Saturday, October 20, 2007

Sportsman Giveaway

Remember to get your ticket to the Sportsman Giveaway from the Delmar Fire Department

Bethel's Maritime Fall Festival

I stopped by the Bethel Fall Festival this morning. It is a very nice festival. It has a number of good crafts and items for sale. A number of food vendors that were not quite open at 10 AM and pony rides, duck train, castle jumper, etc for the kids. The weather was perfect for this event. The one disappointment was the food vendors were not selling scrapple sandwiches. There was a breakfast at the community house where I am sure they had scrapple sandwiches but I didn't feel like walking there. What kind of Delmarva Festivals does not have food vendors with scrapple sandwiches and coffee?

Nice Pottery

The Hobby Stop out of Seaford had some really nice model Steam Engines, ships etc. all of which I am sure are out of my price range.

Zinger Enterprizes from Sharptown Road in Laurel had a Solar Powered Autonomous Surface Vehicle there. I gather it is set loose in the ocean and used for a number of things.

The T Shirt, Sweat Shirt, mug, and auto tag man was there

Good Stuff to Buy

Jams and Jellies

God's Country Crossroad performing

Frying Oysters, those good Metopkin Oyster too.

Bird Houses
The wife and I went back for lunch, had a couple of oyster sandwiches (good, but not Chincoteague Carnival quality). Listen to the Jone Boys play, a band that seems to be aimed at the over 50 crowd (so I fit right in).

Old people dancing to the music of the Jones Boys

Looking and buying

Pony rides

Getting your ducks in a row


How many oddfellows does it take to put a trailer on a bumper hitch?

Friday, October 19, 2007

Yard Sales

This week yard sales


Staph Infection Delmar School District

A Message From The Superintendent

You may have read or heard about the recent outbreak of staph infections across the country. In particular, there are concerns about a strain of staph called MRSA [also being called a “Super Bug”] that is resistant to antibiotics. This morning I learned that two students from our district have been diagnosed with the staph infection. They are presently being treated, under the care of their physicians, and no longer contagious. I will keep our community informed of other suspected cases. MRSA infections are resistant to antibiotics and the District is following the Department of Health guidelines which are:
§ The person with a staph infection is to be out of school for 48 hours.
§ The person is to go on an antibiotic.
§ When the person returns to school, the area on the person that was treated should remain covered.

Staph bacteria are one of the most common causes of skin infections in the country, but MRSA staph infections can be very serious since they are resistant to antibiotics. MRSA may cause skin infections that look like pimples or boils, or even like spider bites. They may be red, swollen, painful, or have pus or other drainage. Anyone can get a staph infection, but since staph is spread through skin-to-skin contact, young people are thought to be at a higher risk. Staph can also be contracted through contact with surfaces that have staph on them, by openings in their skin (cuts and scrapes), and by poor hygiene. It is important to contact your doctor immediately if you notice or have a sore that is not healing.

There are some things you can do to help us prevent staph or MRSA
Wash your hands often or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer (and remind your children/students to do so) Keep your cuts and scrapes clean and cover them with bandages Do not touch other people's cuts or bandages Do not share personal items like towels, razors, combs, etc…

I believe we are taking good precautions, and I have asked parents/guardians to reinforce the importance of good hygiene at home as well as in our building. Our Nurses and our Athletic Trainer have received information about MRSA and are updating the district and school administration. Our custodial staff will begin disinfecting the locker rooms and bathrooms. It is also my plan to have other areas, such as the cafeteria, computer labs [keyboards], offices and classrooms disinfected.

-Dr. Ring

Curtis Smith, skimmer

I notice today both the Daily Times and the News Journal carried the article about Curtis Smith who allegedly skimmed $14,000 from the cash register at the Talleyville Delaware Arby's he worked at over a four year period. He is charged with theft and falsifying business records.

Delmar Drive In

An Item picked up from "This Day in Delaware History" put out by the Delaware Public Archives

1972 Delaware's Attorney General Laird Stabler closed down the Delmar Drive In Theater when its owner insisted on showing "Deep Throat." As an X-rated sex film, showing it violated the state's obscenity laws.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Delmar Police Auction

This is the information I have received on the Delmar police auction:

Delmar PD Auction of Abandoned Vehicles, Bikes, Misc Items
Sat., Oct.27th 2007 10A.M.
Delmar PD 400 S. Penn Ave, Delmar, MD

Vehicle Inspection 9 A.M. Day of Sale Only
Terms of Sale: Cash or Certified Check day of Sale.
Vehicles must be moved day of sale 410-896-3131

82 Ford Van 1FTDE04E9CHA23470
84 Ford Van 1FDDE14F4EHA32350
86 Chev Imp 1G1BL69Z3GY106998
86 Chev Blazer 1G8CT18R3G0136866
87 Dodg Bus 2B5WB31W8HK295571
88 Chev Blazer 1GNCT18Z2J0181026
88 Chev S/10 PU 1GCCS14Z7J2201731
88 Dodg P/U 1B7FN14X5JS693582
89 Hond Acco 1HGCA5634KA100609
90 Buic Le Sabre 1G4HP54C5LH54165
90 Buic Regal 2G4WD14T4L1510166
91 Chev Cors 1G1LT53T1NY187368
92 Chev Lumi 2G1WN54T1N9287321
92 Plym Sund 1P3XP28D1NN173193
92 Plym Voyg 1P4GH54RXNX216204
92 Toyo Camr JT2AE94A6N0278236
93 Acur Integ JH4DB1644PS002407
93 Ford Temp 1FAPP31X4PK179770
93 Dodg Spir 3B3XA46KXPT533600
93 Linc Town 1LNLM82W1PY723879
93 Niss Sent 1N4EB32H0PC763414
94 Ford Expl 1FMDU34X8RUB36487
95 Dodg Cara 2B4GH25K7SR308883
95 Mazd 626 1YVGE22C8S5312716
95 Ford Prob 1ZVLT20A7S5154734
95 Geo Trak 2CNBJ1862S6906581
95 Ford Wind 2FMDA5141SBB05060
95 Linc Town 1LNLM82W8SY650633
95 Linc Town 1LNLM81W0SY684227
96 Dodg Intre 2B3HD46T6TH221491
96 Ford Taur 1FALP53S4TA165816
97 Dodg Neon 1B3ES47Y1VD272643
97 Hyun Acc KMHVF24N6VU407421
97 Plym Neon 3P3ES47C1VT570168
98 Pont Gran Am 1G2NE52M9WM502645
99 Dodg Strat 1B3EJ46C0XN540054
99 Ford Crown 2FAFP71WXXX20526
01 Mits Mirg JA3AY26C51U009294
05 Dixie Chopper Lawn Mower SE6049107
Wm. H. Hastings: Auctioneer
Sweet Delights will sell Coffee, Doughnuts, Muffins

So there it is for vehicles, this is your chance to own one of these little jewels, cheap. Plus bicycles and other good stuff you never knew you could live without until you saw it.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Bonanza Family Restaurant

I understand the Milford Bonanza family restaurant has closed so I guess it is not a rumor any longer of financial problems the group of four Bonanzas in the area are having. I understand the employees in Delmar have been told Sunday is their last day. I guess we will know Monday if the owners were able to pull a rabbit out of their hat and the Delmar Bonanza will remain open. After over ten years of ownership by the Wink family it was sold a little under a year ago to a group of Koreans. I guess this shows what a rough business the restaurant business is to anyone who has not run one before. I have not heard if the Pocomoke and Millsboro Bonanza has closed.

Thomas C. Marando

Excerpts from the Bi State Weekly 1944

Pvt. Thomas C. Marando, missing inaction since October 16, 1944, is now a prisoner of war in Germany, his mother, Mrs Mildred Marando, Route 13, Delmar has been informed.

She has received several letters from him stating that he was in good health.

He is a graduate of the Delmar Delaware High school, Class of '43, and before entering the Army in November, 1943 was employed by the Pennsylvania Railroad Company.

Excerpts from the Bi State Weekly 1945

Mrs. Mildred Marando has been notified by the War Department that her son, Pvt. Thomas C. Marando, was liberated from a German prison camp on April 19, 1945.

Sewage Backup

I can't think of many ways to begin a morning that is worst than a sewage line backup, well maybe being shoveled into an ambulance and making a run to the emergency room is a worst way to start the morning, but as far as a normal crisis go this is a poor way to start the morning. As everyone was rushing around trying to leave for work this morning the toilets decided to backup. After an hour of plunging, I gave up and called Roto-Rooter. Two and a half hours after they arrived and a bill for a little under $500.00 they left me with a bushel basket of roots they cut out of the sewer line. Now I had the sewer line replaced some time ago with PVC pipe except for about 5 foot that ran under the sidewalk (the town's responsibility starts at the curb). Naturally the roots were in that 5 foot section of terra cotta pipe that was not replaced. Ah, the thrill of owning an older home.

Delmar MD Males don't work on streets

Back in 1958 the Commissioners of Delmar Maryland voted to rescind a law that required all males in Delmar Maryland between the ages of 21 to 50 to work on the town streets one day a year. This law had not been enforced for a number of years so they decided to drop it. My father use to tell me about a similar law in Sussex county that required people to pay a ditch tax or in lieu of that send someone out to work a day for the county roads department.

Section (51) Code of public law title “Wicomico County” sub-title “Delmar’

All male citizens of the town of Delmar, between the ages of twenty-one and fifty years (except ministers of the gospel), shall work on the streets of said town not less than one nor more than two days each year, or furnish a substitute of the aforesaid age to do work or pay to the bailiff on or before the day on which the work is to be done the sum of one dollar for each day, for the use of said town and the bailiff shall give at least five days notice of the time and place to meet to do said work, and shall on or before the fifteenth day of May, in each year, post in some public place a full and complete list of the names of the names of all persons notified, the names of the substitutes furnished and by whom such substitute was furnished, and the time worked by each person in lieu thereof performing road duty; and any person paying said money on or before the fifteenth day of July, in any year, shall receive a discount of ten per cent on same for that year. Any person failing to comply with the preceding section shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and shall be arrested and brought before some justice of the peace for Wicomico county, upon a warrant issued by said justice of the peace in the name of the state of Maryland, and upon proof of such failure to be fined one dollar for each day so neglected and the costs of the suit, and in default of payment shall be committed to the jail of said county for five days; and if the bailiff shall receive any substitute who is not of the required age under the preceding section, or shall fail to post the said notice, he shall be fined not less than five dollars nor more than twenty dollars.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Grapevine Comment Crumbling Building

I see in todays Daily Times there is a grapevine comment on the the old storefront building on the corner of Pennsylvania and State Street. It is a shame that instead of an anonymous comment in the Grapevine the person didn't give his/her comment to the Joint Council. The building continuing existence is due to this council not enforcing the same ordinances that they apply to home owners and small business. The usual answer is the owner has a buyer for the property so they want to hold off on doing anything about it. I have been hearing that one for years now.

Hazel, The Great Hurricane of 1954

1954 was a year of many hurricanes but the one I will remember is Hazel. Hazel hit land near the North and South Carolina border and went north from there all the way into Canada. It just didn't run up the coast it went in land across New York State into Ontario and still had winds of 60 to 100 mpg in Canada. In Wilmington, Delaware they measure winds of 98 miles per hour. Between the wind and the fact it hit on a full moon there was flooding up and down the coast. I can remember sitting in an old farm house out on Johnson Road in Salisbury listening to branches being torn off trees and glass breaking out of the windows of the house. It kept up all day. It knocked a barn down that was behind the house. It was horrible but also totally fascinating. Yes, of all the hurricanes I have been thru Hazel stands out head and shoulder over all of them.

Hurricane Hazel

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Tienda Mexicana

I don't know how many people have noticed the Mexican food store on State Street next to the State Line Laundry mat but it is there. That location has been so many different stores maybe this will work out and stay there. I understand a number of Mexicans use the laundry mat so maybe it will get enough business to survive. They sell can goods and clothing.

Sussex County First Camp Meeting

Before Mt. Pleasant United Methodist Church, there was Moore's Chapel between Laurel and Sharptown. Moore's Chapel was the oldest church in Western Sussex county and Moore's Chapel became Mt Pleasant Church. It had the first Camp Meeting in Sussex County on the 25th of October 1805. A description of the physical camp is described in the 1863 edition of "The History of Moore's Chapel".

The camp ground was in the grove about 150 yards from the church. About an acre was enclosed by cutting small saplings and wattling them between and binding them to the trees with white oak splits, and then working in brush, in such a manner that neither man nor beast could get through, or over the fence thus made.

In front of the enclosure there was a large entrance gate, guarded by day and by night, and a guard house, in which all offenders were securely placed. In the rear was an alley, a hundred yards long, leading to an half acre, all enclosed like the main camp ground, which none but ladies were permitted to enter.

The tents were shaped like the top of a covered wagen. Two rows of hoop poles were driven in the ground, say ten feet apart and opposite one another. The tops were then brought together and confined with a split. Sheets spread over these and straw spread on the floor, completed the tent.

The furniture consisted of a chest or box which served for storeroom, cupboard, table, and chairs. Thus our fathers worshipped in the tented grove.