Saturday, August 05, 2006


Last month on the 13th we experienced water pressure failure on the Town of Delmar water system. The problem was caused by a malfunctioning relay and we lost water pressure for a couple of hours. I would like to discuss briefly an effect known as backsiphonage. When the pressure dropped in the water main it would create an effect of water running backward, meaning without pressure from the water main any water in your house would flow back to the water main. However because we have a back flow prevention device on the water meter installations the water from your house would not leak into the public water main. This prevents any contaminates in your residential water pipes leaking into the public water main and once pressure is restored being pumped to everyone on the public water system.

To give you some scenarios of what could have happened when the water pressure dropped. First, if you were filling your swimming pool with your garden hose and the hose was dangling in the pool at the time of the drop in water pressure it would create a backflow that would siphon the water from your pool into the piping in your house. This would have drastic effects to your health as you would be drinking that water once pressure was restored unless you use some common sense and flush the system (run the water for a half hour or more).

Another example would be if you were washing your car and had the hose in a bucket of soapy water. The drop in pressure would suck the soapy water back into the water piping of your house.

Yet a third example is, if you had a hand sprayer attached to your garden hose and you were spraying insecticide. Once the pressure dropped it would suck the insecticide back into the water system of your house. In all these examples it would not go into the public water system due to the back flow prevention device at the water meter.

The problem with your garden hose siphoning contaminates into your house can be prevented by a simple device called a back flow preventor that attaches to the outside hose faucet. It costs under five dollars and can be purchased at Lowes, Home Depot etc.

The plumbing in your house has a number of preventable measures to prevent a siphon from occurring and drawing contaminates into your water system. The most common is the air gap. The air gap is the reason why your faucet sets a number of inches above the sink basin rim. This air gap prevents a siphon from being made. Your washing machine has a similar arrangement and so does your toliet.

For some years the Delmar Fire department did not have a water meter and it was of some concern to me that it may not have had a back flow prevention device on the piping going to the Fire Department. You do not have to have a water meter to have a back flow device but usually you can be sure that if you have a water meter you have a backflow device. At one time it was not uncommon to see farmer filling their insecticide tanks at the Fire department. Had we had a water failure at the time they were filling their tanks the insecticide would have been drawn out into the public water supply. It is important that all users of the Delmar Water System have a water meter and a backflow prevention device attached to that water meter. I do not know what the Town of Laurel does to prevent backflow since they have few water meters.

Miller-Hastings Reunion

On Saturday August 12th, noontime, at St Georges Church the descendents of Samuel James Miller and Elizabeth (Betsey) Ellen Hastings Miller will meet again. I think this is the 23rd years. Those who want more information should contact this year's president Evelyn Callaway at 846-2336.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Israeli Children Send Messages

Israeli children writing on artillery shells bound for targets in Lebanon. It says; "To Nasrala (leader of the Hezbollah) with love". But why is it written in English? I am sure there are children on the Lebanon side writing similar things.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Lebanon Israel War continues

and the fighting continues.

It is Howard's Birthday

Wow, 63 years old, who would have thought I would make it this far. Due to my undercover, investigative blog reporting I can't show my photo.

Joint Council Meeting of July 31st

On Monday Delmar Maryland and Delmar Delaware had a joint council meeting. Below are some of the item discussed and my comments intermingled in.

Candidates for various Wicomico County elected offices appeared and gave short introduction speeches.

Rich Von Stetten from the Delaware Solid Waste Authority gave a talk about "voluntary" Curb Recycling. The Town government invited him to speak as they are considering going to the recycling program. It will of course cost the taxpayers a little more money to go to it but since when did the Town of Delmar give a shit about how much it would cost it's taxpayers after all they are just sheep to be sheared.

Three Ordinances were introduced as a first reading tonight. They were; an Abandon Vehicle Ordinance, a Noise Ordinance, and a Flood plain Ordinance. The ordinances were for the Maryland side but the Delaware elected officials followed a "me to" mentality and passed duplicate copies on the Delaware side. The introduction of the Noise Ordinance was interesting as it seems to aimed specifically at the Saturn Dealership.

Robert Wittig of Delmar Commons and the billboard. Mr. Wittig appeared and said he had an agreement with the sign owner that the billboard would be down by January 15th. He gave copies of the signed agreement to the elected officials.

Joanne Bushman thanked the Town for their help with the Saturn Dealership and the noise/traffic problem. She is from Holly Lake estates, which is not in the town limits, so non residents have gotten quicker and more effective treatment to their complain than myself, a town resident.

For once someone came forth not from an organized group to complain about the treatment of the Basketball court. This gentleman talked about the fact someone removed one of the two goal posts at the basketball court. He also discussed the shabby treatment the court receives and the lack of an intelligent outlook from the town regarding the basketball court. He stressed the number of people that play basketball and that not everyone was interested in baseball. I will address the basketball court in a separate post but this has also been discussed in a previous post. The Town Manager said she noticed the goalpost was missing, but she did nothing about it. It would appear the Town employees do not look for work or ways to improve the Town but wait for someone from the public to bring it to their attention. I have to wonder if any of them ride around town to even know what shape the town is in? I would be shocked to see any of them walking around town.

When I addressed the Mayor and council for my comments I spoke to them about the lack of street sweeping, curb painting and how bad the UpTown/downtown area looked and asked them why they didn't do something. I have been asking the same questions for over a year and the answer is the same "we are talking about the problems". Without a doubt this Delaware Mayor and council does the least of any group we have elected to office. With the exception of Diane Buckley I have never heard any of them bring up any problems in Delmar. I expressed my disgust with their inability to handle the appearance of the town to them.

Utility Meeting of July 31st

Monday night the Town of Delmar Utility Commission held it's monthly meeting. Diane Buckley was missing and there is an open position from the Maryland side of Town still not filled, so it left three commissions members for the meeting.

An EDU was granted to Bert Saylor for a new home he is building on 5th street. Since there was insufficient members present last month when he came before the Utility Commission to approve his request, an approval was also passed to give him last year's hookup fees.

Approval was granted (subject to review of his DNREC permit) for closed Geothermal Loop system of boring (wells) at 105 Lincoln Ave. The owner plans to use it for heating and air conditioning. Six 3/4 inch by 200 foot borings will be drilled.

Approval from Pase and Tisinger was given to 105 State Street (Old fire station) for a pump and dump heat pump system. I voted no on this system, I will go into more detail about this in the future.

I had requested some time ago for the number of private wells (for irrigation, heating, drinking wells) in the Town Limits of Delmar. The number provided to me tonight was 85 before these two were approved. A future post will be made about the dangers of wells and cross contamination in a public water supply.

Town of Delmar August Meeting Schedule

In August the following meetings are scheduled;
Aug 2 8pm Park and Recreation
Aug 8 6Pm Delmar Revitalization
Aug 10 7Pm Concerned Citizens
Aug 24 7Pm Planning and Zoning
Aug 28 6Pm Public Works
Aug 28 6:30PM Utility Commission
Aug 28 7Pm Joint Council

Monday, July 31, 2006

Delmar Street Cleaning

I was out this morning spraying weed killer on the weeds in my sidewalk. I also sprayed the weeds growing in the street, which is the town's responsibility. For over a year now I have talked about the lack of street sweeping that goes on in the Town of Delmar Delaware. I have heard the Mayor and Town manager talk about how when the new budget is pasted the town will A) buy a street sweeper B) hire a contractor to sweep the streets. Well the budget has been approved and still no signs of cleaning the streets. There is a town meeting tonight so I guess I will complain again about the streets in Delmar.

Colin and Gavin Birthday Party

While the Middle East collected body parts, my family attended Colin and Gavin's birthday party. Everyone seem to have a fun time.

Lebanon Israel war

No, it is not a dead chicken the man is holding up. It doesn't matter if the body is Lebanese or Israeli, as both sides have a good selection of bodies tp photograph. With any luck both sides in this fight will totaly annihilate one another, because if they don't it will continue forever. Photo from Egypt Daily News

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Garrison Keillor - Hot weather

In the Daily Times on Saturday was an article by Garrison Keilor titled "Hot Weather sure can do strange things to a man". Now the article I am sure was meant as a humorous piece but he does bring up an interesting relationship between heat and homosexuality. A copy of the article can be found at Garrison Keillor

In summary he says cold weather makes a man more active in doing things outside and in heavy heat men tend to stay inside and become more involved in things inside the house, like decorating. Gays tend to be located in warm areas of the country, like Key West, New Orleans, and Santa Monica. It is an interesting relationship.