Monday, October 13, 2014


The Delmar Library Groundbreaking

I slipped up to the library this afternoon thinking the groundbreaking ceremony would be a ten minutes or so event but after seeing all the suits there I knew it was going to be a bit longer.
Beverly Wilson, President of the Delmar Library Commission lead the speeches and did introductions.
Delaware State House of Representative Timothy D. Dukes gave a little pray and talk.
Jeffrey Bullock, Delaware Secretary of State talked a while.  Frankly I didn't know Delaware had a Secretary of State, but he seems a pleasant person.
Delmar Delaware Mayor Michael Houilhan spoke also

Susan Upole, library director and Delmar Citizen of the year spoke.
 Sussex County Councilman Vance Phillips spoke
Delaware Senator Robt L. Bob Venables spoke
Finally we walked thru the library (moving day is tomorrow) and outside for the groundbreaking.
and there they all are.


A Couple Monday Events

At 2 PM today the Delmar Public Library will have a groundbreaking event. 
At 7 Pm tonight the Delmar Maryland Commissioners will meet

Monday, October 06, 2014


The Wedding

This weekend my wife and I went to a wedding in Bel Air Maryland.  It was at the Liriodendron  a Palladian-styled mansion.  If we did not have a GPS in the vehicle we never would have found it. 
It is however a great spot for a wedding.  The string quartet is Two Rivers Chamber Music and their web page is:

The people being married were Jonathan Dickerson and Kristin Voegtline.  Jonathan is the son of a cousin of mine. 
and here we see him waiting for his bride.
and there is Kristin with her mother, Linda.

They discovered one another on a on-line computer dating service.  Behind them are paper crane garland or chains.  I didn't try to count them to see if there were the traditional 1,000 but because folding a crane takes time, patience and understanding (qualities considered vital in a marriage) 1,000 hand folded cranes are considered good luck.

Jonathan's mother Miyoko is Japanese and about ten of her family and friends from Japan and Hawaii flew in for the wedding so the Yagi family was well represented.

Kristin has her PhD and is a postdoctoral research fellow at John Hopkins Bloombergs School of Public Health so the number of goats and sheep Jonathan had too come up with for her was high. 

and to add to the enjoyment; an open bar, hor's d hoerves, DJ, and food.

Great crab balls and drinks

This is Miyoko, she is a wild woman on the dance floor
Kristin is from Wisconsin and I remembered from my trips to Wisconsin all the posters advertising church dinners featuring  Lutefisk and Swedish meatball suppers
Lutefisk is the culinary equivalent of muskrat on the Eastern Shore.  But certainly she would not serve that at her wedding?
still this is the bride and groom wearing cheesehead hats

But we were safe it turned into a very nice dinner catered by Laurrapin,

a restaurant in downtown Havre de Grace.

while eating, deer came out of the woods and grazed on the lawn.
During the mother son dance Jonathan's father made his one point which everyone immediately forgot.
It was a great wedding. 

Weddings are almost always happy events, In the novel  "The Five People You Meet In Heaven" by Mitch Albom, the wife ( Marguerite) leads Eddie (the main character) thru a Heaven of weddings receptions because the receptions were filled with love and happiness which was her idea of Heaven.


Tonight the Delmar Delaware Council Meeting

Friday, October 03, 2014


The gypsy Funeral

Looking for information on "The Gypsy Funeral" that happened in Delmar in the 1950's.  Email at 

Thursday, October 02, 2014


Mums The Word

Mums are the throw away plant in the flower world.  They are everywhere this time of year and 80% will be allowed to die in their pot.  I was out to Panichella Farms  (Nick Panichella) on Pepperbox Road this week and picked up a few.  He said they are moving fast. 


Moran Woodworked Furniture

The past couple of weeks I have had more than my share of Doctor appointments.  Spent quite a bit of time sitting in waiting rooms and filling out consent forms, insurance forms, etc. and reading waiting room magazines that have probably been touched by sick people with God knows what wrong with them.  One magazine was "Garden and Gun", never heard of it before, but it was good.  Published for people with money so obviously I was just window shopping their ads.   One ad was for Moran Woodworked Furniture  and one of the furniture pieces was this charred piece for $1250;
I could only think that four years ago I could have gave this guy a run for his money as I had a number of "charred" pieces from the house fire.  Never thought to decorate with them. 


The Encryption Virus Got Me

About two weeks ago I got an encryption virus (CrytoWall) on my other computer.  Bad stuff, it encrypted all my document files.  It left me a ransom message but I doubt if I paid the money they would really de-encrypt what they had done.  Shows the reason why you do routine backups.  I was unable to back up and restore the computer at an earlier date so I took it to Brainwaves where they were able to clean up the computer but unable to restore ANY encrypted document files.  They did say they rarely came across the virus until this past week when other people started bringing in their computers.  I did loss a number of files that I had not been backing up.  So if you are not dumping those files onto a CD, DVD or other form of external storage you should start doing it right now. 

Wednesday, October 01, 2014


October 22nd Speaker For LDGS

After your research, what's next?

The Lower Delmarva Genealogical Society is proud to present

Elaine Patterson

Ms. Patterson will speak on “After your research, what’s next? - how to publish your family tree and in addition she will speak on the  diaries and letters of John Campbell Henry".  

Elaine Patterson is a native of the Eastern Shore and has always had an interest in writing and Maryland history.  Upon retirement from Salisbury University, she founded a publishing company, now Maryland History Press, to help preserve and celebrate the unique history and culture of this region.   She enjoys helping people by encouraging them in their writing process and by providing a variety of services including proofreading, editing and publication whether for personal use or book distribution.

This event is open to the public and is free.


Wednesday night at 7 PM October 22th at the Edward H. Nabb Research Center for Delmarva History and Culture at Salisbury University - Wayne and Powell Street Unit #190



October is Family History Month

October – Family History Month
Yes among all the other "October is" October is also family history month.  So get out there and do a little research about your family. 

If you need help the Lower Delmarva Genealogical Society and the Sussex County Genealogical Society will help you get started.


A Block of East Jewell Street Will Close on Thursday

The traffic on East Jewell Street from Pennsylvania Avenue to N. 1st Street will be shut down on Thursday October 2, 2014 from  approximately 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. to allow Schrock and sons to install a new water and sewer connection for Shorts funeral Home.


Carl Anderton Jr


A Message From The Library

The Delmar Public Library will close on Thursday, October 2, at 8 pm, in preparation for construction.

The Library plans to reopen on November 11 at 38481 Sussex Highway, Delmar, Delaware, the new, temporary location during the construction and renovation project at the current library building.

A groundbreaking ceremony for construction will be held Monday, October 13, at 2 pm. All residents and library customers are encouraged to attend.

Library materials may be returned through October 13 at the Bi-State Boulevard location and at any Delaware public library or mobile library location.

The Library's phone number will remain active throughout this period and messages will be returned whenever possible.

Library customers are encouraged to use the Library's website, Facebook, and Twitter accounts for information during the time the library is closed.

Customers may email questions to the library using

Library card holders can continue to use other Delaware public libraries.

Maryland residents may choose to use the Wicomco County Library locations or other Delaware library locations until Delmar Public LIbrary reopens.

We regret the inconvenience our closing will create for many of our customers.

For more information, please call 302-846-9894 or visit the Library's website at

Monday, September 29, 2014


The New Crematorium Furnace has arrived

As many of you have observed what use to be an empty lot west of me now has a building going up on it.  It is a new building for Tom and Amy's Crematory business.  Part of the construction called for a new crematorium Furnace and it arrived today.
Well there is the hole that it goes in and the man in green from Gale Johnson Construction (302-846-0514) is explaining a fine point; like the cremator is suppose to drop from the sky.

So the Crematorium Furnace arrived on a roll off with a crane.
and it is air borne.  Everyone is on their feet just in case that sucker falls.

good planning, there was only a couple feet left between my fence and on the other side less than a foot.   The cremator is all shiny and new it even had that "new" Cremator smell, like buying a new car.

Big excitement from everyone.

The Riggers did a good job getting it in.
The final things the crane removed and placed on the roof was the smokestack
So things are a little closer to being operational.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Delmar FFA

The Delmar FFA (Future Farmers of America) was set up at Tractor Supply in Salisbury on Saturday doing a fundraiser


Delmar Planning and Zoning Commission Thursday Night

Monday, September 22, 2014


Yes The Delmar Library is Moving

The Delmar Library will close on October 2nd and stay closed until November 11th for them to move their 23,000 pieces of library stuff to a new temporary location out on RT13.  It is in the building  where Bullfeathers Auto Sound was.  They will stay in that location until the new library is built.



Delmar Heritage Day

Some photos of Delmar Heritage Day last Saturday as usual click on them to make them larger.

I arrived late and missed the tug-of-war between Delmar Maryland and Delmar Delaware out in State street on the state line but I understand Delmar Delaware won.
and yes a TV station (WBOC) sent by a reporter to interview and take pictures

Gary Horseman was there complete with stories.

Abe Lincoln, complete with band,  was there to give a little speech

Here Abe Lincoln is thanking Gary Horseman for voting for him in the 1864 election
The Bo Dickerson band was there.

The dashboard of a 1951 F150 Ford pickup (Bob Twilley).  I can remember when pickups had dirt on them but this isn't one of them.  Yes there was a car show

Linda Rigging's 1942 Dodge was there also

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