Saturday, August 18, 2007

Ruth Fallis, What is happening?

Ruth Fallis who allegedly stole a million dollars from the salon she worked at seems to have disappeared from the news. I have been searching the web for new information on her but have found nothing. I have emailed the US Department of Justice asking about her case but have not received back a reply. To refresh your memories I made this previous post on Ruth Fallis

We all are waiting to see if her famous quote when approached about the theft of "I'll just tell them that I gave all the cash to you, plus my husband is very connected, so I'll never go to jail." will whole water.

Her husband is Mathias (Matt) Fallis who is currently the Human Resource Director at Appoquinimink School District. He also is on the faculty of Wilmington College. He was a former labor secretary and state personnel director.

Assistant US Attorney Beth Moskow-Schnoll is suppose to be the attorney handling the case. The US Attorney charge is shown at this link Ruth Fallis

The case was also mentioned on White Collar Crime Blog at Ruth Fallis

And ABC had a local report in July; Ruth Fallis

Capt Hollis 1944

From the BiState Weekly Friday August 18, 1944


Capt. William L. Hollis, USMCR, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Hollis, Delmar, has been awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for “extraordinary achievement” in the Solomon Islands and Bismarck Archipelago areas.

Capt. Hollis, who enlisted in the Marine Corps Jan. 13, 1942, received his wings at Corpus Christi January 1943. He was also on active duty for nearly a year in Guadalcanal, Munda, and New Georgia. His turret gunner received partial credit for shooting down one of six Zeros credited to his squadron. The citation signed by Admiral W. F. Halsey, accompanying the DFC, which was presented during a personnel inspection at the Miami Naval Air Station where Capt. Hollis is a flight instructor, reads as follows:

“For extraordinary achievement pilot attached to a Marine torpedo bomber squadron operating in the Solomon Islands and Bismarck Archipelago areas from July 20, 1943 to March 2, 1944. During three tours of duty, Captain Hollis participated in 31 damaging bombing and strafing attacks against Japanese shipping and ground installations.”

“On July 31, despite intense anti-aircraft fire which severely damaged his plane, he pressed home his attack against an anti-aircraft gun at Vila airfield, scoring a direct hit upon and completely destroying the emplacement. On August 1, in a strike against Japanese shipping in Kahili Harbor he scored a near miss on a large cargo vessel resulting in severe damage to the ship.”

“On November 16, although subjected to heavy anti-craft fire during a night mine laying mission in Buka Passage, he completed a daring low level flight and succeeded in dropping his mine in its assigned position His courage and superior airmanship contributed materially to the successful neutralization of the Japanese airfields and were in keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Naval Services.”

Delaware Peaches

I don't like the dry hot weather we have been having but it seem to have made our local peaches much sweeter than in past years.

Old Christ Church

Shuttered Window on Old Christ Church Laurel Delaware

The 2007 Wicomico Farm and Home show

I went to the Wicomico County Farm and Home Show yesterday. In one of those rare instances I will have to take Karen's approach and say if you can't say anything nice about something don't say anything at all.

But Over at The Shores of Delmarva there is a nice post on the Wicomico County Farm and Home show.

If I were to just say one thing about my disappointment in the Delmarva county fairs that would be the county fairs, in general, lack participation in them and that turns them into boring, unimaginative affairs.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Storm Drain Construction

I went "out of state" yesterday to look at the storm drain construction on the Maryland side of town. The construction is behind the motel and Diner. Boy, they really have things tore up. For one small street intersection they have about five storm drains connectors.

This Day in Delaware History Item

An item picked up from the Delaware Archives "This Day in Delaware History".

"1905 At Laurel 45 railroad cars were loaded with 1,200 watermelons per car. Weighing between 20 and 40 pounds each, the trainload was valued at $30,000."

Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Glorious Twelfth

I overlooked the fact that the 12th of August is the beginning of grouse Hunting season in Brition (Actually it begun on the 13th because Grouse Hunting can't take place on Sunday). Many British feel the only reason for keeping Scotland in the Empire is for it's grouse hunting grounds. For the last ten years the grouse hunting season has been poor. When it is good however it brings big bucks into the Scotish economy.

Grouse hunting is no small undertaking in Brition, it involves Land Rovers, retrievers, gamekeepers, beaters and a good pair of 12 ga double barreled shotguns (about $20,000), plus the outfit of knickerbockers, woolen socks, gum boots and tweed hat.

For more about the glorious twelfth click here

Watermelon bus

It is the season of the watermelon bus.

It looks like all you need is a bus and a hacksaw to make one. I wonder what they do with the seats they pull out? I notice most have a FARM USE tag on them. I wonder what kind of vehicle inspection they go through when they have that kind of tag?

Today you have soccer moms that spend their time taking their children from one activity to another. When I grew up in the 1950's and 1960's and school was out your mother would drive you over to a local farmer and you would spend 12 hours loading watermelon, picking cucumbers, loading tomatoes etc. For your labor you were paid thirty five cents an hour. That is the 1950 version of the soccer mom. At 12 thru 15 I thought the life of my co workers (the migrant labor force) was interesting and you learned a lot from them. I won't bother repeating here some of the things they taught me but it was interesting real life stuff.

Office Worker Enjoys Summer

A Wicomico County Office Worker enjoying the outdoors at lunch time.

Delmar at 6:20 AM on Thursday

Well we rolled the sidewalks back out and at 6:20 AM we are waiting for the first car to go through Delmar.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Alice's Restaurant

“You can get anything you want at Alice's Restaurant
You can get anything you want at Alice's Restaurant
Walk right in it's around the back
Just a half a mile from the railroad track
You can get anything you want at Alice's Restaurant”

OK there are songs that drift thru your mind and for the last few weeks it has been Alice’s Restaurant, both the song and movie. I think it must be related to knowing Woodstock opened today in 1969. Now, it has been over 30 years since I saw the movie but it is one of those that has stuck with me. As I recall the movie had really bad acting but was funny and it reflected a period in time of VW micro buses, peace symbols, long hair and sandals. I think I may have even worn my Nehru Jacket to see the movie. In order to satisfy the itch I decided to take my recycled soda can money and buy the DVD from

Well some things should be left in 1969.

For those who may be too young to have seen it or ever heard the song the lyrics are here.

The story line (if there was one) goes like this; 45 minutes of various scenes not connected to the song lyrics and about a half hour connected to the song lyrics and finally a half hour of death and parties scenes. The part related to the lyrics goes; Arlo has Thanksgiving with friends who live in a church. He dumps trash along the road side because the town dump is closed on Thanksgiving. He is arrested and tried for littering. Later when he is being interviewed for the draft the criminal charge of littering is bought up with the question by the Army is he moral enough, being a convicted criminal for littering, to be sent to Vietnam to kill people?

So after seeing it again after 38 years or so I can say the acting was much, much worst than I remembered plus the photography was bad. Ah yes, some things are better left in 1969.

Some people however must still be loyal fans of the movie and song as they have in Stockbridge, Massachusetts (Home of Norman Rockwell) a tour of Alice"s Restaurant sites.
The Tour
takes in the Church, the dump, the Police station, the court house and the site of the restaurant, sounds like you have to be desperate to take it.

As I remember after the movie came out someone opened a restaurant in Salisbury and called it Alice’s Restaurant. Now, as the Alice’s Restaurant song says the restaurant ran by Alice wasn’t called Alice’s restaurant, I think it was called ‘The Back Room” and wasn’t that a name of a restaurant in Rehoboth?

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

West Salisbury Heads for Williamsport

Like most people in the area we watched the Little League game last night. Congratulations West Salisbury.

Delmar Camp Meeting 1872

From the Wilmington Daily Commercial Aug 14, 1872



The Delmar Camp-Meeting begins on Friday and already the notes of preparation are visible on every hand in that locality. There will be about forty tents, many of them two stories high.

By way of ministerial aid, the prospect is encouraging. Revs Jacob T. Price, Enbury Price, and J. N. Dubbine of the New Jersey Conference and Rev. Joshua Hamphries of Wilmington will be present all the time; Revs C. Hill, G. D. Watson, Wm Urie, W. E. England and others after Sunday and Revs N. M. Broome, Jones, E. White and E. Stengle there most of the time.

The camp will be largely attended by Delawareans and Marylanders and much spiritual good is expected to be accomplished. Round trip tickets are now sold from Wilmington, Seaford, and Laurel.

Last year there was much annoyance from drunkenness, but better things are hoped for this season.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Doctors and Doctor Bills

Wow, now here is a subject everyone should have an opinion on. Recently Dr Joyce Stout said she was closing her practice in Laurel because she wasn't making enough money. Now I don't see much physical evidence of Doctors not making enough money. So I guess making "enough" is a relative matter. Matter of fact, over the last 40 years I have seen their office visit rate increase from $10 a visit to $130 a visit. I will admit back 40 years ago you only had a Doctor and maybe one nurse/administration person. When I go to Dr Alon Davis in Salisbury today, I swear he has over 15 people in his office besides him. After I get through the usual bullshit of being weighted, blood pressure checked, pulse and verification that my insurance card is up to date I may spend 5 minutes with him (OK, some times 10 minutes). So at $130 a visit for 5 minutes that comes out to $1,560 an hour he is pulling down. If you can't make money at those rates you are doing something wrong. Maybe the obvious - too much staff.

As you get older you tend to be going to the Doctor for one reason or another. They always send you for tests and I think a good part of the tests are to cover their ass in case they are sued. I recently decided to have a colon exam (to cover my ass). Doctor Davis said he felt the insurance would pay for the exam. I went to Dr John Routenberg, who did it right here in Delmar at the Peninsula Endoscope Center (by the way it is owned by him and four other doctors). Dr Routenberg said it would take about 15 minutes, well maybe his part was 15 minutes but I spent about two hours total time there. I had no ideal how much this exam/test would cost, I had foolish guessed maybe a thousand dollars. So far I have received bills sent to my insurance company for over $2,800. The Insurance company paid $1,280 of that amount. I have always heard the Doctors over bill for their services knowing the insurance companies won't pay it but the bill for the "procedure" will go into calculating the Insurance rates paid for next year.

The most recent Doctor story I have to tell concerns my mother. Now Mom is 83 and in the past year has been through breast cancer and a number of other problems. Simply put she owes money to a number of cancer Doctors and surgeons. She has "arrangements" made with them to pay them their money. Her Primary Care Doctor was Dr Robert J. Reilly. She had been going to him for over twenty years and she owes him nothing in the way of a bill. About three weeks she went by for an office visit and the Medical Office receptionist said he would not see her until she had paid something on a bill she owes another Doctor. It would seem he is in some kind of an association with this other Doctor. Now she owes Dr Reilly nothing but he is refusing to see her because she owes money to another Doctor in his association. Naturally it embarrassed her and she told them they could all go to hell. Salisbury is well blessed with doctors, some of who actually speak English, so the next week she went out and found one and now has a new Primary care Doctor.

Some Meetings This Week

This week the following meetings will take place;

August 15th, Wednesday at 3 PM Sussex County Planning and Zoning.

August 16th, Thursday, at 6PM the Delmar, Delaware Annexation committee will give the results of their investigation into the property on Old Stage Road.
UPDATE I understand the Annexation Meeting has been moved to Sept 18th.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Jenkin Showell Hanging at Snow Hill 1876

From the Wilmington Commercial August 12th, 1876


Some further details of the execution of the colored man, Jenkins Showell, in addition to those furnished by the special telegram to yesterday's Commercial, are now at hand. An acre of closely crowded people witnessed the affair. A rain before the appointed hour drove the people under the ox carts, in which many of them came, and to the pine thicket adjointing the almshouse property.

The doomed man left his cell shortly after noon, shouting "all right. I'm going home to glory!" He was taken to the place of execution by a guard armed with shot-guns, and continued his shouting all the way to the scafford.

At the platform he exchanged a few words with two colored men to whom he said he wished to say good-bye and then, addressing the crowd, he said;
"I hope that none who are before me will come to the end as me. I hope you will all, both white and blacks, take warning and turn to the Saviour of men. If He has pardoned me I will pardon you. I am going home where there is no punishment and no sin or sorrow. I hope you will meet me in Heaven. God bless you. I was converted on the last Thursday night and the last Friday morning of my life, I got on my knees and asked God to forgive me and I believe He has done so. What do I want to stay here for? What has the world ever done for me? I have a home to which I am going far better than any home on earth, I will shout. I said I would shout when I got here.

The doomed man, as he said this jumped up a number of times and shouted as loudly as he could for his voice was nearly gone from previous shouting. After prayer, at 15 minutes past one o clock, the sheriff adjusted the noose firmly, put on the black cap, the scaffold was vacated and at 1:17 P.M. precisely Sheriff Fooks cut with one stroke of the hatchet the cord which held the trap and the work was done. The noose slipped to the back of Showell's neck. In three minutes Showell ceased his struggles, which were at no time very violent. In fifteen minutes his heart ceased to beat, and in twenty five minutes the corpse was cut down, when it was found his neck had been broken. He died very early.

Old People Toenails

One of the more distracting parts of summer is old men wearing sandals displaying those yellow, jagged edged, quarter inch thick toenails of theirs. Now the last post I did on feet was back in June of 2006 so I can't say I have a foot fetish. If you sit in the mall or some place where there are a lot of old men sooner or later you can't help but notice their feet and those toenails. The old women usually paint their nails so they are not so noticeable, but most men prefer the natural look.

Once, years ago when I was visiting my father in law he had a grinding tool attached to his electric drill. I made the mistake of asking him what he was grinding off and he said his toenails. There is an image that will burn into your mind and last forever.

Special People

Another special person. This young man decided he was special and parked in the fire lane out at State Line Plaza and went and did his shopping.