Saturday, September 29, 2007

Special People

A Special Person receiving special attention from a Delaware State Trooper

Denton Wesleyan Camp

On a near perfect afternoon, I drove over to Denton to visit the Denton Wesleyan Camp Grounds. This is a church camp similar to Carey's camp, but larger. In 2008, it will celebrate it's 110th anniversary.

I spoke with Pastor Bruce Lecates and he said the camp is made up of about 90 cottages and 15 other buildings (Dorms, dinning hall, bath/shower rooms,tabernacle, snack buildings, picnic pavilion etc).

This is a row of cottages. The cottages are classic camp architecture. They could be found at Church Camp or any older lake side resort. They range from single level block cottages with two rooms, to two story cottages with four to six rooms.

Another row of cottages. The cottages are individually owned. This is a very quiet serene camp. The cottages are the type that were owned by your grandfather and have been passed down to you over time and you will pass it on to your grandchildren. It is the type of place where you can let your children run around with out being worried about them.

Another row of cottages. I think all the cottages have electric, most have some form of plumbing and for those that don't there are bath houses.

More Cottages. I find this style of small buildings to be fascinating. It reminds me of the motels from the 1940's and 1950's that had small cottages instead of rooms. This style can be found not only at Church Camps but also at so many older resort areas. Most have been torn down. It is also a style I have found on the Virginia Eastern shore and defunct camp grounds being used as permanent houses.

Bruce and Susan Smart showed me around the camp and their cottage. This is a photo of the living room. They have a classic 4 room cottage. Kitchen/eating area and living room downstairs and two sleeping areas upstairs.

The Museum and Archives for Denton Camp. It looks like this could be a good source for family tree research.

Snack Shop down on "main" street. If you don't want to eat at the snack shop, or cook in your cottage you can buy a meal plan and eat in the dinning hall. The dining hall (Crowder Center) can handle about 350 people. They rent it out for wedding and other events.

Another row of small cottages. The actual camp meeting takes place about the same time as Carey's Camp, from July 25th to August 3rd. Thru the year they will rent the "Public" buildings (dinning hall, dorms, meeting halls, etc) to other church groups (such as the Mennonites) to use. Thru the summer there are also Teen Camps and Kid camps and retreats. It happens that this weekend there was a Gospel concert going on. They had about 800 people to it last night and expected more tonight. At a price of $5.00 a ticket it is a cheap night out to listen to professional nationally known singing groups.

A view of the fishing Pond and Wesleyan Retirement Center. Next to this also is the Wesleyan School. I can not help think that with the Campground, Retirement Center and School these facilities must have a significant economic impact on Denton.

Denton Wesleyan Camp is part of the Chesapeake District of the Wesleyan Church

The address is; 424 E. Wesley Circle, Denton, Maryland
It is just off Camp Road in Denton.

Denton also has a large 4H camp facility at the opposite end of town on Detour Road.

The Delmar Water Treatment Plant

I stopped by the water plant yesterday. I went to introduce myself to the new public works clerk but found she locks herself in the public works building so you can't get in. I found Bob Windsor, public works foreman, who showed me around the water treatment plant. The water treatment plant was built about 1999.

This is the Well 2A building. Well 2A is 205 feet deep which puts it in the Manokin Aquifer. It can pump 1,000 GPM.

This is the Well 3A building.

This is inside the building, looking at Well 3A. Not much to see huh? Well 3A is 143 feet deep, which puts it in the Columbia aquifer. This well can draw 750 GPM. Our line item in the annual budget for electric to run all the pumps etc is $45,000.

The water after being pumped from the wells enter a holding tank and is than fed to an aerator type device that will remove carbon dioxide, volatile organic compounds, hydrogen sulfide, etc. All of which can create odor and taste problems.

Bob Windsor in front of the ferrosand filters.

The water will leave the aerator and chlorine gas will be mixed with it. The chlorine will act as a disinfection to the water. It will than enter the ferrosand filters.

These ferrosand filtration systems have layers of gravel, ferrosand and other mediums to remove iron and maganese from our water. They are by Hungerford and Terry. They are 108 inch diameter automatic vertical catalytic ferrsand filters rated at 60,000 GPH.

Once the water is filtered it is mixed with fluoride and phosphate. In the annual budget there is $4,000 for chemicals.

This is the fluoride mixing station. We use sodium fluoride to put fluoride in the water. You can go to My water Fluoride to learn about fluoride and Delmar fluoride system. In this room is also a phosphate mixer to add phosphate to the water for corrosion control on our pipes.

Bob taking a sample of water after it has gone through the filters. In the 2008 annual budget there is $2,000 for lab testing. The standards for the quality of town water is much stricter than for bottled water. The town has to answer to the Federal government (EPA), State of Delaware and the State of Maryland, whereas most bottle water producers just answer to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). So if you had a good drink of water today send Bob an email at and tell him thanks.

The water after it has mixed with the fluoride and phosphates is than pumped to the water storage tanks. The North water tank is a single pedestal elevated storage tank that holds 250,000 gallons (at 8.33 pounds a gallon that is over 2 million pounds up there). The tank is about 125 feet in height and when full the water level elevation is 119.5 feet above ground level.The south water tank holds 300,000 gallons. The pressure maintained by the weight of the water forces the water through the water mains to our houses. The water pressure is normally about 45 pounds. Altho the water is treated and clear when it leaves the water tower after running a number of miles thru some of our older water mains it will pick up some iron. Part of the town's budget will be used in a reasonable fashion to replace those older mains.

The North water tower was built in 1999 by Brown Steel construction (Caldwell Tanks). The cost was $700,000 and funding was provided by USDA Rural Development with a split of Delaware 41% and Maryland 59%.

For additional information on water or Delmar water system go to Delaware Water Resources Center

or Office of Drinking Water

Ten Reasons to Join the PTA

This article is from the September 29th, 1944 Bi-State Weekly newspaper in Delmar. The reasons given hold true for today.


You may have a son or daughter or perhaps you are a teacher, with many children in your charge. Or maybe you’re just a citizen, someone who knows that this world will someday need new leaders – leaders who must be recruited from among the youngsters down the block and others like them. Whichever you are, there’s a place for you in the P.T.A. and a reason – many reasons- why you should be occupying that place right now. Somewhere in this list you’ll find the reasons that fit your own particular cases.

1. In time of war, so many old-time basic values are in danger of being forgotten that it takes everything that every one of us can do to prevent our overlooking them. The P.T.A. stands guard over just such values.

2. Children needs won’t wait. It doesn’t take long to grow up. And growing up under unwholesome or undesirable conditions means tragedy to the child and loss to the nation. The P.T.A. helps to prevent both.

3. Many heads are better than one. In the parent-teacher association all members pool their thinking in a common cause.

4. We must do something about the increase in juvenile delinquency, the day care of war workers’ children and more than a dozen other pressing problems. Through the P.T.A. you can contribute your share in these very necessary activities.

5. We want our boys and girls to grow into responsible adults. It’s a good idea to let them see responsible adults from their own homes working together in the P.T.A. Remember that it is far easier to teach by example than by precept.

6. This world needs to learn exactly what democracy is all about, needs to see it in action at close range,. Where better than in the P.T.A., one of the most democratic organizations in America?

7. We know more about training children than we used to, and it makes a difference in our way of handling them. The P.T.A. brings you the latest and best information on child training.

8. We need a balance wheel for our war activities, some means of keeping our sense of proportion when the all out war effort seems to obscure everything else. The P.T.A. is grand at helping its members to put first things first.

9. We want to do something practical to help win the war, so that we can go back to normal living. Nothing in the world is more essential than working for the welfare of childhood and youth, so that when the war is won, we shall have a fine, sturdy generation to carry on.

10. Most of us have a more or less urgent desire to do something to make the world a little bit better. In the P.T.A. we begin to feel that we can do something in this direction. Making the world better by rearing a better generation of children is the goal of the P.T.A.

Mrs Albert Hastings,
Membership Chairman.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Tylenol Murders

On September 29th 1982 12 year old Mary Kellerman would become the first of 7 victim of cyanide laced Tylenol. Johnson and Johnson would issue the first major recall of a drug by taking Tylenol off the shelves. We would all be reminded of these murders by the tamper proof bottles that are now on all over the counter drugs. A good description of this is at All About The Tylenol Murders. The perpetrator was never caught.

Water System Flushing

As a reminder the town will be flushing the water distribution lines byway of the fire hydrants tonight, beginning at 9 PM and will probably go to 3 AM. Periodically flushing is required to clear up sediment, etc that are in the water distribution lines. You should check your water before washing just to see if rust or iron ended up in your water from the flush.

The Anheuser Bush

I had hoped to put in another bottle tree this summer but did not get around to it, instead I planted an Anheuser bush. Now with this hot dry weather we have had this summer most of my garden is dead, but this Anheuser bush just thrives in that kind of weather. Every time I look, it has sprouted another bloom.

Rewards for Overweight People

On today's TV news and newspapers was a discussion about a study for rewarding overweight people with money if they lose weight. Now altho it pertained to private business that is a typical government philosophy. Reward the people who created their own problem and give nothing to the people who have attempted to live a conservative lifestyle. In this study, overweight people received between $14 to $7 for each pound they lost. The "normal" weight people received nothing. Now, I am someone who is grossly overweight, I know how I got there and I am not blaming anyone but myself. I do not expect a handout to correct a problem I created. This "rewards for creating your own problems" can easily be related to the current housing market where those people who were conservative and stayed in their income level on housing will watch the government bail out people who should have never received a home loan to begin with (actually they will be bailing out developers, builders and banks). Those same conservative people who also saved their money are watching the interest rates go down again. The government, in this case federal government, has no clear ideal what it wants to do. It sends conflicting messages out everyday.

Of the places I worked at over the years ConDiesel in Salisbury had the best workers program for healthy living. They were given a budget each year by their corporate office (that the plant could not cut or use any other way) for a health program that fostered a healthy living style. That said, the local Condiesel plant, I also think looked the other way on drugs as they found they could get a higher percentage of work done if an employee was on drugs, but that is just my opinion on that.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Anti Siphon Device

I made a post about a year ago about the problem of possible back flow or back siphonage action with your outside faucet. When I was in the north Salisbury Wal mart today I noticed in the garden section they had anti siphon devices reduced to two dollars. Now that is pretty cheap protection against back siphonage and the risk of contaminating your home plumbing with detergent or pool chemicals. Like I said before it is a small tube like thing that just screws on your outside faucet and when the water pressure goes off on the house side of the faucet it closes and prevents any siphon action from your garden hose.

Emily's Birthday

Today is Emily's birthday. Happy birthday Emily!!!

Delmar MD Primary Election

The Delmar Election for mayor and two commissioners is like some kind of a secret thing. We know since Mayor Niblett is the one who filed for the Mayor spot he is a shoo in.

I understand the results from Tuesday primary election were;
Marlena Hodgins received 38 votes
Commissioner Luther Hitchens received 35 votes
Reginald Lizotte received 35 votes
Chris Pittas received 36 votes.

Commissioner Joan Tisinger only received 29 votes and was eliminated from the race.

So does that mean 173 people voted in this election? Again I can only say if you have 50 sure votes you can be elected to any office in Delmar. The lack of voting is almost like a plea for a cult to move into town and take over. I do understand this election was made more special by the lack of notification to the people.
UpDATE: I have been told that only 52 people voted. They were suppose to pick four people to vote for. The voting booth was at town hall. I understand there are 1089 register Delmar Maryland voters. Why wasn't the town website used to post more information on this?

The actual Delmar Maryland election date is November 20th.

Any of those candidates who might want to post a statement on why they should be elected should feel free to do so on this blog. You can post it as a comment to this post or email me your statement at and I will post it as a separate post.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

D'Armi Tree

Keith D'Armi of D'Armi Tree Service came by today and removed a dead Silver Maple I had in the back yard. Over the winter it had died and since part of it stuck out over our little swimming pool we have been expecting it to crash into the pool.

Keith uses low tech tree removal, no cherry picker to ride up in the tree. He just throws ropes up into the limbs and climb up with a chain saw and removes it. If you have a crowded yard this works well as you don't have to make room for equipment.

I have used Keith D'Armi a number of times over the years on the trees in my yard and I have always been pleased with his work.

The man can climb like a hunted possum.

This is like out on a limb.

Chipping away

The remains of the tree. I was too cheap to pay him to remove the stump I figured I could send my wife out with an axe to remove it.

Anyway, I can recommend D'Armi Tree Service to anyone who might need a tree trimmed or removed. His Phone number is 410-546-1342. He lives and works in Delmar, he just has a Salisbury number from a time when he has an office in Salisbury.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Delmar Joint Council September 24th

The Delmar Joint Council was held tonight at 7 PM at Town Hall. Mayor Outten and Councilman Figgs were missing.

Again, let me say this is just a summary of some items and my opinion of them. If you want to know what really happens at these meetings you should attend.

There was a joint resolution by both Towns to declare that Halloween would be one night and that night would be October 31st. The hours will be between 6 to 8 PM and limit to children under 12 years of age.

I don't know if Mayor Outten's feeling were hurt by my comments about his reading ability last month but he didn't show up tonight to read the resolutions for the proposed annexed properties on the East side of town. The resolutions were read by that great orator, or is it oracle, Vice Mayor Houlihan who kept the audience spellbound and on the edge of their seats thru out the readings. On October 29th will be the second reading, so if you have any complains about it you should be there, but it is a done deal as we all know.

The State of Maryland/Wicomico County is requiring the town to do a new Comprehensive plan. When Sharptown had theirs done the low bid was $32,500, so Delmar Maryland can figure on a higher amount than Sharptown. It is so complicated that towns are pretty much required to hire a consultant to do it for them.

There was an issue with a resident on the Maryland side who has recently planted trees/bushes on their property line and altho it does not create a driving hazard yet it may when they are fully grown. The Town cited him for it. He came to Town Hall and gave the Town manager a list, with photos, of other property in town that was just as bad or worst and said not to cite him until the town took care of the other properties.

The road cuts on Old Stage Road were discussed and the fact they are not maintained. The Town manager said she drove out there and did not see the problem Diane Buckley was talking about. Diane Buckley said she would drive her out and show her. The Town manager asked if it would be at Diane Buckley usual driving speed.

As you may recall Sam Lennox purchased four portable basketball goals for the park. One of them has finally been assembled and put in the park. The Wicomico County Parks and Recreations inspector looked at it and said to remove it as it was a goal for home use not public park use. The Inspector also said the rims on the current basketball goals were unsafe and should be replaced. There followed a discussion about how much the town did not want the basketball stuff anyway and how the Parks and Recs survey was not done properly.

There was a discussion on Mayor and commissioners/councilman salaries. They decided to raise the Delaware elected officials salary so the Mayor would make $2,300 a year, The Vice Mayor would make $2,000 a year and the councilman would make $1,700 a year. This way the Delaware elected officials would make as much as the Maryland elected officials (Why didn't they just lower the Maryland side of Town salaries if they wanted to keep them the same?). This will take effect after the next election.

Parks and Recs - Commissioner Carrie Williams would like for everyone to attend the Parks and Recs meeting. With so many people on the Little League and baseball there has not been enough people to hold a meeting. A wider selection of people need to be active in Parks and Recs. The meetings are the first Wednesday of the month in Town hall.

Police business - the Police auction of confiscated cars and bikes will be held October 27th at 10 AM Saturday.

Delmar Revitalization Committee will hold a downtown festival on November 10th from 9 to 2. Pennsylvania Ave will be closed off.

Fire department -The dedication of the fireman memorial will be October 7th starting at 1 Pm.

Public works - Fire Hydrant Flushing will start at 9 PM this Friday night

Comments; Councilman Mary Lee Pase and Councilman Buckley expressed that the two building lots that a developer was trying to put houses on were considered unbuildable when he bought them and should remain so.

Public works has hired a part time clerk. She will be at the public works office and the phone will be answered by her. Any complains about public works related problems can be called into 302-846-3696.

The town manager has received numerous complains on the Maryland election and the lateness of the Town Newsletter. As usual the town removed them self from the problem by saying it was advertised in the "Daily Times" and the Newsletter was not the official source of information.

Councilperson Diane Buckley thanked the town for getting a new clock that was large enough and clear enough for her to read. She also said she did not get a town newsletter and again asked to be put on the list to get one.

Councilperson Mary Lee Pase said she had discussions with the town Red Hat Club and they wanted to do some work in the State Street Park. Ms Pase was concerned about the number of teenagers who were hanging out in the park. She said they do need a place and activities to do but hanging out on the playground equipment was not it.

Commissioner Tisinger asked about the signs at the produce stand on RT 13. The Town manager said the letter sent to them to remove the signs, etc gave them 30 days which wasn't up until October 1st. Joan Tisinger also wants a recycling program.

Commissioner Hitchens said vote for him in the election.

Public Comments;
Chris Harr said he was new to how the town government worked and asked a number of questions about the workings of it. One question asked was about the lateness of the newsletter. He had heard it was held up by one of the elected officials and wanted to know why and by whom. Commissioner Carl Anderton said it was him and he had a problem with the tone and wording of the FOP statement in the newsletter, that caused the lateness of the letter.

The women of woodcreek, who always attend the meeting, said they knew nothing about the people who were running for office in this Maryland election and how could they find out about them.

Delmar Utility Meeting Sept 24th

The Delmar Utility Commission met tonight at 6:30. all members except Lori Dewald were present.

Among the items discussed was the water main to the Delmar Diner. It has been installed,pressure tested, water samples analyzed, and was accepted as of September 13th in the distribution system. It has a one year warranty from the contractor who installed it, Alvin Schrock.

The engineers are working on timetables for the new well.

The Aydelotte property which was discussed in the last Planning and Zoning meeting, where the owners wants to rezone and eventually subdivide the one lot into four building lots, has hit an additional problem. The Town well is next to this property and part of the Delaware Wellhead protection program rules is construction can not be done within 150 foot of the well. The wellhead Protection Program is also generally discussed in the Delmar comprehensive plan and Delmar resolution #1997-5. About half of the Aydelotte property would be disqualified from development. The town has in the past asked Mrs Aydelotte for a price on this land so the Town could buy it but has received no reply.

The Town Manager and Delaware Mayor will be going to Dover with Tidewater Utilities Officials to discuss House bill 30 . House Bill 30 expressly prohibits the application and/or injection of wastewater or treated wastewater or disposal of biosolids and/or sludge from sewage treatment facilities. The new wastewater treatment plant under discussion for the East side of Delmar Delaware had plan to use spray irrigation to remove the treated water. Two years ago the State of Delaware was encouraging us to us this form of removal now they are preventing it.

Originally it was a simple idea to use a private Utility company to service the expanded area east of town. There seem to be more issues coming of it than we had thought and I am beginning to think it is like climbing in bed with the devil.

1931 Wicomico County Flogging

This is possibly the first and last flogging that occurred in Wicomico County. It should be pointed out that before Wicomico County became Wicomico County and was part of Worcester and Somerset counties floggings had occurred.

September 24, 1931 WICOMICO NEWS, Salisbury Maryland

Sheriff Phillips Administers 30 Lashes To Clarence Bell on Order of Court

Whipping Executed in Corridor of Jail

Accused of assaulting Mother Of His Four Children;Penalty Never Before Invoke Here

Clarence Bell, 40-year-old carpenter, paid the penalty under the lash Friday morning, for beating his wife, Priscilla Bell, the mother of his four children.

Invoking an age old law, Judge Joseph L. Bailey in Circuit Court Thursday afternoon sentenced Bell to receive thirty lashes and Sheriff Phillips was instructed to execute the court’s order before noon Friday.

The flogging was executed at 8:55 on the second floor corridor of the jail. Judge Bailey interpreted the law to mean that the whipping should not be administered in public.

A crowd of some 300 people had gathered in the jail yard, believing the penalty would be exacted there. The flogging was over in approximately three minutes and the throng outside the prison dispersed. Many of them had come in from the county to attend the day’s court session.

Not a sound issued from Bell’s lips as the thirty lashes fell across his shoulders, nor did he speak as he was led back to his cell by the officers.

Ball sat on a bench in the corridor nervously smoking a cigarette as he watched Sheriff Phillips and deputies make preparations for the flogging. The nervousness was the only sign of emotion visible to spectators during the ordeal.

The prisoner’s wrists were handcuffed to the steel bars on the door of the dungeon. He had been instructed by the Sheriff Phillips to remove his outer shirt, leaving an undershirt to cover only a small part of his back.

Bell stood outside the locked cell door, Sheriff Phillips, whip in hand took a position to the prisoner’s left. Bell’s face was not visible to the spectators.

The solid wooden doors to the cells on either side of the corridor were closed, denying the thirty inmates a view of the scene being enacted a few feet away. Not a voice or a sound was heard from behind the doors.

Sheriff Phillips and a spectator counted the lashes as they were given. Several times Bell winced as more red welts appeared on the exposed portions of the flesh.

Three Whips; about one-half inch in diameter at the largest end, were used. Each lasted ten lashes.

Among the spectators witnessing the flogging were; State’s Attorney Levin C. Bailey, who prosecuted Bell, Deputy Sheriff, newspapermen, and Herman Phillips, brother of the Sheriff.

In passing sentence Judge Bailey imposed a penalty as old as the Maryland colony, but never before executed in Wicomico County. Old Maryland laws permitted flogging of both sexes for a variety of criminal offenses.

Ancient court records at Princess Anne describes the execution of such a penalty by the Sheriff several times dating the sitting of the court.

The sentence surprised the crowded court room, including State’s Attorney Bailey. A hush fell upon the room as Judge Bailey concluded a lengthy lecture directed at Bell with “This is something that you will remember for 30 years, if you live that long.”

Having no precedent to follow Sheriff Phillips sought information concerning the practice of Delaware authorities where the whipping post is frequently brought into usage. He was informed that the cat o nine tails has been abolished and three switches were used, a new one for each ten lashes.

Some thirty such switches were collected and stripped of leaves and branches. From this collection Sheriff Phillips selected the larger ones.

Mrs Bell testified Thursday her husband took her from her home on July 16, forced her into his automobile and after driving into a woods outside the city severely beat her about the head and body.

For a fortnight she was confined to her bed, critically ill from the wounds. Bell was indicted by the grand jury and pleaded guilty to the allegations.

To a charge of assaulting Sarah Lecates, his mother-in-law who endeavored to intercede for her daughter Bell entered a plea of not guilty. He was convicted by the court, however and sentenced to pay a fine of $20.

On a charge of driving an automobile while intoxicated he likewise pleaded guilty and fined $100 to stand committed to jail until the fines were paid.

Judge Robt. F. Duer was on the bench with Judge Bailey when sentenced was pronounced.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

This Week Meetings

September 24 Monday 6:00 PM Delmar Public Works
September 24 Monday 6:30 PM Delmar Utility Commission
September 24 Monday 7:00 PM Delmar Joint Council

September 25 Tuesday 10:00 AM Sussex county Council
September 25 Tuesday 7:30 Maryland Board of zoning appeals

September 27 Thursday 6:00 PM Sussex County Planning and Zoning

The First Day Of Fall

1875 Check Forgery

September 23, 1875 The Daily Gazette, a Wilmington Paper

A West Chester man was robbed of a check on which his endorsement is Forged.

An alleged forgery has come to light in Maryland in which the First National Bank of West Chester is interested in the particulars of which the Local News relates as follows:

During the first day of the Agricultural Fair held in our borough, a man named Washington Eastbourne, residing at Russelville, this county, came to West Chester and negotiated a loan with Messrs. Pyle & Brown, bankers for the sum of $180, he receiving a check on the First National Bank for this amount. He did not draw the money, and while here it appears, he made the acquaintance of a very pleasant gentleman, who was endeavoring to operate among the people attending the exhibition in the way of selling some sort of a patient right. Eastbourne and this gentleman who was very childlike and bland, he became quite intimate, and on Tuesday, it is said they left our borough together and betook themselves to Wilmington Delaware. In that city they drank together and got more or less intoxicated and Eastbourne on Tuesday night took lodging in a wagon standing in one of the hotel yards. On the following morning he awoke to find his hat and traveling companion both missing and upon investigating the interior of his pocketbook, the check was also found to be missing and he at once suspected his newly found friend as being the thief.

It appears that the stranger after quitting Wilmington went to Delmar, a place near Maryland line and stopped at a hotel kept by a man named Hodgson and with whom he settled his hotel charges by passing over the check, after first endorsing it in the name of “Washington Eastbunn” – Subsequently the check was endorsed by Mr. Hodgson and given to Adams Express Company for collection, and by the company it was also endorsed and presented to the First national Bank of west Chester, and the money paid to the company.

On the day following Eastbourne advised Messrs Pyle & Brown, of this place of his loss and requested them to stop payment, and the being then in the Express Company’s hands they were forthwith advised by their agent at West Chester to return it or hold it until further orders.

The stranger, who gave his name as Washington Eastbunn, was afterwards arrested at Crisfield, Md. In regard to the check he said:
“I won the check in Wilmington from Washington “Eastbourne’ at a gambling table and brought it down to Delmar and there transferred it to Mr. Hodgson by putting my name on the back of it, which is Washington Eastbunn. I have a right to put my name on anything, the bank cashier should have noticed the spelling.” Eastbunn, as he calls himself but which is not his name, is a tremendous man in size, being greatly over six feet high, he says he was fifteen years a sailor and three years on the police force in the 8th ward in New York City.
He showed the magistrate how he wrote the name “Eastbourne” and his writing was an excellent specimen of beautiful pensmanship.

The bank cashier went down to Delmar, Tuesday in company with Washington Eastbourne to be present at the hearing.

The theft being committed in Delaware an effort will be made to have the trail take place at New Castle instead of in Maryland, that place being the choice of those interested.

In 1859 Kendall B. Hearn built a Hotel in Delmar. After he died it changed hands a number of times with one of the owners being Richard Hodgson. The Hotel burn in the great Fire of 1892.