Saturday, September 01, 2007

Dianne Pearce

There was an interesting article in the Daily Times and a number of other
Newspapers a few days ago. The articles were interesting more from the briefness and what they didn’t say.

Dianne Pearce, director of Chesapeake Wildlife sanctuary Inc. pleaded guilty to misusing funds and improper record-keeping. She was given, by Judge Thomas Groton of Worcester County Circuit Court, a one year suspended sentence and five year probation. She also will pay back $116,000 in restitution. Notice; no jail time.

Dianne Pearce was an advertising executive and turned to saving animals in the 1980’s. Eventually she ran Chesapeake Wildlife Sanctuary. She is well connected with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources and other Maryland State agencies. There has even been bills passed in the State legislative giving her money. She or her organization have been in the news for washing oil smeared ducks off etc. She also has had a number of legal problems that seem to stem from not turning in paper work supporting her charitable trust status and taking money or property and not fulfilling the terms or intend for that money.

In October 2004, a judge in Anne Arundel County revoked Chesapeake Wildlife's nonprofit status in Maryland for failing to submit records. The organization maintains its federal nonprofit status, according to an affidavit submitted by Pearce's attorney

2003, the Maryland Department of Natural Resources warned Dianne Pearce that she had failed to submit documentation under the terms of her permit to rehabilitate wildlife. She never applied for another permit; Chesapeake Wildlife's animal sanctuary in Bowie ceased operations years ago.

Aspen Hill Pet Memorial Park was turned over to the Chesapeake Wildlife Sanctuary to run. The person, Dorothy M. Shapiro, who gave the money to buy Aspen Pet cemetery ended up suing alleges the wildlife organization violated covenants and restrictions. The judge found against Chesapeake Wildlife Sanctuary.

Chesapeake Wildlife Sanctuary and Pearce were ordered in October by an Anne Arundel County Circuit Court judge to stop soliciting charitable donations in the state until the sanctuary files delinquent annual reports for fiscal years 1997 through 2002.

What is lacking in the Daily Times article and court case is no one actually said she stole the money. The Attorney General seem very careful in the way he worded the charge Could it be we have another Ruth Fallis who said “my husband is very well connected, so I'll never go to jail." Perhaps Dianne Pearce is so well connected in Maryland she will never go to jail.

UPDATE: Dianne Pearce has left a comment regarding this post and it provides some insights I was not aware of when i wrote the original post.

She is Private Samuelson Now

One of the children who grew up in our neighborhood, Kennetha (Rae) Samuelson enlisted in the Army a couple of weeks ago. She is currently going through basic training at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. She graduated from Delmar High School about 4 years ago. We all wish her the best.

Emerson C. Holloway

From the BiState Weekly September 1, 1944

Aviation Cadet Emerson C. Holloway, son of Mrs Lorraine Holloway of Delmar, recently completed his primary flight training at Moton field, Tuskagee Institue, Ala. and has been assigned to the Tuskagee Army Air Field where he will begin basic flight training. He attended Maryland State Teachers College, Bowie, MD from 1936 through 1939. His brother, A. James Holloway, is serving in the Pacific theatre of operation.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Citizen of the Year Nominations

Well, it is that time of year again when the Chamber of Commerce picks a Citizen of the Year. There are nomination forms scattered around town or you can go here , click on 2007 Citizen of the year nominations, and vote by email. To be honest I have always had a negative impression of this 'election' of Citizen of the Year. The Chamber states "Although the number of ballots an individual receives carries weight with the selection process, the Citizen of the Year selection is not a popularity contest." Frankly, I have always figured they had the Citizen of the Year already picked out and this was just a method to gain a little publicity for the Chamber. I certainly have no objections to the people they have selected in the past as they all deserved the honor. Nevertheless should you desire to nominate someone you only have until September 24th to do so. As for me I am voting for Sam Lennox.

Reynolds Auto Repair

Scott Reynolds and his wife Wendy and four children moved into the neighborhood about a year ago. They bought an old house and have been fixing it up. I guess he decided he didn't have enough to do as about three weeks ago he opened his own business. He is just north of Delmar on Rt 13 in the old AutoTech Garage (I hope he has better luck with that location then Autotech did).

Scott had an interesting problem in opening his business. He went to the State of Delaware website which has a check list for new businesses in Delaware. He went down the checklist and got the licenses and permits needed, based on the checklist. It turns out the checklist only applies to New Castle and Kent County and Sussex County has a different procedure. He was shut down after two days because he didn't have an occupancy permit and Fire Marshall approval. Those people said they would get around to approving it in a few weeks. Well with a mortgage, wife and four kids the least thing you can afford is not to have any money coming in for "a few weeks", so he contacted the Governor's office about their checklist. The office was able to assist him and in about a week he was back open.

Anyway Scott Reynolds is open for business. His address is 34902 Sussex Highway and his phone number is 302-875-2526. Hours are 8 to 5 Monday to Friday.

Fire House Memorial

The new memorial at the Fire Hall to honor Firemen is just about done. The only thing missing is water in the fountain.

Traffic Traffic Traffic

I will be glad when Labor days arrives and leaves as maybe some of these damn people will go back to where ever they call home and stay the winter there.

It has been a Great Summer to be a Roofer

I was driving down Jewell street Today and saw Lonnie Figgs and his roofing crew up on a house roof doing a reroofing job. As hot as it has been this summer that is one job I have no desire for.
Hauling shingles up a ladder looks like fun to.

Lonnie, of course, lives in Delmar and is a Delmar, Delaware Councilman. He has Elite Roofing. They do hand nailing of the shingles which he tells me is better than the air powered nailers as it protects your shingle warranty. I had him do my house a couple of years ago. Elite Roofing's phone number is 302-846-0412.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Foreign Workers - Part Two

Well it is that time of year again. The foreign workers, on temporary workers visas, for Ocean City are getting ready to return to their county or disappear into underground America. Not surprising the demand for State approved Russian interpreters at the District Court in Salisbury is up again due to the end of the season shop lifting the returning workers are doing.

I posted on this topic last December and my thoughts on Eastern European workers have not changed.

Robert Crumb Birthday

Robert Crumb, the comic book artist from the sixties and seventies, was born today in 1943. He was and is well known for such characters as Keep on Trucking, Fritz the cat, and Mr. Natural He currently lives in France. His father was a military person who moved his family frequently but in the 1950's Robert Crumb attended High School in Milford, Delaware.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Delaware Whipping Posts

There is a good commentary on the Whipping Posts in Delaware in the August 27th News Journal Blog Delaware Back Story. Naturally most comments seem to come from the bleeding hearts who say how awful it was to have such a thing. I think Red Hannah should be returned to use instead of the current pampering of drug addicts and criminals. The ones in jail have it better than our school children (Jails are air conditioned).

Skateboard Park

I understand the Town of Laurel and the Laurel School Board are proposing to build a Skateboard Park. They are estimating the cost to be $75,000. As I have posted before, Chincoteague Skateboard Park ,I think it would be a good idea to have one in Delmar. I think it would fit in nicely over by the basketball courts and continue the theme of sports in Delmar in that area of Delmar.

Insurance has always been a reason given for not having a Skateboard Park but Laurel is saying their insurance carrier is not raising the rates for the Skateboard Park.

I think the town Parks and Recreation Committee have been on vacation for the summer (Odd isn't it, you would think the summer is when they would be doing the most). Maybe when they come back they could look into this project for Delmar.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

What is this man dumping?

I drove by this guy today on Old Stage Road (Maryland side)and couldn't decide what he was dumping in the ditch. Double click photo for larger view.

Today's Corn Price

Monday, August 27, 2007

Delmar Joint Council August 27, 2007

Well another Joint Council Meeting, you may ask yourself "how high is his threshold for attending boring things and writing about them", well tonight that threshold may have been exceeded. Let me say that what I write about is just my opinion on what went on at the council meeting, if you want to know what is happening at the meetings attend them, or read the on-line minutes the town post on their website in another month or so. The only council person missing tonight was Delaware Councilman Figgs.

The Mayors welcomed the Town Manager back from her time off due to a gall badder operation.

Cindy Fisher, council clerk, has shaped the council up so there was no changes to the minutes from last month.

William Boylan from the Delaware side of town was sworn into the Planning and Zoning Commission.

The Fire Department reported there has been a number of false fire alarms coming from Ponds Edge due to their equipment.

The revitalization committe has chosen Tusan Red as the color to repaint the caboose. Volunteers are being looked for on Sept 8th to power wash the caboose.

Diane Buckley commented on the Produce Stand on RT 13 near the the Tiger Mart. She said she didn't think the Town gave the stand permission to put the signs on the road side, nor the hot tub, nor the storage cube,nor the roll off trash container and other items that are being displayed there. All need to be removed.

Approval was given to a list of zoning changes prepared by Planning and Zoning. The changes were a long, long boring list of items that if you were not directly involved in planning and zoning you would have no ideal what they are talking about. When the public was asked if they had any comments, naturally no one said anything.

The Maryland side annexed the Maryland Mack (Harvey Mack) property. George Staton was there to say how they removed the steel plate and how they were good citizens. There may be future construction. Councilman Anderton asked that they do some landscaping and Streetscaping on the property so it looks better from the road.

The Delaware side had requests for five separate parcel of land north of Yorkshire Estates to be annexed into town. The resolutions were read by Mayor Outten. Mayor Outten is not the best "Out Loud" reader so after five of these little jewels you were lucky to be awake. Naturally they all passed as this council has never seen a bad annexation. A public hearing is to be held September 27th on the annexation. The property is owned by Old Stage Road Properties, Stage Road LLC, Chesapeake LLC, Patrick Hurley, John Annonio, Wm Stevenson, Mary McCasky, Raffaole Annonio, Frank Tamberrino, and Lucia Powell. It is about 368 acres and is zoned from Highway Regional District to R2 Residential.

Planning and Zoning
Chris Render wants to sub divide 201 West State Street in to two more additional lots.
Bill Mervine, of Prestige Homes, purchase two lots deemed unbuildable at a tax sale. He now wants to build on them. One lot is at 110 West Jewell street. He also wants to build a house on Parcel number 6 on Bynum Lane. Planning and Zoning was in favor of 110 west Jewell but were not in favor of the Bynum lane property. Diane Buckley was against building on either property so consideration was tabled until the council could look into the properties.
Heron Pond asked for design approval of homes and town houses, there was a question regarding the height of the townhouses. Additional investigation is required.
As I posted previously the Pheasant Lake development was requesting conditional approval for the plat. In the Planning and Zoning meeting the chairman Vice Mayor Houlihan and all members went along with presenting a favorable recommendation to the council. In an about face in the Joint Council Meeting Commissioner Anderton said he could not, in good conscious, go along with the favorable recommendation. The project just does not suit the neighborhood it is going to build in. I do not carry a camera to the meetings but it would have been good to have one tonight to capture the expression on Vice Mayor Houlihan face when Commissioner Anderton announced this. The end result is it was not a good night for Planning and Zoning recommendations as the council did not second a motion to act favorably on the Pheasant Lake Property so it died for lack of a motion.

Town Manager Report Friday the 17th, An Allied Waste Driver took out five telephone poles at Pine and Pennsylvania Avenue. The copper wire from the down poles were stolen over the night.

A Maryland Election is scheduled for November 20th. Sept 10th is the deadline for filing

Mayor and Councilman/Commissioners Comments
Councilperson Buckley wants a new clock in the meeting room, one that works (Old one needs a new battery) and one that you can read. (First signs of aging is the sight goes).
She said on Sept 15th there would be a ribbon cutting at Ponds Edge Apartments.
She complained about the number of Road Cuts and poor repaving on Old Stage Road. (She certainly is right about that, I don't know which is worst Old Stage Road or Foskey Lane - actually most of the streets on the Maryland side of town have road cuts galore).

She pointed out that Yorkshire Estates is only approved for one entrance and they have made a second one.

Councilperson Mary Lee Pase commented there were 1,100 students in the Middle and High school and 900 in the Elementary school.

Vice Mayor Houlihan mentioned the Councilpeople had beaten the Fire department in the Sub making contest at the WAWA grand opening. He obviously got great pleasure from that event.

Commissioner Carl Anderton commented about the watermelon buses speeding down Foskey Lane and the farm operation on Foskey lane, at the end of Maryland Avenue (Kings Farms). There is runoff when it rains that spills out onto Foskey Lane. He also said the workers will leave the farm operation and have lunch at the recycling bins. They tend to scare off residents trying to recycle.

Mayor Nibblett commented on the manhole cover that is above the road surface on Pine Street. He asked that at least orange paint be sprayed around it so people would see it. He also said Foskey Lane and Old Stage need to be fixed.

Mayor Outten again asked the Town manager when Jewell Street, next to the school, would be repaved. The Town manager said it was in the works.

Public Comments;
Everyone is glad the steel plate was removed

There was a question as to if it was legal for the three mobile homes to be disassembled at Colonial Mills. Diane Buckley said Colonial homes were parking a pickup next to the Old Stage Road Pumping station.

The meeting was over with at 9:30 PM.

Delmar Utility Meeting August 27, 2007

The Delmar Utility Meeting was held Monday August 27, 2007. This was one of those meetings where nothing went on. The only news was Delmar Diner did have town water run to the Diner, but it has not been connected as of Monday. There was a sewer backup in the vicinity of Little Red Hen Daycare. The Town Manager commented there is a sewer problem each year in that area about this time of year. The Town called Roto-Rooter to clean the line out.

So Long Steel Plate

Well, I no sooner list my seven Wonders of Delmar and Wonder #6 goes away. When I rode down Foskey Lane this morning the steel plate is gone. It is about time. Maybe the sixth wonder of Delmar can now be the portables at Delmar Elementary School, as some one suggested. It looks like a little village over there at the school.

The Town of Delmar really needs to make a better street cut policy. Not only is the amount paid for a contractor to cut a trench across a street to low but there does not seem to any time limits on how long the road cut can stay open. I certainly think after a week there should be some kind of penalty put on the the person who cut the street and after a month the Town should fill the cut, pave it and bill the person who made the street cut the cost of doing so. How many of us have messed up the front end of our cars driving down Foskey Lane while the person who made the street cut, farts around taking his own good time before repairing it? It is part of the cost to all of us when the town decides to be business friendly.


Picked up from "This Day in Delaware History" from the Delaware Public Archives

Today in 1698 Always vulnerable to attack because of its location along the seashore, Lewes was ransacked and pillaged by fifty french pirates.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Pheasant Lake

I attended the Delmar Planning and Zoning meeting last Thursday night. A number of Developers were there with their projects, one or two were interesting to me. One of which I will talk about is Pheasant Lake, a development on the Maryland side of town off Memorial Drive. Danny Maszera (of Maszera Corporation, Toms River N. J.) was there as the developer plus his mouth piece Bob Eaton. Pheasant Lake (originally called Pheasant Run (until they found another development had that name) will have about 286 units. Pheasant Lake will be made up of about half townhouses and half individual homes. The Lake part will come from a large drainage pond they will dig on the property to catch the run off from that side of Delmar.

Danny Maszera said he had been working on this project for twelve years and still had not been given approval for it. He was upset. The members of Planning and Zoning said they felt they could speed things along if Pheasant Run had more green space and no on street parking. The board settle on those two items like nats on a ripe peach. The end result was Danny Maszera agreed to those conditions and things will proceed forward on this project. It should be pointed out that Carl Anderton, the Maryland Commissioner, will live close to this project so he was particularly concerned over it.

Invasion of Poland 1939

Lieutenant Dr. Hans-Albrecht Herzner
Some people consider September 1 1939 to be the date Germany invaded Poland and started world War II, but Hitler had given the order to attack Poland on August 26th 1939 only to turn around and cancel the order later. The cancellation reached everyone but a special forces Abwehr unit commanded by Lieutenant Dr. Hans-Albrecht Herzner. His unit had been charged with taking the Jablunkov pass in the Beskids moutains in advance of a Germany Division that would could come through the pass when the invasion started. Unaware of any change in orders at 0001 August 26th Lieutenant Herzner and his unit attacked, defeating the Polish force in Mosty, Poland, captured the pass and railroad station and waited for the division that was suppose to be behind him. When no division arrived he asked the Polish Colonel he had captured if he was aware Germany and Poland were at war. The Colonel said no, but why didn’t Lieutenant Herzner call Germany and check as the phones were working fine. He was than told by his superiors, no the invasion was called off, so with a mea culpa to the Polish Colonel, Lieutenant Herzner had to fight his way back in to Germany. In the data I have looked at it is unclear if his unit made it back to Germany or was surrounded and had to wait a week until Germany "officially" invaded Poland. If the invasion of Poland can be considered the first shot in World War II than this attack is the beginning of World War II. A week later on September 1st with the code word Grossmutter Gestorben (Grandmother is dead) Germany invaded Poland. Thus starting World War II officially, altho today August 26th was the real date.