Saturday, June 02, 2007

Delmar Day In The Park

Entertainment (Double click on picture for larger photo)

Delmar Library was there

Kathy Porter and her Avon

Sarah's Italian Ices

Maria from La Mexicanita grilling Kabobs


VFW Post 8276

Kid On The Train

Pizza Boy People

Diane Buckley holding up a trailer

Happy Birthday Michael Hammond

Michael Hammond has a birthday today. Happy Birthday Mike..

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Delmar Fire Department Website

The Delmar Fire Department website is really a good site. It has lots of photos by Wayne Barrall. Unlike the Town of Delmar website that is rarely updated, the fire department must update theirs every day.

Memorial Day, Again

The monument

Color Guard from VFW Post 10159


Laying of a wreath

Today, May 30th, is when the VFW observes Memorial Day. I understand our local post will have a Memorial Day ceremony at 11 AM at State Street Park followed by additional services at the post.

UPDATE: I made a mistake about it being at State Street Park, as one of the speakers said this morning "when you get old your hearing goes". The dedication of a new monument was at the park behind the VFW.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Delmar Joint Council Meeting May 29th

The Towns of Delmar, Delaware and Delmar, Maryland had their joint council meeting tonight.

The members of the Police Commission presented two citizens, Harry Naugle and John Roberts, with awards for helping to assist with the capture of the alleged killer of Van Crawford.

The approval of last months minutes was made with no changes. This may be a first and a round of applause was given for Cindy Fisher, the Council clerk.

Sandy McMullen, from Chestnut Street, came in to raise hell about the way the streets and property were kept in her neighborhood. She asked if anyone on the town payroll ever rode around town and why couldn't they see the problems. She had with her a selection of photos. She said many properties were the same one she complained about last year.

Michael Lane of Becker Morgan Group (A North of the canal company) gave a presentation of the concept of phase II at Ponds Edge development on the Maryland side. It looked like a nice plan with eight apartment buildings with 24 units a piece renting in the $1,000 to $1,200 a month range. A large commercial area next to Route 13 will have a food store as an anchor plus several smaller store and there will be five restaurant pads by Route 13.

The Delaware council annexation committee gave their approval to the land owned by Old Stage Road LLC, Brittingham and Chesapeake LLC. The Delaware council, since they have never seen a bad annexation, voted to approve the annexation.

The Councils approved the budget for the upcoming year, no request for public input was made before being voted on. I guess the Police Chief has pissed off Diane Buckley as she made the approval contingent on not giving the Police force any new improved items in their budget until the Police Commission review certain items with Chief Saylor.

Sam Lenox, I think she is from Woodcreek, discussed the survey that is in the Town Summer newsletter. The Town is letting her compile the data from the survey and present it to the Town. Remember to mail or drop off your survey. No doubt if you do not have a copy you can get one from Town Hall. Since the survey does not ask for your name I would think you could submit a number of survey forms and sway the outcome of the survey results in whatever direction you want for it to go.

She would like $1,500 to fix up the basketball courts. She would like lights put there and at ten o'clock they would be turned off. Sam Lenox suggested four movable basketball goal post be placed on the old tennis court. This would expand the number of places to play basketball and allow for a basketball league to be played in Delmar at night.

Sam Lenox took it upon herself to buy four movable basketball goal posts and told the Town council her husband and herself would donate one, the basketball players would donate another one but she would like for the Town to reimburse her for the other two. My opinion is the town should thank her for donating all four, you certainly can not have people going out, unauthorized, buying things for the town or you would have the budget shot in no time.

The Town is currently looking into insurance issues on using these goal posts.

Sam Benson suggested a donation booth at Day in the Park to help pay for improvements at the basketball court.

Jason Jones from Salisbury University spoke about the need for the courts. He said in the 12 years he has played on them there has been no resurfacing of court.

At public comment time other residents around the court spoke up and said they didn't want night basketball as there was enough of a problem currently with foul language and other issues at the court. As one resident said "It is nothing but trouble".

Someone (Andy) from Wicomico County Recreations and Parks spoke saying there were other basketball leagues in Wicomico County and they played at night. The leagues were done by ten o'clock.

The basketball court problem is one that the town is obviously trying to avoiding. Usually when you bring up insurance issues it means the town is trying to postpone the problem and hope it will go away on it's own. I think there is a need for improvement to the basketball courts as a number of the town residents use them. I can also understand the complaints of the residents who live around the court. Frankly, I would not want to live next to them, but I also would not want to live next to the softball fields. You would think with the basketball court being close to the police station, the police would be around frequently to observe it. The softball fields, playground and basketball court were there before many of the residents purchased their homes so they must have been aware of the presents of those facilities at the time they purchased their homes. The social aspect of those facilities however could be improved. I think that night lights are a bad idea and all the facilities, basketball and softball/baseball, should be shut down once night arrives and the park cleared of people.

The new Public Works director is Jerome Reid. The town has purchased a used street sweeper from Georgetown. It is hoped to have it in operation in three to four weeks.

Now, you know I have complained before about the petty crimes in Delmar. Commissioner Hitchens commented that about a third of the flags put out at the local cemetery for Memorial day were stolen. Another person commented that flowers planted around a monument by a church were dug up and removed. You can't get any lower than that.

Delmar Utility Commission Meeting May 29th

The Delmar Utility Commission had their monthly meeting on May 29th at 6:35 PM. All members were present.

A review of the proposed budget was given by the Town Manager.

There were 41 water disconnect notices given on the Maryland side of town and 23 on the Delaware side of town.

The Pine Street Pump station had a seal leak and the pump had to be removed.

I voiced my comments that the Utility Budget had rates that were inaccurate and charged the customers more than required.

Stan Benson, of Woodcreek, suggested a candidate for the open Maryland Utility Commission position.

The Captain John Smith 400 Project

Today at Phillips Landing, a monument was dedicated to Captain John Smith and his crew who in 1608 rowed up Broad Creek. It is part of the Captain John Smith Chesapeake National Historic Trail. About 300 people were there, of which a hundred were government employees and elected officials. There was that sound of Government people kissing one another's ass congratulating themselves in the background.

This is the 28 foot open boat leaving Phillips Landing, going against the Tide, with two dead weights on the stern. I guess once they hit the Nanticoke the tide will help them along to Blades. They rowed the boat a lot faster than I expected it to go, but it could be a great show and once they were around the bend out of sight they slacked off.

The boat leaving with Carper and Castle in the stern.

U. S. Senator Carper poses for a photo op. For Tom Carper blog click here.

Lots of picture taking

This is the 28 foot boat or Shallop.

This is part of crew. I noticed when the speeches were about to end they all made a run for the portable potties. They know there won't be a bathroom stop before Blades. They than went back to the boat and put on Sun block and waited for Carper and Castle to arrive.

Another member of the crew. There were usually always 3 or 4 on board to answer questions.

The Dnrec and state police were everywhere. The only thing I missed seeing was a police helicopter hovering over head and a SWAT team in the trees,

DNREC had about about a quarter of their force there. They blocked the river off around Phillips Landing.

The boat apparently came in at low tide, which means they were rowing against the tide when they came in. It did not look like an easy boat to row - heavy and wide.

Grass at Delmar Drive In

If you receive a letter from the Town about your grass being to tall, tell them you will cut it when the old Delmar Drive In cuts theirs.

The Joint Council meets tonight

"There is nothing wrong with your television set. Do not attempt to adjust the picture. We are controlling the transmission.....For the next hour, sit quietly and we will control all you see and hear."
The Outer Limits, TV show 1963 to 1965

Tonight the Delmar MD/DE joint Council will meet and vote their final approval on the budget for the next year. If you received your Delmar Town Newsletter today (it has not been posted on the Town of Delmar website yet) or read the article in the Daily Times today, you know it sounds like a done deal and it probably is. As I have said before, in a previous post, I feel the budget for the Utility Commission Water and Sewer availability rates is too high by about $70.00 a year. Tonight is the time to express your opinion, tomorrow it will be late.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Interesting Sign

An interesting sign in the yard of a house west of Delmar. It says "ask Me, i am your Mormon Neighbor".

Up Coming Events

Tuesday, May 29 John Smith Shallop, Phillips Landing 11 AM
Tuesday, May 29 Public Works Meeting 6:00 PM
Tuesday, May 29 Utility Commission 6:30 PM
Tuesday, May 29 Joint Council 7:00 PM
Wednesday, May 30th John Smith Shallop, Blades DE 10AM to 6 PM
Saturday, June 2 31st Delmar Day in the Park
Saturday, June 2 Springfest at Church of God of Prophecy Dorthy Rd Delmar
Saturday, June 2 John Smith Shallop Vienna MD starting at 10 AM

The Weekend in around Delmar

There was a credit card commercial that use to say "Don't leave home without it". If you have looked at the camper and boat traffic this weekend you would believe these people had no intentions of leaving anything at home. I have noticed the junk laying on the side of the highway this weekend has shifted from drywall and construction debris to life preservers, ice chests, and folding chairs. It must be summer.

The Flea market was busy with the pirate look being in

Yard Sales

Everyone had a flag

Some had more than one

Gas Prices didn't bother anyone

Special People

At a boat dock there is always one ass hole who has to park in such a way as to take up more parking spaces than needed. This is a bass federation trailer at Phillip's Landing doing so. At least he or she didn't park across the handicap space. There are, of course, any number of parking spaces for pickups with trailers at Phillip Landings.