Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Bennett School Project

Today (1/24/06) the Daily Times had a good letter from Bruce Webster in the "Letter to the Editor" section. Back in the 1960's the Wicomico County Board of Education decided to build all the Middle and High Schools in Salisbury. Plus they are all within a few miles of one another. It was an ignoramus ideal for the City of Salisbury to think all knowledge was in Salisbury and teenagers from 10 to 20 miles away should be bussed each day to Salisbury. If a new school is to build I agreed with Bruce Webster - it should not be build in Salisbury.

My Position on Annexation

I have been accused by a number of people as being against growth for Delmar. I am not against annexation. I do feel any annexation that occurs should not be at the expense of the current residents. The cost should be borne by the new residents or real estate developers. The current residents should see no increase in taxrates or water and sewer rates. In fact they should see a reduction. Why would you pay to have additional land and people in Delmar? The current annexation will raise the tax rates and the water and sewer fees. The only thing that will be achieved is a larger spot on the map. This is empire building and not quality growth.

Wicomico County Civic Center

Recently the Wicomico County Council approved the establishment of a capital improvement fund for the Civic Center. A few months ago the Civic center was made an enterprise fund, which means it operates as abusiness without County (taxpayer) support. Obviously the Capital Improvemenr Fund was a maneuver on Gary Mackes part to do as he likes with Civic Center funds and continue to have the taxpayers support the white elephant known as the civic center. I think Gary Mackes is a very smart department head who is saddled with money draining facilities, however the Civic Center is either operated as a business or it is not.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Constant Vigilance

Money is a fleeing item. Regardless how frugal you think you are you will sooner or later come across something that you have paid to much for. Today Aero Energy came by to fill up our fuel oil tank. Now Fuel oil is worst than gasoline in price, at least I thought so. For twenty or more years I have had automatic fillup. I started with Gordy Fuel Oil and when He decided he didn't want to have anything else to do with Delmar and sold it to Aero Energy, I continued with them. Still on automatic fill up. I had always thought that Automatic Fillup was a way the oil company had to retain customers - people wouldn't be phoning for the better prices. Today when Aero Energy arrived to fill the tank I asked why they were charging $2.49 a gallon for #2 fuel oil. It turns out there is about a 25 cent per gallon surcharge for automatic fillup. This is like 10% above the "Will Call" fill up price. Needless to say I changed by status with Aero Energy very quickly. I have managed to save enough today to fill up my Dodge Omni and buy a six pack of cheap beer, life is good.