Saturday, August 26, 2006

Noise Ordinance In Daily Times

For those of us who picked up their "Daily times" today we were surprised by the headline news of "No Yelling In Delmar". It must have been a slow day for news. I think the article adequately describes the foolish of the noise ordinance. As I posted in an earlier blog the main aim of this ordinance was at the Saturn Dealership on the Maryland side of town. The Saturn Dealership is playing loud music in order to attract customers. The Delaware side, in the usual "me to" attitude, also voted it in for the Delaware side of town. Sara Bynum-King tried to pass it off as tho the 10 foot limit for noise was just a target to begin debate, but I have no doubt it would have been approved on Monday night when it will be read again. There was certainly no debate last month when it first read.

The other ordinances are just as bad, one is for inoperative vehicles but excludes Commercial, retail and farm vehicles from the ordinance. This leaves the sheep (individual taxpayers) to get hit by the ordinance. The same group that pays for everything in Delmar. The Floodplain ordinance is another problem.

The town keeps passing ordinances but they don't enforce them. They are aimed at specific individuals when they are approved and they are used that way. Look at the ordinance on grass and weeds, than look at my previous post on the Delmar Drive-in and the Lecates property.

Public Works In Action

Public Works yesterday came by and sprayed the curbs on Jewell Street with yellow paint. One less thing for me to complain about at the upcoming Town Council.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Spider in the Garden

As the drought continues the present of spiders become more noticeable. They are always present, but when we have rain I guess the rainfall knocks their webs down so you don't notice them being there. At present my garden, trees and shrubs are packed with spider webs. The little rain shower we had yesterday did almost nothing to the webs or to water the plants. This spider, which is about 3 to 4 inches long and any thing but an itsy bitsy spider, has been busy in my tomato plants for the last month.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Dr. Lecates House

This house on the corner of Second and Grove Street, in the 1940's, belonged to Dr. Howard Elward Lecates. He had his office on one side of the building and his home on the other side. It has been a duplex rental property for a number of years. It is owned by Shahab B Tat of Madison WI. Since most houses in town are wood any brick structure stands out.

Dr Lynch, whose office was on the other end of the block, had the lion share of business in that time period. I have been told it was because he had easy payment terms versus Dr Lecates who usually wanted payment after he provided services. On July 19, 1945 Dr. Lecates decided, for reasons unknown, to kill himself and stepped out in front of a passing train in Delmar. It worked. Since he was a Doctor I would think he would have come up with a less painful way to died than stepping out in front of a train. There was a rumor he was selling drugs. Dr Lecates' wife was named Jean. His Parents were James and Ida Lecates. Delaware death certificate #1894.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Buyers to The Platform, Buyers to The Platform

The trucks entering the Auction Block with their melons

The Snack Bar

Buyers stand in the center platform to look at the produce

The buyers

Young boys wait at the exit to offer their services as laborers

This woman farmer is unloading her own pickup

With the call of "Buyers to the platform, Farmers form a single line", another day at the Laurel Farmers Auction Market has begun. The auction starts at 9 AM and the snack bar opens at 8:30 AM. After a healthy breakfast of hot dogs and hamburgers everyone is ready to begin. The auction will move 20,000 to 30,000 watermelons a day. Mostly they go thru the auction block in pickup size loads. The buyers, who are mostly old men, bid on the produce then send the pickup trucks to larger trucks where the melons are transferred. As the pickups exit the auction building there is a waiting group of young boys offering their services to help unload the pickup trucks.

I have not been to the Auction block since the 1950's when I worked a couple of summers for a farmer (at 35 cents an hour). I went to it yesterday and very little had changed in 50 years. It is like time stands still.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Book Tag

Mike from Mike's Musings did a book tag on me. Now knowing that I am a native Eastern Shoreman why did he think I have ever read a book? I also do not usually play this blogger game but since it is Mike I will make an attempt at it.

1. One book that changed your life: "Think and grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill

2. One book that you've read more than once: "How to win friends and influence people" by Dale Carnegie. For those who know me they are aware the points given in the book never took, so I continue reading it.

3. One book you'd want on a desert island: Any of the the Harry Potter books. They are interesting, long and with my short term memory lost, rereading it would be like reading a new book each week.

4. One book that made you laugh: "Buster Midnight's Cafe" by Sandra Dallas. I like patois and the characters could be from Eastern shore.

5. One book that made you cry: There is too much real sorrow in life to cry over a book.

6. One book that you wish had been written: "How I became filty rich" by Howard

7. One book that you wish had never been written: There aren't any.

8. One book you're currently reading: "The World is My Home" by James Michener. Frankly James Michener books are not my favorites, they are a long series of short stories hung together as a novel. The research he puts into them however makes me continue to read them. This is a memoir of his life, which in some spots is interesting when you overlook his ego.

9. One book you've been meaning to read: The next book on the discount rack.

10. Tag five others. I try not to do chain letters so I guess I won't be playing tag either. No go on this part.

Delmar Drive-In

The entrance to the Delmar Drive-In
The Delmar Drive-In was built in 1950. In 1950, the Drive-In had as competition; The "Avenue" in Delmar, the "Waller" in Laurel, and in Salisbury the "New" theater, "Ulman's", and the "Boulevard" theater. The drive-in charged 50 cents a person on Friday and Saturday and thru the rest of the week $1.00 a carload. After a couple months of operation the owner, Nat Rosen, requested the Drive-In be annexed into the Town of Delmar, Delaware. At that time there were "blue" laws on the book that prevented a movie theater that was not in a town limits to show movies on Sunday and he wanted the Sunday revenue. After a heated debate, and a referendum vote on July 1, 1950 the drive-in and a 300 foot wide strip from Francis Lane running north by the railroad tracks about 3,000 foot to the drive-in was made part of the town. Prior to the referendum vote, Councilman A. E. Hantwerker expressed concerns that the idea was not a good one as the town could not support the annexed land by providing services (water, sewer, police protection). This has been a continuing concern of many people to this day. We have had an inquiry from the owner of the property within the past year for availability of water and sewer. Our Councilperson Diane Buckley made a morality speech against the billboard at "Delmar Commons" for advertising the "Canton Inn". Where were those moral people when the Delmar Drive-In spend it last remaining days showing X rated movies in the town limits of Delmar?

This photo is of the snack bar that is on the property. Well, it is hard to see due to the height of the weeds and shrubs. In the weeds you can see the white speaker posts are still there. When my parents use to take us kids to the Delmar drive-in it had a playground and pony rides. It was quite an event. In the grand tradition of Drive-in movies those that parked in the far back row were doing, using today's buzzword, multitasking. Now, it is a grown up weed infested mess. It is part of the town so why isn't something done about it?

This is the road leading thru the Drive-in. It looks like it is still being used. For what purposes I hesitate to think. Since the land is not fenced and there is no gate at the entrance people can enter when they feel like it. You can observe the grown up condition of the weeds and again wonder why some property in the Delmar town limits is singled out by the town code enforcement officers and other property such as the leCates property and the Drive-In continue in the condition that it is in. In the Town of Delmar summer newsletter it stated; "Town residents need to keep their grass height no taller than six (6) inches. Municipal Infractions will be given for violations of this ordinance". This property, based on the Sussex county on line map, is owned by Harley, Wayne, and Roddie Tull, 12045 Sheppard Crossing, Whaleysville, Maryland. If you have a memory of the Delmar Drive-in you would like to share, click on "Comments" below and leave it.

Monday, August 21, 2006

St. Marks Church

St. Marks Protestant Episcopal Church

St. Marks is northwest of Delmar in a section called Ralph. It was build in 1857 and is a small (22' x 35')one story church which is no longer used. One of the first officers in the church was my Great Great Grandfather Cothington W. Dickerson. The cemetery that surrounds the church have mostly Freeny, Ellis and Ralph families buried there. It is an old cemetery that when you are reading tombstones you can feel the ground over the graves move a little as those old vaults are starting to cave in.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Susan and Kara Road trip

Susan and Kara loading up for a road trip. At 18 you don't need much of a reason to make a road trip. Both of them start college this fall so they decided to go on a trip before school start. The destination seems to be Cincinnati, Ohio to visit a shoe store. Not surprising it would be a shoe store.

Nero Apartments

Much like my house is referred to as the Harlen Tull house, this apartment building is still referred to as the Nero apartments. Altho the Nero family has not owned the apartment building for a number of years, the name lives on. The building is now owned by DJM Limited Liability Company, PO Box 587, Laurel DE. I understand the Maryland Mayor, Doug Nibbett, has some connection with this company. It has tan siding on the front and sides and red siding on the back. It looks better now than it has in the past.

I understand the building has some historical connections as it was originally part of Hastings Store that was build sometime around the 1900's after the big 1902 fire that destroyed much of Delmar. I have also been told that about 1950 part of the Hasting's building was torn down and the part remaining was made into these apartments.

Some of the families that have lived there have been decent people that couldn't afford better, but there has also been a lot of scum that lived there. Since my backyard borders the apartment building I have seen many sights there. It was not uncommon for nudity, fornication and other sexual acts to take part in the uncurtained apartments rooms. A number of drug raids have been made on the apartments and police cars in the parking lot was not uncommon. I did not try to entertain in my backyard because of this building, of course you don't sit in your backyard in Delmar anyway due to the mosquito problem. In recent years the morals of the residents have improved and other than an occasional person coming out on the backsteps to relieve himself it is quiet. The building was one reason I planted bamboo down my backyard, to shield to view. There was a problem a few months back with some teenagers living in the apartments shooting bb or pellets guns and putting a hole in the funeral home window.