Saturday, December 09, 2006

Ross Mansion

I visited the Ross mansion in Seaford today. They were having their Tenth annual Victorian Christmas.

The entrance to the Ross Mansion.
For Seven dollars you got a tour of the building and Punch and Cookies at the end of the Tour.

This Photograph does not do justice to the decorating in the room. The room was decorated by Bess Buds in Delmar.

Again it was difficult to get a wide angle picture of the rooms, however this room was decorated by Flowers by Hearn in Delmar.

This is a photo of the outside garden.

Today's Quote

"It's a little like wrestling a gorilla. You don't quit when you're tired-you quit when the gorilla is tired."
Robert Strauss

Friday, December 08, 2006

Delmar Christmas Lights

In this week's edition of the "Star" was an editorial on the lack of Christmas Street lights in Delmar. It made Delmar sound as pathetic as it is. Christmas street lights aren't put up because - bulbs burn out and State Street park lights aren't up due to vandalism. To add a little salt to the wound they provide a list of other towns we could ride to and look at Christmas lights - Laurel, Blades, Seaford, Bridgeville, and Greenwood.

Now it seems to me if all the light bulbs were replaced each year and a system of replacement of the light decorations were in place than we would have less of a problem with the bulbs burning out. The problems sounds like a public works problem to me. As for the Vandals, other towns must have vandals and we do have 24 hour police protection plus on the Maryland side of town they have the addition of the empire building Wicomico County Police Department so why do we have more of an uncontrolled problem with vandals than other towns? It sounds like a police department problem.

I think the Christmas street lights are one more sign of the problem Delmar has - it is just a lack of pride. We allow people who have commercial and rental property to let their properties look like dumps. We allow officials, who run for office, to run unopposed and become "elected" officials without ever being elected. We don't go to town meetings. We don't expect our Town employees to do anything. We allow the town to continue to let leaves and debris sit in our streets without any attempt to clean the streets. We allow commercial property, under construction, to have a construction site that looks like a dump and have dangerous drainage ponds that are unfenced on the property. What do the two town enforcement officers do? Are they paid off by the construction companies to ignore problems on construction sites? God known there is another ordinance passed every time I go to the town meeting telling us what we can and can't do in Delmar so why isn't something done about commercial and rental property?

The Lion's club use to be a leader in Delmar pride, but I haven't heard of much they have done in years. The school does nothing in the way of organizing Delmar Town Pride groups. The only thing they can do is ask for more money. A group that I do have great hope for is The Concerned Citizens. I think with a few more members they could be the lead group to improve Delmar. This month they meet at Town Hall on the Thursday the 14th at 8PM.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

"A date which will live in infamy"

Today the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. As I have grown older it is a day that is celebrated less and less, no doubt because the people who were alive at the time are less and less. Some people today view it as a politically incorrect day as supposedly today the Japanese are our friend. In truth we may have beaten them in World War II but we than helped them rebuilt and today they control us economically so we lost. If they were to ever stop buying our bonds to prop up our useless currency the United States would be on the same level as Brazil. The United States must be one of the few countries in the world who will fight with another country and than spend billions rebuilding that country. Look at Iraq. Never less let us remember for a moment the thousands of people, both military and civilian, that were awaken on a Sunday morning to planes, bombs and gunfire. Moreover let us remember those who last memories were of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Delaware Day

In 1933 Governor C. Douglass Buck proclaimed this day henceforth as "Delaware Day" in commemoration of the state's adoption of the US Federal Constitution in 1787.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Bank Teller's Ass

I think everyone has had an embarrassing incident with a clothing seam breaking or a zipper unzipped. Well a few days ago, I was in a Pizza place waiting for my pizza and a local bank teller walked in. Since I was sitting and waiting, I was eyeball to ass level with everyone in the ordering line. I happened to notice that the seam in her slacks has split open exposing a couple inches of ass to the world. I wouldn't have noticed but since the crack of her ass was exposed from lack of underwear it was hard to miss. Now I could have been nice and told her "Hey lady you know your ass is hanging out?", but from a previous similar experience I realised I would not get an appreciative "Thank you", so I remained quiet. People always claim they want to be dealt with honestly, but that's actually the direct opposite of what they want. What they really want is to be lied to in the most flattering way possible or just say nothing. For an old man like me, my visit got me a pizza and a cheap thrill. In truth I do get tire of the amount of ass that is displayed now days. The bank teller problem was an accident, but the amount of skin exposed by women who bent over now days is less titillating and more vuglar each time I see it. I am tire of looking at thong tops, butt cracks and tattoos pointing to their ass.

Catchy title for this post wasn't it? I am sure a number of people read it who normally skim over my usual posts.

The blog Kara Babble has an interesting discussion of a similar incident. She entitled the post "Let your underwear be a camouflage for your ass".

Monday, December 04, 2006

Shirley Pryor Passed Away

The older I get the more people I see in the Obituaries that I knew. I guess it is a good thing I am looking at them instead of them looking at me but still you hate to see them go. Shirley Pryor, who was younger than I am, passed away last Thursday. Shirley was one of the many Pryor girls (I guess there was six of them) who lived next to us on Johnson Road in Salisbury back in the 1950's. Her mother Eleanor passed away not so long ago. Her sister works at Bryan and Brittingham in Delmar.

Delmar School Referendum

Tomorrow, December 5th, we get to vote for or against another school referendum. I can't imagine there being many people that are going to vote on this so I expect for it to pass. The larger print in the notice state "This Referendum does not increase the school tax rate", so who is really going to care if it is approved or not. What the advertisement doesn't say is if you vote against this referendum will your taxes go down? The referendum is for approval to sell bonds for the construction of six middle school classrooms and additional cafeteria space. As was stated, construction has already been approved by the state and in a previous referendum - we just have to supply the money.

As everyone knew when the "new" (present) school construction was voted on, it was already too small for Delmar but the school board was determine to shove shit down our throats and build it. As usual the only time the school comes to the tax payers is when they want money, otherwise they send a strong message to stay out of their business. Back when my wife and I use to go to the school board meetings we asked enough questions that George Stone had the meetings changed to a public meeting with out public input. Like I said they just want the money.

Polls open at noon until 9:00PM in the Delmar School District Board of Education
Room. Do your civic duty and vote.

"You Have not converted a man because you have silenced him"
Quote from John Morley

UPDATE: No great surprise - it passed. 86 people voted - 80 for, 6 against. 86 people, out of a possible 1,500 or so eligible people in the Delmar School District, decided the school taxes. I won't be surprised if most of the 80 who voted for it worked for the school.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Trip To Williamsburg

About every five years or so my wife and I have an urge to go shopping and visit Williamsburg, well Saturday was that day. Now you really only find a few things there that you can't find in Delaware plus you pay sales tax so it is more of an outing for us. It was also a test of my patients for traffic and crowds. Some shopping centers were so crowded you could not find a place to park. Overall tho it was an enjoyable day, even getting lost on the way back and ending up far west of Norfolk made for an interesting drive back to the bridge tunnel. We were concerned when we arrive on the Eastern Shore of Virginia after 8 PM about finding a place to eat but we found the Captain's Deck in Nassawadox stayed open until 10. The food was good and the service was great. What was unusal was to hear the waitress ask if we wanted smoking or nonsmoking tables, haven't heard that for a while. There was a time, 30 years ago, that driving down Route 13 at night, on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, meant you would not find a place to eat or gas up your car. Now they have a large number of fast food places and Gas stations. I also noticed that the cotton is still in the fields. I think it is because they had so much rain. Cotton is a relatively new crop on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. I understand the cotton market and gin they had on the Eastern Shore went under and now they have to ship it across the bay.

Doctor Larmore Passed Away

I read in the obituaries that Doctor Larmore, long time Doctor in Delmar, passed away. Doctor Lamore was an enjoyable Doctor to go to. He certainly didn't charge an arm and leg like Doctors do now days. He would usually give you free sample pills if he had them. I was usually cured of what ailed me.

Doctor Larmore smoked a pipe in his office (would never do now days), he spoke with the pipe in his mouth and he also spoke low and at time mumbled. There were times when he finished examining me and pronounced his finding that I was not sure with the pipe in his mouth and his low voice if he was telling me I was fine or had three days to live.

At one period of time he was on me about having to high of cholesterol and he gave me three options to reduce it. First, he said I could exercise - well that went over like a lead balloon. Second, he said I could take niacin but it would have side effects, so I asked what the third option was. He said to drink a shot of liquor each day. Well I thought that was the greatest bit of advise a Doctor ever gave me and have kept it up to this day. I think I still have high cholesterol but I feel good.

He will be missed.

Foreign Workers

Each year Ocean City and the Beach towns have a number of foreign workers/students that come to work the summer, or longer. A high number of them are from Eastern Europe ( Poland, Romania, Russia etc). Most people in the area welcome them because they are young and white. They work at the restaurants like Phillips Seafood for that $6.41 an hour. As with any group there is a percentage that will break laws. It seem to me that there is a higher percentage of Eastern Europeans that break our laws - mainly shop lifting. Life is easy and security is relaxed in the United States, compared to the countries that they come from, and I would say 70 to 80% shop lift. Most get away with it, but a number do not and you see them in the Worcester County and Wicomico County Jail. When I worked at the Wicomico County Jail they stood out from the normal scum that we got in. They were relatively clean cut white high school and college age kids. So when you see your tax dollars going up for more police protection and prices of retail stores going up to cover the loss from stealing thank the businesses in Ocean City for paying a low wage scale that Americans won't work for so they can bring in the foreign criminals.

For a real line of bullshit read Blog at the beach This gives the official comment on foreign workers.