Saturday, June 21, 2008

School Consolidation - 1929

From the June 1929 "State Register"

At a special election held in Calloway's School district for the purpose of deciding whether that district should consolidate with the Delmar district resulting in a vote of 56 in favor and 12 opposing.

From the July 1929 "State Register"

At the recent election held at the Delmar Delaware school to permit Calloway district to come into the Delmar Consolidated school district, resulted in ten votes in favor and none against the proposition.

The Consolidated district now includes Delmar, Columbia, Providence, Beaches, Morris, and Calloway's.

The addition of this district will make it necessary to operate two extra busses, making a total of ten busses to convey the children.

First Day Of Summer

Friday, June 20, 2008

Dinner at Mt Nebo

The Mt Nebo Community Center, west of Delmar, is having a dinner/lunch from 2 to 6 today. There will be Chicken, dumplings, oysters, fish, potato salad, macaroni and cheese, beans, greens etc. The price is $8 for one meat, $10 for two meats, $12 for three meats or $6 for a sandwich.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

1st Lieut. Elmer A. Purnell - 1944

Delmar Lions - 1944

From the Salisbury Times June 19, 1944


Delmar, June 19 - Harlan Tull will be installed as president of the Delmar Lions Club at its next meeting. Other officers to be installed are: First vice-president, Walter W. Calloway; second vice-president, Calvin O'Neal; third vice-president, Charles Truitt; secretary, Frank Pusey; treasurer, David Green; tail twister, Earl Banks; Lion Tamer, James Mills; directors, Karl Stahre and Leroy Lockerman.

S. Sergt. Paul K. Ellis, who recently returned from England, where he made 27 missions over enemy territory, was a guest of the club at its dinner meeting. Holder of the Distinguished Flying Cross and Air Medal with three oak leaf clusters, Sergt. Ellis told of his experiences while a member of the crew of the "Lucky Strike," a flying fortress. He is the 23 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul K. Ellis.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Holloway Town

Holloway Town is a development built by Elijah (Lige) N. Holloway about 1925. It is located north of the Delmar Elementary school on the Maryland side of town. The original plat called for twenty lots on Spruce Street between what is now Pennsylvania Avenue (use to be Railroad Avenue) and Second Street.

The original plat is recorded in book JCK 140/261 at the Wicomico County Courthouse. The lot sizes were basic 50 ft by 150 ft. The homes that were built were of the 800 to 1000 sq ft size. I understand he initially built all the homes and used them as rental property before selling them around 1931.

Elijah Neimiah Holloway was born March 10, 1883. He was a very successful produce buyer and produce broker. He was the son of E. E. and Mary Covington Holloway. He was married first, in 1914 to Della Brown. She died in 1941. He married a second time to Pauline Elizabeth Elzey in 1943. They had a daughter Phyllis E. Holloway. He died at 75 on June 19, 1963 at Spring Hill Sanitarium and was buried at Parson's cemetery. Brothers and sisters were; Charles Edward Holloway, George Thomas (Tom) Holloway, Marion Holloway, Helen Ryall, Lena Walker, Lillie Mae Pruitt. His brother Charles had a plant nursery in town.

1944 AD Prestwood Pines

Freedom of Speech

Becky over at "Just A Girl in Short Shorts Talking About Whatever" has an interesting rambling post about Freedom of Speech and Group Freedom

Bargin's Bills For sale

Another piece of property, this time in Laurel, for sale is Bargin's Bills at $8,900,000.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Brick row For Sale

Ten units in Brick Row are for sale at $595,000.

Delmarva Aluminum

Delmarva Aluminum Co is up for sale for two million dollars at 7.5 acres it sounds like a buy.

The Anna A. Lennen and Buena Vista

On June 17th 1944 the fishing trawler Anna A. Lennon was struck in the stern by an unknown tanker. The collision sank the 138 ton Anna A. Lennon. The Fishing trawler was heading for the fishing banks off Cape Henlopen and the tanker was entering Delaware Bay. Two crewmen were injured and 43 others were forced into the lifeboats. The tanker was later identified as the Buena Vista, a T2 type tanker. The T2 types were built during WWII and named after monuments, national parks, forts, battles, historic settlements, trails, lakes, swamps. They were the workhorse of the tanker fleet (481 built). They could carry 141,200 barrels (42 gallons or 162 liters per barrel), nearly 6 million gallons.

Bi State Rainbow

Last night there was a double rainbow in Delmar that had one end in Delaware and the other in Maryland.

The Maryland Side of the Rainbow

The Delaware Side of the Rainbow.

The Hood Blimp

About 10:15 this morning the Hood Blimp was making it's way north past Delmar. The Hood Blimp is a fixture at Red Sox games. I think they play a game in Philadelphia tonight. HP Hood LLC is one of the largest branded dairy operators with 23 manufacturing plants throughout the United States. I understand the gondola under the blimp holds a pilot and 3, maybe 4 passengers if they are friendly. I also understand there is no toilet facilities on board so you just hope those two 80 HP engines move that thing along on long trips.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Benjamins Department Store

1935 Benjamin Ad
The 1649 Act of Religious Toleration passed by the Maryland General Assembly only guaranteed toleration to those who professed to be Christians. It was not until 1825 that Jews were granted civil rights. Around the 1900’s Jewish peddlers started coming to the Eastern Shore and among them was Israel Leon Benjamin. In 1915 Israel L. Benjamin, a Lithuania Jewish immigrant, had accumulated enough money to buy the store of Samuel Lowenthal on Main street in Salisbury Maryland. The store was a small one room affair with the only heat coming from a stove in the center of the room. By providing good service his business expanded. In 1922 he purchased the adjoining building and arches were cut through to connect the two buildings. In 1926 he converted the second floor of both buildings to sales space. In 1935 a central air cooling system was installed and a children shop was opened by taking over the second floor of the Homer White building, again by cutting an arch thru to connect the stores. In 1940 he leased the second floor of the Kennerly & Mitchell building. For those not familiar with the old Benjamin Department store, it set on a slope so the ground floor on Main street was the First Floor but on the back side (Church street) when you entered at the ground street level it turned in to the balcony between the first and second floor. Walking thru the building you really felt the shift between the different stores and the slope of the hill as things seem to be on a slant.

Now why am I writing about Benjamins, well back in the 1950’s my mother worked there as a salesclerk (at 90 cents an hour) and after school let out I would walk up town to meet her. In those days department store on Main Street had hours of 9 to 5 and maybe on Saturday and Monday 9 to 9, so I would kill time by looking at stuff in McCrorys Five and Dime and Woolworth, listen to records at Watson Smoke House and maybe having a snack at Reads Drug store or Woolworth’s lunch counter. Downtown Salisbury was quite different than today. Benjamin’s was always a nice store. It was family run, to my knowledge, all of the Benjamin family worked in the store – sons, daughters, in-laws, it was a family store. Alvin I. Benjamin, Israel’s son, took over from his father. In spite of the 1950’s requirement of Black or Navy dresses with heels for the sales clerks my mother enjoyed working there because she enjoyed the people. The Benjamins were nice people. The store itself was aimed at service as were all the stores in that time period. Free gift wrapping, in a Benjamin’s gift box, was always expected. Free delivery was provided. You could call the store and tell them what you wanted and a delivery man would have it to your house in an hour. Salesclerks kept customer sizes and likes and dislikes so when they came in to shop the salesclerk knew what to show them (today the salesclerk will point with her thumb to where the items you are looking for are displayed, than go back to reading her book) . The store was three stories and had an elevator. It was not a self serve elevator it had a young woman who operated it for you. The store mostly was aimed at personal items, clothing, jewelry, cosmetic (they blended their own face powder), shoes, gloves, lingerie, etc.

One of the people who worked there was Bill Parker, yes the same Bill Parker that lives in Delmar, he was the First Floor manager. My mother said when the weather was bad, as in snowing, before closing he would go around and get the salesgirls car keys and run out and start their car so their car would be warm for them when they got to it. Now lets think about that. Today I doubt a manager would do that, but second it shows how innocent Salisbury was at that time as you could have your keys in the car and the car running, and the car unlocked and the car was not stolen. Most all of the people who worked there were that way. Alvin Benjamin, Homer Dishroom, Nell Pryor, Frankie Cross, Edith Rodbell, Emma Lee Latham, Ella Wade, Iva Dykes, Gertrude Williams, Faye Pusey Parker, were some who worked there and all were just pleasant people to be around.

1962 Ad
Benjamin’s had other branch stores scattered across Delmarva, but the Main Street store was the main one. In 1979 the Main Street Store burnt. It was already in receivership from slumping sales as the trend went to suburban shopping away from downtown. By the 1970’s people were looking for cheaper price merchandise, less to no service, and 24 hour store hours Benjamins was done for and in many ways it was the end of an era for Salisbury when the Main Street Store burnt.

1962 Ad

Sunday, June 15, 2008

1909 Ad Roman Auto

Consolidated Police Dept - 1954

From the Bi-State Weekly

Effective June 1, 1954 there will be one police department for all of Delmar. The consolidation was approved at a joint meeting of the Mayor and Council of Delmar, Delaware and the Commissioners of Delmar, Maryland, Monday evening.

The consolidation is the result of a series of Meetings between the two governing bodies which have been going on for the past year. The agreement specifies that the Maryland Commissioners buy a half interest in the car now being used by the Delaware policeman now on duty for Delmar, Delaware.

The new police department will be a joint operation each sharing equally in the expense, and will be headed by the Mayor of Delmar, Delaware and the president of the Maryland Town Commissioners.

It will be the duty of these men to set the schedule of hours for each policeman, hear public complaints, and to designate one of the officers as Chief of police.

Consolidation of the police department comes after several years of successful operation of sewer and water departments jointly.

Norman Tilghman, the present officer of Delmar, Delaware will be an officer for the new department.

Frank Richardson will be hired as an officer for the department. He is approximately 30 years old, married and the father of two children. His experience includes the Salisbury police department and is now a member of the Seaford police department. At present he lives in Salisbury but is expected to make his home here soon.

Father's Day at First Baptist

First Baptist Church has decided to remind us, on Father's Day, about abortions and freedom of choice.

Sometimes when you see the actions of people you can only approve of abortions and wish it was done more often.

First House in Delmar Maryland?

I have been told that this house, on the corner of Elizabeth Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, was the first house, or at least one of the first houses, built in Delmar Maryland. Supposedly it was built by Elijah Freeny and was for a period of time referred to as the "Old Jim Figgs" House.