Monday, December 01, 2008

Pote Memorial Field

I was out last week wandering around Gordy Park. I noticed all the ball playing fields seem to have a sign honoring someone for each field except the original Little League field. At one time it had a sign naming it 'Pote Memorial Field.' This field was named for Monroe Pote in 1958. Known as Mr. Baseball, Monroe Pote was one of those Town Citizens who was active in youth sports. He organized a Maryland High School base ball team in 1922 and also coached a soccer team. He was a High school coach (Maryland School)until about 1930. In 1932 he organized a boy scout baseball team. He was active in baseball and sports up until his death in the 1950's.

Mr. Pote worked for the Railroad and had lost a leg in an accident on the railroad. He continued to work for the railroad and after working the midnight shift would grab some sleep and than be at the athletic fields by the time school was out to coach and support the teams. In the 1930's there was not much financial support for the ball teams. The Maryland school principal would ask the team each year if they wanted a one ball and two bats or two balls and one bat for the season. Mr. Pote would take his personal earning and supplement the team's equipment.

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