Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Mayor Niblett's Comments in Delmar Newsletter

In a previous post I did about the February 27th Joint Council meeting I said both Mayor's blew off John Johnson's letter to the elected officials. In the meeting Mayor Niblett said the letter would be posted in the Delmar Newsletter. Well in reading Mayor Niblett's comments in the Delmar Newsletter I take it that the letter referred to must have pulled a hair off the Mayor's ass as he seem quite disturbed over it. For those who don't know, John Johnson is the current President of the Chamber of Commerce in Delmar. I have not seen the letter so I only have a general idea of what the letter said. It is my understanding he questioned the inappropriate manner extra-governmental organizations utilized town resources. The rest of the letter had to do with the Chamber being frozen out of the revitialization effort. I would hope John Johnson would post the letter somewhere so the public can read it and form their own opinon on it. He is certainly welcome to post it as a comment to this post. Anyone is always welcome to post comments to this blog. As I state in the banner on this blog the items I write are my outlook/opinion and if you have different opinions you are welcome to post them as comments or start your own blog up.

It seem's to me that if Mayor Niblett liked or disliked the letter, as a man of his word he would have published the letter. I recall nothing in the March Joint Meeting commenting he was not going to publish the letter. Instead he blew off the public who attended the February meeting by saying he would publish the letter and then did not.

I have always felt that serving as an elected official was part of everyone's civic duty. I have always questioned the reason why anyone would remains in office more than two terms. I think Mayor Niblett has served the Maryland side of town well for the first years he was elected but now I have to question his effectiveness as Mayor. It is however a Maryland issue and not a Delaware issue. Perhaps the new voters from WoodCreek will decide that issue in the next election.

Paying for Services You Don't Receive

For some time now myself and others have complained about the lack of street sweeping and my this I mean the trash in the gutters in Delmar, Delaware. Many years ago the budget included four street sweeping a year. This was a minor number of times but at least we felt we received something for our tax dollars. Now we receive none but there is no reduction in taxes. Maybe it is time we try to reduce the town taxes if they won't provide the services. In this issue of The Delmar newsletter they are now telling us they have an ordinance that states the owner of property will keep their curb and gutters clean. Now I have complained for sometime about this and no one from the "Town" has ever thrown it back in my face that I am the one who should sweep the street. It seems strange to me. Perhaps my blog and complaining pissed someone off and they decided to research their ordinances to find something that would blow me off as they do most people who attend the council meetings to complain. Neverless it is not my intentions to sweep the gutters. It is the town's responsibility.

West Delmar Tot Lot

West Delmar Tot Lot

Well, here I had been working on a blog post about the West Delmar Tot Lot and how it lacks a lot and in the Delmar Spring Newsletter the Town of Delmar announced a grant of $7,293 to improve it. Certainly took the wind out of my sails. The West Tot lot has never been in good shape. I can remember taking my children to it and it just was never kept in good shape. Everything looked worn out and rusted. At the time my children went to it there were several broken pieces of equipment. Now it is maintained, as in the grass is cut and the trash mostly picked up. The broken playground equipment has been removed. The ground is covered in a lot of gum balls from the trees, that hurt your feet when you walk on them. But it still has a worn out rusted look. As compared to the State Street Park Tot playground it lacks any glitz and eye appear. I would hope this is simply due to the time and expectations of that time period when the West Delmar Tot Lot was built as opposed to some racial reasons for the difference in the two playgrounds.

Colin Powell is 69

Colin Luther Powell was born April 5, 1937. Up until he became a President Bush puppet I felt he stood a good chance of being elected President. Now, by association, he has become as unbelievable as President Bush.

Good Response Time From Delmar Police

Last night my neighbor and I were unloading a pickup load of mulch in my driveway and a car drove down First Street in the wrong direction. As we all know there is a problem in Delmar with people driving the wrong way on one way streets. I think all of us may have encountered people driving in the wrong direction on First street between Grove and State Street. Mainly it is people coming out of the laundrymat and churchgoers. Between Grove and Jewell, on First street, there is also a problem. When I work outside I can usually see four to five drivers a day going the wrong way. Mostly it is people working at the Post Office taking a "shortcut" back. If you yell at them that it is the wrong way they give you ugly looks and hand gestures indicating they are number one and continue on their way. The street is plainly marked with a "One Way" sign. Well, last night about 8:20PM when this person went the wrong way my neighbor, Butch, yelled at him it was "one way". Naturally, he continued driving the wrong way. Since it is a one way street when he came to Grove street there was no stop sign and he continued on without stopping hitting a pickup truck. We call 911 and within 15 minutes two Delmar police cars arrived. I think the person who was driving the wrong way got a ticket. but happily no one, to my knowledge, was hurt in the accident.

Neighborhood Watch Meeting April 13th

The Delmar neighborhood watch group will meet on Thursday, April 13 at 7 PM at the Town Hall.

Monday, April 03, 2006


Curbing behind Post Office For a while now I have been complaining about the broken curbing over the storm drain behind the Post Office. It is in the middle of the block so at night it is impossible to see. My daughter, Susan, demonstrates how an 18 year old has no problem with her foot going into the hole. A younger child could easily go up to their knee. I don't know what Public Works does, but repairing things must not be in the game plan. If for some reason it could not be fixed, at least a temporary fix of a board over it and a couple of traffic cones put on both sides. Since the postoffice loading dock and parking lot is used as a skateboard park sooner or later one of the skateboarders is going to run into it.