Thursday, September 28, 2006

Autumn Flowers

There are other flowers beside mums that bloom in the fall. These blue flowers are always welcome in my yard as you can never have enough blue flowers.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Delmar Library

The Delmar Library

Originally housed in one room in what is now known as the Delmar Heritage Center and what was known in 1940 as the Marvel building on the corner of Grove and First street. It was open 6 hours a week. Later in 1970 the library was moved to a room in the "new" Saint Stephens Community Center. In 1982 this current library building was opened. Since Delmar is a Bi State community the library (altho in Sussex County) is also open to Delmar residents who live in Wicomico County. It is my understanding the library receive no financial support from Wicomico County altho about half the card holding members of the Delmar library are from Wicomico County.

An Example of The Traveling Lady solicitation letter. You can click on this photo to enlarge it and see the size of donations made.

The Delmar Library was a project of the Delmar New Century Club. In 1940 the Ladies of the club received a grant from the State of Delaware for $100 with the understanding they would match it with $300. They did this by soliciting donations from everyone. An example of a solicitation letter is above. As you can see in 1940 the donations were from 25 cents to a dollar. The Delmar library has been blessed with a couple of different bequest. Lyndal Hayman left a $320,000 trust fund. Grover Lecates in 1995 left the library $583,000. Today the library again wants to expand and is beginning another donation drive.

A better description of the library can be found at their website; Delmar Library

It's Emily's Birthday

Emily has another birthday. Happy Birthday Emily!!!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Pvt. Francis Lupo

There were many newspapers articles out on Private Francis Lupo, a missing action soldier from World War I. The best that I read is from the Washington Post

Private Lupo was killed in action July 20, 1918 in France. He had been in the army less than six months before he was killed. His body was found 3 years ago, along with another body, in an unidentified grave in France. Apparently he had been killed and quickly buried by his unit to await reburial later. He was reburied at Arlington National Cemetery 88 years later. He had no living relatives who remembered him when he was alive.

Linda Hamilton Birthday

Today is Salisbury's own Linda Hamilton's Birthday. Best known as Sarah Connor in the "Terminator" movies she is 50 today.

Reflections on my Father's death

My father died yesterday. If there was any thing I could say about his life it would be he deserved more out of life than what he got.

He was raised on a farm west of Delmar. His father died when he was 9 and his mother and brothers (all the brothers were under the age of 14) worked the farm until 1940 when it was sold for delinquent taxes. He worked pretty much his entire life. Until a couple of months ago, at 87, he still worked as a courier for a medical health company. Social security just does not pay the bills and he had his pride and was not going to accept money from his sons when he could work.

At 87 his eye sight was failing him and if I offered to drive the courier run for him he would refuse. I finally was able to drive it for him by asking him if he wanted some company on the courier run, he would than let me drive the van to deliver the medical supplies, but I was there as company not the doing his job.

He dropped out of school at an early age and went into the Civilian Conservation Corp. I think he said they gave him five dollars a month and the remaining pay for the month (about 25 dollars) was sent to his mother. After that he went into the Delaware National Guard until World War II when the guard was put into the regular army. Shortly after discharge he had a wife and than later three boys to raise so with a limited education he drove a truck for most of his life. The years of driving resulted in skin cancer on his left arm and face. Altho times were not flush with money we didn't starve and we didn't realize we were poor because no one else in our neighborhood had any money. Unlike many couples today he remained married to my mother for 65 years until his death on Monday.

About three months ago he developed a bump on his head and complained of headaches, he thought it was caused by hitting his head on something. Over the next couple of months he went to several different doctors about the bump. They all said the bump would go away on it's own. In his last month he went to the emergency room about four times. Each time, until the last time, they said the bump he had would go away and he was treated for the emphysema he had. About a week ago he was admitted to the hospital and this time they looked at the bump. On Thursday they told us it was the result of lung cancer and it had spread thru his body and his head so much they were unable to operate On Saturday they said he would be moved to hospice on Monday. He died Monday morning about 2:30AM, before being moved. There was no mention of lung cancer or any kind of cancer until that Thursday. Like I said he deserved better out of life than what he got. I think the medical treatment you receive when you are over 70 is different than what you receive when you are younger. Am I bitter toward the Doctors, yes I am.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Mason Dixon Line

The Line Church marker

The Line Methodist Church Cemetery is in both States as the Mason-Dixon Line runs thru the middle of it. Line Road curves into Maryland completely at that point in order not to split the cemetery. In the Cemetery is a Mason Dixon Mile Marker. It is considered the marker for mile 20 (being 20 miles from Fenwick Island the beginning of the Transpeninsular line). As expected for it's age the marker is very worn. Part of the reason why line road is on the line, is when Mason and Dixon were shooting the line they had a team of woodcutters go in and clear a path ahead of them 9 yards wide. Since the path of already cleared it became a traveled road.

We all are familiar with the Mason-Dixon Line since it runs thru Delmar (Ok technically it is usually referred to as the Transpeninsular line, however Mason and Dixon did survey it). I recently read "Walkin' the Line" by William Ecenbarger which talks about his attempts to walk the entire Mason Dixon Line. I enjoyed the parts about the towns on the "line" but felt he wandered to far off the "line" in order to record stories in towns not on the "Line" that would he felt would make his book interesting or have more current appeal. Delmar, is of course, mention and Sam Bynum, one of our previous Mayors (father of the current Town Manager), is interviewed. Also Linda's Railroad cafe and the roundtable coffee group at Linda's are also mentioned.

At one time I worked for NCR in Millsboro and drove Line Road each day to work. Line road is split down the middle by the Maryland/Delaware State line and the maintenance for the road is also split between each state, and Wicomico and Sussex county. When there were heavy snows none of the entities worked together to clear the road. You might have the Maryland side plow their side in the morning and the State of Delaware would plow their section in the afternoon and Sussex County might wait until night before plowing their section. The result was everyone drove on what ever section of road that was clear, regardless rather it was driving the wrong way or not.