Friday, October 27, 2006

The Bottle Tree - a work in progress

The Bottle Tree is up. There is still work to be done on it. I had wanted to put it in the front yard, but the wife threaten to put knots on my head if I did, so it had to go in the backyard. I may have to upgrade my selection of wine as those Arbor Mist and Richardson Wild Irish Rose winebottles, when empty, are not a very interesting color.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

How Squirrels Came To Delmar

In 1940, the Delmar Lions Club purchased six squirrels from Virginia and set them free in what was then called the "Delmar Park" (today's State Street Park or as some people refer to it - Dr Bastian's front lawn). The Mayor of Delmar Delaware, Leroy Lockerman, had signs made notifying motorists on Grove and State Street to be careful in driving to avoid killing the squirrels. The squirrels were productive and today we have them everywhere.

The Lions Club purchased "Delmar Park" plus additional land in 1941 to be used as a park for the citizens of Delmar. In 1947 they deeded the park over to both towns. The park was part of the Elihu Hastings land and had never been built upon. It had been used as a park since the town inception in 1859. When the Lions Club purchased the land it was owned by Mrs Minnie Melson, who was a descendent of Elihu Hastings.

Monday, October 23, 2006

October Rose

There are a few roses in my yard that are still blooming this time of year.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Olde Princess Anne Days

We went to this year's "Olde Princess Days" today. I enjoyed it as I have enjoyed the previous trips to it. This year they had about 15 houses and churches open for the tour. Since Sunday is only a half day for the tour it is a struggle to see all of the building and have time to watch some of the entertainment. I thought the best house on the tour was the Harrington Plantation, built about 1750. It is a modest house, compared to others, but since it is small it seems to more livable as a home.

The enjoyment of walking and riding to the old homes was heighten by the fall foliage that is just beginning. It didn't rain doing the time we were in Princess Anne and the gusts of wind and the bit of coolness simply enforced the fact Fall is here.

Downtown Princess Anne is spruced up for 'Olde Princess Anne days" but it is a nice looking downtown any time. Thirty years ago it was in as bad a shape as Delmar. Now the buildings are painted and kept up. I am sure being a county seat helped them to do that. There was no doubt much County, State and Federal money put in the town by way of government offices. The downtown however does have a wide range of business that occupy it, a much wider range than I remembered. Richard Lundy from Delmar had a "Letter to the Editor" in today's "Daily Times" expressing his opinion on the "old" mall, the centre and downtown Salisbury. I agree with him that too much money has been diddled away on committees and studies to revitalize the downtown Salisbury area. The same seem to be occurring in Delmar. Nothing will improve Delmar's downtown area until the slum lords that own the property are forced to improve it or sell it to someone who can improve it.

Princess Anne has never accepted the fact that there is, for the Eastern shore, a major college in their town. On the other hand UMES has never tried to be part of the town. "Olde Princess Anne" days is an event that the University with their facilities and money could have tied in with and created better community ties. It is my opinion that Black Americans have very little interest in history. In Dorchester County you can look at the poor turnout for Harriet Tubman history. When you visit a museum look around at the number of black visitors, they are rare indeed. I have heard the usual crap about being slaves they had no history etc, but that was a long time ago and if you believe "Black History" month they are suppose to have a history. Anyway "Olde Princess Anne days" was the time for UMES to jump on board and show whatever black aspect of history they would want to. They didn't.

We stopped by McDonalds in Princess Anne for a snack before returning to Delmar. The Princess Anne McDonalds is as screwed up as the McDonalds in Salisbury. The employees spent more time talking to one another then waiting on us. The order was wrong when we got it and we waited forever before it was filled. Ever since Ray Kroc died, the McDonalds chain has gone downhill in service and quality of food.

It's Annette Funicello's Birthday

Annette Funicello turns 64 today. One of the original "Mouseketeers" on the Walt Disney show. In the fifties she was the heartthrob of teenage boys.