Saturday, September 09, 2006

Day In The Park 2006

Delmar's own Diane Buckley, Delaware Councilperson, does some MCing and keeping things going.

Joey Rimkis parked a couple of nice looking cars from Saturn next to the bandstand. Of note Saturn was the largest donator of money to the "Day in The Park" this year.

Dan, the man, from Goodfellas was at "Day in the Park".

Kathy was doing a good business with her Avon sales.

The train is always popular with the kids.

A happy group riding.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Tuesday Photo - One Room school House

This building is commonly known as Harry's Store in Melson. It started life as a one school house built in 1896. In the 1940's the school closed and Clarence Morris bought the building and converted it a store. Later he gave it to his brother Harry.

A scan from "Recollections; Wicomico One Room Schools". Melson school when it was school. Ruth Figgs was a teacher here in 1918.

Jesse James was born today

Jesse James was born today in 1847. He was shot by Bob Ford on April 13, 1882. He was an outlaw and the public of the time and today, seem to have made him a hero instead of the sorry ass crook that he was.