Friday, March 23, 2007

Wal Mart Bonuses

I made my daily trip to Walmart today, there was a lot of smiling employees. It seems WalMart had given out bonuses. The News Journal newspapers said it exceed last year's amount of $1,000 for full time employees and $500 for part time employees. The bonus is based on if the store where the employee works meets a benchmark for sales and profit. Now there isn't to many companies on the Eastern Shore that give bonus so a big plus to Wal Mart for doing that.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Strange Search String

By clicking on the site meter icon a list of people that have accessed my blog will appear. I sometimes look thru the "by referrals" to see how people reached my blog. In looking at it today I see someone accessed my blog from the Google search string of "What should I do to get a lighter sentence in an embezzlement case". The search originated in Missouri at 1:24PM, I hope my blog was helpful.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Delmar At Its Best

Another Delmar blogger has appeared. Andy F. has a blog called Delmar At Its Best . It's motto is Any and Everything to do with Delmar.

Upcoming Meetings

In the next week the following meetings/events will occur;
March 22nd Thursday 6:00 PM Sussex County Planning and Zoning
March 24th Saturday Delmar Jr and Sr Little Leaque Tryouts
March 25th Sunday 1 to 4 Beef and dumpling Dinner at VFW for the High School Band tickets are $10.00, see a band student
March 26 Monday 6:00 PM Public Works Meeting
March 26 Monday 6:30 Pm Utility Commission
March 26 Monday 7:00 Pm Joint Council Meeting
March 27 Tuesday 10:00 AM Sussex County Council Meeting

First Day Of Spring

The first day of spring. Ritas is doing their annual giveaway of a free 10 oz italian ice.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Muslim Cashiers and Pork Products

Over at the Colossus of Rhodey there is an interesting post (March 19th) on Muslim cashiers who refuse to scan pork products in their normal job of checking customers out. They felt it was a conflict with their religious beliefs. The problem currently seems to be occurring in Minnesota. The store where it is happening is Target and Target has attempted to make allowances for the Muslims by supplying gloves to them so they don't have to touch pork products.

The original article was at Star Tribune To quote from the article;
"In the Muslim world, there is even a stronger taboo against pork than alcohol, said Owais Bayunus, an imam at the Abu Khudra Mosque in Columbia Heights. Wearing gloves will not solve the issue, he said. "There is a school of thought within the Muslim community that if you sell pork or alcohol to someone, then you are contributing to the propagation of a sinful activity," he said. "Many Muslims do not want to see non-Muslims involved in a sinful product."

At Target stores, some Muslim cashiers opposed to selling pork had grown accustomed to waving over other employees whenever they came across bacon, ham or other pork products, even pepperoni pizza."

Needless to say this has produced an uproar. The "Star Tribune" has a blog called the Buzz and this will link you to the emails the newspaper has been receiving on this subject the Buzz

So will Catholics cashiers at Wal-Mart start refusing to scan condoms because they can be used as birth control? What about PETA cashiers?

Will this mean the Muslim congressmen will not be able vote for all the pork spending bills the government put thru congress? See Porkbusters