Saturday, October 21, 2006

Delmar Homecoming Parade

Waiting for the parade

Delmar finest leads the parade

The Delmar High School Band

The Mayors of both Towns

Kids grabbing Candy

This child is amazed by the number of Firetrucks. Waited until he is older and realize a Delmarva parade is 60% firetrucks.

Public works cleaning up the mess after the parade.

It seems like it was a short parade but a lot of candy was thrown out for the children. I watched the parade at St Stephen's and at the end of the parade the kids in front of me hopped on their bikes to go meet the parade farther along the route for more candy. You have to admire greed.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Maryland US Senate Race

You can not ignore the fact Maryland Lieutenant Governor, Michael Steele, is running against Maryland US House Representative, Ben Cardin. The commercials are on the air day and night. They are running for the seat left open by Senator Paul Sarbane who is retiring after doing nothing for 30 years except drawing a salary. Now I doubt Steele or Cardin is going to be any better, lets face it we are talking Maryland politics and frankly since I live in Delaware I don't care which one is elected. The commercials however say nothing about either candidate. They each tear down the other and say nothing about what they are going to, if elected. I do think Steele's commercial are more polished and better organized than Cardin's. Well we will see what happens.

Street Sweeper

Well I actually saw a street sweeper on the Delaware side of town today. I don't know if it was a test run or not but it went down the south side of Jewell Street. It didn't come back to do the north side nor was the side streets sweep but there was one that came by.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Fog Delay

The schools are having Fog Delay this morning. Working parents on the shore are trying to figure out how to arrange to get their kid to school. Speaking of school and fog the two always brings up that damn poem "FOG" by Carl Sandburg we were all required to memorize.

"The Fog comes
on little cat feet
it sits looking
over harbor and city
on silent haunches
and then moves on."

Thank God it was a short poem.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Moshe Dayan died in 1981

Moshe Dayan, the bald headed, black eye patch wearing, controversial military person from Israel died today in 1981. He was Minister of Defense in the "Six Day War" in 1967 and the "Yom Kippur War" in 1973. He was the image of the Israeli Military.

Ariel Sharon noted about Dayan: "He would wake up with a hundred ideas. Of them ninety-five were dangerous; three more were bad; the remaining two, however, were brilliant."

A quote from him concerning his fast driving was;
"I have only one eye. Do you want me to look at the road or the at the speedometer."

His eye patch was put up for auction on Ebay in 2006 for $75,000. I never heard what it sold for.