Saturday, August 19, 2006

Artwork, Cows, Sheep and Politicians

For a small size woman Bonnie Luna can throw a Buffalo Chip

Karen Lemon whips a buffalo chip to left field

Gail Bartkovich gave it a heave

Stevie Prettyman misjudged and threw her chip into the crowd watching

Chicken in a cage

Needlework by Alice Loring

Artwork by Jessica Schlegel

Artwork by Maria Barga

The Wicomico County Fair is going on now. I stopped by for a short visit to look at the exhibits and watch the politicians, who were out in force, have a buffalo chip throwing contest. Dodd, B J Corbin, Mike Lewis and Mark Bowen were forces to be reckon with, each with throws of 75 to 83 feet. A nice change this year is they put the exhibits in the carriage house instead of the horse stalls. It made it more "exhibity" like. I notice a number of photographs in the Wicomico County Fair were also in the Somerset County Fair. If you want to join 4 H contact the Hudsons at 302-846-3826. For a list of Wicomico County people running for office see office runners

Rebecca Howard Mason

Has a birthday today. Rebecca is still young enough at 26 to appreciate birthdays, so Happy Birthday Rebecca!!!

Delmar Produce Stands

Sarge's Produce Stand

This produce stand is a little north of Delmar on old 13. I stopped by to buy a watermelon and look at some great looking hot peppers he has. This time of year home produce stands are all over the place around Delmar and Laurel. I am sure the produce is homegrown as it does not have that polished look commercial produce have.

Federico Garcia Lorca

Garcia Lorca died today in 1936. He was a Spanish Poet and Dramatist whose works had the Spanish theme of love, pride, passion and violent death. He was shot in Granada Spain doing the Spanish civil war. Forced to dig his own grave his killers said they put two shots up his ass for being a queer and then shot him in the head. His grave is unmarked. An example of his writing in English translation can be found at Lorca

Friday, August 18, 2006

Voter Registration - it's free

Some new arrivals to the Town of Delmar Delaware may not realize they have to register at Town Hall to vote in an election of town officials in Delmar. The registration, altho free, is not necessarily convenient. Unlike the motor registration at DMV for the State of Delaware elections, the town does not stay open late one night a week for registration. You have to go to Town Hall between the hours of 8 AM to 4:30 PM Monday thru Friday, holidays excepted. Since most people work doing these hours they would have to take off work to register. Oddly, compared to registration times, you can vote in the town election starting at 7 AM until 7 PM.

I think the Town should expand the time that voters can register. One way would be to allow people to come by the police station after 4:30 PM and register with the police dispatcher, who is there until 9 or 10 PM at night. Another way would be to have a booth at the up coming Day in the Park and register people on that day.

Tomatoes and 4 o'clocks

Homegrown tomatoes are coming on strong all over Delmar. These are some of mine. The Tomato plant is next to my 4 O'Clocks. 4 O'Clocks are one of those flowers you mixed emotions over. They are nice looking and the bright blossoms spread out in the cool of the evening, however they spread seeds all over the place and can take over an area in a short period of time.

Fall Newsletter

The Town of Delmar fall newsletter came out a few days ago. It is nice to see it is not filled with what you can't do in Delmar and the threats of punishments if you do. Frankly, myself and some other people in town, are getting sick of the people we hire to run the town telling us what we can and can not do and then those people turn around and tell us what they are not going to do. They are public employees of the people of Delmar and if they not happy in that situation they should move on. Anyway we have an election coming up October 2nd for a mayor and two council members. Maybe the apathy in Delmar won't be so bad this time around that no one runs for the offices.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Pet Medical Center

Today's photo is the front of Pet Medical Center

Pet Medical Center, run by Doctor Long, has been in Delmar for about 22 years. I am usually by there every other month with one of our animals.

Pet Medical Center has a cat residing there that is richer than I am. When the owner of Billy, the cat, (Grover LeCates) died he left Billy a tidy sum and stipulated he was to live with Doctor Long and Billy's living expenses be taken out of the $150,000 of Billy's inheritance. Once Billy dies, the balance is given to the Delmar Library. I have often tried to prove that one of our cats is a close relative so some of the money would come my way once Billy dies, so far no luck. The executor of the estate comes by once a month to check that Billy is still living and gives to Doctor Long, Billy's welfare check.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The 8/16/06 Delmar Photo

Delmar Heritage Center

This building has been on St Stephens Methodist Church Property for many years. It has been the offices of a couple of doctors, a thrift store, a Justice of the Peace court, the library, etc. At one time it must have been owned by the Marvil Funeral home as it was also referred to as the Marvil Building. The Delmar Heritage Center leased the building for 100 years from St Stephens. The building has not been used for a number of years and is in need of repair. This was too be a museum dedicated to the small town doctor and a separate section for historical Delmar items, obviously the group that came up with the idea lacked the backing (and money) of the rest of the people in town as the building has been unoccupied for several years. The Town of Delmar was to lease part of the building for their Alderman's Court. The building was never cleaned up enough to put an Alderman's court there and eventually the Alderman's Court was done away with in Delmar. Doctor Laramore was the last Doctor in the building. Prior to him Doctor Howard Lynch was in the building. Dr Lynch was the Doctor present when my father was born and my grandmother decided to name my father after him.

Lawrence of Arabia

Thomas Edward Lawrence

T E Lawrence was born today in 1888. Famous in his own right, when the 1962 movie was made he became even more well known. A good writeup on him is at The Independent

Elvis Presley

Elvis died today in 1977. My wife should go around today grief stricken.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Greek Snake Day

For some reason on the 15th of August snakes appear on the Greek island of Kefaloia, not unlike my house. The writeup is;

"Situated in the village of Markopoulos, the church of the Virgin Mary Lagouvarda was built on the site where a monastery that had been destroyed by the Turks used to stand. A urban legend says that in 1705 the monastery was attacked by pirates and the frightened nuns prayed the Virgin to turn them into snakes in order to escape from the cruelty of the pirates. Their prayers were answered and, at the sight of the snakes, the pirates run away; since then, the nuns-snakes return each year to the monastery, bringing good luck and prosperity to the village. This legend explains the phenomenon that happens every August the 15th, on the Virgin Mary’s feast day: a large number of harmless snakes come around the monastery just for this day and then disappear."

Tuesday's Picture of Delmar

The Delmar Caboose

This seems to be the symbol of Delmar. Like Delmar, the red caboose, is in need of a little sprucing up. Like most of the museum groups in town there is always a lack of funding and altho there are grandiose ideas, the populace is not ready to back those ideas with money, so maybe they not such great ideas.

The caboose is referred to as a cabin car and it dates to 1929. It belonged to the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. It was purchased for $1,000 by the Delmar Historical Society and given to the Town in the 1950's. I think the Town has refused to accept ownership of it and it stands in limbo as to who will take care of it.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Today 8/14/06 Photo

A well known vehicle in Delmar. This Bronco belonged to Joe Morris and was seen everywhere on Delmarva.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Speak English if you live in the USA

I received this in the email and I think it is the answer.

An answer to the de-Americanizing crap that's suffocating our country.
A short, concise message that makes sense.
Every business should be required to install this message on their phone system.


Press "1" for English.

Press "2" to disconnect until you have learned to speak English.

Today's picture of Delmar

Today's photo is of the Delmar Post office. Previously on this property site was one of the first Delmar public schools. Both my father and mother attended it. Today's post office is too small for the current population and hopefully will be replaced elsewhere by a larger post office. You will observe that unlike most of the curbing in Delmar the yellow do not park paint has been repainted. The property is owned by Paul Bucco of Radnor, PA.