Friday, June 15, 2007

A Delmar Blog

My attention has been directed to a new blog in Delmar. Bruce's thoughts It's new but seems to be well written.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Glenn Rayne Birthday

On June 14th, 1893 Glenn Rayne was born in Berlin, Maryland. His parents were John M. Rayne and Mary Ellen Timmons Rayne. On May 25th, 1918 he was living on State Street in Delmar, Delaware and from that home address he enlisted in the United States Army. As many young men, who enlisted in the Army, he expected to be sent to Europe to fight in the great war. On July 17th he was promoted to Private First Class. Like many of the causes of deaths in World War I he died of Broncho Pneumonia at Camp Mead, Maryland on October 01, 1918. About 6 weeks later the great war ended on 11/11/1918 at 11 AM. The American Legion Post in Delmar, Delaware named their post for Glenn Rayne. He is buried at Trinity Church Kingston Parish Cemetery Mathews County Virginia.
The Mathews Journal,
Thurs, Oct. 3, 1918

Groom Of Four Weeks
Dies With Pnuemonia

A telegram has been received announcing the death of Mr. Glenn Rayne, a young soldier stationed at Camp Meade, Md. and who died on Tuesday. Mr. Rayne was married to Miss Edith Keyes about four weeks ago in Baltimore. The body is expected to arrive in the county tomorrow and funeral services will be held at Macedonia church.

25th CO 154 DEPOT BRIG
Trinity Church Kingston Parish Cemetery
Mathews County
Virginia, USA

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Recycled Old School House

Old School Houses, what to do with them after they are no longer needed? In the town of Delmar they are usually torn down.

This is Beaches Schoolhouse. It was on Saint Georges Road a little south of St Georges Church. It was used in the early 1900's and was no longer needed in the late 1920's. A number of my relatives attended this school. In 1928 William R Layfield and Lillie Miller were married. A little later they purchased Beaches school house and moved it to their farm on Delmar road (RT54). They converted the 25 foot by 30 foot school into a house and they raised five children there. Bill, Agnes, Pauline, Ruth Ann, and Clark Layfield were all raised at the old school house.

This is the school today. Years ago a new house was built and the old school was recycled again and moved to the back and became a storage building with a couple of extensions for tractors. It doesn't look that great but it is over a hundred years old and still standing. Bill and Virginia Layfield currently own it.

Flag Day

Today Is Flag Day. Is your flag flying?

Happy Birthday Mom

Happy birthday Mom. She turns 83 today. For years we thought everyone flew the American Flag on her birthday in her honor and she never let on it was also Flag day.

Happy Birthday Jack

Happy Birthday to my cousin Jack. He turns 61 today.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Old Delmar Schools

At one time the Delmar School District had a number of one room school houses and colored schools in it's district. Most were consolidated about 1926 into a central school. In some cases the land for the school was donated by a local farm family and the school was usually referred to by that family's name (Beaches, Morris, Callaway, and Elliott). Other schools were named for the locale they were in (Delmar, Columbia, Mt. Mariah, Owens Corner). The Delaware Public Archives has a number of school photos online. You can not download them so I gave the reference to the photo. One thing that struck me was the number of schools that did not have an American flag flying in front of them (I think Morris was the only one that did have one). It is such a standard thing now days but perhaps it was not a standard item in those days or perhaps the school had already been closed down and this was just a final photo.

The schools in the Delmar district were;
Owens Corners #213 (colored)
Callaway #87
Columbia #49 1/2
Delmar #163
Delmar #212 1/2 (colored) No Photo
Elliott#38 No photo
Morris #39
Mt. Mariah (providence) #49 No Photo
Beaches #48 (located by St. George Church)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Petty Crime Elsewhere

I often post about petty crime in Delmar, from flower pots being vandalized to flags being stolen from graveyards, in reading "Aftenpolten", an online newspaper in Oslo, Norway they have the same problem. .100 trees were planted in a graveyard on Friday and by Saturday all 100 were stolen. Sounds like something that would happen in Delmar.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Delmar High School Graduation Photos

I was unable to make the 2007 Delmar High School Graduation, but over at Sam Ellis site he has a complete collection of graduation pictures. It is a must see.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Petty Crime

My neighbor called me across to her house this morning to help clean up a mess someone made last night. Someone during the night had taken a flower pot from her yard and threw it into the street. She has had any number of flower pots and garden ornaments broken by unknown people over the past year. Her yard is not fenced but it would not make any difference if it was fenced or not, who ever does these things don't care if they hop over a fence or just walk into your yard.

A Spendid Little War - VI

Today on June 10th, 1898 623 marines under Colonel Robert Huntington landed at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. This was the first land fight of the Spanish American war. Guantanamo, which sits in the southeast corner of Cuba, is about 40 miles from Santiago, Cuba. Santiago was an overall objective of the Americans in taking Cuba. Over the next two days the First Marine battalion would fight at Guantanamo and Cuzco Wells.

The Cuzco Wells action would produce two medal of honor recipients; Private John Fitzgerald from Limerick, Ireland and Sergeant John Henry Quick from Charleston, WV. In looking at the place of birth of men who would joined the service to fight in the Spanish American war there is a large number who gave their birthplace as Ireland. I think the main Irish potato famine was about 1850, but there was a second famine about 1880 in Ireland and this produced a second wave of immigrants to the US. This second wave would be the ones who would enlist.

After the Spanish American war, America would sign a lease with Cuba for 71 square miles of Guantanamo Bay (35 sq miles of land, 23 sq miles of water, and 13 square miles of swampland). This lease could only be terminated when both the USA and Cuba agreed to terminate it. I think the United States pays Cuba about $4,000 a year for Guantanamo bay. Castro refuses to recognize the lease and refuses to cash the checks. The Navy has a website at Guantanamo (Gitmo) for their people. For the history go to history and for the U S Naval Station go to Gitmo

Other Guantanamo trivial is the Cuban love song called Guantanamera (girl from Guantanamo), or this version.