Saturday, December 23, 2006

Cape Henlopen School District Audit

I recently read where Cape Henlopen School District will be one of several school districts audited in 2007. In the last year Cape Henlopen has been in the news several times concerning expansion, disgruntle school district tax payers etc. I guess George Stone has found a district where he can't just say "if you don't vote for it we will have to consolidate with the Laurel school district" and have everyone fall in line behind him. Maybe Cape Henlopen taxpayers expect something for their money.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Is There A Santa Claus?

The Wicomico County Maryland blogging world has been dealt a horrible blow recently when the Wicomico County Council voted against the TIF for the old mall. The council seem to have done something right. What are we going to harp about? Could it be we were wrong about elected officials and government employees? Is there a Santa Claus? I guess, by the law of averages, it was bound to happen sooner or later, and at Christmas time no less. Well, we will wait and see if this was an abnormality or a new trend. And Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.

First Day of Winter

Celebrate It is the First Day of Winter

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Snap Out Of It

Snap out of it people, you have four days until Christmas, get out there and shop.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Charles C. Habliston Died

Charles Habliston passed away Sunday. He was 78 and he was an accountant. I worked with him went I first started work with Wicomico County. He was a man you could respect. He represented the best in a profession that is going to pot every day.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Monday Council Meeting

The joint councils of Delmar Delaware and Maryland had their December meeting tonight. It lasted from 7 PM to 9 PM. On the Delaware side, Council people Mary Pase and Diane Buckley were missing. Some of the highlights were;

The Town's accounting firm presented a draft copy of last years financial report for the towns of Delaware, Maryland and the Utility Commission. Jason Gidge of Trice, Geary & Myers was the presenter. He spent about five minutes for each of the three entities going thru a 30 page financial statement for each. He than asked if there were any questions. Amazing, why did he think there would be any questions? With that much information in front of them it would impossible to ask a question. The important thing was the accounting firm was giving a clean, unqualified opinion that the reports fairly represent the financial position of the three entities and there were no significant internal control problems. I took a couple of notes regarding the net profit for the year for the three entities, the town of Delmar Maryland made a profit last year of $640,000. The Town of Delmar Delaware made a profit of $25,000. The Utility Commission made a profit of $1,215,119. Now tell me, as I have been harping on this for two years, that the Utility Commission is charging to much in rates to the user and a rate reduction should take place. Somewhere there should be a middle ground of having a reserve to replace aging pipeline and overcharging the customer. Again these are draft financial reports, subject to change, but I doubt there will be any change.

Jeff Clark representing Blackwater Creek development made some comments. Mainly, he had dropped off material describing Blackcreek to the Mayors and councils and wanted to know if there were any questions. He said he wanted to keep the lines of communication open and Blackcreek wants to be a good neighbor.

There was presentation to the town by Maria Andaya of DELDOT and Mike Angelo of McCormick Taylor (a Contractor to DELDOT) about streetscaping for the business section of Delmar Delaware. It mainly consisted of light poles, make believe brick walks, and decorative fencing. The project would cost $400,000 and the town of Delmar Delaware would pay 8% ($32,000). Most questions asked were from the Maryland Council (the ones who won't be paying the bill). The most concern was the lack of change to the present parking on Pennsylvania avenue. The concerns were regarding the parking for the possible apartment dwellers, there didn't seem to any concern over the retail trade. The $32,000 price for Delmar is good, but I just see a repeat of downtown Salisbury where millions have been put in to it and there isn't shit there. Downtown areas are dead and they should be torn down instead of artificially being supported by welfare.

Vance Phillip from the Sussex county Council appeared to wish everyone Merry Christmas and to tell us he had money he could give us if we apply for it.

Ordinance 144 for the Town of Delmar Delaware was read and passed. It rezoned a specific property in the 600 block of North second street from industrial to residential.

Road paving in town and on Connelly Mill road was discussed. The lack of available money was an issue. The Maryland side has a paving project on Walnut street that will cost $1,700,000. On the Delaware side the Jewell Street project between 7th and 8th street will cost $191,000. These costs are not just for paving but also replacing water, sewer and stormdrains.

Birthdays For Keith and Robert

Two birthdays in the family today. Robert Dickerson, a nephew, who lives in New Jersey turns 39 today. Keith Dennis, who lives in Salisbury, turns 38 today. Happy Birthday!!

Joint Council Meeting Reminder

As a reminder there is a Delmar Joint Council meeting tonight (Dec 18th) at 7PM and a public works meeting at 6PM. Both are held at Town Hall. The Utility meeting was cancelled.