Saturday, June 24, 2006

School Districts Superintendent Pay Scales

I have been looking at some of the articles on the Christina School District mess. One of the things the News Journal did was to list on line the pay of people who made more than $100,000 a year. Once again some people are mad about this but if people are paid by tax payer money than it should be public knowledge and if they have a problem with it than they are in the wrong field.

The Delmar school district pays the lowest of any school district in the state. It does however at present only has one school in it's district. What is interesting is our previous School principal, Mark Holodick, left to be principal of Concord High school in Brandywine School district and now makes more money than the Delmar School district superintendent. Another one school district is Sussex tech and their Superintendent makes $130,000. Altho the Delmar School District Superintendent is the lowest paid, when compared to the number of students and the ratio of students to pay he is one of the highest paid. Due to the way the News Journal calcuated pay I will round now to the nearest thousand a year.

So as a summary of the 19 school districts in Delaware; the information is the school District, the superintendent Salary, the Number of people making over $100,000 a year in the school District, the number of students, and the ratio of students to superintendent pay. The format is not what I hoped to have do to problems with blogger.
Delmar , $106,000, 1, 1071, $99
Appoquirmink, $151,000, 12, 7296, $20
Brandywine , $154,000, 26, 10,577, $14
Caesar Rodney, $140,000, 9, 6319, $22
Cape Henlopen , $145,000, 5, 4370, $33
Capital, $135,000, 3, 5982, $22
Christina, $162,000, 65, 19236, $8
Colonial, $165,000, 45, 10476, $15
Indian river, $133,000, 5, 7885, $16
Lake Forest, $128,000, 5, 3742, $34
Laurel, $112,000, 3, 2131, $52
Milford, $146,000, 7, 3909, $37
NCc VoTech, $142,000, 21, 3492, $40
Poly Tech, $133,000, 4, 1150, $115
Red Clay, $157,000, 55, 15729, $10
Seaford, $136,000, 5, 3304, $31
Smyrna, $123,000, 5, 3930, $31
Sussex Tech, $130,000, 4, 1193, $103
Woodbridge, $129,000, 1, 1943, $66

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Temco Tigers win again

Last night the Temco tigers played against the Redman's "Lady Dragoons". The Tigers won 18 to 14. The game was called due to darkness. One player from the "Lady Dragoons" was taken to the hospital due to injuries.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Charlene Cooper Boston

Todays "Daily Times" had a front page article on previous Wicomico County School Superintendent Charlene Cooper Boston becoming the interim chief executive officer of the Baltimore City Public School systems. First let me say she was a good pick because she didn't do shit in Wicomico County and will be a good figure head for the Baltimore School system which I don't think anyone can ever bring under control. It will just continue to be mismanaged with incompetent students. The school system end product is why they are called Baltimorans. I think part of the Maryland School system problems come from the Superintendent not being hired by the local school board. Instead they are chosen by the State. Combined with school boards that are appointed by the State and are spineless when it comes to giving the supertintendent direction. At least Wicomico County is rid of Charlene. Regretfully Wicomico County will be burden by someone else picked by the State and who is using the position for additional retirement benefits and/or a stepping stone elsewhere.

The Baltimore School system has served Baltimore for over 177 years. Bonnie S Copeland has just resigned. She made $272,000 a year and her contract states she will receive another $100,000 on leaving. Typical government, in that they rewards incompetent people. Prior to Copeland the school system had another asshole named Carmen Russo who drove the school system deeply into debt.

The creme de la creme of the education world are plodding selfserving bureaucrats. The worst of them are those with PHDs. In most cases the creme does not necessarily rise to the top and when it does it is sour.

Girls Softball

Temco Tigers
The Temco tigers have been on a winning streak since the beginning of the season. They have lost a couple but have won most games. Coach Bailey has done a great job with the team. Their biggest rival is the Mardela team, the "Chimmey Chicks". For some reason the Chimmey Chicks have gone down hill in the last few games. Last night the Temco Tigers beat them with a score of 18 to 3. There are a couple more games to go than the playoffs until the season is wrapped up.

First Day of Summer

Ah! the first day of summer. Schools are out. Kids are running free. It looks like it will be a hot dry summer this years. Neverless I have green tomatoes on my plants and I will be eating homegrown tomatoes before July 4th, so for an Eastern Shoreman could anything be any better?

Delmar Town Meetings June

Some remaining town meetings for June are;
Planning and Zoning June 22nd, Thursday 7Pm
Public Works June 26th, Monday 6PM
Utility Commission June 26th Monday 6:30PM
Joint Council Meeting June 26th Monday 7PM

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Pancho Villa

Various days have been given as Pancho Villa Birthday, I settled on today. Doroteo Arango Arámbula (June 1878 – July 20, 1923) — better known Pancho Villa. He was born near San Juan del Río, Durango, in June 1877, the son of Agustin Arango and Micaela Arámbula. Doroteo Arango changed his name to Francisco Villa. Francisco Villa was a Mexican folk-hero who according to legend stole from the rich and gave to the poor. Villa belived he was destined to fulfill this role as a Mexican Robin Hood. The name was shorten to Pancho Villa. On May 29, 1911, Villa married Maria Luz Corral.

In 1915 Villa began to attack Americans. In January 1916, a group of villistas attacked a train on the Mexico North Western Railway, near Santa Isabel, Chihuahua, and massacred 18 American employees of the ASARCO company.

On March 9, 1916, Villa led 1,500 Mexican raiders in a cross-border attack against Columbus, New Mexico, in response to the U.S. government's official recognition of the Carranza regime. They attacked a detachment of the [13th US Cavalry], seized 100 horses and mules, burned the town, killed 10 soldiers and 8 of its residents, and took much ammunition and weaponry.

United States' President Woodrow Wilson responded by sending 6,000 troops under General John J. Pershing to Mexico to pursue Villa. In the U.S., this was known as the Punitive or Pancho Villa Expedition. During the search, the United States launched its first air combat mission with eight airplanes. At the same time Villa was also being sought by Carranza's army. The U.S. expedition was eventually called off as a failure, and Villa successfully escaped from both armies.

In 1920, Villa negotiated peace with new President Adolfo de la Huerta and ended his revolutionary actions. He went into semi-retirement, with a detachment of 50 of los dorados for protection, at the hacienda of El Canutillo. He was assassinated three years later (1923) in Parral, Chihuahua, in his car. The assassins were never found. Villa is remembered as a folk hero in Mexico.

In 1926 grave robbers decapitated his corpse. His skull has yet to be found.

Like most items about Villa the location of the rest of Villa's corpse is in dispute. It may be in the city cemetery of Parral, Chihuahua, or in the Monument of the Revolution in Mexico City. Tombstones for Villa exist in both places.

His final words were "Don't let it end like this. Tell them I said something."

Some notes on Villa's personality, eccentricities and habits, trivia and legends about Villa

1) Villa was noted as a school builder, proposing schools in Chihuahua wherever he saw children gathered.
2) He was a lover of ice cream. One corrido song of the revolution states that Villa made a point of stopping for ice cream before gunning down a betrayer on the streets of Chihuahua.
3) He was a lifelong teetotaler
4) He was a dancer of legendary stamina. Reed claims Villa arrived late for the Battle of Torreon, after an all-night dancing stint.
5) Villa was a ladies' man and a polygamist. Numbers on how many women Villa married vary, but it has been speculated as many as 24.
6) Villa supposedly escaped the Punitive Expedition by having himself sewn up inside the body of a dead horse.
7) Villa may have been involved in the demise of Ambrose Bierce.
8) Villa's legal widow, Luz Corral, operated Villa's former mansion, Quinta Luz as the Museo de la Revolucion in Chihuahua until her death in 1981. The museum is still in operation, and Villa's death car is on display.
9) There are unconfirmed rumors that the Skull and Bones club at Yale University is in possession of Villa's skull.
10) The song La Cucaracha was modified and popularized by Villa's troops to mock Venustiano Carranza. Multiple theories exist over exactly who or what the oblique reference to the cockroach, was meant to refer to (possibly Villa's car or Villa's army). As with other corridos, the song was an oral tradition and verses were frequently made up or modified impromptu by whoever sang it.
11) The son of Giuseppe Garibaldi, noted Italian patriot, was a colonel on Villa's military staff. Garibaldi,Jr. was sacked by Villa for claiming too much credit in the press for Villa's 1911 victory in Ciudad Juarez.
12) Rodolfo Fierro, Villa's sidekick and noted cold-blooded killer, reportedly once killed a random passerby in the streets of Chihuahua, to settle a bet on whether a dying man fell forwards or backwards.
13) At the Battle of Tierra Blanca,Chihuahua, Villa (or possibly Rodolfo Fierro) invented the tactic of maquina loca (Crazy Locomotive), namely hijacking a locomotive behind enemy lines, packing it with explosives, then sending it with the throttle tied down into the rows of railroad cars at the enemy's rear.
14) In the Benton affair, Villa and Mexican revolutionaries in general earned the lifelong enemity of Winston Churchill, by executing William Benton, an obstinate English hacienda owner.

Most data supplied by Wikipedia


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Monday, June 19, 2006

Happy Birthday Karen

Belated Happy Birthday Karen

Belated Happy Birthday For Ruth Ann

Happy Birthday to Ruth Ann, a little short redneck girl with a mean streak in her. A little late on the birthday as it was June 7th.