Saturday, July 19, 2008

Jack Dempsey In Delmar - 1940

From the Bi-State Weekly Friday July 19, 1940


Jack Dempsey, former heavyweight champion of the world, will appear as the headliner of the seven all-star amateur boxing bouts which have been scheduled by Johnny Bainbridge, promoter, at the Coliseum, one mile south of Delmar, tonight, (Friday). Dempsey will referee all seven bouts which will bring together in a return bout Buck Jones of Baltimore and Howard Hitchens of Salisbury.

Hitchens in the last bout held at the Coliseum won on a technical knockout over Jones in the last three seconds of the fifth and final round when the referee stopped the bout. Both are expected to weigh in at 170.

The six supporting bouts will bring together amateurs from Wilmington and Baltimore. In the semi-final a five round bout Leroy Mason of Baltimore will fight Mike Dimattel of Wilmington. Both will weigh 180 pounds.

The five supporting bouts will be three rounds affairs. Lou Brown of Baltimore, who has won the last three fights at the local area on knockout will fight Frank Martinzes of Wilmington; Charles Chummy of Baltimore will fight Paul Colzone of Wilmington; Frank Howath of Baltimore versus Gal Gileasleve of Wilmington; Jim Forrest of Baltimore versus Jim Willis of Wilmington and the opening bout will bring together Rossario Jeppi of Baltimore and Calvin White of Wilmington.

This is the second time that Dempsey has appeared on the Delmarva Peninsula since he lost the heavyweight crown to Tunney in 1927. several years ago he refereed at Pocomoke, Bainbridge is expecting a crowd of several thousand to witness the fights.

Cheap Melons

So the grocery stores and flea markets still have high prices on watermelon but these farm produce stands are selling them reasonable. Out at Columbia there is a farmer selling dollar melons and they are good. Now of course Columbia is about a 14 mile round trip so it isn't worth going for one melon but if you pick up several it brings that gas cost down to a reasonable price per melon.

Check out the money box and that chain holding it in place.

Today is Mary Lee Pase Birthday

Okay, I going to skip the pun about how I always write about old and historical things in Delmar and just wish Mary Lee a Happy Birthday.


The Changing Downtown

Well it came as a surprise to me, as it did to a great many people, that Linda's Railroad Cafe is closing. Not being a regular customer there I heard it on the TV news. So where will the old men that form the coffee circle at Linda go now? Maybe she got tire of the LeCates Building on the end of the row making the downtown look bad.

I also see the Top Hat Coffee Shop has changed to a mini Mexican market. Is this the same store that recently closed, out by the IGA/Foodrite .

And finally who is suppose to cut the grass by the the railroad caboose? A code enforcement citation would normal be sent out by the town, if it was a resident property. The Women of the New Century Club of Delmar planted "knockout" roses in front of the recently painted caboose and they water and care for the roses, but obviously the tall grass distracts from the view of what beautification that has been done for the downtown.

1963 Ad - Tony's Place

Friday, July 18, 2008

The Smells of Summer

Each season has it own set of smells, some are pleasant, some are not. These are some that come to my mind for summer;

The smell of corn fields on a hot humid summer morning.
The smell of meat grilling.
The smell of suntan lotion.
The smell of smoke from an open camp fire.
The smell of chlorine in a swimming pool.
The smell of animals at a State Fair.
The smell of sheets that have dried on the line.
The smell of salt from the ocean.
The smell of french fries on the boardwalk.
The smell of BLT's with fresh homegrown tomatoes.
The smell of old bay seasoning when you are cooking crabs.
The smell of the marsh when you are going crabbing.
The smell of cold beer on a hot day.
The smell of rain approaching on a hot dusty day.
The smell of flowers and vegetables in the garden.
The smell of manure being spread in fields.
The smell of four dollar a gallon gas being pumped into your car.
The smell of exhaust fumes and road tar as you sit in a traffic jam waiting for the road to be paved.
The smell of that dead possum that decided to die under your shed.
The smell of portapotties on a summer road trip.
The smell of my garbage a day before trash pickup.
The smell of that old book you got at the used book store, the one with pages yellow like old leaves.
The smell of dirty laundry after returning home from a week of camping out.

Firemen's Carnival - 1947

From the Bi-State Weekly Friday July 18, 1947


The Delmar Firemen's Carnival which opened Monday night at the carnival grounds on the Maryland side of town has been in full swing all the week. The weather has been exceptionally favorable, and each night finds a crowd at the grounds, where various attractions have been provided for both adults and children.

Wednesday night, the Firemen held a parade at 8:00 o'clock with fire companies from all parts of the Peninsula being in the line of march, as well as Ladies Auxiliaries, drum and bugle Corps. and various organizations. The parade formed at the Delaware school grounds and marched up State Street to Railroad Avenue then to the carnival grounds where it disbanded. Prizes were awarded.

The carnival will close Saturday night, when a new Pontiac automobile will be given away. Proceeds from the carnival will be used to help buy equipment. The company has purchased an ambulance which they hope will be delivered in a short time.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

West Salisbury is the District 8 Champion

The 9-10 year old Little League game that started last night, ended tonight with West Salisbury defeating Delmar. A good crowd turned out from both sides to see the game and root for the players. As with any district game everyone was on the edge of their seat or standing as the game went into the last inning, but West had the last bat which is usually the deciding factor.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Banks, Mortgages and Bailouts

I was watching President Bush today begin another bailout of two incompetent companies that couldn't manage their business. This time it is Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. "I don't think it's a bailout," said Bush, bullshit. The administration said it would provide capital and maybe buy stock in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

I think one of the most important problems to solve in America today is the economy and I see nothing that is workable from either Obama or McCain. The only thing I see from the current regime is lowering of interest rates (that is just a short term fix in the wrong direction) and bailing out companies and banks that have screwed up in managing their business. Both of the fixes are merely covering the ass of rich people and not doing squat to help the overall economy. I am a firm believer that a good economy requires; 1) an interest rate of 7% to 8% (any less allows to easy of credit and speculators take over). 2) a tighter credit policy than what we have. 3) a dollar that is worth something. 4) Manufacturing companies in this country. Over the past 30 years we have offered incentives to our manufacturing companies to leave the United States or import from foreign countries. Now I am sure in part this is due to the fact Asia owns the United States because they buy the fictitious bonds we issue, but the same as taking a strong stand on using oil by going to alternative energy sources, we need to start manufacturing again in this country.

In other related news The Bank Of Delmarva has posted a notice they are buying the Ocean City Branch of First Mariner Bank.

Ex-Slave Reunion - 1929

From the State register July 1929

Among the many conventions and gatherings of the summer, none will have a greater touch of human interest than the eighteenth annual ex-slave reunion to be held in Birmingham on July 15 and 16.

It will not be a large gathering, as reunions go, but there will be more than 100 former negro slaves in attendance, their ages ranging from 90 to 118 years, and they will come from practically all the Southern states.

Each year a large number of white people are invited to attend these reunions and partake of an old-fashion outdoor dinner, where separate tables are provided for the white guests. Rev. J. A. Bryan, an aged and greatly beloved white minister of Birmingham, will deliver an address, as he has done for a number of years, and there will be much music, including singing of all the favorite negro spirituals by the ex-slaves themselves.

As is the case with reunions of veterans of the Civil war, these ex-slave reunions must cease within a few years, when the last of those who participated in the stirring events of the '60's shall have passed away.

The ex-slave reunion is financed by the Community Chest of Birmingham, whose action is added proof that worthy Negros of the South are treated with consideration by their white neighbors.

Iron Hill Distillery - 1905

From the State Register January 7, 1905

For Sale.- "The Iron Hill Distillery" offers for sale its entire outfit for distilling, which is the best equipped in the District of Maryland, outside of Baltimore city. Will also close out entire stock of pure old apple, peach and grape brandies. These goods are strictly pure and have been in the Government Bonded Warehouse for five years. Anyone wishing pure old brandy for medicinal purposes can secure the right thing by addressing, T. A. Veasey, Proprietor, Iron Hill Distillery, Delmar, Del.

1948 Delmar Ad - Triglia Electric

Monday, July 14, 2008

Delmar July Police Commission Meeting

The quarterly meeting of the Delmar Police Commission was tonight. Commissioner Carrie Williams was not present.

For the quarter 90 citations were issued in Delaware and 197 citations in Maryland. There were 4 search warrants, 10 CDS arrests, 1 seized vehicle, $600 cash seized, and recovery of $12,000 worth of stolen property. The drug investigation, etc will be handled in Executive session.

Chief Saylor is several ways to save fuel. They range from motorcycles to devices to install on the car engines that will save gas. One is the Pre-Ignition Catalytic Converter (PICC). It consist of a new Catalytic Converter and a Hydro-Assist Fuel Cell (HAFC). Click here to see the website that explains it. They say it will double the fuel mileage.

The other device is a Hydro-Gen, which adds water to the fuel of your engine.

Salisbury Band Concert

The third concert of the "in the park" season was held last night. The Salisbury Band finally had their "in the park" concert in the park. The weather was great, no rain, not too hot.

They did a range of numbers including a selection of Louis Armstrong hits; "What A Wonderful World" is one of my favorites and of course that toe tapper "Hello, Dolly!".

Two more concerts left for the Sunday Night in the Park season (July 20 and July 27). On August 3rd the Milford Community Band will come over and do a concert in the park.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

1963 Ad - Carrols Drive-In

The first cheap burger place Salisbury had was Carrols Drive-In on South Salisbury Blvd. I think Arby's might have the location now. It would be a number of years before Salisbury had a McDonalds but Carrols was just as good. As I recall the hamburgers were 15 cents, a cheeseburger was 19 cents, french fries 10 cents and a 16 oz milkshake was a 20 cents.

First Baptist Church - 1963

From July 12, 1963


Groundbreaking services for a new church plant of the First Baptist Church of Delmar will be held Sunday, July 14, at 3:30 p.m. on the four-acre site on Route as-A just south of Delmar.

Plans for the new church building include an auditorium that will seat approximately 300 with an educational building caring for about 400 for Sunday School and various other church organizations.

George D. Savage, of Narberth Pa., is the architect. Plans had previously been approved by the Sunday School Board of the Southern Baptist Convention at Nashville, Tenn. Savage will continue to supervise the work until the building has been completed.

Sealed bids were received on July 2 and the low bidder was John L. Briggs and Company of Georgetown, Del., with a low bid of $76,235 for the general construction. The architect fee, sewerage and water will bring the total cost to an estimated $82,707 for the project.

The building will include 7,354 square feet of floor space and is designed as the first unit in a long-range building program. The structure will be of contemporary design of brick with a blend of pink and rose shale colonial brick. the interior will have an all-tile floor, hot air forced heat and the educational department will include a kitchen, with a kitchenette for the nursery.

Taking part in the groundbreaking ceremonies will be the following: Dr. Roy Gresham, executive secretary, Baptist Convention of Maryland; Elmer F. Ruark, president State Mission Board, Baptist Convention of Maryland; the Rev. L. P. Bernette, associational missionary, Eastern Baptist association; the Rev. Archie Prevatte, moderator, Eastern Baptist association; the Rev. Joseph E. Edmonds, president, Ministers Conference Eastern association; Building and Groundbreaking Committee C. Edward Culver, chairman, Marion Calloway, J. B. Moore, Earl Brannock, Mrs. Luther Mitchell; church department leaders; C. Edward Culver, chairman of deacons; Levin Lowe, chairman of trustees; Eugene Ross and Larry Hearn, senior church members.

Carlton Hastings, superintendent of Sunday school; Paul Mitchell, Training Union director; Mrs Mabel Elliott, president, W. M. U.; Ira Burton, president, Brotherhood; the Rev. Frank B. Robinson, pastor; and any other members of the congregation who wish to participate.

A cordial invitation is extended to all churches of the Eastern Baptist Conference and the town of Delmar to take part in the ceremonies. The public is invited and all former pastors of the church.

The Spinks Brothers

Two great boxers from the same family celebrate their birthday this month. Leon Spinks was born July 11th 1953 and his brother Michael was born July 13th 1956. Michael was a light heavyweight and heavyweight title winner beating Larry Holmes and Leon was a heavyweight beating Muhammad Ali. Leon's son is Welterweight champion Cory Spinks. Neither had the personality Muhammad Ali had but they were great fighters. Leon always looked like he grew up rough, but Michael was more quiet and a little more likable. Michael Spinks lives in Greenville, Delaware.

Delmar Police Commission for July

As a reminder the Delmar Police Commission will hold their quarterly meeting tomorrow night at Delmar town hall at 6:30 P.M.

Newspapers and Newspaper delivery

Each year I try to subscribe to an out of the area newspaper. Usually it is a small town newspaper, out west, as it gives me some ideal as to what is important there. This year I have a subscription to the Ramona Sentinel in Ramona, California. Ramona is east of San Diego (I don't know as you can go west of San Diego). There are a number of things important in Ramona but the three biggest seem to be; Wildfire, Wildfire, Wildfire, Water, Water, Water, horses, horses, and more horses. The paper has given a number of insights into areas we, here, aren't concerned about. I had never thought about the difficulty of owning horses ( a lot of them) when a wildfire is burning your way and you are told to evacuate (they haul the horses to San Diego). I have never worried about the entire town of Delmar being told to evacuate due to a wildfire coming it's way. Altho we have water issues here, water out west is a big issue, big money and big politics. I have never worried about a wildfire burning all the utilities, including water and sewer pumping stations. They are also big into Rodeos and they have a big "Ramona Country Fair" in August.

The one thing all the newspapers have had in common is the inability of the Post Office to deliver them. Now weekly, I receive loose flyer's with coupons in them but to deliver the newspaper, the Post Office can only averages 50% delivery. I do regularly receive the "Laurel Star" but anything that is shipped from someplace over a hundred miles away seems to be too difficult for the Post Office to handle. I have complained to the Delmar Post Office - no results. I have complained to the "Ramona Sentinel" thinking they could put pressure on their end - no improvement. The "Ramona Sentinel" finally put the last three issues in a large envelope and shipped them first class to me. I received it. Some where out there in the Post Office is a person stealing or destroying my newspapers.