Friday, May 12, 2006

Floyd Patterson Died

Floyd Patterson heavyweight boxing champion died Thursday. He was an Olympic Gold Medalist in 1952. He always seems liked a good guy in boxing but perhaps it was just the time period in which he was boxing from the 1950's to the 1970's.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Lauren Howard Graduated Wor Wic last night

Lauren Howard Graduated Wor Wic last night with an Associate of Arts degree in General Studies. Her next step is Salisbury University. Of Note Kitty Cade also received an Associate of Arts degree in Education. Kitty has been going for six years to receive this degree so a big Congratulations to her. Delmar Maryland councilman Carl Anderton was there to see his sister receive her degree.

Small Colleges and Community Colleges always have a more interesting audience attending their ceremonies than large colleges. Last night was no exception. I guess because it is a smaller group you tend to notice them more. In some respects they tend to be rude because they talk thru the entire ceremony. It reminded me of Delmar High School graduations. Shortly after the person they were there to see received the degree they got up and left, creating confusion of people walking in front of you. You have to remember however, in some cases, the degree the individual is receiving is the end of their academic career and may be the highest level of education any member of their family has received.

Delmar Public Works Sprays Weeds

Delmar Public Works is out bright and early this morning spraying weed killer on the curbs and guttering. At 8AM this morning Delmar Public Works was spraying on East Jewell Street. Now the town insists that the curbing and street guttering is the homeowner responsibility. I have always insisted that it is the town's responsibility. The fact they are spraying indicates to me that I am correct.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Mother's Day

Mother's Day is approaching. The restaurant industry is eagerly awaiting as it is one of the most profitable days of the year. We have all stood in those long lines that go out the door into the street with our mother waiting to have a meal served by an over worked waiter or waitress. If the server looks overworked and rushed you can imagine what the kitchen staff most be going thru. My wife works for a restaurant and on Mother's day instead of starting at 8AM she is starting at 6AM.

Back in the days that I traveled on business Mother's Day was one of the worst days to be caught traveling out of town on. It was almost a guarantee you would be eating at McDonalds or some other fast food restaurant instead of waiting for a table at a better restaurant.

For an interesting look at what the restaurant staff thinks about customers there are three blogs I enjoy reading they are; Buon Appetito (, Restaurant Gal (, and Waiter Rant (

Delmar Maryland Real Property Tax Increase

One of the informative things Maryland requires it's polical subdivisions to do is to publish any tax increase. Delmar Maryland has published their tax increase of 15.9%. They are not considering reducing their tax rate. They will receive an extra $92,706 in taxes. No doubt part will be used to buy a color copier. Hopefully some will go to fund an additional policemen, altho I see no reason for current residents to fund services required for new developments. I am not sure how legal the notice is as they are saying there will be a public hearing at 7PM on Monday May 29th. I think that is a holiday and the reason the joint meeting was moved to the 22nd.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Chesapeake Bay Bridge Walk

The Chesapeake Bay Bridge walk is today. I will be missing this one, but in the past I have walked the bridge a few times with my children and their friends. It is usually a fun walk. The four and a half mile walk is usually done in about an hour and a half and then you wait for a bus to take you back which is usually another hour wait. Today the weather should be good for the walk. Some years it is 90 degrees and you can't wait until you get to the next water station and some years it is 50 degrees and you can really feel the wind over the water. I guess they require all the transportation and bridge workers to work that day as they have the most disagreeable look on their face. In Maryland government workers seem to be that way. I can remember trips to the Maryland DMV which would last an hour or so and you would have to put up with DMV workers who must have a corn cob stuck up their ass.

As you may recall last year they did not have the work due to "security" reasons. The Security excuse card is overused and I think the Maryland Government people just didn't want to do it.

As pointed out by another blogger "Delmarva Dealings' today, Springfest in Ocean city is going on so it should make for some interesting traffic issues with one span closed for the walk. "Delmarva Dealings' feel the walk should have been rescheduled but since the walk is always the first Sunday of May I think the people that organized Springfest were the ones that screwed up.

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