Saturday, September 22, 2007

Fishing Tournament Somewhere

So where is the fishing tournament? I drove by the Holiday Inn in Delmar and saw these big dollar fishing boats parked there.

I guess they could be passing thru but at least they are bringing some bucks to Delmar.

With the size of those engines it doesn't look like they are fishing Trap pond.

The Country Porch

I was out riding in the suburbs of Delmar today (Bacon Switch, Little Acres, Laurel) and stopped by the Country Porch to browse

For those who may not know about The Country Porch it is a Country decor and collectibles store on Dorothy Road. It is run by Eva Malone. The sign is easily seen from Route 13.

She is open now but she is planning a Grand Opening on Saturday, September 29th.

So stop by when you are looking at those country and craft stores around Delmar. Even if you don't buy anything you are bound to have a pleasant conversation with Eva. The phone number is 302-875-3200. The address is 10813 Dorothy Road, Laurel, DE 19956.

Praise In The Park

Praise in the Park took place today at State Street Park.

Some times when church orientated events happens there is a fear that the only people who will attend is Church members, but I thought "Praise in the Park" was very well attended by the public at large. There was even a fender bender on State street next to the park to add additional excitement.

Prayer, free hot dogs and free Pepsi in the pavilion, what more could you ask for?

Mary cooking Hot dogs

The Fab Four knocking out some tunes

Delmar Football

Delmar High School has started off on a great football season. Wayne Barrall, who has Fire in the Hole, also has some great photographs posted on his other website. At his site click on which game you want to see photos of.

1944 Hitch Hiking

Sept 22 1944 The Bi State Weekly


J. Edward Jones, S-2c, a veteran of three major engagements in the Pacific landed from the war in San Francisco and hitch-hiked all the way to Delmar “just for the fun of it”.

He is a son of Mrs Myra H. Jones and the late Jacob A. Jones, and is a member of the deck crew on an amphibious troop transport.

Jones, who is 17 years old, helped to land one of the first contingents of marines on the first day of battle for Saipan.

“The battle was plenty rough”, he said, ‘and even though the Jap planes did come over every night about dark there was plenty of opposition from the marines after they had captured the air field on Saipan.

“You needn’t worry about our ship as she is plenty tough and she can take it. She is the best ship in the Navy and has the best officers.

“With all the bad times I’ve had.” Seaman Jones said, “the good times overbalance them and I will take sea duty any time to shore duty.”

He took part in two invasions of the Marshalls since going on foreign duty last February. He enlisted at Salisbury last October and took basic training at Bainbridge.

He arrived at his mother’s home in Delmar, Sept. 7 at 6;30 a. m. after leaving Long Beach, Calif. Sept. 3 at noon. He said he had no trouble getting rides. ‘People were very kind to me.”

In St. Louis, Mo. He got a ride with two U. S. Marshals as far as Hagerstown, Md.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Today is Belize Independence Day

Belize, once known as British Honduras (until 1973), is the only official English-speaking country in Central America. Belize has had numerous disagreement with Guatemala which claims the country. The disputes still are not settled and on some Guatemala maps Belize is shown as the 23rd province of Guatemala.

Belize lies on the eastern coastline of Central America, bordered on the north by Mexico, on the west and south by Guatemala, and on the east by the Caribbean Sea. It is separated by sea from its neighbor to the southwest, Honduras.

Belize is larger than Delaware with approximately 8,866 square miles as opposed to Delaware's 2,044 square miles (less at high tide). The mainland is approximately 180 miles long and up to 68 miles wide.

Belize celebrates it 26th year on Independence today. Belize Throws a party

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Town of Delmar Planning and Zoning

The Town of Delmar Planning and Zoning Committee met tonight. The members, Ed Ferro, William Boyan, Carl Anderton, Michael Houlihan, Joe Dixon, and Stan Benson were all present.

Among some of the items discussed were;

The Irvin Aydelotte property in the vicinity of the water plant wants to be rezoned to residential. It currently is light industrial. They want to develop four building lots once it is rezoned. A discussion pursued as to rather First street actually extended onto the property. There was some thought that if the street did not exist the developer would have to pay for the street. If the street did exist the town would have to pay to put in the street. The issued was tabled until more investigation could be done.

Fred Hudson, I think I have his name right, of the Heron Pond Development (South side of RT54, East of Town) showed the committee plans for the Duplex homes that would be on the property. He said the houses would be by Fort Maier Homes. Fort Maier currently is working on a development in Cambridge called Pintail Landing. Since the code does not specifiably address duplexes and the height was under 35 foot the committee gave their approval to the design for the Ridgley Model Duplex and the Ridgley Deluxe Model Duplex. The developer also said there would be a tree buffer, of existing trees, that would hide the duplexes from the view of their Delaware neighbors.

Bob Eaton and Danny Maszera, of the Pheasant Lake Development on the southwest side of Delmar Maryland, made their presentation and said they fulfilled the conditions the P&Z committee put forth last month. The Committee gave final Plat approval and final engineering approval to Pheasent Lake in a 5 to 1 vote. Carl Anderton was the one voting against the project as he would like a playground put in the development and as he pointed out the streets are the same width as WoodCreek. The Maryland attorney Bob Benson and Pheasant Lake attorney Bob Eaton both pointed out there is no longer a requirement for these approvals to be sent to the Mayor and Commission. This committee's approval is the final say in the matter.

Praise In The Park

As a reminder, the Delmar Christian Center will hold Praise In The Park at State Street Park in Delmar, Delaware this Saturday from 11 AM to 2 PM.

Free Food, CD and DVD

The Schedule is;
11:00 Illuminate Drama Team
11:20 Delmar Christian Center Praise Team
11:40 Mike Brown Singer/Songwriter
12:00 Illuminate Drama Team
12:20 Delmar Christian Center Praise Team
12:40 Mike Brown Singer/Songwriter
1:00 Illuminate Drama Team
1:20 Delmar Christian Center Praise Team
1:40 Mike Brown Singer/Songwriter

Briarwood Manor

East of Laurel, on Trussum Pond Road is a pleasant, established, mobile home park called Briarwood Manor. It is made up of about 100 homes and it appears to be a well kept up mobile home park. It is surrounded by Sussex County farm land with additional mobile homes on the land plus Sandy Ridge development.

Yesterday in the Daily Times was an article on it regarding the high nitrate levels coming from the well at the park. The well is in the center of the park, next to the playground. The mobile homes are hooked to septic systems and across the street is a sod farm. In addition, in the past, there were chicken houses next to the park.

The Delaware Public Health Department advised people in the park not to drink the water if they are pregnant or nursing or younger than six months. In August the Health department placed them on their Drinking Water Alert Briarwood. This put them and Laurel Tastee Freez on the same alert notice for Nitrates

Briarwood Manor is owned by Mobile Gardens, LLC in Seaford and the water well is run by K. C. Burnham and associates of Pittsford, NY.

I happen to be taking a Water Treatment course at Del Tech so last night we discussed this problem at Briarwood. The problem has been going on for 10 to 15 years. The Park owners have driven a new 400' well only to discover the water from that well had other problems and was unusable. They have added technical equipment such as a nitrate remover. It is simply a bad area for water. I think the combination of a concentrated number of septic tanks at the mobile home park, the old chicken houses, the sod farm and the general runoff from the farms in the area all combine into making it a high nitrate area. The current tack the park is taking is to do away with the septic tanks and install a community septic system.

The Delaware Health department drinking water Alerts for 2007 are here the drawback to them is they do not give an address on the alert so unless you are familiar with the business you don't know where they are located.

Planning and Zoning Meeting

For those who may be interested in the real estate development in town, there is a Delmar Planning and Zoning meeting tonight at 7 PM, at town hall.

Roast Possum Apples and Sweet Taters

An excellent fall dish. I came across this recipe Possum while looking for a good possum recipe. I was always wondering what to do with those leftover possums. It is from the blog Baboon Pirates. He sounds like he would fit in to Delmarva society very well.

King's Church Fall Festival

It must be the weekend for church fall festivals. King's United Methodist Church out on Gordy road is having their Fall Festival, Saturday September 22nd, 10 AM till 3 PM.

They will have;
A petting zoo
Barrel Train rides
Antique Fire equipment
Homemade Ice cream
Oyster sandwiches
Homemade soup

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Sports Nut Bar is Open

Happy days are here again, the Sports Nut bar, run by Jim and Mary Daley, has reopened.

It was shut down for renovation for about three months. It does look good now! It is bright and it sparkles.

Mary is behind the bar. They will return to serving food on October 1st. They are still making a few last minutes touch ups.

The hours are Monday thru Saturday 9 AM to 1 AM and on Sunday 11 AM to 11 PM.

The Phone number is 302-846-2970.
Stop by and visit, after all it is Delmar's neighborhood bar.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Independence Day For Chile

Today in Chile it is Independence Day. See Dieciocho

High School Graffiti

Some dumb ass was busy with a spray can. I guess this will take some taxpayer resources to clean it up.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Pittsville Library Event

A night of Astronomy Education and Exploration

The Pittsville Branch of the Wicomico Public Library together with Jerry Truitt, President of Delmarva Stargazers will be hosting "A Night of Astronomy Education and Exploration" on Friday September 21, 2007 at 6:00pm, Mr. Truitt will be presenting an Introduction to Astronomy, followed by a view of the night sky through telescopes. Presentations will be held outside. This event is free and open to all ages.

Refreshments courtesy of Dunkin Donuts will be served. We will also feature a prize raffle, free giveaways, and more.

Bring your family, friends and a lawn chair and enjoy "A night of Astronomy Education and Exploration."

The Pittsville Branch of The Wicomico Public Library is located on the grounds of the Pittsville School in Pittsville Maryland.

For more information call 410-835-2353 or visit us online at Wicomico County Library or contact:

Kerry O'Donnell
Library Assistant
Pittsville Branch
Wicomico Public Library
7370 School Lane
Pittsville, MD 21850

Delmar Apathy

I have written before about the apathy in Delmar; one, vote and second to run for elected office. It is interesting that in Delmar, Maryland the current Mayor is the only person to file for that position in the upcoming election. In Dover there are nine people that have filed to run for the Mayor position there. I am glad to see for the two Delmar Maryland commissioners positions that five people have filed for them.

Delaware Signs the Constitution

I picked this up from "This Day in Delaware History":
1787 As Delaware's representatives, George Read, John Dickinson, Richard Bassett, Gunning Bedford, Jr., and Jacob Broom signed the new US Constitution in Philadelphia.

The byline on this information is; "Today's facts were compiled by historian Roger Martin and brought to you by the Delaware Public Archives. Visit Delaware Public Archives and discover what DPA has to offer!"

It is of course Constitution Week.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Old Farts On Bikes

I stopped off for gas today and while filling my van about 10 bikers came in. I thought at first I was surrounded by the Pagans but when they got off theirs bikes and all went hobbling to the men's room they were taken off their helmets and all you saw was gray hair or no hair. Yep, it was the Old Farts On Bikes. I guess they had taken short and were in need of a men's room as I didn't see them buying gas. It reminded me of a commercial I have recently seen where it shows bikers than wraps into a Depends adult diaper commercial.