Friday, March 27, 2015


Some Friday Comments

Rain will it never end?  My yard is a mud hole.

I stopped by Mason Dixon Auction today to look at what is for sale tonight.  As you know he lets people preview the items starting at noon, auction starts at 4 PM and furniture is sold at 9:30.  There is this really large bell there tonight which looks interesting.

Their website is at

As everyone in town has noticed the Boulevard Beer/ Cheers convenience store has a name change to Corner Market.
When the weather permits, I have been leaning toward walking the railroad tracks for my morning walks
work has been going at the water wells
Well 3A is be worked on
Well 3A is 143 feet deep, which puts it in the Columbia aquifer. This well can draw 750 GPM. 
You may remember it from this post I did in 2007 on the water plant

We are currently using Well 2A which is 205 feet deep which puts it in the Manokin Aquifer. It can pump 1,000 GPM.

I see where Gordy's Pub ( GP of Seaford, LLC) has applied for a taproom and Sunday license.  If anyone wants to object, and I don't know why you would since they have been there a while now, you can file your protest with the Alcoholic Beverage Control Commissioner.


Delmar Spring Cleanup


Little League Parade April 11th


Tomorrow - Maybe - Kiwanis Easter Egg Hunt

Yes the Easter Egg hunt did occur and below are the winners.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Sign Up For Work

May 16, 2015-9:00 am. Delmar Citizen Participation Day. Project:- Delmar Historic Building Renovation. Scrape building of flaking paint in preparation for painting contractor. The purpose is to renovate the building to house Delmar Historic Museum and to hold community based civic organization meetings. Contact the Clerk at Town Hall to sign up. Interested parties (18 years and older) are requested to provide your contact information on the sign-up sheet.


Delmar planning and Zoing Tomorrow Night

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Today 70 Years Ago The Rhine River Was Crossed

Crossing the Rhine 24 -31 March 1945: C-47 transport planes release hundreds of paratroops and their supplies over the Rees-Wesel area to the east of the Rhine. This was the greatest airborne operation of the war. Some 40,000 paratroops were dropped by 1,500 troop-carrying planes and gliders

US Glider troops after landing near Wesel

32d Troop Carrier Squadron Douglas C-47Ataking off from Poix Airfield (B-44) France, during Operation Varsity, 24 March 1945
Men of the 1st Cheshire Regiment crossing the Rhine in Buffaloes at Wesel

Handley Page Halifaxes and Short Stirlings tow Airspeed Horsa gliders over the French countryside shortly after crossing the English Channel, en route to the landing zones east of the River Rhine

"I drew an assault boat to cross in-just my luck. We all tried to crawl under each other because the lead was flying around like hail."Crossing the Rhine under enemy fire at Saint Goar, March 1945. Army

Today, 70 years ago the Rhine river was crossed near Xanten in Germany. The attack consisted of an Airborne assault (Varistiy) and a Amphibious assault (Plunder). Two Divisions of Airborne troops and four infantry divisions were used in the initial assault.  Operations Varsity was a joint American, British and Canadian airborne operation, it involved more than 16,000 paratroopers of the British 6th Airborne division and the American 17th Airborne. They were flown in by several thousand aircraft,Operation Plunder was the crossing of the River Rhine by the British 2nd Army (The 51st Highland Division and the 15th Scottish Division) and the US Ninth Army (30th and 79th Division it was the largest airborne operation in history to be conducted on a single day and in one location.

Monday, March 23, 2015


Today Is National Puppy Day

Sunday, March 22, 2015


Just Can't Ever Please Them


From The Past in Delmar 1995

From The State Register December 22, 1995
Sarah Webb, Katie Collingsworth, Jack Webb, Chad Culver, Teena Clark, Advisor Joyce Taylor and Casie Culver.




Nook's Drive-In Crisfield 1962

Friday, March 20, 2015


Spring is here

Thursday, March 19, 2015


The Cost Of WW2 Guns

Over at War History On-Line  There is an interesting article about the cost of guns in WW2.

Monday, March 16, 2015


Rt 54 Bargain Outlet

On my morning walk I stopped by Route 54 Outlet.  They have a constant turnover of things.  Today it was slot machines for $400 each and some gaming tables.

They sell washer and dryers for $99 each with a guarantee.

They say they are pleased with being in Delmar and I am pleased a business in doing well in town.


Heaven Defined

Sunday, March 15, 2015


A Tom Carper Message

Excerpts from Tom Carper "Carper Connection"

Every year, members of Congress nominate young men and women for the opportunity to be appointed for acceptance into the Air Force Academy, the Merchant Marine Academy, the Military Academy and the Naval Academy. Students accepted into these programs are given a unique opportunity to obtain an excellent education, serve their country and gain valuable leadership skills that will guide them in their future.

Knowing the impact military service had on my life, I take this opportunity very seriously. As a former Naval Flight Officer and retired U.S. Navy Captain, I appreciate how the benefits of military and public service shape one's future. Although I didn’t have the honor of attending a service academy, I learned the value of combining an education with military service while I was in the ROTC program at The Ohio State University.

The application process to be one of my nominees for appointment to a U.S. Service Academy opens TODAY, March 15, 2015. The application deadline is October 15th, 2015.

I urge young Delawareans to consider this option and consider applying to multiple service academies. Interested students can access the online application by visiting my website here. For more information regarding the application process, contact Laura Wisler, my Kent County director, at (302)-674-3308 or


WW2 Soviet In Navy Uniform

The Man did a lot of accessorizing on his outfit

Soviet partisan dressed in his navy uniform. It’s interesting because during WW2 lots of Soviet sailors fought on the land (most probably due to Germans destroying their ships in the beginning of the war) and they proudly worn their hat and uniform everywhere. Most of Soviet Navy uniforms were black, so when Germans first saw the sailors charging them, they called them “Black Death

From   on Tumblr


Delmar School Board Election In May

The School board seat held by David Burton will be up for election this year.  Since Mr. Burton did not file for re-election the choice is between Becky Neubert and Ray Vincent.  The Election is on May 12, 2015.  It is for a five year term. 

Becky Neubert 36323 Mt. Herman Circle., Delmar DE. 19940 Date Filed: 03/06/2015
Raymond T. Vincent Jr. 14418 Arvey Rd., Laurel DE. 19956 302-875-5707 Date Filed: 03/06/2015 Email:

Saturday, March 14, 2015


Cara Tamosaitis

I see Cara Tamosaitis tombstone made the website Geographically Yours Cemeteries


A Sampler

Some women sew samplers that say "Home Sweet Home" and then there are the other ones


Yes The Downfall


From The Queen Of Moonbeams and Magic

I came across this in a Red Hat Society Cookbook and decided since Jo Anne Schultz
 was from Delmar I would post it.


1920 ad Rosenfeld & Co. Pocomoke City MD


It's Pi Day !!!!

A very special Pi Day, because on March 14, 2015, at 53 seconds past 9:26 AM the date and time will spell out the first 9 decimal digits of the constant π.
Pi =3.14159 26535 89793 23846 26433 83279 50288 41971 69399 37510 58209 74944 59230 78164 06286 20899 86280 34825 34211 70679........

Thursday, March 12, 2015


Some Houses For Sale In Delmar Delaware

502 Lincoln Ave, Delmar, DE 19940

 3 beds 1 bath 1,110 sqft  $84,900


507 Lincoln Ave, Delmar, DE 19940

 2 beds 2 baths 1,184 sqft   $144, 900


405 Delaware Ave, Delmar, DE 19940     4 beds 3 baths 2,214 sqft  $149,900


203 Delaware Ave, Delmar, DE 19940  3 beds 2 baths 1,350 sqft  $124,900

306 N 2nd St, Delmar, DE 19940   4 beds 2 baths 1,344 sqft   $48,000

304 N 2nd St, Delmar, DE 19940  4 beds 2 baths 1,236 sqft  $48,000

305 Delaware Ave, Delmar, DE 19940  3 beds 1 bath -- sqft   $136,900

200 E Grove St, Delmar, DE 19940  5 beds 2 baths 2,560 sqft   $113,900


109 E Grove St, Delmar, DE 19940  4 beds 1.5 baths 2,300 sqft   $159,900

706 Delaware Ave  Delmar, DE 19940 3 beds 2 full bath  1800 sq ft $165,000


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