Saturday, April 01, 2006

Upcoming Meetings in Delmar

Meetings and events over the next two weeks in Delmar. As a reminder tomorrow DayLight Savings Time begins. The Delmar Parks and Recreation committe meets at 8PM on April 4th. The Delmar Police Commission meets at 7PM on April 10th and most important of all the Delmar Schools start spring break on April 14th.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Delmar Joint Council Meeting March 27th

Last night the Delmar Joint Councils had their March Meeting. A good turnout of the public was present. It started at 7PM and was over at 9:25PM. There were various proclamations read and approced; American Red Cross Month, Fair Housing month, Municpal Government Works month. The Maryland side of town is requesting, with Salisbury and Fruitland (combined 38% of wicomico County) a tax reduction for duplicate services (services provided by the town and the same service provided by the county).

Spring cleanup for the Maryland side of town will be April 24th and 25th. the Delaware side of town will be on April 27th and 28th.

A Mr. Mcallister presented a display of the signs to be at Delmar Commons.

The Children theater of Delmarva requested a tax abatement for two parcels of land totaling over 21 acres at the corner of Rt13 and Foskey Lane.

Chesapeake Utilities said the holes in the street on Second Street will be repaired by mid April.

The Fire department has requested the parking in front of the Library be stopped. They have been working on this for ten years and it looks like with this Council they will finally get their way.

The Delmar Library wants the Town to give them money for a library expansion. Given a choice of the library expanding or my street sweep I would rather have my street clean. The Library suggested the town pay 20% of the $1.3 million dollar expansion.

The meeting would have been over at 9PM but when public comment was asked for the Woodcreek group had questions. See my previous post on Diane Buckley and the Woodcreek public. The manager of Goodfellas Pizza had comments about the Drug dealing taking place in his parking lot. He said he counted 22 separate drugs deals in one evening. Some one from the police told him he shouldn't expect it to go away overnight as the drug dealers had used that parking lot for two years while it was empty. A good live and let live approach by the police force. Naturally the council blow him off by a "we will look into it".

Diane Buckley and the Woodcreek Public

I will post latter today the events that happened at the Joint council meeting last night, but I feel a special separate post is needed for an incident that occurred last night. As I have posted previously this set of councils are known for trying to wrap up all the town business in one two hour meeting for both sides of town. They almost made it when at 9 PM they ask if there was any public comment. As a town we are blessed with new residents who are not yet aware that public comment at a council meeting is usually brushed aside and no action taken on the comment. The Woodcreek group of residents started asking questions about the parking and lighting conditions at WoodCreek when Delaware Councilperson Diane Buckley busted out with comment that generally went along these lines; "Why are you people asking those questions? We went thru this comment in the last Joint Meeting and now you are bringing it all up again, are we going to have to listen to this at each meeting? This is a joint meeting and your questions are the concern of the Maryland side of town. You should be on the agenda if you are going to speak for very long". Well the poor person asked Mayor Nibbett if there was a separate Maryland meeting to discuss these matters and of course he replied no. So where should the WoodCreek people bring these questions? I am sure Diane Buckley was under pressure to leave as the meeting had gone after 9 PM, but were those comments necessary? Frankly the level of apathy is so bad among the longer term town residents that the Council should be pleased people are taking an interest in the town. The council did manage to break up at 9:25 PM after brushing off other public comment about drug dealing in Delmar. Perhaps I should do a separate post on that issue also.

Delmar Utility Commission March 27th

The Delmar Utility Commission had their March meeting last night at 6:30PM. Items discussed were; the Town Manager and select people meant with Tidewater Utilities for an initial discussion of the agreement between the Town and Tidewater to supply Water and sewer service to the growth area East of Route 13.

Sarah Bynum King, Town Manager, meant with Dr Yu of the Maryland Department of Enviroment to discuss the wastewater treatment plant BNR project. It has been a 10 year effort to have this project approved by the State of Maryland. Dr Yu is one of those people that can turn a $100,000 project into a $500,000 project simply by dragging out the approval process.

Houlihan Development had requested approval from the Utility Commission for EDU's for three of their projects. Only one, FoxRun, was approved. WoodCreek developers request approval from the Utility Commission for 100 townhomes, it was denied.

A representive from Food Lion complained about their water bill going from $230 a quarter to $800. Sarah Bynum King said she would look into it. Frankly their normal $230 bill a quarter seems low to me. One of the problems with the commercial stores in the plaza is their outside faucets. For the most part the faucets are unlocked and available for someone to hookup to 24 hours a day. The Food Lion representive discussed having problems with the people who powerwash the parking lot hooking into their water. Not discussed was the number of homeless people who go thru the Plaza at all hours and fill their jugs from faucets in the businesses at the Plaza. I would certainly question the amount of police time in around Food Lion betwen midnight and 4AM. If a commercial vehicle was filling up a tank on the back of a truck, would the police stop and question them at four in the morning or assume they had an OK from Food Lion to do so? The town itself has had problems in the past with construction companies filling their water tanks from Town fire hydrants without permission or compensation. At 5,000 to 10,000 gallons a fillup it soon becomes a noticeable lost of water.

Public Meetings in Delmar

The current mayor and council have set the public meetings times so it is impossible for a citizen of Delmar to attend all the public meetings. As an example the Public Works Meeting and the Utility Meeting are held at the same time in separate rooms. Should you want to attend both it is impossible. It is one more display of the contempt this mayor and council have for the public attending Town Meetings.

The American Red Cross and I

About 45 years ago when I was first in the military, out first sargent came by and told us we would all be making a $5.00 donation to the American Red Cross. Now at that time I think I was being paid $65 a month by the Air Force so $5.00 was a high percentage of my monthly pay. I told him, no I was not going to donate the money, so he preceded to work my 18 year old ass over until I finally caved in and gave the money. As of that day I swore I would work against the American Red Cross any way I could. I certainly have not given them any money other than the $5.00 dollars they got that day. So March is American Red Cross Month - may they rot in hell.


Washington state has come up with a new tourism campaign. Leading the campaign is a new state slogan for Washington of "SayWA". In order to come up with this state slogan it took a 32 member commission 18 months to develope it. No doubt if they had one less member they couldn't have done it. I don't think it's as catchy as Idaho's "Great potatoes, Great Destinations" or Indiana's "Enjoy Indiana".

Monday, March 27, 2006

Norfolk Southern Engine Exhaust

I walked up to Campbell's Barber Shop (best $8.00 haircut in Delmar) this morning for a haircut. The downtown area was under a smog pollution attack from Norfolk Southern engine 3389 and 3437. The exhaust from these two engines was really bad. Well no sense complaining I knew the railroad was here before I moved here. Since I only live a block from the tracks I am sure the people who lived in my house back in the early 1900's complained about the coal smoke from the engines.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Salisbury City Council Michael Dunn

The "Daily Times" finally got around to running an article about Salisbury City Councilman Michael Dunn and the Sassafras/Westwood development. At least two blogs; "Duvafiles" and "Justice for all" have been talking about it for some time now. Naturally when all of this dies down, everything will continue as usual with the Salisbury City councils or as they are often called the "Clowns of the Eastern Shore". I am waiting to see if this publicity infuences any of the dealings the Delmar Maryland and Delaware town council have been and are involved in.

Also I should mention the great "Letter to the Editor" from Rita M. Jones. I fully agree that a 20 gauge shotgun is the answer to people breaking into your home. I think I would go for a 12 gauge myself. Lewis Calhoun of Delmar says he would use a 12 gauge in his "letter to the editor".

Buck Owens

Buck Owens died Saturday at age of 76.
Nicknamed after the family mule, Alvin Edgar Owens Jr, better known as "Buck" Owens was best known for his co hosting of the TV show "Hee Haw". For a link to his Crystal Place site in Bakersfield California go to