Saturday, February 04, 2006

Delmar Pizza

This weekend we have purchased more take out food than usual. We had a pizza from Delmar Pizza which always has good food. The problem is you can't find a place to park to pick the pizza up. I don't know how the stores between Delmar Pizza and Bonaza have any customers. Parking is such a problem at lunch time and supper time. Goodfellas Pizza is suppose to open February 15th. I wonder if a number of their customers won't be people who won't go to Delmar Pizza because they can't find a parking spot there.

We also purchased subs from the junior class at Delmar High schools. They were not very good subs. The roll was good but the meat and cheese was lacking.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Drill Academy

Today in the Daily Times was an article about the Drill Academy and the refusal of the Maryland State Police and the Wicomico County Sheriff's Office to release to the public the records of the investigation of the Drill Academy. This is foolish of them as the questions concerning the Drill Academy and who created the mess are not going to go away. Wicomico County seems to like to investigate matters than keep the results under their hats. The county officials and employees are there to serve the public and it is time for the responsible people to be held accountable. It was their arrogant in ignoring the taxpayers of Wicomico County that created VOICE.

Brenda's Birthday and Groundhog Day

Once again today an oversized hamster will look for it shadow. Punxsutawey Phil will join 10,000 to 30,000 party people in Pennsylvania to predict the weather.

Perhaps with slightly less party people my neighbor Brenda will have a birthday today. Out of sympathy for her I will not say her age, but it is old. Brenda's Birthday and Groundhog day - a coincidence - I think not.

In addition to having a birthday Brenda has the additional distinction of being the oldest living Miss SkipJack Queen. Years and Years ago when she was a young thing and living in Deal's Island she was crown Miss SkipJack for the labor day skipjack races held there.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Delmar Cigarette Outlet Opens

Yesterday the Delmar Cigarette Outlet opened. It is behind Delmar liquors. Good Luck to them I am sure I will walking over for my Cigars and Pipe Tobacco.

More Curbing

This photo is at the corner of Lincoln and 2nd Street. Another place where the curbing over the storm water drain is gone, setting the Town up for a lawsuit when someone slips off the curbing into the storm water drain.

New Post Office

Last night at the Joint Council Meeting it was mentioned that it was time petition for a new post office. Given the number of homes potentially to be built in the area over the next five years the current post office will be overrun. Between the additional mail carriers they may add and the parking problems that may occur around the Post Office I concur in the need for a new Post Office at a new location. Altho I will miss the convenience of just walking to the Post Office I won't miss the strange driving and parking habits of it customers and employees.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Utility and Joint Meeting Tonight Jan 30th

As a reminder there is a Utility Meeting tonight at 6:30PM and a Joint Council Meeting tonight at 7:30PM at Town Hall.

Curbing in Delmar

Some Photos of my morning walk in the Fog.

The Top Photo is the corner of Second and Jewell. Not only is the curbing falling apart but the garbage in the gutter has been there so long grass is growing it.

The bottom photo is of a sewer drain behind the post office on First Street. The curbing was broken several years ago by Postal Trucks and Contractors trucks taking a shortcut out of the post office parking lot over it. Several months ago the broken section was sawed out and the hole was left. Anyone walking down the sidewalk runs the risk of falling into the hole (which goes down several feet) and breaking their leg.