Saturday, November 10, 2007

Delmar Heritage Day Has Arrived

Under cloudy skies and cool weather the Delmar Heritage Day Festival happened.

Car show

The Caboose was open

People in the pie eating contest

The things you do when you are an elected official, kiss babies, shake hands, agree with everyone, and participate in a pie eating contest. For some reason Commissioner Carl Anderton and Deputy Mayor Luther Hitchens hung back letting Vice Mayor Michael Houlihan and Mayor Doug Niblett be the elected officials in the pie eating contest.

Vice Mayor Houlihan eating Pie

Pie Eating Contest

Mayor Niblett digging into that pie

People watching the pie eating contest

Pie Eaters

The Winner Standing, notice Doug Niblett sitting down

Pie Eaters Cleaning Up

1982 Youth Program

Excerpts from the State Register April 28, 1982

Approximately four weeks ago, the Delmar Police Department inaugurated a mini program of exercise for local youngsters between the ages of 12 and 15.

Off duty officers brought a punching bag, weights and skip ropes and placed them in the limited space of one of the rooms in the police station.

Chief Harry Hodgins said this week that the project was going well. "The kids that come in and use our facilities are beginning to realize that cops aren't "bad Guys". It also gives our officers an opportunity to get to know our kids. Another plus is the fact these kids can't be getting into trouble when they are engaged in a healthy body building program." Chief Hodgins said.

According to the chief, Pfc Harold Saylor, who was a college athlete, was one of the prime movers of the idea of making exercise equipment available to local youths

Friday, November 09, 2007

The Saetia shipwreck of 1918

A few days before the end of World War I, the steamer Saetia was returning from France. As the ship made it's way to Delaware Bay it struck a floating mine placed by a German submarine about 25 miles off Ocean City. Within 15 minutes the ship sunk in 300 feet of water. The Ocean City Coast Guard station heard the alarm and responded, also many of the local fisherman took their boats to the area where the ship sunk. They returned with 65 crew members. The Town of Ocean City opened the Seaside Hotel so they had a place to stay and food was prepared for the survivors. It was referred to as the Election day Disaster as elections were held the 10th of November that year, 1918.

The Delmar Caboose

The 1929 Penna railroad caboose was receiving a final touchup paint job today.

I noticed the curbing and white parking lines were re painted.

Delmar Second Grade

The Second Grade was out for a trip today.

Irina Malinovskaya

For the last three years a murder trial has been going on in Delaware. Irina Malinovskaya is accused of killing the girlfriend of an ex boyfriend. The third trial for her has once again ended in a mistrial. The woman has been in jail for three years going thru these trials. Sometime justice isn't fair and I would have to say after three attempts by the state to convict her it is time to stop and set her free. Since she is Russian and here on a student visa she is sure to be deported back to Russia after her release.

1981 to 1983 Events in Delmar

I have been working on a project, not related to this blog, that required some research into the 1981 to 1983 time frame in Delmar. I had forgotten what a bad time it was for Delmar in that time period. Let me do some recapping for those who may not remember that time period.

The Town manager Bob Martin, whose pay came half from the Maryland side of Town and half from the Delaware side of town was fired by the Maryland side of town but kept working for the Delaware side of town. Later Bob Martin is rehired by the Maryland side of Town. Bob Martin quits and takes a job with Sussex County.

Karen Horsmen is made acting town manager. She brings a sexual discrimination law suit against the town because she isn't making the same money as the previous town manager.

The town hires Joseph Edward Cate as town manager. On the day he is suppose to start work he tells the town he quits.

John Pick is hired as town manager. After an extremely rough year he quits

Karen Horsmen is made Town manager.

Delmar Maryland annexes the land out to Foskey Lane so the new South Water Tower and well will be in town.

Delmar Maryland is given it's own zip code by the postal department.

The old sewage plant was still being used and residents around it were complaining of the smell. Sludge had to be cleaned out of it and the cost was about $4,000. Maryland Commissioner Ed McClaine commented "We should not pump off the sludge to keep a few peons happy. They don't even pay taxes anyway - let them squawk"

A 1.1 Million dollar water improvement project was under way. This mainly consisted of new water mains, a new south well, and a new south water tower.

A 17 year old, Tammy McGinnis and two other girls June Jackson, age 14, and Stephanie Parsons, age 16, were charged with placing a Molotov Cocktail and a fake bomb in the High School. They than called in a bomb threat. The school was evacuated and the bombs found.

The high school boiler broke, no heat for several days, school continued anyway.

Pennsylvania Avenue became a rougher place to be at night with public drinking and robbery occurring.

Tim's Bar changes hands and becomes Red Dog's.

Seven homosexuals were arrested at the rest stop on Route 13 outside of Delmar for sex charges. This caused the rest stop to be closed down.

A couple at the Greenway Inn Apartments were charged with making porno Movies.

Those last two events caused Heidi Hickey, girl reporter for the State Register, to write an article called (Delmar) Pornotown, USA?

Delmar Police Chief Harry Hodgins, after 6 months on the job, and Pfc James Harris are charged with brutality when they beat a suspect with a tire iron, pointed a 12 gauge shotgun at his head, had him disrobe and threaten to shove a metal rod up his rectum. They eventually are terminated.

Other Policemen resign and Corporal Harold Saylor and Robert Moses becomes a two man police force.

Hunter Nelms is made Police Chief of Delmar.

One of the town's two police cars falls apart. The council suggest the police force can use the town's public works pickup truck.

The state police threatens to not allow the Delmar police cars on the road due to the poor conditions of the tires.

The town budget is approved with no pay raises given to town employees that year. This was based on recommendations from the Delmar Citizens Committee. Chief Hunter Nelms addressed the council saying; "Poverty level for a non-farm family of four is $9,800. You start your police officers at $9,600. I have men eligible for food stamps and public assistance".

A new 13 acre park in Delmar was opened.

Samuel Willey is elected Mayor of Delmar Delaware. He serves one month and resigns. James Smith, newly elected councilman, was appointed Mayor.

The first big complains of rust in the town water supply start to crop up.

The new South Well has a well collapse and the town enters into a year long finger pointing contest with Delmarva Drilling as to whose fault it was.

Delmar Delaware has severe money problems at one point there was concern if the town payroll could be paid.

Jackie Lovett of Delmar kills two people in a drug deal.

Ford Brewington decides to stage a protest by painting a "letter" on the side of his house.

The Maryland Council wants to get rid of Commissioner Edward C. P. Feeney because he doesn't go along with them.

The big planning work on the new Sewage treatment plant starts. The State of Maryland threatens to fine Delmar if the new treatment plant is not built real fast.

The rust problem in Delmar's water becomes worst. A citizens committee, called the Delmar Citizens Water Committee, is formed and lead by Frank and Jane Bonsell. Eventually this committee would call the shots on the town water supply and town direction and budgets. The town had really bad water for about a year.

A pump goes bad in the north water well and the town has to depends on the new south well for a few weeks.

Frank Gully is elected Mayor of Delmar Maryland.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

1984 Kidnapping

Except from The Daily Times 1984

DELMAR- An Easton man was being held this morning on $10,000 bond in the Sussex Correctional Institution on a kidnapping charge, according to police here.

Officer Alan Dickerson said John William Cooper, 36, turned himself into police late Monday afternoon.

Police went to the Red Dog Restaurant on North Pennsylvania Avenue after receiving a call that a man, who had pointed a gun at Margaret Veasey, of Gumboro, later forced her to leave with him. Veasey was not harmed, police said. Cooper is also charged with carrying a concealed dangerous weapon and reckless endangering.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Delmar Heritage Day is coming

This weekend (Saturday) is Delmar Heritage day. The Street downtown will be closed, a car show will be exhibited, games will be played and food will be available. There is a Possibility Elected officials will be called on for a pie eating contest (it will be unfair if the Maryland side of town enlists Rick Pollitt in this event). I understand opening ceremonies will start at 10 AM and the brick placement will be at noon.

The caboose has got a new coat of paint on it. Yes, that is suppose to be red.

Come early and have a scrapple and egg sandwich at Linda's or the Top Hat.

Delmar Delaware Down town

The Delmar High Ball Signal, maybe this year some prankster won't hang women's underwear from it.

So come early and stake out a stool at the Sports Nuts bar and watch the events.

Remember to stay clear of the Lecates building on the corner as it may fall on you.

Do stop in to Delmarva furniture and look around.

1929 Delmar Police Officer Car Stolen

From the Wicomico News November 7, 1929


Raymond Prettyman, whose desire for automobiles has won for him more than one free boarding under the auspices of the state of Maryland and various counties, is again in jail.

He is charges with the theft Monday night of the car of Edward Hearn Delmar Police officer. Officer Hearn's car was taken from a position approximately one hundred yards from the Delmar (Del) police station without arousing the patrolman.

The Maryland policeman in Delmar had seen a Salisbury youth loitering near the car shortly before it was taken and Officer Hearn came at once to Salisbury.

With the aid of Officer Furniss, City police, the officer's car was located parked on Water street behind the jail. Prettyman and two companions were in it at the time, the officers said.

Prettyman was carried over to the jail and later taken back to Delaware. He will go on trial for the theft of the officer's car.

The man has had a checkered career on the peninsula. In October 1927 he was sentenced to two years in the Maryland House of Correction. His term in the institution was shortened as he proved to be a model prisoner and he was released months ahead of time.

He returned to Salisbury and had been here about one week when the car of Donald Graham was taken from Camden street. The car was later found abandon in Berlin.

Later local Officers found that Prettyman had returned to the House of Correction in a car identical to that of Graham's and had made a brief visit there. He offered no explanation of the car and was apparently not questioned about it at the institution.

If a conviction is not obtained against him in Delaware he will be returned to Salisbury to face trial for the theft of Mr. Graham's car.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

1984 Jewelry Theft

An excerpt form the "Daily Times" November 1984.

DELMAR Police here are continuing their investigation into a burglary at the Dukes Jewelry store earlier this week in which $38,000 in merchandise was taken.

Chief Harold Saylor said officers were called to the store Monday morning when the incident was discovered. Saylor said the Pennsylvania Avenue store was apparently entered through the roof. The Delaware State Police crime lab experts were called in to assist in the investigation.

According to Saylor "a sizable quantity" of jewelry was taken from a safe which had been forced open Saylor said his department believes the latest break in may be part of a series of incidents in the Laurel Delmar area in the last several weeks.

Two things about this article stands out. First, in 1984 Delmar was still making public statements about some of the police activity they were doing. At least it lets the public know they are doing something. Today they keep a news blackout on what they are doing unless it is murder or some high profile case.

Second, Chief Saylor has been with the Delmar Police Force so long he is becoming part of my historical commentaries on Delmar.

Delaware Surplus auction

I receive notification of Delaware State auctions, most of the time they are the usual beat up surplus equipment you find at State Auctions. I did receive a notice today of an online auction that has a 1995 Ducati Motorcycle which is a nice change of pace. No idea what kind of shape it is in. You can inspect it at;
Delaware State Police Headquarters, Maintenance Garage
1441 North DuPont Highway, Dover, DE 19901
from November 7, 2007 from 10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Delmar Library Food Collection

The Delmar Public Library is collecting canned goods and non-perishable items to be donated to Harvest Ministries for aiding community members in need. The Thanksgiving collection is underway now and will continue until November 20th.

1932 Delmar Robbery

From The Wicomico News November 3, 1932


Maryland and Delaware State police, county authorities and scores of citizens formed a posse Fri. night and unsuccessfully scoured the town of Delmar and adjacent countryside for a negro who had perpetrated two holdups and shot one of his victims.

Herbert Hearn, postal employee, was the man shot. The bullet entered his stomach and after treatment at Peninsula General Hospital it was said he would recover.

Hearn told officers he was in his automobile parked near the high school when the negro suddenly appeared and commanded him to put up his hands. When he refused Hearn said the bandit thrust a pistol into his face and pulled the trigger.

There was a click, then another click as the cartridge failed to fire. Believing the pistol unloaded Hearn leaped from the car but as he did there was a report from the Negro's pistol and Hearn felt the bullet.

The negro then fled. Hearn companion, a Miss Fisher, was not molested....

Monday, November 05, 2007

Guy Fawkes Day

Remember, remember, the 5th of November,
Gunpowder, treason and plot.
We see no reason why gunpowder treason
Should ever be forgot.

Yes it is Guy Fawkes Day. After V is Vendetta even people in America can repeat the nursery rhyme.

Guy Fawkes was part of the Gunpowder plot which attempted to blow up parliament and kill King James I on November 5, 1605.

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