Thursday, March 16, 2006

Furniture Stores

More Furniture Stores for Delmar. Much like Laurel, which is known as the town with the most traffic lights per capita, Delmar is becoming known as the town with the most furniture stores per capita. Let us hope all of those developments that are planned materialize, in order to keep these stores in business.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Wicomico County Council Meeting March

I watched channel 14 tonight which showed the last Wicomico County Council meeting. At the end of the meeting Councilman Ed Taylor expressed his dislike for the Revenue cap. I have voiced my viewpoint before that the county council were like hogs feeding at the trough before the revenue cap was voted into place by the voters of the county. It is my opinion that if the voters of the county approved the revenue cap then the only comment from the president and councilmembers should be that the Revenue cap is the official position of Wicomico County. Any other comment such as saying it should be removed merely show the arrogance of the Wicomico County Council. The Hogs are hungry again and instead of trying to utilize the county tax money effectively they are once again trying to feed the loose spending they have. Those members that do so should be removed as they do not represent the people in Wicomico County. If they want to save money they can start by looking at the medical contracts and medical services at the Detention Center. Once again thank God for "Voice".

Chesapeake Utilities on 2nd street

Chesapeake Utilites at work on second street. Anyone one who has drove down Second street in the last few weeks knows it has patches all over it. The construction crew said they had replaced the cast iron gas line under the street and were now hooking up services. They said as soon as they were done and the asphalt plants start back up the patches would be repaved. So I guess they are protecting us from gas leaks by improving the service.

I wonder if Delmar charges for street cuts when someone cuts the street to dig a hole. A long time ago when I worked for a gas utility, Ocean City would charge us $1.25 a foot for each street cut we made plus we had to get a permit and had a time limit to repave the street.

Salisbury Vehicle visits Delmar

It would appear Salisbury has as many problems as Delmar in keeping their Municipal owned vehicles in their town limits. This morning a Salisbury Fire Company vehicle was parked in Gordy's parking lot. For years and years we have had problems of the Delmar police department vehicles being seen outside the town limits. I guess Maybury is just too boring for them.

I am back

The Nanking Cherry Bush is in bloom in my backyard.

I have been off the internet for a few days due Comcast improving the system. Whatever they did to improve the system knocked my neighbor and I off the internet for a few days until they came by and fixed it yesterday.