Saturday, June 23, 2007

Delmar Public Library 25th Anniversary

Today the Delmar Public Library had it's 25th Anniversary open house.

Nice looking cake. Looks like they will have a lot left over as this picture was taken at noon.

Nice array of snacks

1944 Bi State Weekly Article

German Prisoners to be Housed at Camp Somerset

Approximately 1,000 German war prisoners, who will help relieve the farm and cannery labor shortage on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and Virginia, will be housed at Camp Somerset, which has been turned into a prisoner of war camp.

Major Kelley, Camp Somerset commandant, said the prisoners would be brought to the camp this week.

Two "side camps" probably will be set up, one of them near Easton and the other near Cape Charles, Va.

Camp Somerset formerly was used as a regular Army Post.

From The BiState Weekly June 23rd 1944

Friday, June 22, 2007


Cigarette butts on the ground at State Street Park

This is not a post against smoking cigarettes, frankly I don't care if you smoke, I do wish that if you are a cigarette smoker you would clean up the mess you have left behind. When I was in the military if you smoked you had to "Field Strip" the cigarette or cigar, which meant you ripped the paper and tobacco up so it disintegrate into the ground. Of course, that was when men were men and they didn't smoke filter cigarettes (of course those men are dead now from lung cancer).

I understand Delaware is enacting a 60 cent increase in the cigarette tax on July 1st. I don't think this will stop anyone from buying cigarettes but I do think it will harm the out of state sale of cigarettes at the stores in Delmar.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

A Spendid Little War - VII

Marines on Guam
On June 20, 1898 the Island of Guam was captured from the Spanish without a fight. The Spanish Officers on the Island were not aware a state of war existed between Spain and America and when the American Cruiser USS Charleston sailed into the harbor and fired 13 rounds into the fort they thought they were merely giving a salute to Spain. With little in the way to fight with and with a larger American force in the Harbor the Spanish surrendered on June 21st.

Guam would be recaptured by the Americans 66 years later, only this time from the Japanese. The World War II battle for Guam would last from July 21, 1944 to August 10, 1944. Over 3,000 Americans would lost their lives retaking the island. Today congress is trying to pass House Bill 1595 to provide reparation to the people of Guam who were injuried due to the actions of the Japanese. Yes, we will pay the people for Guam, money for what the Japanese did. The bill has past the house and was referred to the Senate. H. R.1595 RFS Guam World War II Loyalty Recognition Act

For a history of Guam and America in Guam click here.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

American Legion Improvements

They are doing some work at the American Legion Glen Rayne Post. The monument out front had gotten hit by vandalism and time so they are trying to restore it.

You have to be fast with a camera to get a picture of Luther Hitchens working, obviously I didn't succeed. They had convinced a Boy Scout to donate his time to working on this project. The Flag Pole had a new coat of paint.

It should look alot better once they are done.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Delmar Joint Council Meeting June 18th

The Towns of Delmar, Delaware and Maryland had their joint council meeting tonight. The meeting was held tonight instead of the usual last Monday of the month to accommodate the Delmar Maryland Elected officials and town employees who would be attending the Maryland Municipal League convention in Ocean City next week. Delaware Council people Pase and Figgs were missing tonight.

The approval of last months minutes were given with no changes. Everyone agreed that Cindy Fisher, Council Clerk, was on a hot streak as this is two months running in which there has been no changes.

Lori DeWald was sworn in as a Delmar Utility Commission person for the Maryland side of town. I think she is from the Wood Creek development. This makes the Utility Commission complete in the number of people it should have on the commission. There is an elected commissioner from the Maryland side, an elected councilperson from the Delaware side, a commission head who currently is a Delaware Councilperson, and a citizen from each side of town.

Sandy McMullen, who last month came before the council to complain about trash, thanked the council for taking care of her complains.

The Maryland Town attorney presented an Agreement with Wicomico County Board of Education and the Town of Delmar Maryland to put a wireless high speed Internet antenna on the south water tower. The Wicomico County Board of Education would be responsible for any damage related to this antenna.

Parks and Recreation Committee;
The Committe has applied for a $40,000 Wicomico County Grant and applied to the State of Maryland for a grant up to $300,000. They are having someone from Wicomico County Parks and Rec's inspect the portable basketball hoops for safety. They said they would not form a basketball league this summer.

Revitalization Committee;
The Committe is still waiting on the grant from Del DOT, They decided on light poles at $2,600 each. They decided to paint the caboose red instead of gray and are requesting volunteers to help.

Public Works Report;
The Pine Street pumping Station is working. There has been vandalism at the State Street Park. Currently, we have two public works employees, the applications have been accepted for two more. Since there are only two public works employees they are devoting two days a week to clean up of property cited for tall grass etc.

Planning and Zoning;
Ponds Edge came to the Planning and Zoning committee and presented additional information on their development.

Town Manager Report;
The Delmar Public Library is having a 25th Anniversary Celebration from 9 AM to 1 PM Saturday June 23rd. Door prizes, food, Fun.

On the 28th, Thursday, Wicomico County will hold a meeting at Town hall at 7 PM. Various Representatives from Wicomico County will be there to answer questions.

Council and Commissioners Comments;
Councilman Houlihan said he was disappointed with the June 6th "Daily Times" article about the town not spending money for the basketball courts.

Councilperson Buckley talked about vandalism at the south water tower.

Public Comments;
Last month, Sam Lennox came before the council and said she had purchased four portable basketball hoops with her own money and asked to be reimbursed for them by the town. Tonight, I asked if she had been reimbursed and the council said no she had not been reimbursed by them but a real estate developer had stepped forward and reimbursed her for all of them.

The Council wrapped it up about 8:30 PM and went into executive session

Delmar Utility Commission Meeting June 18th

The Delmar Utility Commission Meeting was held tonight. As opposed to it's usual meeting date of the last Monday of the month it was held tonight to accommodate the Delmar, Maryland elected officials and town employees who will be attending the Maryland Municipal League conference held in Ocean City next week.

Some items discussed tonight;
The subdivision of Ellis Hammond property to six building lots. Originally his lot was subdivided for two building lots and he paid Water and Sewer Front Foot and Availability fees on those two lots. Since it is now six lots he will have to pay the Front Foot and Availability charges on the additional 4 lots plus the impact fees for four lots.

Delmar Laundromat (State Line Laundry) is behind on paying their bill once again. The commission was unanimous in setting a deadline for him to pay by or disconnect the water from the Laundromat.

Wilmington Trust sent a letter to the town requesting a commitment from the Delmar Utility Commission for 270 EDUs (Equivalent Dwelling Units, one EDU would be equal to a house)for Pheasant Run/Lake development (A Development on the west side of town in Maryland). This is so the bank can loan the money to the developer for the development. Currently, they are approved by the Utility Commission but with a maximum use of 45 EDU's a year. The Town will reply saying if the developer pays for all 270 EDU's upfront we will commit to it but still with a build out of 45 units a year. Each EDU the Commission commits to puts restrictions on the Waste Water Treatment Plant for additional development.

The Delmar Dinner and Delmarva Inn had a mutual well they shared. The well went dry a couple of days ago and the Delmar Dinner had to shut down due to lack of water. The Delmar Dinner has requested permission to drill a temporary well to service their property until they can be connected to the Town water system (It is expected to take three months before they can connect to the town system). Once connected they will cap off the well. There was discussion on this as, I for one, am concerned about cross connection with existing wells and the town water system. Also we were concerned that if a well was dug by Delmar Dinner they would share it with the motel which may have even stronger cross connection problems. Eventually we gave permission for Delmar Dinner to put in a temporary well.

I asked when would the steel plate on Foskey Lane be removed and the Town Manager said they currently have no idea.

Events For This Week

June 18th, Monday 6:00 PM Delmar Public Works Meeting
June 18th Monday 6:30 PM Delmar Utility Commission Meeting
June 18th Monday 7:00 PM Delmar Joint Council Meeting
June 19th Tuesday10:00 AM Sussex County Council Meeting
June 20th Wednesday 3:00 PM Sussex County Planning and Zoning
June 22nd Friday The Delmarva Chicken Festival starts in Federalsburg, Maryland
June 23rd Saturday from 9AM to 1 PM the Delmar Public Library will have a 25th Anniversary Celebration.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day 2007

My daughters surprised me today by taking me to a dinner theater in Northern Delaware. We went to the new candlelight theatre in Ardentown and watched "Chicago". The theatre is in a small building with a small stage inside but they put on a very entertaining and well done show. When I think back over the prior father day's gifts I have received today's present of the show was exceptional.

I will not pretend to be a theater critic, with a cast of about 20 actors and 7 production staff the show would not have been successful if all members had not pulled their own weight. I did think Patrick O'Hara, who played Amos Hart, and Nora Fitzgerald, who played Velma Kelly, did exceptionally well. The music is lively and the sound system was great. Since dinner theater appeal to "older" people I wonder if they crank up the sound to allow for their deafness. Should you decide to attend it, you will be well fed and entertained for five hours.