Saturday, April 19, 2008

Scrap Metal Theft

I was glancing at Spiegel today and they had an article on bronze plaques from the Holocaust memorial Theresienstadt being stolen. As it is here, scrap metal prices are up also in Europe and the Czech Republic. People are stealing copper guttering and roofs from building thru out Europe to be sold as scrap. In this case they stole over a 1,000 bronze memorial plagues in honor of concentration camp victims. At what point will the graveyards in this area be vandalized for the bronze markers in them? I think it will happen shortly.

Yearning For Zion Ranch Issue

This whole deal down in Texas with over 400 children being removed from their parents is just unbelievable to me. To work for the Federal Government and the State of Texas you must have to take a stupidity test. I keep waiting for them to reverse their selves but like Iraq they are just determine to stay with a mistake. They attacked this polygamous sect back on April 3rd because they had receive an anonymous phone call that a 16 year old had been beaten and raped by her 50 year old husband. I understand, as of this time, they have not found that 16 year old nor traced the call to anyone. Sounds like government bullshit to me. Now I can vaguely see some type of government agency looking into this (Okay I can't see the government looking in to anything between a man and his wife but I will be nice about it) but they hauled everyone in the subdivision these people lived in into jail (Protective custody). To me this is the same as if some one made an anonymous phone call to the effect some one in Delmar was being abused and the government came in and took all the children in Delmar into protective custody.

Certainly polygamy is against the law, but the Federal government has always knew it existed and where it existed, but have not made any attempt to stop it.

I understand now they want to do genetic testing on the children to determine who their parents are. It is none of the government damn business who the parents are. The Foster Care system is overburden as it is, so how are they going to handle over 400 children? I can't help but think these children came from loving parents and altho they may not have the same beliefs I do the children are better with their parents than the government.

Cynthia Reynolds

Embezzlement just keeps occurring, today in the News Journal there was a report of Cynthia Reynolds, 48, confessing to stealing over $100,000 from Alderman court #42 in Newport. This was stolen over a three year period. Reynolds worked as a bookkeeper and Administration Assistant. The comments to the article are interesting as they point out this is the second time in 12 years someone has stolen from the Alderman court in Newport. The comments are also really bad on the Chief of Police in Newport.

Streets Paved With Candy

Adults may look for street paved in gold but kids look for streets paved in candy and today was the opening day parade of the Delmar Little League and altho the street may not have been paved in candy there was a lot of it. It is also the 50th anniversary of the Delmar Little league.

Shining up the wheels on the fire truck before the parade

The Start of the parade

Fire Prevention Queens

The school color guard and band

The legendary band fan Pat Palmer

Delaware Vice Mayor Mike Houlihan, Town Manager Sara Bynum King and Maryland Commissioner Carl Anderton walking in the parade. Now you know this is the most exercise this crew has gotten in a long time.

The Town Police Lead and Followed up at the rear

It was a good haul for these kids

Public Works at work

As I have said before the kids are unknowing in the effort it takes to put on one of these parades. A big thanks to the Public Works Department, Police Department, Fire Department, sponsors of little league teams, and the little league organization for putting on the parade today.

Dillards Restaurant

Dillards Restaurant in the 1980's was a great place to eat and inexpensive. It was in Seaford and was later purchased by Englishs - which should have been a good fit, but they screwed it up and it stayed empty for a while and is now a Mexican restaurant.

Delmar Community Yardsale

Today there are yardsales all over Delmar. The main one is at State Street Park.

Had to stop by the Delmar Kiwanis' Trailer for a scrapple sandwich and to the Friends of the Library table for a cup of coffee, that the only way to do a yardsale is with a scrapple sandwich in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other.

The Girl Scouts had some tables of good stuff

A lot of good buys today I even bought a couple of things.

The Delmar Police (PCO Ed Ferro) were there with a table of free stuff.

One of the new Chargers the Delmar Police Force received. The money mostly came from grants and confiscated drug money.

Look at the electronic equipment in one of these.