Saturday, February 10, 2007

Gas Prices - 1974

I noticed gas prices fell slightly below two dollars last week. The price seems ridiculous but than when I think back to 1974 when you were happy to find gas at any price it is reasonable. Actually, I think in 1974 it was under a dollar a gallon, but you had lines to any station that was open. Some gas stations would only sell you five or so dollars of gas so everyone could buy some. They had an odd/even sales days system; based on the number that your vehicle tag ended in, you could buy gas on odd calendar days if your tag ended in an odd number or if it ended in an even number you could buy on even numbered calendar days. People that traveled for a living found themselves trapped in towns far from home until they could get enough gas to get home. The above photo is from the February 1974 State Register newspaper in Laurel. In case the gas pump sign isn't that clear it says "No Gas".


In spite of the rumor that I have been on the road trying to open a nationwide chain of fast food fried muskrat restaurants and as such have not been posting to this blog , the reason for not posting is quite simple - computer problems. One of those software - hardware - comcast problem that still is not resolved.

However I think the Muskrat fast food chain is an ideal whose time has arrived. Think of it for barbecue crowd you could have "Rack of Rat Ribs". For the beach boardwalk crowd you could have "Rat on a Stick". A couple of Korean investors I have spoken to have told me there really would not be much of an adjustment for their Chinese take out places to convert over to the muskrat theme.