Saturday, July 26, 2008

Carol White and Patsy Collins - 1950

From the Bi-State Weekly Friday, July 28, 1950


Miss Carol White and Miss Patsy Collins, two of Delmar's most talented tap artists, appeared on Billy Tryall's Show, Salisbury Dance Revue, televised last Thursday evening, 9 to 9:30 P.M., over WMAR-TV.

For Miss White, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Francis White, it was her first appearance over television and the second for Miss Collins, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Collins. She appeared over the same station on the Saturday night amateur show two weeks ago.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

July Planning and Zoning Meeting

The July Planning and Zoning meeting was held tonight with all members present. My usual disclaimer on the town meeting is; what I write is not the minutes of the meetings, it is just my interpretation of what took place and what I am interested in posting. If you want to know the real story go to the meeting.

On the agenda was Peninsula Endoscopy Center pylon sign which finally was approved for a height no greater than 26 feet.

Chesapeake Bay Reserve Subdivision was given preliminary approval at 478 units.

Stillwater Subdivision was given preliminary approval at 172 single family homes.

The variance for Barrington Properties was tabled because the owners didn't show up.

Johnson's OK Used Car sign discussion was tabled because the owners didn't show up.

Thomas Becker of Becker and Morgan gave a presentation of a Subaru Dealership to go in out around the Holiday Inn. No firm decisions on it but the concept was acknowledge to be OK.

I left at that point.

Two Dollar Bag Day

The Nellie G. Allen Curiosity Shop in Seaford has two dollar bag day every other Thursday. The place is usually mobbed with people. This is the scene ten minutes before it opens at 9 AM. My guess is there is a lot of flea market people in the group as they all grab their bag and head for the houseware section and grab all the candle holders, dishes etc. There is usual also a lot of Hispanics and Creole people there who usually get several bags of clothing. My wife heads for the book section and grabs another bag full of books. The Curiosity Shop is open M T W F 9 to 5, Thursday 9 to 1 and Saturday 9 to 3.

They Are Back

Those watermelon buses are back.

1962 Ad - Northwood Bar

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Time For Elbert To Make His Move

Three members of the Sussex County Council are going to retire. Dale Duke of Laurel is one of them. This is prime time for Elbert to make his run for office. He has been grooming himself and making contacts with politicos so he should have their support. He may have to give up his part time Wal-mart job but the County Council has better benefits. Plus he can still be part of the Christine O'Donnell Lower Slower Brain Trust if he is elected councilman. VOTE FOR ELBERT

The Delmar Airport

While looking thru old newspapers for information on Bobby Baker I came across this article in the Daily Times June 11th, 1962 issue;

Bi-State Airport At Delmar Dedicated

DELMAR- A private airport for light planes was dedicated Saturday in this Eastern Shore Community that sits athwart the Delaware - Maryland line.

The airport is located on the Mason-Dixon line - half of it in Maryland and half in Delaware.

The dedication speech for the new facility, which will be open to all without fee, was delivered by Delmar Mayor Frank Bonsell.

The airport, owned and operated by Edward Wainwright of Delmar, was built adjacent to a motel (Stateline Motel). A control tower for the new facility will be constructed shortly, Wainwright said.

Now I certainly remember an airport or runway in Delmar - the one I remember was just a grassy strip that was located where Wilmington Trust and State line Plaza is now. This one in 1962 was suppose to be East of Rt13 and occupied 18 acres. It seems to me however that there was a runway there before 1962. My memory is of watching Radio Control Model airplane Clubs using the strip, a few planes landing and taking off, and I think there was Parachute Club in Delmar called the Delmarva Sky Divers Club. I don't remember the runway being in both states, but in 1962 and for another 15 years I was living out of the area, so perhaps the one in the article was an airstrip entirely different from the one I remember. Readers help me.

In March of 1972 the two towns of Delmar held meetings to see if there was any interest in the town going into the Airport business by buying the land and running the State line Airport. There was not sufficient interest so the idea was dropped.

Part of my memory of the airstrip was pulling off on the shoulder of RT13 and watching the radio controlled model airplanes taking off and land. From the 1950's I carry a strong association of cars, riding in them or parked, and watching things for amusement from them. Prior to malls and other points of interest the folks of our area found simple amusement in just going for a Sunday car ride looking at people and their houses. If you didn't go for the ride you would drag the chrome kitchen chairs out to the front yard and watched the cars go by. Related to this desire to see and be seen is part of an email Joe Long sent me about downtown Salisbury in the 50's.

On Saturday everyone in Salisbury that owned a car used to drive uptown and park their cars on Main St. Then they would walk home, eat dinner, and walk back to sit and watch people walk back and forth on Main St. All the stores stayed open late and it was the place to be seen that evening. I have a lot of beautiful memories of the old Salisbury and it is sad to see what so-called progress has done to the town.

To a teenager now day it may sound hokey but it really was no different than going to the mall or beach boardwalk today. It seems to be a basic human desire to see other people or be seen by other people.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Anheuser Bush Transplants

Last year I did a post on my Anheuser Bush. This spring I took some cuttings and planted them in the garden. Golly, it is just like they say; thing from your homegrown garden do taste better. Now, if I can just keep the damn beer guzzling pink flamingos out of the garden.

As for as Belgian Brewer InBev buying Anheuser-Busch, I am in favor of it. Anheuser-Busch is like so many American beer companies that forgot their product was beer and they thought their business was marketing instead. The beer can only improve.

Bobby Baker and the Carousel Hotel

Just the facts of Bobby Baker and his Carousel Hotel would make for a small book but if you add in the rumors of the Mafia and JFK assassination conspiracy theories it would make a very large book.

Back in the 1950’s Ocean City only amounted to what is called the old part (below 40th street). From 40th street north to Fenwick was just sand dunes. Bobby Baker built a hotel, that opened in 1962, out in the middle of the dunes (118th Street, if there was a 118th street at that time) called “the Carousel” not just called the Carousel but "Bobby Baker's Carousel". The Carousel was a  hotel that set out in the middle of the sand dunes and everyone asked why in the hell would he build it out in the middle of no where.

The real story is Robert G ( Bobby) Baker. He was born in Pickens, South Carolina in 1928 or 1929 depending on what source you read. By the age of 14 he was a senate page. Early on he formed alliances with Lyndon B Johnson who was senate majority leader. He was known as energetic, smart, and a wheeler dealer . He later would be an assistant to Johnson when he became Vice-President. The internet rumors is that Johnson took kickback money for favors and Bobby Baker was his bagboy. Any money coming to Johnson a little would stick to Bobby Baker’s fingers. When he was making his highest pay rate of $19,600 a year he owned an interest in a lawyer firm, a travel agency, a Howard Johnson Motel and had started to build the Carousel hotel, so there may be some truth in what was said. I am not going to try and talk about all the deals involved with Bobby Baker in this time period, a simple internet search will bring you more than enough data about them.

The Carousel opened in 1962. It was started in 1959 but suffered some setbacks in the March 1962 storm. The four story hotel was built at a cost of 1.2 million dollars. It became known as a hideaway for Washington people. From the beginning there were rumors of wild parties, influence peddling, decadence, debauchery, call girls, and a gentleman’s club where you had to be known to get in.

On opening night Lyndon and Lady Bird Johnson and a ton of Washington bigshots at the time, came into Ocean City for the opening of the Carousel. It was a major social event. Bobby Baker arranged to use the Senate limo’s to haul the important ones down to Ocean city and rented buses for the others.

By 1963 Bobby Baker’s dealings had caught up with him. In spite of being known as the 101th Senator, Senator John Williams from Frankford Delaware called him out on the senate floor. On October 7th, 1963 he was forced to resign as secretary of the Senate Democrats over the corruption charges that implicated Lyndon Johnson, the Democratic Senate leader who became president in November 1963 following the assassination of President Kennedy.. In January of 1964 he was indicted by the U.S. attorney in Washington for tax evasion. In late 1963 Baker chose Ed Williams to defend him against several charges of political corruption. A grand jury in 1966 indicted Bobby Baker for tax evasion, fraud, and related charges. In January 1967 a jury convicted Baker of seven of nine charges, for which he eventually served 16 months in prison, while President Johnson avoided any legal charges. Baker was "Williams's only client in a major trial to serve time in prison," wrote Robert Pack in his biography of Williams.

Bobby Baker was 34 when he opened the Carousel. By 1966, he was such a name in Ocean City that in spite of the conspiracy, fraud, theft and tax evasion charges some people wanted him to run for mayor of Ocean City. His words were; "I'm not a candidate for anything. I've got more problems than I can say grace over."

So how did Bobby Baker become linked to the JFK assassination conspiracy theories? As was said before Bobby Baker was supposedly the bag man for kickback money going to LBJ. Bobby Baker and LBJ were under investigation by Bobby Kennedy. President Kennedy was looking at dumping Johnson as Vice president in the next election. LBJ, who feared going to jail as a consequence of RFK’s investigations of his former aide, Bobby Baker and the Mafia, as well as those of his hatchet-men associates, Billie Sol Estes and Malcolm Wallace, arranged to assassinate JFK. Did you notice in that time period every one was referred to by initials or shorten nicknames? When Bobby Baker was at his peak besides being bagman he arranged parties for Senators and other people. One of the party places was at the home of Nancy Carole Tyler. The home was shared with Mary Jo Kopechne who as we know died in the car accident with Ted Kennedy at Chappaquiddick. Mary Jo Kopechne worked for Senator George Smathers who was considered to be the next Vice President in the upcoming election. Nancy Tyler was born in 1939 in Tennessee and moved to Washington about 1959 where she worked for Delaware Senator J. Allen Fear, Jr. She eventually worked for Bobby Baker and begin an affair with him. After the big blow up with the senate hearings and investigation of Bobby Baker, she ended up being his bookkeeper at the Carousel. On May 10, 1965 she got in a biplane piloted by Robert O. Davis and they crashed in the Atlantic Ocean opposite the Carousel. Both were killed. Again in the conspiracy theories, she knew too much.

1964 photo submitted by Lee Donehower

The Carousel today is like it’s clients, it has gone thru a number of ups and downs and is now moved into middle age and mellowed out. It had multi stories additions and condominiums added in the 70’s. The most recent renovation was done in 1999 at 7 million dollars. Today the hotel offers 237 rooms and 22 oceanfront two and three bedroom condominiums.

What happened to Bobby Baker? He seems to have disappeared. He wrote a book in 1978 called "Wheeling and Dealing: Confessions of a Capitol Hill Operator." He would be about 80 years old today., but he has stayed out of the public eye, and I don’t know where he is. I am sure the conspiracy theorists are awaiting his death in hopes something new will be revealed.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Salisbury Band Concert July 20 2008

Well another Sunday Evening spent listening to the Salisbury Community Band. There was a rain earlier so it cooled the evening off making it pleasant to sit in the park.

Tonight I found their best music was Bella Beach, Beethoven Fifth Symphony and the Sorcer's Apprentice.

Each concert they have a march of children waving their flags

After the concert the band members were getting out of there. They clean up after their selves well. Each member brings down his or her chair, the music stand and sheet music they used, and they have marked places to put them under the bandstand.

I, of course, am old enough to remember when the bottom of the bandstand was changing rooms and bathrooms for when you swam in the stream. That was before the zoo was put in upstream and people discovered animal shit floats downstream, which put a stop to the swimming by the bandstand.

The Salisbury Park has nice sloping sides leading down to the stream. It is good for snow sledding in the winter. The slopes were formed back when the park was a lake, called Humphrey Lake. Since the lake was created by a dam when the dam broke in the early 1900's it left the sloping ground we can sit on.

Richard Nixon spoke from this bandstand to a crowd of 5,000 in 1952 when he a Senator and running for Vice President with Eisenhower as for President.

Only one more performance of the community band and that is next week.

Delmar in the Summer of 1900

From the Salisbury advertiser July 21, 1900

Delmar News

The M. P. and M. E. churches will give an excursion to Ocean City, Wednesday July 25. Train leaving here at 8 A.M. and returning 7 P.M.

The young men of the town gave a delightful strawride on Wednesday of last week. Those who enjoyed the pleasant ride were Misses Blanche Marvil, Ethel Hastings, Pearle Lowe, Blanche Reninger, Ethel Hayman, Daisy Culver, Bertha Sturgis, Lillian English, Messrs Jno. Elliott, Oscar Sharp, Harley Elliott, Loran German, Claude Phillips, Arthur Ellis, William Marvil and Harry Herman. The company after meeting at the home of Miss Blanche Marvil drove around and then started for the picnic at Zion. All reported having a most delightful evening.

The young gentlemen of the town met Tuesday evening to organize a band. The following gentlemen handed in their names; H. Sipple, T. L. Barker, L. Allie Melson, Sam'l Culver, A. German, L. German, H. German, H. Collins, Horace Benson, J. W. Elliott, S. M. Ellis, Vernon Hastings, Geo. W. Nichols, Claude Phillips, A. B. Elliott. the people should welcome the band and do all they can to help them make a success.

For several days the temperature has been hovering around 100 degrees and some farmers have abandon field work.

Peaches are coming in plentifully but the quality is poor. Peaches are selling here at 15 to 30 cents a basket.

Blackberries are selling at three to four cents per quart and many are being shipped to Cape Charles City.

1963 Ad - Greenway Inn

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Starbucks and ZOG

As Ponder Mints pointed out the new Seaford Starbucks is about to close. It is on the Starbucks closing list (the only Starbucks store in Delaware that is closing), for a list of all the Starbuck Stores closing click here.

Now my investigative undercover team has also reported to me that Starbucks is the front organization for ZOG (Zionist Occupied Government). The Zionist Occupation Government, of which the United States is one, is a government in which Jews secretly control a country, while the formal government is a puppet regime, that would certainly explain the actions of President Bush. ZOG is also feverish against Ron Paul, who they view as the great Satan. Again since the Media is controlled by Jews it would explain why there was never any positive mention of his campaign. It also explains why the media is in favorable of Obama as there is no one running for President who is more easily controlled.

Again my investigative minions/team reports that the secret password for ZOG is to go to a Starbucks and order a double decaf espresso. Perhaps Dana over at Civil 3D Rocks can comment on that as she is a loyal Starbuck supporter.

The Gordy Park Sign and Garden

As one of the readers commented the Garden around the new Gordy Park sign is a sight. With the height of the vegetation putting a new sign in was a waste of money as you can give up trying to read the sign.

Now some of the plants are flowers (Cosmos) that just have not bloomed yet, but some are just weeds. Earlier this week a Maryland District Champion Little League game was held at this ball field. Hopefully people were looking at the players instead of the garden.

This is the backside of the sign and it looks worst than the front. Are those polk Berries?

Another view of the backside of the sign. Can some of this be dried out and smoked?

Now I understand the town cuts the grass and generally does upkeep on Gordy Park. The question is should the town do the upkeep on the garden around the sign? Looking at it no body does up keep on the garden. Weeding and such in a garden is a time consuming business and I am not sure if it is not an area that is better suited to a community organization who has an interest in flowers instead of the town employees. You can always take the stand 'well they are being paid to do it," but frankly with gardens and flowers if they are not interested in making it look good it is just a waste of time sending them in to work on it. I will say the town of Delmar would look better if the town government did their part in helping out. Naturally the lecates building comes to mind.

1933 Ad - Shellpot Park

Shellpot Park was in Wilmington around 40th and Market Street. The ad is included because with the railroad available, people from Delmar would travel to any town on the line. Cape Charles was popular as was Wilmington. A trolley ran out to Shellpot Park and it had it's own miniature railroad, a merry-go-round, lots of picnic tables and a wooded lake. In 1931 an open air arena was built for boxing and other events. It would seat about 1400 to 1500. Shellpot Park would suffered a devastating fire in 1934 and never reopened. The site of the park later became a Sear Roebuck store.

Of note; Delaware did not legalize boxing for prize money until 1931.

Juan Vucetich

Juan Vucetich was born today in 1858. He was an Argentinian police official who devised the first workable system of fingerprint identification. Altho the knowledge that fingerprints were unique to individuals had been around for a long time no one had devised a method to use them for large scale identification. Argentine police created a department that would try to identify individuals and commissioned doctor Augusto P. Drago to study the methods established by Bertillion on anthropometric identification. While Drago was establishing the anthropometric identification in Buenos Aires, Vucetich was investigating fingerprints in La Plata. Vuetich fingerprint classification consisted of 101 types of fingerprints.

In 1892, two boys were murdered in the village of Necochea, near Buenos Aires, Argentina. The police suspected Francisca Rojas, a boy friend of their mother, but even after torture he would not confess. The key was a bloody fingerprint found at the crime scene and Juan Vucetich discovered it was the fingerprint of the mother of the children, who confessed to the killing, bringing his academic system of fingerprint identification into practical use.

He was the worldwide leader of fingerprint technology in his time.