Saturday, December 01, 2007

Delmar Christmas Parade - 2007

The Delmar Christmas Parade of 2007 happened today. The weather was reasonable, about 48 degrees and the parade was about 45 minutes long which is a good length for a parade. I don't understand these towns that have two and three hour long parades. Delmar public works was out in force doing their bit for the parade, likewise the Police lead and followed up the parade. A number of elected officials were there, including Biff Lee. It wouldn't be an Eastern Shore Parade without fire trucks but they were less than 20 percent of the parade. As usual click on photo for a larger picture.

Joseph J. Cocran

Excerpt from Bi-State Weekly December 1, 1944


Funeral services for Joseph Julius Cocran, S-2, were held from the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Cocran, near Delmar, Friday Morning of last week, with the Rev. J. W. Townsend, pastor of the First Methodist Church in charge of the services. Interment was in the M. E. Cemetery, Delmar.

Cocran was killed Sunday evening, November 19, in a truck accident a few miles north of Princess Anne while he was returning to his base at Chincoteaque, Va.

He is survived by his wife, Mrs Mildred Cocran and daughter, Patricia, of Baltimore; his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Cocran of Delmar; two brothers, John Cocran, Georgetown, William Cocran, Delmar; two sisters, Mrs Susan Trug, Philadelphia and Mrs Anna Manzaill, Pittson, N. J.

Friday, November 30, 2007

New Delmar Post Office Trucks

The Delmar Post Office received two new trucks today. All bright and shiny and ready for the Christmas rush.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Delmar Christmas Parade - Saturday

The Delmar Christmas Parade will be held Saturday at 2 PM. I not entirely sure of the route but I assume it will form up on Pennsylvania Ave and go down State Street and end up at the high school. Regretfully, the publicity for the parade has been limited. I looked at the Chamber of Commerce website and the Town of Delmar website and nothing is given about the parade on either one.

So come early for the parade and go to the Delmarva Model Railroad exhibit at Camelot Hall (next to St. Stephens Church - 1st street and State street). It is always a great display and after this weekend you can't see it again until January 2008.

And as usual thanks to the Delmar Police and Delmar Public Works department for the work they will be doing on the parade Saturday.

Football Team

Delmar has always had a successful football team. The above photo is from The Bi-State Weekly in December of 1938.

The Delmar (Del.) High School football team, coached by Harold Mitchell, former Eastern Kentucky State Teachers College player turned in its most successful season since 1933 by winning eight out of nine games played and scoring 163 points to 66 for the opposition. Delmar defeated Laurel (twice), Seaford, Ferris (twice), Georgetown, Cambridge, and tumbled Salisbury from the unbeaten ranks on Thanksgiving Day. The only defeat was at the hands of Milford High, 26-19.

Members of the squad are, front row, left to right; Paul Ellis, Bill Hearn, Levin Twilley, Roy Aydelotte, Joe Dickerson, Byard Brumbley, Ray Wilkinson, Red Rider, and Sonny Cooke. Second row, left to right; Coach Mitchell, Irvin Aydelotte, Wesley Short, Hugh Penuel, Glen Hastings, Randolph Cooper, Pet Culver, William Gillis, Curtis Taylor, Thomas Marando, Gene Ellis, and Co-manager James Evans. Back row, left to right; Co-manager Howard Stoeckel, Claudene Hovatter, Jack Whitley, Skeeter Ellis, Walter Lowe, Charles Beauchamp, John Sample, Robert Wright, Ralph Phillips, Howard Davis, and Principal H. C. Whiteside.

Citizens of Delmar gave a victory banquet for the team Wednesday night at 6:30 o'clock at the school. Glenn S. (Pop) Warner, Temple football coach, and Jimmy Foxx, American Leaque baseball star were among the invited guests. The committee in charge comprised Edgar Hastings, chairman; Leroy Lockerman, Merle Nelson, Edward Hantwerker, Albert Williams, H. C. Whiteside, Francis Nunvar, assistant coach, and Hugh Penuel.

1939 Ad for Archie White

I would guess Archie White's was the building that would become Dryden's Tires by Little Red Hen.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Salisbury Mall Blog

While surfing around I came across this blog devoted to the old Salisbury Mall.

Veasey House/Whayland building

Some people have asked me to do a post on the old Whayland Store. The Store was on the corner of State and Pennsylvania Avenue on the Maryland side of town. From what I can gather the building was originally built by Theodore Veasey in 1893 as a hotel. In addition to the 24 room hotel there was a popular bar located in it. The hotel was called the Veasey House. In 1903 Wicomico County decided to go dry putting a stop to the lucrative bar business. Mr. Veasey built another hotel across the street in Delaware called the Stone House. This hotel was about opposite the Bank of Delmar Drive thru window and a couple of years ago burnt and was torn down. In 1908 Sussex County went dry putting Mr. Veasey once again out of the bar business. After Mr. Veasey death the hotel in Maryland was sold to Walter W. Whayland.

Mr. Whayland changed to name to the Whayland Building and ran a grocery business out of the center part of the building. Rooms continued to be rented. Biddy Hudson ran a Pool Hall on the State Street side of the building and on the Pennsylvania Avenue side was Austin's restaurant. After Mr. Whayland death the Bank of Delmar purchased the building. In 1945 it was in bad shape and was torn down. A parking lot for the Bank of Delmar now occupies the space.

Delmar Police Commission Quarterly Report

One of the things I believe is if a report is presented to a town commission or council at a public meeting that report should be made available to the public for their review. For those very few who attend the Police Commission meetings, you are aware that the Delmar Police Chief presents the Commission members with a quarterly report. This report is not made available to the public. I filed a Freedom of Information Request to see the October Quarterly report. Last week, the town manager said after discussion with the Maryland town attorney, Bob Benson, a sanitized (my wording, not hers) version of the report could be released to the public. Since there are issues that are marked confidential pending investigation or trial those pages must be withheld. She also said at future Police Commissions meeting there would be a report for the public with those confidential items removed.

Okay, at least a small step has been made. After looking over the October sanitized report there was very little left except statistics. So if you are looking for titillating information on your neighbors I don’t think you will see it in the report. What I was looking for is where is the crime being committed in town and what are the police doing. Statistics like 58 Delaware Traffic Citations issued and 234 Maryland Traffic Citations issued are fine but is that all the police do? Is the Delmar Police just an extension of the Drug Enforcement Agency? People in town would like to know. Typically when you wake up in the morning on a weekend and hear gunshots I would like to think it is a hunter outside of Delmar shooting instead of shots from East East Street. We may never hear about it from the police.

Christmas Donations For Children

Delmar Delaware Councilperson Mary Lee Pase talked last night at the Delmar Joint Council Meeting about the need for toy donations for needy children. She said she had been approached by parents asking for help for Christmas. She said there were about 40 children of parents in need. Mary Lee Pase works as a school nurse at Delmar Elementary School. She said clothing and shoes could be found at a number of places but children like to receive toys for Christmas and there was a need for people to donate them. She said if you will drop the toy off to Delmar Elementary School she would handle the distribution of them.

Delmar Pontiac Ad

I just noticed, was the dealership named Auto Sales and Service? and did they ever just use the initials?

Monday, November 26, 2007

Delmar Joint Council Meeting November

The Delmar Joint Council Meeting was held November 26th, 2007 at Town Hall. All members were present. Let me say that what I write about is just my opinion on what went on at the council meeting and I do not write about all items discussed at the meeting only those I found interesting, if you want to know what is happening at the meetings attend them, or read the on-line minutes the town post on their website in another month or so.

The results of the election on the Maryland side of town was read. As previously posted Luther Hitchens was reelected and Marlena Hodgins was newly elected. Of interest to me, Marlena Hodgins was not in the audience at the council meeting. She must be saving her energy for future meetings. Matter of fact very few were in the audience tonight, even the group from Woodcreek did not attend. Everyone was concerned over the poor turnout of voters (5% of the 1,227 registered voters). Ways were discussed to increase voter turnout. Mayor Outten suggested the creation of voting districts in Delmar as he think with only 60 people voting, a development could muster that many people and control the council. A Maryland meeting will be on December 10th to swear in new Elected Commissioners.

Mayor Niblett said a letter had been sent to the Maryland Highway department to clean out the catch basin at RT54 and 675.

Copies of the ethics law ordinances were passed out. Since Maryland and Delaware Laws are different they would like for them to be the same and in place by February.

There was an attempted discussion about the price of the land on Foskey Lane where a new public safety building may be put. It is 4.6 acres and the town has made an offer and the owner has made a counter offer. Some Council members had not received the information however so a discussion could not proceed. The Maryland side wanted to know how the Delaware side was going to pay their share of the cost( I thought we always let the Maryland side pay for this stuff, I think they take it out of the street repair budget).

The Parks and Recreation Report consisted of Carrie Williams making a plea for people to join the Delmar parks and recreation committee.

Delmar Revitalization Report, Chris Walter said next years "Heritage Day" would be September 20th and in 2009 Delmar will be 150 years old. Special events are planned.

Police Report; one police car is out of service due to hitting a deer and another police car has a blown engine.

Everyone thanked Commissioner Joan Tisinger for serving the many years she served. She said she would seek reelection in the future.

Commissioner Carl Anderton, who looked particularly dapper in his suit with the many flashy badges on it, said there was spray graffiti at the ball field that needs to removed or covered up.

Councilperson Mary Lee Pase asked when WaWa was going to pay the fire department and town for the prize money won at the hogie making contest at the grand opening of WaWa. She also said there was a need for toys to be donated for needy kids for Christmas. She said they could be dropped off at the elementary school where she is a nurse and she would handle the distribution.

Councilperson Buckley said it had been 54 days since her last cigarette (Beware people and stay out of her way). She said Thursday was the Citizen of the Year, Joyce Figgs, dinner at the VFW. She mentioned the parade at 2PM on Saturday, with a rain date of 2 PM on Sunday. She said the Chamber of Commerce would put up 12 new Christmas banners (at $134 each) this year.

Delmar Utility Meeting November 26, 2007

The Utility Commission discussed the agreement between the town and Tidewater Utilities again. New issues have surfaced in the form of Blackwater, the large development west of town, and Tidewater are suggesting that Blackwater tied into the proposed sewage plant to be built and run by Tidewater. Blackwater is suggesting they will donate to the town money to offset some of the town services if they are allowed to hook into the sewage system. I am against it. I will write more about this at a later date. I think since we have no agreement with Tidewater we should reopen discussions with Artesian Water Company.

The Town manager told us how well she thought the new billing system was doing. It is saving several manhours in sorting and preparing the bills for mailing.

Chris Walter told the commission there was a water leak around the furniture store and he had told public works about it and so fore nothing has been done.

1949 Ad For Mom Kerekesh

Events This Week

Monday November 26th 6:00 PM Delmar Public Works Meeting
Monday November 26th 6:30 PM Delmar Utility Meeting
Monday November 26th 7:00 PM Delmar Joint Council Meeting
Tuesday November 27th 7:30 PM Maryland Boad of Zoning AppealsSpecial Exceptions for Heron Pond and Pheasant Lake
Tuesday November 27th 10:00 AM Sussex County Council Meeting Delmar Citizen of the Year proclamation Read.
Saturday December 1, 2007 11 to 5 PM Delmarva Model Train Club open house
Saturday December 1, 2007 2 PM Delmar Christmas Parade - start Pennsylvania Ave ends at High School.
Sunday December 2, 2007 12 to 5 Pm Delmarva Model Train Club Open House

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