Monday, March 17, 2008

The Doctor James Brayshaw House

The Doctor James Brayshaw House, about 1910, back when Jewell Street was unpaved. The house is located on Jewell street and Second street.

James Brayshaw was born near Baltimore, MD (Wetheredsville) in 1847. He was a farmer until he studied medicine in 1890 with his brother Thomas Henry. While studying medicine he married Clarissa Lodivick. She died before he graduated Medical school. He graduated Kentucky School of Medicine in 1893. In 1894 he moved to Delmar to sit up shop.

In 1896 he married Agnes Ellis, a young lady 27 years his junior. She was the daughter of Jonathan Waller Ellis (1840-1915) and M. Carrie Ellis (1854-1930). James and Agnes had one son, James Ellis Brayshaw (1897-1931). The son married Laura Rodney (1897-1930). Altho the house is called the Doctor James Brayshaw house from what I can determine the house was owned by his mother-in-law, M. Carrie Ellis. The house was built between 1903 to 1906. It is unclear when the house was sold. It could have been after Jonathan Ellis died in 1915 or after Carrie Ellis died in 1930. Regardless, in the 1920 census Dr. Brayshaw is practicing medicine in Delaware City and his mother-in-law is living with them. James Brayshaw died in 1927 and Agnes Brayshaw died in 1957. The Brayshaws and Ellis' are buried in Parson Cemetery in Salisbury.

After the house left the Ellis family it was owned by a number of people and due to it's size was used as a nursing home and boarding house.

Today Scott and Wendy Reynolds live in the house. As you can see from the photo below, the house has not changed much from the original photo. Scott and Wendy have done an excellent job of keeping the house in it's original condition. In August I did a previous post on Reynolds auto repair shop just north of town.

The Dr. James Brayshaw House Today


Anonymous said...

I love what this couple has done with this house. It's nice to see someone do such a great job and live in it...not just to do it to make a huge profit on resale.

.::. said...

I just want to thank you so much for posting all of these historical documents and information. Anges Ellis Brayshaw was my relative and my family comes down from her brother Walter. Your blog is really helping me with my research.

NewMamaHubbard said...

Post the Ellis family my grandmother Mary E Cooper owned this property for almost 30 years. She did run the property as a nursing home then a boarder home until 1996 when she had to sell the home do to high tax costs.

Laura Hubbard (Maiden Roberts)

NewMamaHubbard said...

Post the Ellis owning this property, my Grandmother Mary E Cooper ran it as a nursing home then a boarders home for about 30 year. It was sold in the late 90's due to the high cost of up keep and town taxes. I grew up half my life in this house and still miss it till this day! Looks like the Reynolds took this property back to it's original was white w black shutters and red front steps...and the porch had been closed in does look nice today but not the same as 20 years ago! I would take this home back in a heart beat...thank you for the background on this property.