Friday, April 14, 2006

The Union Jack is 400 years Old this week

The Union Jack
This week the Union jack turned 400 years old. On April 12th, 1606 the flags of England and Scotland were combined to form the original Union Jack. In 1801 the flag of Ireland was added to it to form the current Union Jack. Altho a naval flag it is the most common recognized flag for Great Britain.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Warm weather in Delmar

Today was a great day, warm, got some garden work done, those warm evenings when you can sit in your yard, talk to your neighbors, listen to the Delmar speedway and do the Eastern Shore Macarena dance ( .. clap mosquito on arms..clap mosquito on legs... clap mosquito on back..) are just around the corner. When I went for a walk by the railroad tracks I noticed the bagworms are crawling out of their bags. A number of bees are about. A few snakes are wiggling around. A drunk was sitting in the woods drinking out of a brown bag (the same woods that border the West Delmar Tot Lot). Summer is coming and it looks like it will be dry one. Spring break starts tomorrow, feral children will be running the streets for the next ten days. No, the macarena dance thing is not mine but stolen from a favorite blog of mine called Guyana-Gyal ( ). She lives in Guyana ( south of Venezuela, on the coast of South America) and writes in patois.

Concerned Citizens of Delmar

I attended a Concerned Citizens of Delmar meeting tonight. It seems to be a small group but very well organized. I would recommend everyone who is interested in the well being of Delmar to attend their meetings on the second Thursday of each month at 7PM. The main subject of conversation tonight was the Spring Yard Sale they have organized for Saturday April 29th 7AM to 2PM. They provide spaces for yardsale people for a $10 donation ($15.00 on the Saturday of the sale). The profits will be shared with the Delmar Historical Museum. The part of the profits they keep will be used as seed money for the next fund raiser. Interested people in the yardsale or the Concerned Citizens should contact Melane Boltz at 302-846-3079.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Delmar Police Commission April 10th

Monday night the Delmar Police Commission meeting was held. Mayors John Outten and Doug Niblett and Delaware Councilperson Diane Buckley constitute the police commission. It started about 6:40 and ended about 7:40. Delmar Police Chief Hal Saylor gave his police report for the month, followed by a discussion of the MS13 gang. The name MS-13 is Mara Salvatrucha (various sources says Mara is from a street name "La Mara" in El Salvadora or it mean "Posse") Salvatrucha is translated as "street tought Salvadorans". The 13 comes from 13th street in Los Angeles where they first formed up in America. They usually wear some form of blue and white colors that represent the colors in the El Salvador flag.

The main discussion was the hiring of new Police Officers. Chief Saylor would like five officers hired, the Police Commissioners felt the most they had money for was two. The factor that drives the hiring of Police Officers in Delmar is the date the Delaware Police Academy starts up (July 12th). The academy is about 6 months long, so an officer would not be certified until December. Chief Saylor feels with the timing of the build out of the new annexed areas and the academy completion date, five officers are required and if we postpone hiring five than next year the town may have to ten in order to keep up with the new homes in Delmar.

The question I have is when an area is about to be annexed isn't there a five year study done to see what is the build out of new homes each year and the yearly tax revenue that should be bought in each for the annexed area. Is this compared to the timing and cost of service the town is expected to provide? I can't help but feel if this was being done there would not be a differences between taxes allowing for two officers to be hired and the Chief wants five hired. Impact fees could be levied on the developer to pay for the initial training period or until the new homes are bring in tax revenue.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Cadillac Desert

"Cadillac Desert" is a book I am currently reading by Marc Reisner. It is about the history of water, waterrights, irrigation, and dams in the Western United States. an excellent book, altho an older book as it was written about 1986. Neverless the issues discussed in it are current today. Today,the Pacific fishermen are once again being banned from salmon fishing. This time it is related to the salmon that spawn in the Klamath river. The water in the river is being diverted for farming, making the water level too low for the salmon to spawn. In the book it points out how it is poor economics to use water for irrigation where there is not enough rain to support farming. It cost the taxpayer of the United States about 75 cents for each dollar of crops produced on irrigated land in the west. The cost to the taxpayers come from the cost of the government building the dams, the holding tanks, canals, etc to get the water to the farmer. If you have ever spoken to a Westerner about waterights you will know they view the government building irrigation systems for them as a god given right. The book points out how when the government started the big dam building projects in the 1930's (Hoover dam, Grand Cohlee etc) they destroyed the salmon fishing industries by daming up the rivers the salmon spawned in. The fishermen that remain today and are facing another salmon ban are less than a tenth of the fishing boats that existed prior to the 1930's.

Ne'er do wellers homes

I have noticed in riding thru Holly Shores, a development between Laurel and Seaford on the Nanticoke River, a number of what I call Ne'er do Wellers homes. These are the houses that are built with a brick or rock front to them and then the other three sides are vinyl siding. It is like no one will notice they couldn't afford to do all four sides. Now Holly Shores has some really expensive homes in their development, but like developments everywhere a lot is show as opposed to substance. Like the entrance way to the development is newly paved for the first 100 feet then it goes to the original paving that is crumbling. Upfront showmanship, but as I said made up of ne'er do wellers. A number of the new homes being built in the new developments in Delmar don't even come up to Ne'er Do wellers standards, but yet are being sold between $200,000 to $500,000.

Delmar Speed Way

I was out this morning pulling chickweed from my flowers beds and all I could hear was the Delmar speedway in full volume. I guess it has started up again. If you live in Delmar, in the summer when you have your windows down for coolness all you can hear is the Speedway. Of all the reasons why I would discourage anyone from moving to Delmar, the Speedway would be the highest on the list of reasons why not to move here. In the summer months that is all you hear. You can't sit outside with neighbors and carry on a conversation. If the wind is right beside the noise you get the exhaust fumes blowing your way. The noise will go on until one in the morning and start up the again 8 or 9 hours later. Yet no one seems able to do anything about it.