Saturday, September 16, 2006

Brown Recluse Spider

My neighbor, Shelly, was bitten on the ankle, over a week ago, by what was later identified as a brown recluse spider. She waited three days before going to Dr Burns in Salisbury to have it examined, by than her leg from the kneecap to the foot was swollen about three times normal size and she had a really ugly open lesion at the bit mark. I understand in some people the lesion can last up to three years and require skin grafts to cover it. It still is just about as ugly now as a week ago. If you have an unidentified bite I can only encourage you to go to the emergency room and don't wait. A site that talks about the brown recluse is Brown Recluse

Delmar Movie Theatre

The Delmar Movie theatre from the front (the good side). It is currently owned by Terra Corporation, 34662 St. Georges Road, Delmar, DE. I believe they have owned it for about 20 years, buying it at a tax sales for a little over $3,000. This ugly site in Delmar complements the LeCates Building on the corner. It is suppose to be made into apartments but I have seen houses stripped to a shell, remodeled and sold in the the time this building has been played with. There has been a number of tax abatements given to the owners in hope they will do something with the property. It an oddity in Delmar that if you keep your property up you get nothing in tax abatements, but you do get higher taxes, and if you own a piece of shit and keep it that way you can get tax abatements.

The building itself was built by Seth Ellis about 1914. I believe he ran a confectionery store in the building. The theatre has gone by many names; Elcora, Delmar Theatre, The Avenue, now it is just known as eyesore. I think it stopped doing business as a movie theatre in the late 1960s or early 1970s. It had a number of owners and managers, some of whom were (in no particular order); Minnie Melson, Ralph Messick, Robert Holt, Norris Tingle, Lee Insley, Harlen Tull, etc. The building had a stage in it so many meetings and live shows were held in the building, besides just showing movies. The most consistent selling point in advertising I have seen for the theatre is that it was air conditioned. This, no doubt, was a big point in the 30s and 40s when no one had home air conditioners and in the 1950s and 1960s it was a good selling point against the Drive In Movie theatre which operated in the summer. It is now air conditioned by an enormous hole knocked in the rear wall. I think CMS Constructions uses this hole as a doorway so they can use the building as a storage shed for their trucks.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Ford motor Company

Ford Motor company recently hired a new Chief Executive Officer by the name of Alan Mulally. He is replacing Bill Ford, the great grandson of Henry Ford. Alan Mulally was with Boeing Company prior to coming to Ford. Ford Motor company has in it's stable of vehicles the names of Aston Martin, Ford, Jaquar, Land Rover, Lincoln, Mazada, Mercury, and Volvo.

Financially Ford Motor Company, like General Motors is a mess. It's Stock (F is the stock market symbol and also it's grade mark from me) is trading at $9.09 a share. It has been as low as $6 a share this year. Two years ago it was at $14, which is only good in comparison to $9 a share.

The point to this blog post is Alan Mulally was hired by Ford Motor company at a base salary of $2 million plus what amounts to an $18.5 million sign on bonus. So here is a company that is doing poorly and it pays it's CEO over $20 million in the first year. His first step will be to reduce the hourly workforce in the United States because they make to much money!! It is ridiculous the amounts CEO's are paid and it is ridiculous the difference between the hourly worker and the CEO pay. To the CEO pay you can usually add at least 50% for perks such as bodyguards, insurance, private jet, etc. Each year the difference between the poor and the rich in the United States become larger and larger.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Modern Day Geeks

When I went to High School back in the 1950's the person who was considered a Geek was the one with the slide rule in a carrying case attached to his belt. Usually a pocket protector was in his shirt pocket. Now I was never smart enough to work a slide ruler but I did have a pocket protector. Later in the 1970's a calculator attached to the belt replaced the slide rule. I have now noticed modern technology has increased the number of people who have become Geeks by a million fold. Almost everyone, except me, are carrying a cell phone. It is not uncommon to see people with a cell phone, pager, palm pilot, and jump drive (flash memory) attached to their belt. It also seem to be cool to have a jump drive stuck in the pocket protector of your shirt. Who would have thought so many people would want to be Geeks!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Cornerstone Community Church Event

The Cornerstone Community Church is having a number of free skits on Wednesday and Friday night at 7PM. They have the New Life Drama Company do the acting. The Cornerstone is north of Stained Class Bridal.

Sunday, September 10, 2006


The end results of the days crabbing - a few for picking and a large pot of an excellent cream of crab soup.

A blue crab that was legal size and that didn't get away

We went crabbing at Frenchtown today. The crabs were not as plentiful as usual but we caught enough for dinner. When you crab off a bridge I am afraid this is a sight you see - crabbing butt. It was a very nice day, not to hot, not to windy just a nice quiet day on the marsh. Always surprise me about the lack of bugs on the marsh compared to Delmar.