Saturday, May 19, 2007


I received this as a comment to one of my posts.

"This is a very interesting site. I visited Delmar back in the 60's and am trying to locate a man by the name of Skip wilson whose family lived there. His father, Holt Wilson, owned the gas station in town. Anyone having any information please email Thank you."

Since I read a number of genealogy websites this is the type of post you occasionally come across on them. I have no ideal who Skip Wilson is or what he is like and I being a trusting Eastern Shore type person would take it at face value, but the accountant side of me ask what if?

What if it is a clever bill collector searching for Skip wilson?

What if it is an ex-spouse trying to find out where he lives so she can collect back child support payments?

What if Skip wilson is the name assigned by the Witness protection program and this is a New Jersey mafia member looking for him?

Of course, it could go the opposite way also and this person is searching for Skip wilson to pay back that 100 dollars he or she borrowed in the 1960's.

Well, you can see where this can go. Like I said I have no ideal who Skip Wilson is or what kind of person he is, but sometime simple inquiries can turn into unsuspecting things. The point of the post is to point out possible dangers in answering some these inquires.

Another Eastern Shore Blogger

I noticed a blog called Gaybury has been reading my blog. I looked at his blog which says he is gay and lives somewhere around Salisbury (could it be Delmar?). At first, I thought maybe Outraged Richard had come out of the closet but it doesn't seem to be him. Since I am a liberal kind of of 1950 guy I am sure he must like my blog. Neverless, welcome to the blogging world Gaybury.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Code Compliance at Salvation Army

I stopped by the Salvation Army in Salisbury today. One of things I noticed was the donated cars waiting to auctioned off all had yellow/orange City of Salisbury Neighborhood Service and Code Compliance Vehicle Removal Stickers on them.

I had always assumed it was acceptable for those cars to be there, I guess not. Now if you have read my blog you know the disdain I hold most organized charities in. The Salvation Army being the one exception.

The Vehicle Removal Sticker. I have donated cars to the Salvation Army in the past and I know they take awhile before they are auctioned off. Maybe three to four months. In the time they sit there they are robbed of parts, people sleep in them etc, so that when they are auctioned their value is reduced. I do think however Salisbury over reacted on this.

State Employee does work of three

My wife and I got a big laugh at a comment made in the "Grapevine" section of the Daily Times Today. The Commenter said "Here we go again - our democratic governor wants to balance the budget on the backs of state employees. Each employee does the work of three.". I assume the person was referring to Maryland State Employees, as in Delaware, we all know our state employees do the work of four. LOL

That's Elbert With An E

I have noticed there is a Laurel blogger called That's Elbert With an E . He appear to have just gotten back to posting again so we will see what he is up to.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Upcoming Events

May 14th Monday 7 PM High School Band Concert

May 15th 10 AM Sussex County Council Meeting
May 15th 7 PM Delmar Chamber of Commerce Meeting

May 16th Wednesday 3 PM Sussex County Planning and Zoning Meeting

May 17th Thursday 5:30 PM Delmar Band Award Evening

May 19th Saturday Delmar Library Bake and Book Sale 9 AM to 1 PM
May 19th Saturday Armed Forces Day