Saturday, May 31, 2008

College Days

"America, you will be cleansed by fire, by blood, by death. We who performs your ablution must step up our burning -- bigger and better fires for all America, an all American flame; we must step up our looting -- loot, until we storm your last holding place, till we trample your last stolen jewel into your ashes beneath our naked black feet; we must step up our sniping -- until the last pig is dead, shot to death with his own gun and the bullet in his guts that he had meant for the people."

From "Credo For Rioters and Looters" by Eldridge Cleaver, Minister of Information, Black Panther Party

I came across this little snippet while looking for something else on line. It reminded me of my college days. Back in the 1970's I attended the University Of Maryland, Eastern Shore. Stuff like this the teachers required you to read in English class, sociology class, and history class. Shows what a poor ass college it was.

Fairmount Academy’s 33rd Annual 1800s Festival

Fairmount Academy had their festival today. Judging from the rain coming down in Delmar at this moment they timed it out well. It was a well attended event. It is FREE - well sort of since it is about 35 miles from Delmar, one way, you have the price of gas to consider. The Academy was started about 1839 and operated as a private school until Somerset County took it over and made it a public school. It closed in 1969 and the Historical Association obtained it in 1972. The festival is an attempt to duplicate the festivals held here in the 1800's. There are two major rooms in the building. The second floor duplicates a classroom and the bottom floor had a quill display. The stairs too the second floor are well worn and steep.

The Knights of Pythias building, formerly a Masonic Temple. The building is next to the academy building and was used by the academy for class rooms after 1880. The second floor duplicates a classroom and the bottom is for lack of a better title a waterman's museum. It is actually a hodgepodge of water working related equipment arranged in the traditional Eastern Shore small museum arrangement of roaming thru grandmom's attic.

The second floor of the Knights of Pythias building.

They make a good Oyster Sandwich ($4.50) It is on a hamburger roll instead of sliced white bread but it was good. The food sold somewhat follows the food served in the 1800's - Oyster and Soft Crab Sandwiches and strawberry Shortcakes.

The Barber Shop, behind the school, was moved here. It is a hundred year old building and was used by Horace Evans in Crisfield for his barbershop.

A good turnout at the festival. For the most part I found the vendors boring. The same stuff you find at each festival. The writers Bloc and Arcadia, two historical local book sellers, were there however.

Backside of school house showing fire escape. Fairmount Academy is located in Lower Fairmount, Somerset County Maryland.

News from the 1904 Delmar News

Some bits from the May 20th, 1904 "Delmar News"

Mr. Ira Phillips is having his house on State Street newly painted this week.

Frank Fox, a fisherman of Allen. Md. caught one of the largest sturgeons ever see in the Wicomico River, it was 6 feet and 7 inches and weight 268 pounds.

W. E. German & Son, contractors and builders, are now ready for bids on all kinds of construction and buildings of brick, stone or frame on reasonable terms. All work guaranteed prompt attention. We are practical mechanics and give practical estimates. References: Delmar Lumber Mfg Co., Bank of Delmar, Address W. E. German & Son, Delmar Del.

Eggs Wanted - Highest cash price paid for eggs. we need them at Long and Penuels

The Delaware Buggy Co. will sell buggies on easy payments and allow you time to pay for them. See T. A. Veasey about it. He'll make it plain to you.

The corner stone of the Masonic temple at Salisbury will be laid May 31st. Delmar Lodge No. 201 expects to attend.

The people have begun to wear straw hats.

Berry pickers are elated thinking they are going to get two cents per quart this year.

Mr. William B. Sirman has resumed operation on his new dwelling on Jewell street.

A great run was made by a Delaware railroad freight train a few days ago. One of the new engines, E-2, A., carried 35 loaded cars, with rider, from Delmar to edge Moore yards a distance of 105 miles in 2 hours and 50 minutes. This is faster than the through express time, which is 3 hours and 10 minutes between the two points.

The new engine has a series of 80 inch wheels and carriers a steam pressure of 200 pounds to the square inch, and during the entire trip the steam gauge did not vary five pounds. The train carried produce, consisting of new potatoes, lettuce, oranges, radishes, and fruit from southern railroads. The engineer of the train was Eugene Jamison and the fireman was Edward Elsbrey.

Misses Edith and May Davis, of Wards visited Mrs. W. J. Calhoun.

Miss Ada Renninger spent Sunday with Miss Clevie Hearn at Fruitland Md.

Moore's Camp, near Laurel, Del., under the auspices of the M. E. Church will begin on August 19th., and continue until September 5th.

One of the town ordinances, which should be more strictly enforced is reckless driving on the streets, especially on Sunday evening.

Stephen & Elliott have a lot of nice pigs that they are offering at $4.00 per pair.

Master Arthur Sturgis has accepted a position as clerk in the store of Long and Penuel.

The first crate of Strawberries was shipped from here Wednesday of this week by Hasting & Co. It was a 60 quart crate grown by C. J. Brown.

Messrs. M. H. German, Jos Frazier and Jas. E. Moore have been appointed school trustees for the Delmar district.

During the last week the Pennsylvania Railroad laid off about 12,000.

The colored people of Centerville will open a Jim Crow store.

Howard Christy, the well known artist has been a visitor on the peninsula this week looking for a site for a summer home. Mr. Christy is desirous of obtaining a residence in Wicomico County.

Mr. William B. Elliott has purchased of Lewis A. Pollitt, a traction engine to use to run his brick machine he recently purchased.

The first strawberries of the season were brought in town on Monday. They were raised by Jos. H. Leonard.

The horse and buggy hired by a stranger from the livery of L. B. Ker last week, for a couple of hours, and not returned has been recovered after more than a week's chase. The team which was valued at $157 was sold at Denton, Md., for $15.00.

FOR SALE- My house and lot on Elizabeth Street. Apply to William A. Culver.

Mr. Lee Ellis, of near town graduated from a Medical College in Baltimore this week.

Dr. Jos. A. Wright, formerly of this town is applicant for physician at the House of corrections.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Delmar Food Establishment Inspection Reports

The Division of Public Health has online their Food Establishment Inspection Reports
Those with violations, todate, in Delmar this year are;

Bistro 54, 38627 Benro Drive, Unit 9 Delmar, 19940 - Routine inspection on 05/02/2008 violation no. 3-501.17 - Ready-to-Eat, Potentially Hazardous Food, Date Marking

Delmar Pizza, 38660 Sussex Highway, Unit 5 Delmar, 19940 - Routine inspection on 05/02/2008 violation No. 7-202.12 Operational Supplies and Applications Presence and Use Conditions of Use

Peking Cheer/New Dragon, 38627 Benro Drive, Unit #5 Delmar, 19940 - Routine inspection on 02/29/2008 violation No. 2-101.11 - Supervision Responsibility Assignment - Followup on 03/07/08 no violation

Railroad Cafe, 18 Pennsylvania Avenue, Delmar 19940 - Routine inspection on 05/07/2008 violation No. 2-102.11 Supervision Knowledge Demonstration and 3-501.17 - Ready-to-Eat, Potentially Hazardous Food, Date Marking

Up in Laurel The Laurel Dutch Inn and the Pit restaurant had a number of violations

Delaware Drinking Water Notices

The State of Delaware Dept of Public Health issue Health Alert Drinking Water Notices to various businesses and communities in Delaware that exceed the approved levels of contamination in their drinking water.

In a previous post I talked a bout the nitrate problem at Briarwood Manor. Well they had solved their nitrate problem in March only to be hit this month by a manganese notice. Briarwood Manor mobile home park manganese alert.

In Delmar Stage Village has a violation and is on the Drinking Water Notice alert for not having a licensed water operator.


Flags were placed at the cemeteries today. Lets hope these aren't stolen this year.

VFW Memorial Day - 2008

Today the Delmar VFW had their Memorial Day services.

Luther Hitchens was the only Elected Official to show up.

Quote of The Day

You're not suppose to be so blind with patriotism that you can't face reality. Wrong is wrong no matter who does it or who says it.
Malcolm X

1952 ad Sehman's Florist

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Priest Aiken and Deeanna Custis

Priest Aiken, ex-fire chief of Belvedere Fire Company, and Deeanna Custis, Emergency Medical technician at Belvedere Fire Company are accused of embezzling $18,883.75 from the Volunteer Fire Company. Belvedere is a predominately black fire company in Wilmington. "On November 2, 2007, New Castle County Detectives were contacted by the Chairman of the Board and other members of the fire company board who reported the treasurer had discovered several questionable checks had been written by Aiken and Custis using funds from the EMS account.

A joint investigation between New Castle County Detectives, the State Auditor’s Office and Attorney General’s Office has revealed the couple had been writing checks to each other ranging from $100 to $3,600. The investigation has revealed Aiken later submitted receipts for purchases that were found to be fictitious.

Both Aiken and Custis turned themselves in and face the following charges: felony theft, forgery, conspiracy, and falsifying business records."

This follows yesterday's report of the Wilmington Manor Volunteer Fire company making loans to it's members and then suspending the members if they don't pay it back. It is stories like this that makes the general public believe that volunteer fire companies are private run clubs and that fire safety is only one part of the overall organization. You have to wonder when you make you contribution to the fire company if it is being safe guarded.

Polio and The Iron Lung

In today's News Journal is an article about Dianne Odell of Jackson (outside of Memphis) Tennessee (In Picture above). I don't see the article in the online version of the News Journal. She died Wednesday at the age of 61. What is both inspiring (and fearful to anyone over the age of 53) is she had lived her life in an iron lung since she was three. For those of you who were born after the polio vaccine was discovered you never experienced the fear that the word "polio" had on people in the 1940's and 1950's. Since it was thought it came from water sources you were kept out of ponds and streams, and if anyone came down with it, that family was treated like they had the plague. Right up there with the fear of an atomic bomb attack from the Russians, the biggest fear we all had was to "catch" polio and be put in an iron lung. Those enormous metal tubes in which only your face stuck out of were fearful looking things and the ideal of being trapped in one was even worst. The iron lung forced the buried person to breath mechanically. I had thought Iron Lungs were gone but apparently Dianne Odell was one of about 30 people in the United States that are still in them.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

1937 Ad Jim's Restaurant

William Alland

A reader of this blog sent me this link to a profile on William Alland . William Alland was born in Delmar, Delaware March 4, 1916. He was a radio performer in Orson Welles’ Mercury Theater On The Air and was featured in the famous "War Of The Worlds" broadcast on Halloween Oct 30, 1938. He later played in Orson Welles’ film "Citizen Kane" as reporter. From there he became a producer and director of Hollywood sci-fi and western movies. His film credits as a producer include "Tarantula", "This Island Earth," "The Mole People," & "It Came From Outer Space." He passed away November 11, 1997, in Long Beach, California.
Other Bios on him;
Wm Alland
Wm Alland

The OC Black History Tour Request

Reported in today's Daily Times was a request to the Mayor and Town Council of Ocean City for funding for a Black history themed "Heritage" Tour. Now I view myself as being a "local" history buff, but I also recognize that people interested in history comprise a very small percentage of people on Delmarva. If you go to the museums and other history related places on Delmarva you will see they are poorly attended (you may be the only person in them other than the paid and volunteer staff). The Ward Museum in Salisbury is one example. It is under attended because people are not interested in it. The Ward Museum finally convinced Salisbury State College to bail them out by taking it over or the place would have gone under. I didn't say it was not a nice place, just a place very few people are interested in. I think a Black History themed tour or whatever it will consist of, is a waste of taxpayer's money. As I said people interested in history are a small percentage on Delmarva but blacks interested in history are almost non existence on Delmarva. I am talking about the people who actually go to history events or museums and support them not just those that watch the history channel on TV or some school class trip that is forced to attend a museum because that was what the government grant for the trip required them to do. Now certainly a Black History tour would not be attended just by blacks but the interest in it would be so small as to be a waste of taxpayer's money. Of the museums and archives I go to I rarely see a black person attending them. One example would be the Seaford Heritage days this past weekend. Out of the 300 or so people at the event when I was there, the only black person I saw was a woman giving tours of the "Slave Quarter" building. As I have said before put the taxpayer's money into something that will be supported and used by the people not something that would be used by a very small part of the population.

Memorial Day is on Friday

The Delmar VFW will have ceremonies at the park in the back of the post on Friday at 11 AM. Altho the Federal government declared a three day weekend and say it is Memorial Day there is still a group of servicepeople and ex-servicepeople for which May 30th is Memorial Day. To avoid encounters with the flag police, on Friday all U.S. flags should be displayed at half-staff during the morning hours. At noon, they should be raised back to full-staff.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Joint Council Meeting - May

Another Delmar Joint Council meeting took place tonight. Delaware Council person Lonnie Figgs was missing and Maryland Commissioner Carl Anderton was late. Mr. Anderton said he was late due to attending a meeting at the school concerning his son who had been accepted into the Wicomico County Magnetic program. Now really, putting family before the town. My usual disclaimer is I am not part of the council and what I write is my personal views, not the minutes, of the meetings. It is also just the parts I want to comment on or write about. If you want to know the real story go to the meeting.

Interestingly the town budget was given approval and no one from the audience made any comment, for or against. I was going to voice my usual objections but it seems pointless as no one else in town objects to the way the money is spent or the areas where they charge us to much. Maybe next budget cycle we have a more intelligent and interested group of residents living in town, but not this year.

The security camera at State Street park has been installed.

No progress on the Lecates building, apparently Mr. Lecates is the hold up as Percey Elliott and Chris Mills has come to some agreement on the deed.

First reading of Maryland Ordinance No. 706 which declares 106 E. Elizabeth street surplus property and allows for the sale of the property to the next door neighbor for $2,000. This was not a big issue to me but one of the council made a comment perhaps they should do something about the undersized lots that are in Delmar and prevent them from being used. My feelings are, if a house was there before than it is in keeping with the character of the town to build another house on those lots. Anything less would be depriving the owner of the value of his property.

The big event of the night was when John Davis and Steve Fuller of the Stillwater development (Steve is also connected with Foskey Lane Businesss park)came before the council and requested a change from R2 zoning to R4. Stillwater is a proposed development on RT54 that on receiving approval for their development put it up for sale, hoping to flip it. It had been approved for 130 single family homes. They now want to change it to 370 units that are a mix of single, quadplexes, townhouses and multifamilies units. Wow! they want to built a highprice shantytown right here in Delmar. Stillwater is on Rt54 which is a mess now and to go from 130 houses to 370 housing units is just going to add to the mess. Happily our Mayor and Council said they would frown on any proposal to make this change. Maybe for once they are doing something right.

A big thumbs up to the Woodcreek ladies who attend the council meetings. Three or more of them came in and gave a day of free labor to the town by folding and assembling the town's newsletter.

My wife came in to complain about the drainage ponds in Delmar and how they are breeding grounds for mosquitoes. The usual deaf ears of the council to that problem. If you have problems with mosquitoes you need to call Town hall as they well contact Sussex County for the spray truck to come around.

Delmar Utility Commission Meeting

Well another utility commission meeting took place tonight. All members were present. My usual disclaimer is what I write is not the minutes of the meetings, It is my views and may or may not be the views of other members of the Utility Commission. It is just my interpretation of what took place and what I am interested in posting. If you want to know the real story go to the meeting, that said the meeting only had a few points of interest. Vernon Esham still had his request outstanding for reimbursement of $275,000 for the pumping station at Amber ridge development. It was decided the only reimbursement to give him was for up to $10,000 for the deeper wet well for the pumping station. The town had requested that he put in the deeper wet well.

Dixie Construction had the low bid, at $67,144, for the utility work that will be done in connection with the Jewell Street restoration. Since the Utility Commission is drowning in excess money from the excess rates it charge, part of the attempt to be logical in repairing streets is to do the underground utility work at the same time a street is being repaired. This will avoid, hopefully, street cuts in the first year after a street has been repaved.

Work has slowed down or stopped at the Heron Pond development.

Chipman Pond and Mill

I took the canoe out today to Chipman Pond, east of Laurel. Chipman pond is a mill pond that is fed by Elliott Pond Branch. In turn Chipman flows into Records pond and eventually the water makes it to Broad Creek. Chipman pond is like most of the ponds in the area, been around since the 1700's, has the usual Cypress, turtles, birds, dragonflies and pond scum. Usually there is no one on it. On the East side is a number of fancy homes in the Old Church Landing Development. It is next to Old Christ Church.

Lowes Campgrounds use to be active here so on the west side of the pond are docks spaced every two hundred feet or so along the shore line. All in broken down condition now.

The usual cypress and cypress stumps

I can't decide on these blue iris like flowers if they are natural or since Chipman has had people living there since the 1700's if they are planted by humans.

I upset a number of birds resting on the old docks

Chipman is like most ponds, a little swampy and a lot of pond scum

An aluminium canoe tends to be nosier than a non metal canoe so usually the turtles have heard you coming and are gone before you get to them. This one took a wait and see attitude.

Dragon Fly catching a free ride on the bow of the canoe

The Old Chipman Mill. The first operators of the mill was John and Josiah Polk. They later sold the mill to the Chipman Family. As for as I know today the spot is owned by the Lowe family. The mill ceased operations in 1948 and the building collapsed or was torn down by the 1980's. At one time the pond supplied power for a saw mill, a grist mill and a carding mill (carding wool).

About all that is left of the mill house is the concrete spill way.

Memorial Service - 1945

From the Bi-State Weekly May 1945


Memorial service for Delmar District service men who have paid the supreme sacrifice will be held in the auditorium of the Delmar Delaware School at 7:30 P. M., Sunday, May 27.

Sponsored by Glen Rayne Post No. 15, American Legion, the service will be interdenominational in scope, the willing cooperation of the ministers of all local churches having made it possible. The speaker will be Capt. Cecil Harvey - Chaplin U. S. Army Air Corps. Special music will be provided by mixed Glee Club of the Delaware High School under direction of Mrs. James B. Flood, and members of the Post will participate in the memorial service.

The following former residents of this community will be honored: Roland E. Galusha, Harry Neil, James R. Truitt, Howard Poulson, Howard E. Hastings, Paul E. Tingle, Robert B. Hayman, Harold E. Dutton, George C. Curdy, John G. Cropper, Ralph C. McCain, Robert E. Powell.

The Public is invited.

Glen Rayne Post No. 15, will attend as a unit, meeting at Post Headquarters at 7:00 P. M.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend in Delmar

A lot of yard work going on all over town. Some families even made use of child labor. Wait until he is older and discovers Tom Sawyer, it should be the last you see of him painting a fence and smiling.

The American legion had their flags flying.

You know it is summer when Mike and Patty open their Snow Cone Business

Yard sales all over. This one is at the Mason Dixon Auction.

Blinker Light Installed Delmar - 1939

From the Bi-State weekly May 26, 1939


After one year's work the Delmar Lions Club was successful in having a blinker light placed at the intersection of US Route 13 and State Street in Delmar this week, when employes of the Eastern Shore Public Service Co. placed the pole and put up the light.

The club began its fight for a light last May after a series of accidents had happened at the intersection. Route 13 is a straight road for two miles on approaching the intersection and there it comes to a dead end. The club is still trying to contact the Maryland authorities in an effort to have a similar light placed at the Maryland intersection. The Delaware State Highway Department notified the club some months ago that a light had been purchased for the corner, but right-of-way have held up the project for four months. The intersection has been characterized by the Delaware State Police as one of the worst traffic hazards in the Delaware road system.

The light will show red on Route 13 and yellow for caution on State Street in Delmar. For many years officers, judges of the town, and town officials have disagreed as to whether or not Route 13 was a through street or State was the through street. With the placing of the red light on Route 13, this indicates that the state authorities feel that State Street is the main thoroughfare through the town.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Today's Quote

The secret of sucess is sincerity. Once you can fake that you've got it made.
Jean Girdaudoux

Philip Breyer - 1951

From the Bi-State Weekly - May 25, 1951

Philip Breyer, local police chief of the Delaware side of Delmar, suffered a fractured collar bone and bruised leg in his scuffle with a run-away truck tire early Monday morning.

Chief Breyer had just finished his assignment of escorting school children across the highway at Jewell St. and was at the corner of Grove St. and U. S. 13 to direct traffic for a funeral when a rear tire and rim from a passing truck came off and ran him down.

He was rushed to the office of Dr. L. V. Sohler and then on to Peninsula General Hospital for X-Ray. He was released after treatment.

No Charges were brought against the driver, Magistrate P. H. Hearn said.

Face The Nation and Clinton

The news media seem to be interested in reporting trivia information instead of news. As opposed to discussing issues they seem to give their attention to discussing comments made by the candidates. The latest is Senator Clinton talking about continuing her run for Democratic nominee for president. Now it is obvious the news media wants for her to drop out so all the attention will be on their chosen one; Senator Obama. The latest simpleton discussion is her comment; "My husband did not wrap up the nomination in 1992 until he won the California primary somewhere in the middle of June, right?" "We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California."

Some where along the line the Obama supporters interpreted this as she had put a contract out on Senator Obama. Senator Obama has had security service protecting him since last May and I am sure they can do their job, 99% of the time. I have no clue why Senator Clinton expressed any regrets over making her comment, it shows to me she is a weak person that if elected president she is going to be apologizing for her actions the whole time.

Today on Face The Nation; Howard Wolfson Director of Communications, Clinton Campaign was on the show and that seem to be all Bob Schieffer could talk about. Obviously Bob Schieffer is more of a fool today than he has been in the past.

Have you noticed how much mouth Michelle Obama has? This is a race orientated presidential campaign - don't think it isn't - and she is certainly causing more white people to vote for anyone but Senator Obama.