fair week we got rain.  It seems to be a tradition that when the fair rolls around the area will get rain.  No one was expecting however a tornado at Cherry Stone Campgrounds on the Eastern Shore of Virginia that would kill two people and injury a number of others. 

Last night my wife and I went to Chincoteague for the Volunteer Fireman Carnival and those great oyster sandwiches.  Once again they were great.
no doubt thanks to this guy who was frying away.


   The wait in line was a few minutes but well worth it. 

 These sea gulls thought it was worth the wait.  I think now days it is politically incorrect to call them sea gulls - only gulls. 


and of course the mandatory photograph of ponies.

While driving back on RT13 between Pocomoke and Westover we were remarking about how dark RT13 is now on the section of highway.  Back in the 1960s it had several businesses that kept their lights on most of the night.  The English diner in Westover stayed open all night.  We also talked about the colored bar that use to be in the south bound lane about 4 or so miles north of Pocomoke.  It was a big two story house that I assume had the bar in the bottom and the top was living quarters, neither one of us could remember it's name, but they kept their lights on all night.  Something else to wake me up at 3 AM - wondering what the name of the place was.  We also had the chance to listen to 540AM Pocomoke radio station and their great selection of 1950's music.  The station fades away about Salisbury and it is rare to receive it in Delmar.  

Last week I renewed my driver's license.  I had to carry over all those identification papers they require now.  This seems to be easier for men as with woman they have to also bring wedding and divorce papers showing name changes.  For some of these women now days those papers must fill up a grocery bag. 

While there we went over to the new Redner grocery store in Georgetown.  It is located along side the Walmart and is a new store.  With a new store you get new grocery carts.  I have been to the one in Dover so I new what to expect but I was still pleased to see so many more brands than what Walmart and Food Lion carry.  Several new brands of scrapple in their scrapple section.  I guess since they are mainly a Pennsylvania grocery store chain there is a lot of that Pennsylvania Scrapple which is mostly meal instead of "meat".

I was out at the Holiday Inn Express in Delmar this week and saw that they were making a little money off USSSA.
One of the teams was practicing outside on the front lawn
Stained Glass Bridal and Tuxedo has moved from Bi-State Blvd to the old Movie theater at 10 N. Pennsylvania Avenue.  I think it is a good match for the downtown businesses.

The Sport's Nut Bar was doing a retouching this week, still keeping with the South Beach Miami colors.
and the electric company was in town changing out some light poles.
and over at Ponds Edge Apartments they have added an additional sign on their stop sign

and locomotive # 8338 was sitting downtown this week.

and still in the town limits but on the east side of town is this development up for sale

172 home sites.  This development was back in the days when Delmar had about 1,500 new homes proposed and they were going to move Delmar Delaware from the 23rd largest town in Delaware up to the 10 largest.  Oh well for the time being it is  pipe dream.

"oh my we are not the 10th largest?"

Like a number of families this summer that will attend reunions, we will be attending the Miller-Hasting family reunion out at St. George's church Hall on August 9th (Saturday) at 12 PM.   For some years now the reunion have talked about making a family cookbook and have gotten nowhere with it.  I recently was looking at  - "The Woolford Family Cookbook" with the Woolford family being out of Taylors Island, Maryland.  It follows the classic format of about 300 recipes scattered over about 125 pages.   This one has a wide range of recipes.  They have managed to include most of the homey recipes that make me cringe like "Recipe for Happiness" 2 heaping cups Payience, 1 heartful love, 2 handful Generosity, dash of laughter, and 1 headful of Understanding.  There are about 12 of those.  They seem to have missed the old faithful recipe for Elephant stew and the recipe for a Scripture cake.  One I hadn't seen before was for a Simon and Garfunkle Chicken recipe in which the last ingredients are parsley, sage rosemary and thyme.  I guess you have to be of a certain age to "get" it. They seem to have everyone, regardless of age, put in a recipe as there is; HOT DOGS - 4 hot dogs, Catsup - Put hot dogs on paper plate.  put holes in hot dogs.  Microwave for 2 minutes.  Cut in small pieces on plate.  Put catsup on it - Gary West, D. J. West .  Now I am not making fun of their cookbook as I think it follows the classic format of all family cookbooks.  I bought it because some one had highlighted certain recipes and written in how good they were - the classic yardsale sucker sales pitch for books.

To the West of us on Columbia Road the Rider farm has their one dollar watermelons agin this year.
and the corn is up and money is about to start coming in.  On humid days the smell of corn is everywhere.

and the watermelon buses and the migratory field crews are everywhere
as a wrap up here is a S. N. Culver Men's Shop Clothing store ad from 1960;

and at that time no doubt everything was manufactured in the United States.

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A Reflection of Our Times

From "Unseen Portland" http://unseenportland.com/


Delmar Real Estate

This is one of those homes that will always be associated with a person - in this case Mrs. Ellis.  Her home was sold and now it is up for sale again.  It is a nice property and has had a lot of work done to it by the current owners.    http://hotpads.com/real-estate/109-E-Grove-Street-Delmar-DE-19940--1aabrrkp0hkgd#

Described as 2300 sq ft, 4 bedroom 1.5 baths built 1920.  The house is actually on two lots as I recall.  Also it is a corner lot in a fairly quiet neighborhood, with the exception of trains, fire alarms and the racetrack.  At $167,900 it seems a bit pricy for just having 1 and half baths in it, but it does look nice inside judging from the photos at the website given. 


Missing Dog

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Real Estate In Delmar

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Incident:  Armed Robbery    

Location:  Gordy Tiger Mart, Delmar MD

Date:  07/21/2014                  
On 07/21/14 at approx. 11:23 PM officers of the Delmar Police Department responded to an armed robbery located at Gordy Tiger Mart, Delmar MD.  Further investigation revealed that a white female, early to mid 20’s in age, 5’6” tall, 120 lbs., light complexion, dark hair, dark eyes, wearing a gray “zip up” hoodie sweatshirt, with black pants, and black shoes produce what appeared to be a silver colored revolver on the counter and demanded money.  The white female obtained an undisclosed amount of money from the clerk and fled the store on foot. 

Anyone with information is urged to contact the Delmar Police Department at 410-896-3131. 


Planning and Zoning Commission Meeting Thursday Evening


BBQ For Carl Anderton Jr

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Sunday Comments July 13, 2014

Looking north on the track
There is a Delmar Maryland council meeting tomorrow night.  The agenda is below;

The Mayors & Commissioners of Delmar, MD are giving notice to the residents of Delmar, MD. that there is a vacant Maryland Commissioner's position to be filled as soon as possible. Residents interested in being considered for appointment to fill the remaining term, which expires November, 2015 must meet the following qualifications: shall be a resident of the United States, be at least 21 years of age, reside in the corporate limits of the Town of Delmar, MD for at least 2 years immediately preceding the date of the general election, not have been convicted of a felony and be a qualified voter of the Town of Delmar, MD. All letters of interest should be submitted to Mayor Carl Anderton, Jr. at the Town Hall of Delmar, 100 S. Pennsylvania Avenue, Delmar, Maryland 21875 no later than Monday July 21, 2014 before 4:00 p.m.

Application of Board and Commission below;



Monday is Bastille Day or as I understand the French call it; La Fête Nationale, nevertheless the 14th of July 1789 was the beginning of the French revolution when the storming of the Bastille occurred.



Some work has started at Chris Mill's building


I have been told the bricks on the La Cabana (the old memories) were originally the bricks in the Delmar Railroad station. 
My garden got off to late start due to other projects and the heat we had at the beginning of summer.  


A bit of trivia I have often wondered about is; was Interstate 76 which goes from Philadelphia PA to Akron, Ohio named 76 because of the connection between  1776 and Philadelphia?   Well over at this site is a detail discussion of it www.fhwa.dot.gov/infrastructure/i76.cfm , actually more than I wanted to know.  To sum it up, that site does not feel I76 was named for the 1776 connection.  Other web sites feel it is named for the 1776 connection.  I have to think that the government would once again get itself into a mess if they allowed one city to specify the Interstate number designation, as than other cities would want this right and eventually things would become screwed up even more then it currently is.

There will be a skateboard tournament in Gordy Park on August 31.
Paul Laurence Dunbar (1875-1906) has an Elementary school named for him in Laurel, Delaware.  It’s motto; “Where learning begins   I have included a poem of his for those who may wonder what kind of works he did.  Much of his more popular work in his lifetime was written in the Negro dialect associated with the antebellum South.  I don’t know if he ever came to Delaware as he was raised in Ohio and spent some time in DC but we have a school named for him.

Dis is gospel weathah sho’ –
Hills is sawt o’ hazy
Meddahs level ez a flo’
Callin’ to de lazy
Sky all white wif streaks o’ blue
Sunshine softly gleamin’,
D’aint no wuk hit’s right to do
Nothin’s right but dreamin’.

 Dreamin’ by a rivah side
Wif de warahs glist’nin’,
Feelin’ good an’ satisfied
Ez you lay a-list’nin’
To the little naked boys
Hollerin’ fu’ to spress deir joys
Jes’ lak youngsters ought to.

Squir’l a-tippin’ on his toes,
So’t to hide an’ virw you;
Whole flocks o’ camp-meetin’ crows
Shoutin’ hallelujah.
Peckahwood erpon de tree
Tappin’ lak a hammah;
Jaybird chattin’ wif a bee
Tryin’ to teach him grammah.

Breeze is blowin’ wif perfume,
Jes’ enough to tease you;
Hollyhocks is all in bloom,
Smellin’ fu’ to please you.
Go ‘way, folks an let me ‘lone,
Times is getting’ dearah—
Summah’s settin’ on de th’one,
An I’m a-layin’ neah huh!
By Paul Laurence Dunbar

As many of you know outside of St. Louis (Universal City) is an entertainment and restaurant district called the Delmar Loop.  http://www.ucityloop.com/

Mainly it is on a boulevard called Delmar Boulevard.  A section of this boulevard was named Barack Obama Boulevard but that makes no differences to what I was going to comment on.  The Delmar loop gets the loop part from a Streetcar turnaround.  The Delmar part of it is from 1933 when Morgan Street was changed to Delmar.  The name Delmar came from two large property owners who had moved to St. Louis from Maryland and From Delaware.  The road divided their land so they combined the two state names and called the road Delmar – pretty much like the railroad did to Delmar DE/MD.
The Super moon is upon this weekend and as with any supermoon high tides should occur.  The scientist says higher crime and bizarre behavior is just everyone imagination however my daughter says the people arrested and put in holding cells this weekend are more bizarre in their habits then the usual degenerates.  Mainly spitting on officers and people in general was seen much more often.  Those that had been in fights were also spitting blood so there was that concern also.  

Vacation bible school is in full force in Delmar over the next couple of weeks. 


Norfolk Southern Corporation #5302 sitting in Delmar.  General Motors Electro-Motive GP38-2 Diesels.  2000 horsepower.  Built in 1973 and Rebuilt and Repainted in 2012  .  5302 is shiny compared to the other locomotives, but it was recently painted.


Electro-Motive diesel was founded in 1922.  In 1930 General Motors purchased the company and 1941 called it the Electro-Motive Division (EMD).  In 2005 EMD was sold to Greenbriar Equity Group and Berkshire partners.  In 2010 Progress Rail Services Corporation  purchased EMD.   Progress Rail Services Corporation  is a wholly owned subsidiary of Caterpillar.

The Delmar Historical and Arts Society is looking at painting and doing some repairs on the Railroad Guard station this summer. 



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