Saturday, June 09, 2007

Casie Graduation party

Casie Culver graduated from Methodist University in Fayetteville, NC a couple of weeks ago.

Megan and Casie

Various people

Some interesting stories from this one.

Separation Day today?

Delaware has a day called "Separation Day" in which it declared it's independence from Britain and Pennsylvania. This was on June 15th, 1776, and June 15th has always been "Separation Day". It would seem, in order to make it fit a weekend, it may have been changed to the second Saturday of June. I guess the fourth of July is the next holiday to be changed so it will fit a three day weekend. Anyway, today in New Castle they will have parades etc. I think the northern part of Delaware is the only ones who celebrate this day.

Happy Birthday Karen Cuffee

Karen is part of the aging Delaware population and is adding one more year today. Happy Birthday Karen!!!!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Ill Mannered High School Graduations

It is that time of year again. High School graduations are upon us. I noticed in the "Daily Times", there has been some comments on the rude behavior at the High schools during graduation ceremonies. I have written about this before, probably about this same time last year. Delmar High school graduation is no exception to this behavior. I have also observed it at community college graduations. I think that it is awful that you come to a graduation to watch a son or daughter graduate and you can not even hear their name called because of people cheering or just generally yelling for the previous person. Frankly, there is no excuse for this behavior. There seem to be a contest going on as to who will receive the best loudmouthed ovation for a graduate. Not only is yelling and screaming acceptable but added points are given if you get up and do a little dance on the bleachers or in the seating area. As my older relatives use to say "breeding tells". Which means if your family acts like ignorants asses than you must also be one, and of course the opposite way of it is if you act like an ass than your family must be asses also. There was an article in the News Journal a few days ago, which I do not seem to be able to find, that talked about this same problem at a school in the mid west. The school there withheld the diploma if the yelling and screaming was too unruly. Now I have mixed emotions over that as the graduate is not the one yelling, altho his or her family may be. It may however reduce the noise and allow the other families to enjoy the graduation.

A Glimpse back to 1940

Transients Refuse To Work On Farms

An attempt to provide employment for many of the transients who have been passing through Delmar by railroad and highway during the past few weeks has ended in a failure because the men do not want to work, according to Sergeant Miles Fitzgerald of the railroad police.

The Sergeant stated that in the last two weeks many farmers in this section have called his office requesting that he send the transients to their farms for work in the fields, as many of the men when questioned by the officers, state that they want to work in the fields and that is the reason they are riding the trains south. Although there has been no let up in the police drive to rid the trains of these transients, the officers here have informed many of those working along the right of ways of the name and address of the farmers who have made the request. So far only one transient has accepted a job out of several referred to the farmers.

Two farmers, accompanied by a local officer one night last week visited the jungle at the end of the south yard, two miles south of Delmar, to get men to work on their farms. There were over thirty around the fire at the time they arrived. When offered work they laughed and refused to work the officer stated.

After exploding their alibi when arrested that they are seeking work on farms, the officers now are more determined than ever, to stop all transient traffic on the railroad. Trainmen state that they will oftentimes have transients riding south with them and the same ones will make the trip north day after day.

The Bi-State Weekly Friday, June 7, 1940

Delmar Water Meter Reader

I noticed yesterday one of the town employees reading water meters. Notice the emphasis on one. This is a big improvement over previous water meter reading quarters where two or three would travel in a group reading a meter. Maybe Jerome Reid is going to work out.

Happy Birthday Ruth Ann Jenkins

Ruth Ann turns another year older. How many years can a body take? Neverless Happy Birthday Ruth Ann!!!!

Happy Birthday Zack Dickerson

Zack turns 12 today so a big Happy Birthday to him!!!!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

D Day

Today in 1944, Operation Overlord or D-Day took place. British, American and Canadian forces stormed ashore at Normandy France. At the end of the day 155,000 allied troops would be in Normandy.

Local newspaper coverage of this event today is limited.

The History Channel is running a 2 hour special at 8:AM and at 2PM today.

A few years back Carl Pollitt went to Normandy France with his son. He was telling me how impressed he was with the monuments, cemeteries, and battlefields.

Delmar Basketball Court

I saw in today's edition of the Daily Times an article on the problems the Delmar basketball court has. It is hard to disagree with the article. The courts are in poor shape and have been in poor shape for a long time. The article however did not go into the problems the people who play on the basketball court have created, both physically to the court and the surrounding area nor to the nuisance they have made in the area. Altho the article pointed out the difference in upkeep of the softball fields compared to the basketball court, it did not emphasis that the Softball fields are supervised by adults and the upkeep for the most part is paid for by the players who join the softball leagues and not by the town. I am sure however that something at the basketball court will be done as in government the squeaky wheel is the one that is taken care of. It is a shame that the Delmar Parks and Rec committee have not addressed this problem before it got out of hand.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Delmar Public Library

As I have posted before, the Delmar Public Library is in need of money. Should you want to donate money to the library send it to: Delmar Public Library, 101 North BiState BLVD, Delmar, DE 19940. The check should be made out to "Delmar Public Library". You can specify how you want the money to be spent. Examples maybe; buy books, buy a specify book, buy computer equipment, newspapers, or just spent it on the general operating fund.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Upcoming Events

May 6th Wednesday Parks and Recreation Meeting 8:00 PM
May 6th, Wednesday Hebron Carnival opens

The Baker's Nook

The Bakers at Bonanza

Happy Birthday Helen Sims

Another birthday for Helen. Only God knows for sure how old she is. Happy Birthday Helen Sims..

Dr. E. M. Larmore, Jr married - 1949

From the "Bi-State Weekly" June 3rd, 1949

Clara Etta Herbert Weds Local Physician

Miss Clara Etta Herbert of Hagerstown, MD became the bride of Dr. Ernest M. Larmore Jr. Delmar physician, Monday Morning at the Trinity Lutheran Church, Hagerstown.

The Rev. Dr. Wilson P Ard performed the single ring ceremony in a setting of all white flowers.

The bride, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George C. Herbert, was given in marriage by her father. She wore a navy faille bolero suit, matching accessories and carried an old fashion bouquet of white snapdragons centered with a white orchid.

Mrs Herbert A. Stoner of Hagerstown was Matron of honor. She was in a grey silk frock with navy accessories and her arm bouquet was of pink peonies tied with pink tulle.

Dr. Larmore, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest M. Larmore of Tyaskin, had as his best man, Donald Horner of Quantico. Ushers were Frederick F. Burhans, SR, brother in law of the bride and Herbert A. Stoner.

The traditional wedding music was played by Walter Westphal, church organist.

After a wedding breakfast at the Herbert home, Dr. Larmore and his bride left for a wedding trip in the Pocono Mountains. Upon their return they will make their home in Delmar.

Mrs Laramore is a graduate of Hagertown High School, class of '41 and also attended Roanoke College, Salem, Va. In 1947 she graduated from the Washington County School of Nursing, Hagerstown.

Dr Larmore is a graduate of Nanticoke High, Washington College, and John Hopkins school of Medicine.