Friday, September 07, 2007

Brick Row Fire

Fire in the Hole has good pictures of the Delmar Maryland fire on Brick Row yesterday.

Happy Birthday Mollie

Happy Birthday to my Sister in Law, Mollie. Mollie turns 49 today!!! She is from Baltimore so she has endured all our jokes about Baltimore for a number of years now. In those years we have even begun to understand her accent. Does that make us bilingual?

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Delmar Maryland Election

As a reminder to the Maryland side of town you have an election coming up to elect a Mayor and two Commissioners. If you want to put your name on the slate to run for these offices you have to file by Sept 10th (Monday). Now is a good time for the Woodcreek Development to register a full slate of candidates and control the Maryland side of town or for the people who live by the Basketball courts to control that side of town.

I believe to file a Certificate of Candidacy for the offices it is the standard requirements of being 1) a resident of the United States 2) A resident of the State of Maryland for one year prior to the election 3) A resident of the Town of Delmar for at least six months preceding the town election 4) Be at least 18 years of age on the day of the election 5) be a qualified voter of the town of Delmar. You can only file for one office at a time.

Remember it is every citizens duty to run for an elected position at least once. Give poor old Mayor Niblett a break, maybe after the 20 or so years in the office he would like to get out of it and all he needs is for someone to file for the Mayor's job. Likewise for Commissioners Luther Hitchens and Joan Tisinger.

To be eligible to vote in this upcoming election, persons must be at least 18 years of age, reside in the State of Maryland and be a resident in the Town of Delmar for at least 30 days and must register at Town Hall. Deadline for registration is Tuesday, November 13th at 4:30 p.m.
UPDATE: Some information I posted earlier was incorrect. The Town manager pointed my errors (Thanks) and I have corrected them. The above information should be correct.

Chicken Thieves

From the Bistate weekly September 6, 1940


Chicken thieves were active in this section last Friday night when they stole chickens from three farmers living near Delmar according to Constable J. Roland LeCates of Delmar who is cooperating with Officer John Blizzard of the Delaware State police in investigating the thefts. LeCates reported that 22 chickens were taken from the farm of William Yeadt about 1 mile west of Delmar. the hen house of Wm. Price west of Delmar was broken into and stole 16 chickens, all Price owned and the third place raided was Frank M. Lynch where 12 chickens were taken. The Lynch farm is about two miles northeast of Delmar.

All three of the thefts were reported early Saturday morning and altho an immediate investigation was started no clues as to the identity of the thieves has been undercover, LeCates stated. Lynch reported that his dog was heard to bark around three AM but he did not investigate until day light when he discovered the loss.

The Officers are of the opinion that all three thefts were carried out by the same party. This is the first time chicken thieves have raided this vicinity in over four years.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

T S Smith of Bridgeville

Try as I may to say something good about T S Smith in Bridgeville I just can not. The people that work there are unfriendly and usually act like they have their head up their ass. Unless you are looking for apples the produce they sell is nothing better than you can get elsewhere, cheaper, and from people who aren't talking to someone else when you are checking out. Not just today but just about every time I have been in it is the same.

Abandon County Store


This time of years there are all these great yellow widflowers growing on the ditch banks.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Skipjack Races at Deal Island

Today in Deal Island at 9:30 AM the Commercial Oyster Fleet Skipjack race will start. Now I have always been impressed by the Skipjacks, actually all wooden boats, but unless you are out on the water on a Skipjack I have found the race to be a boring affair. Nevertheless, it should be a big day on Deal Island and you should go at least once in your life. For a schedule go to Deal Island Chance Lion Club
A site about the Rebecca T. Ruark

The Skipjack races also gives me an opportunity to mention that right here in Delmar we have the first ever Miss Skipjack Beauty Queen. Yes, in 1962 Brenda Bordey Morris was given that honor.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Bucks Store

Bucks Store - one of the wonders of Somerset county Maryland

The Faithful Steward and Cock and Bull

This information is picked up from the Delaware Public Archives "This Day in Delaware History"

Today in 1785
The Irish ship, "The Faithful Steward," sank in a storm south of Bethany Beach. Only 68 of its 249 passengers survived, and for decades coins washed up on what is known today as Coin Beach.

Today in 2004
Long a Seaford landmark, the fifty year old "Cock and Bull Tavern" at the corner of Route 13 and Concord Road was razed to make room for a new convenience store.

Aid For The shipwrecked

From "The Morning Herald" Wilmington, Delaware September 2, 1875

The Life-saving station at Henlopen and Rehoboth.

There are to be established by the Government two life saving station houses, on the Delaware Ocean coast, one about a half mile south of Cape Henlopen and one on Rehoboth Beach near Indian River.

The necessity for such stations on our coast has long been felt and it will be a source of pleasure for Delawareans to hear of this prospective fulfillment. The breakwater does probably more good to commerce than any natural or artificial harbor on the U. S. ocean boundary, but even this providence cannot answer a complete purpose. The wrecking on the Sussex coast has been going on since Hendrick Hudson sailed into our bay and the mouth of our beautiful South river. The famous race of wreckers that have lived for many years, from the Breakwater down, are generally kind-hearted and active enough, but their assistance is rendered so irregularly and is frequently inefficient. Some settled plan of procedure is needed, and this the government proposes to have. The management of the stations, the mode relieving wrecked vessels, &c., are directed by official regulations.