Saturday, April 29, 2006

Chuck Ponder Died

A long time friend of mine, Chuck Ponder, died Wednesday. Chuck and I were employed by John Hopkins University at Wallops Island, Va. back in the late 1960's. We use to double date with our future wives and we shared a house on Chincoteaque and later in Pocomoke. Chuck had moved to Florida about 5 years ago and like they say Florida is God's Waiting Room so that is where he died.

Here It Sits

Thursday and Friday were to be the annual spring cleanup day in Delmar Delaware. Wednesday I hauled it all out in to the yard. Thursday came and went and no pick up. Friday came and about 2PM I called Town hall to see why it hadn't been picked up. They took my address. Kim Layton called about 4PM to say it would not be picked up Friday but was scheduled for Monday. Any bets that it happens on Monday? So I am spending the weekend looking at it. So is everyone else who rides by. We use to be allowed to put large items and yard trash out once a month and now it is changed to once a year and Public works still can not accomplish even that. I am not the only one, there are at least seven other houses in my three block radius in the same situation. We keep paying taxes but just do not get the service, unless the town government views service to residents in the same way a bull services a cow.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

House For Sale Corner State & Memorial

This house is on the corner of West State street and North Memorial Drive. It is owned by Delmar Homes and being sold by Patti Moore (410-546-8066) of Rinnie Real Estate. It has a nice two car garage in the back. Lots of work has been done on it. They are asking $239,000 for it. It has the advange of being opposite the Delmar VFW so if you party hardy there you can crawl home afterward. Tax parcel number 53202014002600.

House For sale 5 E Jewell st, Delmar DE

5 East Jewell Delmar Delaware
My neighbor has put the house he has been working on for the past year or more up for sale. Mike Levick has put a new roof on, new replacement windows and a ton of other things to the house. The house has been empty since I have lived in Delmar. A couple of different people have bought it and sold it over the years. None did anything to it until Mike brought it. Now I am not going to take it personal that no one wants to live near me. Should you be interested the price is $139,900. Remax agent Dennis Chupella is handling it. His number is 302-226-4114. Due to the size of the house this house has always attracted a parade of people looking at it. I assume it is the type of house that if you don't have the money to fix it up don't bother looking at it. As I write this it is being shown to people. The tax parcel number is 53202014011500.

Delmar Joint Council Meeting of April 24th

The Delmar Joint Council Meeting was held on April 24th. It started at 7Pm and was over at 9:30Pm. The Wood Creek Development group that have shown up for the last two meetings did not show so there were very few of the public at the meeting. I guess the Wood Creek Group has grown tire of the response from the town elected officials to their problems.

Two different developers appeared before the council to represent concept plans of two developments on the Delaware side of town. One is between RT13 and Old Stage road and the other is off Old Stage road. One development is for 332 homes plus commercial development (outlets) and the other is for 472 homes. Both are close to the Delmar Raceway. I have mixed emotions over the developments. It will be good to have fresh input to the council meetings and with 800 homes next to the Delmar Raceway they certainly will be putting pressure on the raceway to reduce the noise they put out at night. The congestion on the Delmar post Office should force the Post office to move somewhere more convenient for the public. Perhaps if they vacate the Post Office Building it could be put to use as museum, etc tieing in with the 'doctor's" office, or be used as a Delmar, Delaware town hall.

Jeff Marcin, a resident of the Maryland side of town, appeared and asked if he could make a quick claim deed of some property the town owned (106 Elizabeth street) next to his property. Mayor Niblett said he would look into it.

Paul Scovell give a talk on the redesign of the Little league field on the Maryland side of town. It is coming up on the 50th anniversary of Little leaque in Delmar and they want to improve the field and layout. The tennis courts will be done away with as they are not used. (No doubt because they are run down and next to the basketball court.) The basket ball court will be moved next to the police department.

The basketball court is an issued no one seems to want to address as it falls under those polically incorrect areas of racial and social behavior. Simply put the white kids play baseball and tennis and the black kids, and black adults, play basketball. There is a constant amount of foul language and comments from the black people on the basketball court. There seem to be little enforcement of the area by the police. However the parks are for everyone and they should have an area to play basketball, if anything the basketball courts should be expanded. Perhaps reduce the number of baseball fields in that area and add one or two more basketball courts. Another option would be to put some basketball courts in the State Street park. There is also a piece of property the town owns over by the West Delmar Tot park. It was previously owned by Delmarva power and used as a substation but if the ground is concreted over for basketball courts there should be little danger of PVCs.

Previously at last month's town meeting, the manager of Goodfella's complained about drug dealing in his parking lot. Mayor Outten said he spoke to Dan, the manager, and he was satisfied with the response to his complaint. Now I spoke to Dan a few days ago and he did not sound happy about the response to his complain so I don't know what is going on there.

Since Sarah Bynum King was not there and Kimberly Layton, clerk/office manager, took her place she requested the budget for the new copier of $7,500 be increased to $9,400 so they could get a color copier instead of a black and white one. I was appalled by the action of the council. They sit there and laughted and joked around and approved the increase, thus hitting the taxpayers with another $2,000 expense. Do all of them lack any fiduciary responsibility? If there was $2,000 left over in the budget they should have had balls enough to say no, let the money remain in the budget. Instead they did that government spending thing of making sure all the budget is spent. Altho the hogs in Delmar are small they are starting to root again so they can spend taxpayers money as fast and as often as possible. We on the Delaware side are looking at having our homes reappraised and I am sure Town hall will have every gadget that money can buy once that is completed.

Delmar Utility Commission Meeting April 24th

On Monday April 24th the Delmar Utility Commission meeting was held. As usual there was very few of the public that turned out for it. Commission Member Charles Landherr sent in a letter resigning from the Utility Commission due to changes in his employment. Perhaps we will get a person from the Wood Creek development on the commission to represent the Maryland side of town. Town manager Sarah Bynum King was out of town so Kim Layton, Town Clerk, filled in for her. Very little business took place, Holly Oaks was given approval for 70 EDU's so they can expand the Holly Oaks development.

Diane Buckley Has a Birthday

Prior to the Delmar Utility Commission on Monday April 24th Diane Buckley was given a snack cake and "Happy Birthday" was sung. Due to respect for old people her age will not mentioned, altho she is the youngest member of the Utility Commission.

Lewes Celebrates 375th Birthday

Lewes Delaware celebrated their 375th birhday last Saturday. In 1631 28 Dutch fur traders settled near Lewes, creating the Swanendael settlement. It is not known for sure but it is believed they were killed by Indians. The Dutch established another settlement in the 1650s in Lewes. By the Dutch settling the area it established Delaware claim that it was a separate State and not part of Wm Penns land nor Lord Calvert lands.

Joseph had a birthday

Joseph had a birthday on Saturday April 22nd. Sorry I don't have a photo of Joseph, but I did wish him Happy birthday on Saturday.

Jerry Ennis Died April 21st 2006

Jerry Ennis died April 21, 2006. He was 62. Back in high school we hung out and graduated High school together. It always disturbing when someone you know dies. It is even more so when he is the same age as you.

Dodge Caliber Fairy Commercial

Has anyone noticed the change made in the Dodge Caliber Fairy commercial? For those that may not recall the ad a fluttery fairy zaps buildings and trains into cute-looking toys, but is unable to transform a Dodge Caliber vehicle.

When a male passerby snarls, "Silly little fairy," the fairy retaliates by turning the man's button-down shirt and jeans into white shorts and pastel polo shirt draped with a sweater. With the flick of a wand, the fairy also transforms the man's tough dog into four Pomeranians with pink leashes. The formerly macho man then shrieks in horror.

It would seem that a lot of queers are pissed off by this commercial and Dodge in order to be politically correct has dropped the sound track of where the guy says "Silly little fairy" but has kept the rest of the commercial. The gay groups said it was offensive. Well I find Gays offensive, but they are a fact of life so I tolerate them. This is one more example of a minority group dictating what the majority will see or do. I wouldn't buy a Dodge Caliber now for simple reason they give in to the queers of the USA.