Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Delmar High School Benches

Delmar High School has great looking benches in front of their building. I assume they have been there awhile but I just had a reason to stop by the High School last week, so it was first time I saw them. The photo doesn't do justice to the orange color. Some benches are blue some are orange, all are very nice looking.

Hit and Run on First Street

Last night my neighbor's car was hit by someone. As you can see some damage was done. It would seem after 9 PM at night there is an entirely different element on the streets of Delmar. It was reported to the police and they were by about 7AM this morning.

$13 Million Surplus In Wicomico County

In todays Daily Times there was an article about a surplus of $13 Million in Wicomico County for FY2005. Remarkable. I have always been a supporter of Pat Petersen, the county Finance Director, but items pointed out in the article about delays in the county audit due to software and billing problems do concern me. As I recall these problems have been going on for about two years and should have been fixed at least a year ago. Well anyway there is 13 million dollars in money for the county council to spent madly and rapidily. I am sure they will. It will be like the old days for them when they acted like hogs at a trough feeding. God Bless Voice for getting the Revenue Cap put thru in 2000. Now it would be nice if someone is elected as county executive that acts like they got testicles and can stand up to the Board of Education and their run away spending.

As an additional note I heard on TV last night that Rehoboth Beach is going to hire some foreign policemen for the summer. See my previous post on hiring foreign correctional officers.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Joe Passed Away

Last night my neighbor Joe died of a heartattack. He has been my neighbor for over 25 years. He was an active fire company member. He was my age and retired less than a year ago from the railroad. He will sorely be missed.