Monday, February 25, 2008

Steamer Governor Emerson Harrington

The Steamer Governor Emerson Harrington was finally towed from Pocomoke this week in in 1949. The old bay steamer was a familiar landmark in Pocomoke in the the 1930's and 1940's as it was moored at a pier in Pocomoke for twelve years. C. K. Duncan brought the vessel into Pocomoke in 1937 and made it into a restaurant, nightclub and hotel. It was one of the shore's most exclusive eateries in it's heyday. The superstructure was stripped off and her furnishings purchased by the VFW for their new post home in 1949. The vessel was hauled to a Baltimore scrap yard.

The Gov. Emerson C. Harrington was built in 1871 It was originally named Thomas Patten. It could carry 42 vehicles and 1,000 passengers. It was placed in service on 19 Jun 1919, under Capt. Thomas Mann with the Claiborne-Annapolis Ferry Company. It was removed from service in 1937 and replaced by the Gov. Harry W. Nice. The Gov. Emerson C. Harrington was named for the 48th Governor of Maryland and later President of the Claiborne-Annapolis Ferry.

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