Saturday, February 24, 2007

Dollar Tree

The Dollar Tree Store is opened in Delmar, Delaware. It is a nice store and the best part you actually only pay a dollar as opposed to the one in Salisbury that you pay a dollar plus tax. It will be interesting to see how much business it does with two Dollar Trees Stores only three miles to the south of it. One thing I have noticed is the amount of food that is being purchased at the Dollar Trees. The food seem to be purchased by people over 40 so I assume those people are single or are just a couple. I understand food processors have begun orientating the size of their products to the Dollar stores so more can be sold in them.

Other stores that are open at Delmar Commons are; Natiowide Insurance, Black Belt World Karate, New Peking restaurant, Crystal Dry Cleaners, First State Wireless, and Delmarva Paramedical Services.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Susan Burkholder, alleged Embezzler

Susan Burkholder, resident of Selbyville, Delaware was charged in November with embezzling more than $27,000 from Keith Properties Inc., a Selbyville real estate business. She allegedly cashed company checks, forged checks and used the company credit cards. She worked as a bookkeeper/office manager for the company. She had worked for Keith Properties for about 9 months. I have not seen an update on this case since November. She was scheduled in Superior Court in and of Sussex County on Tuesday (Feb 20th) but I don't know if it was for this case.

A newspaper article on her arrest is at Susan Burkholder
and also a WBOC article at Susan Burkholder

Wendy Sue Bowers, Thief

Wendy Sue Bowers, former financial secretary at South Carroll High School, charged with stealing $228,000 over six years from the Sykesville, Maryland school was sentenced in January to serve 15 months. The money taken from South Carroll High was from fund-raising student accounts and vending services. She was also ordered to repay the money. Her Attorney said she made $10 an hour, so I think you can figure this will never be repaid. She does 15 months in jail and gets $228,000. It may be the best paying job she had.

For the story of her arrest in "The Gazette" click here Wendy Sue Bowers

Also at washington Times Wendy Sue Bowers

Linda Sprinkle Embezzlement

Linda Sprinkle, the former financial secretary at Shiloh Middle School (Westminster Maryland), was convicted of pocketing cash in the amount of $13,000 from student funds and fundraisers raised from events such as flower sales, yearbook sales, field trips, the school ski club and a charity basketball game. The Judge sentenced her to 18 months but suspended all but 6 months plus five years probation and restitution.

She has maintained her innocence saying “I never took that money, and I have always been a good person my whole life,”

For the story click here Linda Sprinkle

Sandra Suiter Scammer

Sandra Suiter of Hebron pleaded guilty to theft by deception was sentenced to a year and a half in prison. She received $5,600 in donations from St. Paul’s Methodist Church in Hebron by falsely claiming that her 3 year old twins drowned during Katrina.

For the brief story click here Scammer

Caregivers alleged embezzlement

In todays News Journal was an article on two Caregivers who allegedly stole over $7,300 from two elderly people. Antonia Stevens and Sarah Baker, both of Wilmington were care givers to a couple who were 87 and 89 years old. They allegedly forged sixteen checks and used the couples ATM cards for 13 unauthorized purchases.

Downtown Delmar

Once again another window fell out of one of the dilapidated buildings downtown. It is a danger when you walk the downtown area that a brick, door or window may hit you.

We will see how long this stays on the sidewalk.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Wedderburn Australia

I enjoy looking at the group of blogs called daily photo blogs. They post a picture a day of their town. Phil of Wedderburn Australia(a town of about 900) posted this street sign. It has an amusing story about how it was named.

It's Lisa's Birthday

Yes, Lisa Dennis has a birthday today. Happy Birthday Lisa!!!