Thursday, March 09, 2006

Delaware Prison Health System

Well it looks like the Federal Government is going to investigate the Delaware Prison Health system. Delaware Correction Commissioner Stan Taylor says he is "eager to help the Federal Investigation". Obviously a fool. No one should help the Federal Government investigate anything as it does not effect the outcome one way or another. The end result is we (Delaware taxpayers) will end up paying more and like Education (you know how well that one is working) it will be mandated by the Federal Government. Once they come in they will be back every year at least to reinvestigate. What we need is someone who will stand up to the Federal Government and stop their on going encroachment on State and local rights.

The common complain is the inmates are not receiving "Proper" health care. Lets take a realistic look at this. If the "inmates" were free and on their own they would be going to social services for health care or in most cases just ignoring any kind of health care. I understand the current cost for inmate health care in Delaware prisons is $25 million a year. The inmates complain about health problems because they receive a little special attention while in jail. It breaks up the day for them by going to see the Doctor or Nurse. Most have poor health habits and are in a poor state of health when they are jailed. Is it up to the state to return them to perfect health? At the Wicomico County jail I worked at, the inmates received better care than I did. The fact is most inmates are scum. Their families who make such a boo hoo about their son, brother, etc not receiving health care would be kicking their asses out into the street if they were required to care for them. They rise hell with the newspaper in hopes of setting themselves up so they can sue the state and no doubt the state will cave in and settle with them.

The Delaware Prison system does have problems. First they refuse to make public records public. Second, they have a shortage of guards. Third, they lack leadership. Most of all this leads back to Governor Minner.

Again, my answer to lack of guards at prisons is to hire foreign correctional officers. The chicken plants, construction companies, fast food places, etc all do it, why not state positions? New blood and a different outlook into the prison system is needed.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Politically Correct

As to be expected I am not someone who is politically correct. I think part of it is as you get older you realize you do not have much time left and you don't need to waste it on bullshit. I was talking to my daughter tonight about art history and the art history class she is taking at Delmar High school. She referred to a sculpture done in 400 BCE. Naturally I thought it should have been BC and anything after the birth of Christ was AD. At Delmar High School dates are referred to as BCE (Before Common Era) and CE (Common Era). Can you be anymore correct than that?