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Comments on the Police Departments

Two comments regarding police departments
First from Today in History in Delaware
The Town of Harrington collected more speeding fines ($557,000) for the fiscal year 1998 than the entire county of New Castle ($511,000).

Second, Altho I complain about crime in Delmar I am certainly am glad I do not live in Princess Anne, which seem to have some major crime reported every other day.

A Spendid Little War - IX

God made the vittles but the devil made the cook

Today if soldiers are going for an extended stay away from a mess hall I guess they are given MRE’s to eat. It was different in 1898. From “The Little War of Private Post” by Charles Johnson Post is a description of drawing five days worth of rations before going into combat. At this point in the Spanish American War they are about to attack San Juan Hill.

First, we drew coffee – unroasted and loose – that had been measured for the five day’s supply; a double handful. Then we went back and drew a double handful, maybe more, of navy beans, white, hard, and dry. Part we dumped in a sock, if we had a spare one – which was not often, because the spare socks had been used to carry the 200 rounds of ammunition that had been issued to us back in Siboney. We dumped the rest of the stuff, loose, in each of two haversack sections, along with writing paper and chewing tobacco. The next issue was sugar, a moderate amount that could easily be held in our outstretched palms – and this went in with the coffee and the beans to mingle with the plug cut. Then came loose salt and pepper, both dumped in an envelope with a letter from home. Then came an armful of hardtack, a chunk of sowbelly, and one of the red-painted cans of “roast beef” that had been intended for the Japanese. One of these cans was issued to every two soldiers with instructions to share it with the next man when we halted for breakfast. “

The roast beef had been intended for the China- Japan war in 1894. It’s contents were indicated as “Roast Beef” - but no can label. When filled, those cans had simply been dipped in red barn paint. The contents were ground – up cow, bone, gristle, cartilage and gullet, with string fibers scattered through a semi liquid mess”

I can easily relate to his complains over the canned “roasted beef” as when I was in service in the 60’s, on occasion, we would be in a situation where we were given “C” rations to eat. I think the C stood for combat. “C” rations were meals in a can, actually a small box, the can held the entree and there were additional packs in the box. They were designed to eaten cold but tasted slightly better heated. They came in a variety of meals as; Beans and wieners, meatballs and beans, spaghetti and meatballs, they had also crackers, candy, a folding can opener, toilet paper, 4 cigarettes and matches, salt, pepper, sugar, creamer, instant coffee and a plastic spoon. As with most things you received in the military I am sure they were made by “the Low Bidder”. Many of the cans we were given dated back to the Korean Conflict era and before, but when you are 19 or 20 you too damn dumb not to eat them. Oh well, obviously I lived through it and food is one of the common items that allow you to relate to servicemen of any era. For an interesting C ration cookbook click here

Friday, June 29, 2007

Job Hunting for High School Graduates - Part II

So you got the interview. You received a phone call setting up the interview, at this point the person setting up the interview may give you several time slots to select from to come in for the interview. Ask also how many other people will be interviewed for the position beside you. If they say there will be four other people, try and get a time slot that is either the first or the last interview. Interviewers remember the first and last interviewee best. Also try not to get an interview time that is right before their lunch time as their minds will be elsewhere. It is OK to ask them how many people you will be interviewed by and who they are (try and get the spelling of their names). Find out where you will interview, and how long the interview will last. I have given interviews that were 15 minutes and I have given interviews that lasted all day. Since you lack experience your will be about a 15 minutes long interview.

Prior to the interview you will do some homework and know where the company is located, some vague ideal what they make or the service they provide. In order to ensure you dress appropriately park in their parking lot the day before the interview and observed how they dress when they go to work.

You will take with you to the interview a folder that will contain the letter or your notes from the phone conversation setting up the interview with the person’s name and time of interview, a pen, a pencil, a pad of paper to take notes, two copies of your cover letter and resume (one in case the interviewer does not have your original and the second is for you to read to keep your shit straight) , a list of references, any letter of reference from teachers, prior employers, etc. and maybe a small calculator.

On the day of the interview arrive at least 15 minutes early. In some places it may take you five to ten minutes to walk from your car, announce yourself to the receptionist, and walk to the office where the interview will be held. You also want to make sure you have left your cell phone in the car and you do not bring a soda, bottle of water, or cup of coffee with you to the interview. Like wise any body piercing you may have you should remove that jewelry with the exception of one set of earrings, if you are female. Take a few minutes to go the ladies room or men’s room and comb your hair, adjust your clothing, take a breath mint, adjust you bladder and bowels so you don’t have an accident. Yes, that does occur. Check your shoes and clothing for any toilet paper that may be clinging. Women should not apply perfume prior to the interview as the smell will be fresh and often too overpowering in a small interview room. If you are wearing new clothes that you have not worn before check the underarms and back for any price tags that may be hanging. You may laugh about the toilet paper and price tags but I have seen it happen. Interviewers like bright eyed people, if you are not bright eyed, a trick is to splash eye drops in your eyes before going into the interview. Be sure and dry your hands thoroughly there is nothing worst than shaking hands with some one with damp hands that has just come out of the bathroom.

Who will you be interviewing with? It probably will not be the president of the company. Usually it is someone from personnel who will field benefit and pay questions, the department supervisor, who is the main person, and he/she is looking to see if you will fit and the third person will be an assistant department manager who actually knows about the job. Again remember why you will be selected “To advance the supervisor or not distract from what reputation he has built up”.

At this time you are about to walk thru the door, let me tell you in the next 30 seconds the interviewer or interviewers will decide if they made a correct decision in calling you in to interview you or they will write you off. So what can they possibly make their decision on based on a time period of less than walking through the door and saying hello and sitting down in a chair?

Important Items for the first 30 seconds
Confidence, and yes you should be confidence you just beat out 95 applicants and all you have to do is beat out 4 more and the job is yours. You don’t even have to be the best of the applicants just the one that doesn’t make the most mistakes in the interview. It is like the bear chasing the campers story, you don’t have to be faster than the bear just faster than the slowest camper.

Stand tall, back straight etc, stride with confidence, smile, walk up to the interviewer or interviewers, extend your hand for a handshake, introduce yourself and tell them how pleased you are you were selected for the interview and thank them in advance for taking time out of their busy day to interview you. When you sit down in the chair, sit do not flop down, young men seem to have a problem handling this. Don’t look down at the floor, and do maintain eye contact. Yesterday you were a child, today you are an adult applying for a job in an adult world, act it.

Dress, conservative clothing is best. For men a sports coat, tie, decent shirt and slacks, polished shoes - no athletic shoes. I would say dress for going to Church but since Catholics are rather lax on their church dress, dress like you are going to a Methodist church. For women, again conservative, beware of excessively tall high heels, and crocs are not acceptable. During the entire interview the interviewers will be looking at the way you dress. If you have tattoos, dress to cover them. I have seen so many people that were eliminated from a job offer at the interview because of the way they were dressed. Trust me this is a very important element of those first 30 seconds. Why so much stress on appearance? The supervisor does not want to get a phone call from the president of the company asking him why he hired that freak and see to it the new freak fits in or he will find someone who has better judgement in hiring people.

Ethnic or religious dress, don’t wear African garb to the interview it is viewed the same as if an American Indian came in wearing buckskin and feathers. The Muslim Hijab or Burgas , Indian Turban, Arab Keffiyeh or Hatta or the Jewish Kippah or skull cap will be questionable to wear.

Eye contact and Body language, try and maintain eye contact at all times with the interviewers. Now is not the time to drift off and look at the ceiling or down at you feet. The interviewers think you are not paying attention to them or trying to hide something. This seems to be a race related thing as blacks maintain better eye contacts than whites. Always smile. Get a book on body language, if you sit there with legs crossed and hugging yourself you will appear insecure or hostile. I know of at least one person that lost out on a job because she used excessive hand motions when she spoke. In particular wild hand motions that are over the top of your shoulder are viewed negatively.

During the Interview
I actually won’t spend much time on this, but a couple of specific items that I have seen people stumble on are;

“Tell me about yourself” a frequent question from the interviewer, they don’t want to know about you personally they want to know how your life fits in with the company and the job you are being interviewed for. I have seen so many people just out of High school go into their life history and personal relations, and that is a job killer. The less personal items you can tell the interviewers the better off you will be. Don’t mention children if you have them, don’t mention special needs you might have, don’t appear inflexible and say you won’t work overtime, weekends or travel.

“Why do you want this job” the wrong answer is too get money so I can get out of the house, away from those parents who have told me what to do for 18 years. The correct answer is to begin a working career as a (blank) with an outstanding company such as XYZ Corporation.

Organizations, some organizations are positive ones to mention at your age. They are usually past organizations you have been in as the Boy Scouts, Girls Scouts, 4H, High School Band, and High School Sport teams and since they are in the past they will pose no problems. Any known national group that makes the news in a negative fashion you should avoid mentioning. Be careful not to make a statement like “ I’m a born again Christian, a true believer in God and a firm soldier in the Army of God, and I am a member of the NRA”.

Religion, is a touchy subject, remember they are looking for someone that will fit into their organization and is not too extreme. I once worked with a woman who had a 3 foot by 3 foot oil painting of Jesus Christ over top her desk at work and a bible and several religious pamphlets setting on her desk. Everyone avoided contact with her. The most you should say is “I am active with my church group” and leave it at that. Don’t come in to the interview totting a bible and wearing an excessively large cross as jewelry.

Questions to remember to ask
Do ask them about the job, ask if the job has any training associated with it. What is the pay? What are the hours? Does the job entail travel? What are the benefits, sick leave and vacation policy?

The wrap up
Eventually the interview will end. At this point ask when you will receive an answer as to rather you were hired. Once again express that you are interested in the job and working for them. Thank them for taking time out of their busy day to interview you (it scores points that you recognize they are busy people). As you are leaving again shake hands with each of them and at this point you might want to pick one of them and lean over in a low voice and say sometime complimentary to that person. For some reason, known only to females, if one of the interviewers is a female a little whisper of “I really like your shoes” seems to score big points. Of course as with any compliment there must be a grain of truth in it.

Thank You Notes
I personally have rarely been impressed by thank you notes. Frankly, for an entry level job the decision as to who to hire is made about two hours after the final interview, so a thank you note is going to arrive days after an offer of employment has already been extended to someone. Should you write a thank you note remember it should be more than “Thank you for the interview I would really like to work at XYZ Corporation”. Think people once again think, go thru what they told you about the job and if you were lucky enough to get a tour of the place what you saw. Tell them specifically how you would fit into their organization. Again remember the supervisor is selecting someone who will advance him/her or not distract from what gains he/her has made. It is OK to say something like that in the thank you note. Call the company and get the correct spelling of his name from the receptionist. Mention how flexible you are with overtime, shift work, and travel. Thank him, again, for taking time out of his busy day.

Some Interviews I have been in on that went wrong;
A young lady came in to be interviewed and her cell phone went off. It was bad enough that it happened, but she actually took the call. It sent the message that talking on a cell phone was more important than the job.

Another woman came in to be interviewed and her perfume was so strong the interviewers coughed the whole time during the interview. The generally accepted decision was she would not work out around the other workers in the plant due to the strong perfume so don’t hire her.

When I was working at the County Jail a young man came in to be interviewed. His father worked at the jail and he pretty much had the job. He arrived for the interview with a do rag on his head, baggy shorts pulled down to expose his underwear, and sleeveless tee shirt. Needless to say he did not get the job.

I asked a young woman to tell me about herself and she broke down in tears and went into a long story of troubles she had been having. Crying in an interview is a sure way not to get a job.

Delmar Beer, Wine and Liquors

I stopped by Delmar Beer, Wine and Liquors (DBWL) at Delmar Commons the other day. It is a nice Beer, Wine and liquor store. The store is set up not in the usual Delmar layout where the liquor and wine is behind the counter and they will pass it to you after you pay for it. It has open shelves where you can wander and make your selection than take it to the counter to pay for it. DBWL has a wide array of beer, wine, and liquor. I think it compares to anything I have been in that sells beer, wine and liquor at one place in a 30 mile radius. I went there to see if they had any Marsala and was pleased to find Colombo Marsala plus several other brands. In the past I had to travel to a wine store in Fruitland to find it, no more. The people who wait on you appear knowledgeable and friendly. Their prices are perhaps a dollar a bottle higher for liquor than the Wicomico County liquor stores.

While browsing the shelves looking at the wine, I thought about how much the name of the vineyards and wine companies have changed. I assume they are named that way to appear to a younger wine buying crowd, but frankly they are not cheap wines and they have silly names. At DBWL I encountered Kelly’s Revenge, Thirsty Lizard, Menage a Trios, 3 Blind Moose, Little Penguin, Dancing Bull, Mommy’s Time Out, La Bastarda, and Il Bastardo. It is like Ben and Jerry, the ice cream people, has started naming wine companies. I truly expect to see Cherry Garcia as an upcoming wine brand. Of course you buy wine to drink not look at the label.

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Job Hunting for High School Graduates - Part I

With High School finally out let me give some real world tips to the recent graduates on finding a job on Delmarva. God knows your parents wants for you to find a job. This first post will be about the resume. Hopefully I will follow up with a post about the interview.

I assume your High School gave you some instruction in preparing a resume but let me start with some tips on resumes. The only reason for the resume is to get an interview. If you don’t get an interview you will not get the job. So you answer an ad to some local company that is looking for an entry level position. Odds are your resume will end up on the desk of the department supervisor where the position is located. At this time of year an ad for an entry level position with almost no experience should bring in about 100 to 200 resumes. By the way I have also hired people because they were the only one that applied for the job, but usually this isn’t in the May/June time frame. The department supervisor will go thru the resumes and put them in either a “not interested” stack or a “possible interview” stack. He or she will devote about 30 seconds at looking at your cover letter, resume and application. Based on that bit of information the resume font size should be 12 or 14, if smaller he won't read it. Let’s said he has to look thru 100 resumes, for the entry level job and out of the hundred he will end up with about 50 that have some remote degree of experience for the position. Experience will over come all reasons not to hire you, but this assumes you have none. He has to cull this group of 50 down to about 5 to go to the “interview” pile, so unlike the first go around in looking for qualified people this go around is to eliminate 45 people. To eliminate them he will base it on the smallest rejection items he can find in the shortest amount of time. It may sound discriminatory but try and prove it as you have no experience and he will use that as the reason for not interviewing you.

The reason why the supervisor selects a person to hire is for the Supervisor to advance his own standing with the company or at least not destroy what he has built up. Any indication of strange behavior on the resume or cover letter will drop you from the process.

Given that information let me stress “Contacts” are the best way to find and be hired for a job. Don't be shy in mentioning your uncle works at the company or that your parents went to school with the president of the company. If you or your parents know anyone connected with the company contact them and tell them you are applying. Many times I have moved people who were in the “not interested” pile to the “interview” pile based on a phone call from someone who knew the person and vouched for them.

Let’s look at some quick killers that will eliminate you from any interview.

Enclosed a photo. If you are good looking it works against you (unless it is a sales position). Likewise if you are like me and were not favored by the Gods it will put you in the “not interested” pile.

Age; if you are under 18 you are screwed, no one is interested in someone who still qualifies for child labor laws.

No Cover letter, nothing is worst than a plain resume.

The Resume should only be one page long; you have no experience why would it be longer? More than one page goes to the “not interested” pile.

The Resume should be plain white paper, no colored paper. Resumes are sometime copied on a copier and color may make your resume look dirty.

Related to the above, make sure your name and address is on each page of the Cover Letter and resume, as if it is torn apart to copy pages may get lost or mixed up.

Your Name
So I gave ya that name and I said goodbye
I knew you’d have to get tough or die
And it’s that name that helped to make you strong”

Johnny Cash (1969) A Boy named Sue

If the employer can't pronounce your name by looking at it you will probably never hear from them. Blame your parents for this one. They wanted for you to have a unique name so they spelled it odd or made you an entirely original name. The odd spellings of common names by using a K instead of a C or a Y instead of an I etc. Those Black parents that wanted their child to have a strong black name screwed them over. Non English Non Eastern Shore Names are killers for native Eastern Shoreman One alternative is to do what foreign Doctors do (Called me Doctor Tim) and make up a fake nickname (My Name is Imani Khatchadourian but everyone calls me Molly). Remember to use it in the interview.

Email Use a business like E mail address on your resume. An Emails like; is not a good email address to use. Maybe reinforce that fake nickname by using you get the idea

Your address, if it is outside the geographic area how are you going to get to work in bad weather and with the price of gas? You can counteract this one by saying you will move to the area if hired even if it is a lie.

If you mention you speak a foreign language make sure you prove it on the resume. Just because you can say Taco Bell does not make you fluent in Spanish. If you are fluent an interesting trick to employ is to write your one page resume in English on one side than flip it over and write it in the language you claim you know. If you are going to lie pick a language that no one on the Eastern Shore may know like Hungarian.

Experience, you did not address the requirements for the job that were in the ad.

Cover Letter
I have kept covers letters for last as this is one of the most important part of application package. Some people will say don't spent much time on the cover letter as future employers don't read them. They are wrong. This is an important source to eliminate a person from a job or add the to the “Interview” pile.
Some points; it should be one page only.

Stress whatever experience you may have and how it relates to the position. If you have worked as a cashier, waitress, grass cutter, etc think about the basic functions involved in that job and how they will relate to the position you are applying for.

Do mention Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, 4 H etc this has been a factor for me in moving a resume to the “Interview” pile.

Customize the cover letter for the company/position you are applying for. Drop hints that you have heard of the company by way of a recent newspaper article or your uncle works there etc.

Appear flexible with a sentence like "I can work overtime and I have no problem with travel”

Some don’t things for a cover letter:
Don't put in a list of things you will not do.

Don't mention pay, hours or benefits; that is for the interview

Beware of putting in too much personal information.

Reference Letters from teachers and church members; don't bother, the supervisor does not have time read them and at this stage is not going to take time to verify they were actually written by the teacher as opposed to a fake you made up. You can mention in the cover letter you have them, just don't attach them to your initial application package. Save them for the interview. See contacts above.

Again there should only be two pieces of paper in the application package, the cover letter and your resume. If required a possible third piece would be a company application form.

Some actual killer personal information that I have seen over the years;

I have just been released from prison.

I have a current sexual harassment charge pending against me.

My parole officer suggested I apply here.

From a 19 year old ' although never married I have three beautiful children under the age of five.

My mother would like to be in on the interview, is it ok if she contacts you?

My religion prohibits me from working on Wednesday or having any contact with meat.

I have no car perhaps we can work out something on hours so my parents can drive me to work.

I am a morning person and would like for my hours to start at ten AM instead of 7:30 AM.

I graduated last in my high school class of 175.

Simply put, put some thought in answering an ad and don't just make up a 100 copies of a generic resume and mail them out.

Another Look at the Sex Offender Registry

A relook at sex offenders in Delmar. You can look for them in Delaware at Delaware Sex Offender and in Maryland Maryland Sex Offender. Photos are shown on the website so you should look first before just going by the name.

On the Delaware side of town;
Dennis C. Baldwin, 146214 Whitesville Road
Alvin R. Bales, Stage Village
Vernon R. Bleens Jr, 203 East Jewell Street
Carlos S. Bryant, 3 State Street
Catherine E. Carey, 109 West State
John W. Cooper, 34877 Bi State Blvd
Mario Ditomasso Jr, lives in Milton works in Delmar
Bryan L. Garnett, 8815 Archid Drive
Charles D. Harris, Stage Village
Tito L. Jones, 6276 White Deer Road
James C. Schuyler, 16194 Russell Road
Robert C. Vessels, lives in Bridgeville works in Delmar

On the Maryland side of Town;
Joshua M. McCready, 8966 Mar Lynn Dr
James H. Jenkins, 29866 Connelly Mill Road
Brian R. Sullivan, 203 E. Chestnut St
Martin J. Taylor, 5A E Elizabeth St
Maurice A. Adkins Jr, 8703 Bi State Blvd (No, not the Heating and a/c guy his name is Maurice F. Adkins)

Summer Driving

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Custer's Last Stand

Today in 1876 George Custer and part of his 7th cavalry was killed at Little Big Horn, Montana. Included in those killed was Corporal George C. Morris with Company I, who was born July 4th, 1851 in Georgetown Delaware. Another that was with the 7th Cavalry Company M but not at Little Big Horn was Private Hugh N. Moore, born in 1842 in Dorchester County Maryland. He fought in the valley and hilltop fights around Little Big Horn. He died in 1900 in Washington DC. An interesting website that shows who was in the Seventh Cavalry at the time can be found by clicking here. I took a quick count of where they born as it appeared there was a lot of Irish in the 7th Cavalry. Out of about 930 men, 130 were born in Ireland, 120 born in Germany, and another 112 were born in England and Europe. So 39% of Custer's unit was foreign born.

A Spendid Little War - VIII

The war on the ground in Cuba had begun. On June 13th in Tampa Bay on 32 old coastal steamers were packed 16,058 enlisted men, 819 officers, 30 civilians clerks, 272 teamsters, and 107 stevedores. They were heading for Cuba. On June 22nd the American made an unopposed beach head landing at Daiquiri, in the south of Cuba.

A description of the landing from Charles Johnson Post book "The Little War of Private Post"
"We steamed back to the bight of land where a little beach stretched down from the village of Siboney. Then we drifted with the tide, waiting our turn to land. We watched the little steam launches of the Navy towing strings of ship's boats packed with soldiers and their horse-collar blanket rolls. We envied them. Great Scott, there wouldn't be any Spaniards left by the time we could get ashore! Impatiently we lined the rails and looked at these boatloads of lucky men. We could see the troops form up on shore and then lose themselves in the green that fringed the foothills of the mountains beyond.

The horses and mules were jumped overboard and swam ashore. And not a colonel or a wagon master had the power to tell a ship captain how close in to shore he should come. The transports were under charter merely, and it was the ship captain who could tell the colonel what he, the skipper, would or would not do with his ship. The horses and mules were jumped overboard from a half to a quarter mile off shore—depending upon the skipper's digestion or his judgment—and then swam. Horses by the hundred were drowned.

I have been told by some authorities that if a horse gets water in its ears the animal feels all is lost and will drown. This may have accounted for the heavy loss of horses and mules in the landing.

It was this loss of horses that left each field battery with no spares. Later, when Captain Best's battery was on San Juan and had to be withdrawn, they did not dare risk the horses up in the open on the hill. Two infantry companies were sent over to screen the withdrawal of the guns by the cannoneers. Over twenty infantrymen were casualties in three minutes, though only one artilleryman, a sergeant, was killed. Also, two generals went into the battle of San Juan on foot—an unheard of thing for those days—and one of them reached the battle line from his headquarters riding on a cargo mule. Horses were reserved for orderlies and messengers and for the immediate staff of General Shafter. Colonel Teddy Roosevelt had a horse but left it behind when the fighting began at Kettle Hill, and fought the rest of the day on foot; but Teddy had a certain way with him.

From the beach they advanced to Siboney the closest village to Daiquiri. On June 24th under the command of General Joseph Wheeler they attacked the town of Las Guasimas. Involved in this action was the 1st, 9th and 10th cavalry, the Rough Riders (1st volunteer cavalry), and the 22nd infantry.

Altho Major General Shafter, the General in charge of the Army, told General Wheeler to go slow and not engage in any action both Generals were aware that the longer the troops stayed in Cuba the higher chance of them becoming sick from Malaria and yellow fever. In fact by August 80% of the troops in Cuba would be sick from these diseases. General Wheeler, being an old Confederated cavalry General, ignored the order, attacked Las Guasimas and his troops won the battle.

In the heat of the battle ex confederate General Wheeler became so caught up in the excitement of the moment that he supposedly yelled out "Come On! We have got the damn yankees on the run!"

Things were different for General Wheeler in Cuba from when he was in the War Between the States. For one thing a high number of his troops in Cuba were Negroes. Altho a good deal of press is given to the white volunteer troops the main part of the fighting fell on the veteran buffalo soldiers called in from the American west. These were regular army troops not volunteers with five weeks of training, and General Wheeler knew they could do the job.

In the city of New Orleans, in 1866, two thousand two hundred and sixty-six ex-slaves were recruited for the service. None but the largest and blackest Negroes were accepted. From these were formed the Twenty-fourth and Twenty-fifth Infantry, and the Ninth and Tenth Cavalry. All four are famous fighting regiments and they were known by the name “Buffalo Soldiers”. They were never given the credit they deserved in the fighting in Cuba. The white volunteer regiments bought with them white newspaper correspondents and when the war was written about it was the white volunteer regiments who were given the credit for any fighting.

The Army sent to Cuba had officers picked for political reasons. One reason being was to ensure no one who would possibly run for election against the party would be in a position to gain glory and run for President in the next election. Major General Shafter , the Army Officer in Charge was an unlikely looking presidential candidate, he was from civilian life, and the civil war, not a West Point officer, very fat, and not expected to run for president, He was a politically safe person for command.

On the other hand William Jenning Bryon who was in charge of a regiment of volunteers and who was a strong presidential candidate was never given orders to leave the United States. He sit out the war Stateside.

President McKinley sorely need a southern General to make sure the South was on board in this fight. In addition thousands of soldiers dressed in Union blue were being sent to the south where the training camps and jumping off points were for Cuba. President McKinley arranged a compromise by making Joseph Wheeler (CSA) private citizen and pure southern a major General of the US Volunteers. He had first told President McKinley he was too old. McKinley insisted he needed him as there must be a high officer from the south. “There must be a symbol that the old days are gone – you are needed.”. General Wheeler went and performed very well.

For his actions in Cuba, General Wheeler is one of only two Confederate Generals buried at Arlington National Cemetery.

General Wheeler, while in Cuba, had his son Lt. Joe Wheeler, Jr with him as an aide. His youngest son, Thomas Wheeler, was a first year cadet at the Naval Academy. He managed to be assigned to the USS Columbia off Cuba. His daughter Miss Annie Wheeler was a nurse with the Red Cross in Cuba.

Clara Barton, at 77, had the Red Cross in Cuba taking care of Cubans and Americans. Even at this time the Red Cross was plagued with scandal and mismanagement. Compared to the Army ability to handle the sick the Red Cross did very well.

In the hospital at Santiago where so many fever patients were, beside Clara Barton the Red Cross leader and worker was the daughter of Major General Wheeler on duty as a nurse. As quoted from the book “The Little War of Private Post”
At this hospital, Miss Wheeler, daughter of Major General “Fighting Joe” Wheeler, was just reporting for duty. She wore a stiff-brimmed, light straw sailor hat with a black velvet ribbon around it. Her shirt-waist, with its full sleeves, was immaculate and crisp; and her long, ankle-length skirt was of a soft gray. She was the first American woman, not counting Clara Barton, that we had seen since leaving Port Tampa some two months before. Miss Wheeler was chatting with Captain Rafferty. I have never forgotten the picture she made in that brilliant tropic morning against the background of the hungry city....we left Joe Howard at the Hospital. He would die there.

Happy Birthday Lauren Howard

Lauren Howard has a birthday today. Happy Birthday Lauren!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Public Sex in Delmar

For Shame, for shame, all you people who didn't read my post on town budgets and government spending, yet you read this one that claims public sex in Delmar. Well sex in public places is nothing new and I am sure Delmar is not the only place it occurs. I think the evidence of people having safe sex have been found in all the public places in Delmar, from the Caboose to State Street park to the Dugouts in the Little League softball fields. It is just one more aspect to go with the vandalism that occurs to all public property. I understand the local women's club is looking at putting lights in the pavilion at State Street Park in order to discourage people from having sex on the picnic tables (your mother always told you never to eat off a bare picnic table, always cover it with a cloth - she knew why). I know sex in public places will continue regardless what you do to try and prevent it. There is however something offense in sitting down to a picnic table in State Street park and having your sandal hit a discarded used condom. I can't help but think if it is known you can have public sex at State Street Park or other public places in Delmar it will encourage other activity of a criminal nature as assaults, drugs, and gangs. It will also discourage the use of the park in the daytime as the trash on the ground is bad enough but do you really want your child playing around used condoms?

This person or persons was sleeping? on top of the play ground equipment at State Street Park this morning. I didn't go over to see if it was one person, or two people, or a dead person. Click to enlarge. It is just one more use of the park when it suppose to be closed.

Based on where the hot spots seem to be I assume it is young teenagers (hopefully they are old enough to be teenagers) as it seem to be in playgrounds and areas where you would go if you did not have a car. I understand on the east side of town the daycare has a problem with people using their parking lot. I have heard among the teenagers there are bragging rights about having sex in public places.

All of our parks have a sign that says they are closed after dusk. Why aren't the police running people out of the parks at night? Surely they must ride thru Delmar at night and a spotlight scan of the parks in Delmar would at least show they are trying.

58th Annual Delmarva Chicken Festival

We went over to Federalsburg last night for the Chicken Festival. We had not been to one in a few years and it seemed larger than past chicken festivals we had been too. Had some food, listened to some music and watched fireworks, overall it was a nice evening.

The Giant Frying Pan

The Food you get for $6.00. Chickens was good, but the sides of beans and applesauce left a lot to be desired.

The Music. We listened to Laura Bryna, we had came for Bird Dog and Road Kings but we either arrived late or they didn't perform.