Saturday, August 02, 2008

Wyoming Peach Festival

I was in Dover today and on the way home I decided to stop by the Wyoming Peach Festival. Super event! A very good turn out of people. It covered about four blocks of vendors, food, and politicians. In spite of Elbert saying Christine O'Donnell was going to be there I didn't see her, nor did anyone I talked to see her. A big hats off to the Peach Festival Committee of Jaci Stokes, Elaine Bilow, Donna Mason, Donald Bilow, Paula King, Joanne Everett, James Mason, Vicki Whittaker, Jan Crumpley, and Michelle Willard.

As in Apple-Scrapple in Bridgeville, there was a dominate supporter and that was Fifer Orchard.

Above are Fifer Orchard Peach Girls
Now T. S. Smith in Bridgeville I tend to have issues with but Fifer's Orchard I am very positive on. Some years ago my daughter's girl scout troop took a tour of Fifer's Apple Orchard. They treated us very well. Besides riding us all over the orchard and allowing us to pick an apple we got a talk on apples and when we ate our sandwich at the produce stand the manager sent over two free gallons of apple cider for us.

The peaches are suppose to the main reason for the festival, but for food vendors I found Sherrie Crab Cake Sandwiches to be exceptional. $6.00 crabcakes done just right. If I see this stand anywhere again I will buy their crabcakes.

At every festival there is some one riding around on a golf cart. I guess they are festival organizers. My daughter and I have a joke going that some day we are going to buy a golf cart and take it to a festival and maybe wear tee shirts saying "event staff" and just ride all over the festival in our golf cart.

Lots of music


Tom's Cove - The Book

Linda Stevenson camps at Tom's Cove Park/Campgrounds and has written a book called; "Tom's Cove - The True Stories of a Family Camping on Chincoteague Island." It is one of those books of local interest you pick up while on vacation. It is under 100 pages, so it is easy reading and something you can read in bits and pieces as it is broken into 22 chapters or stories. As the title says it is a collections of events and stories about her family while camping at Tom's Cove. She and her husband have camped at Tom's Cove for the last 26 years; progressing from a tent to a VW Camper to a motor home to an 18 foot trailer to their current 32 foot trailer.

I found the book was amusing and of some interest if you camp at Tom's Cove, my wife on the other hand found the book highly amusing and laugh out loud while you read it kind of book.

Linda Stevenson has the family trailer at camp site D4 which is one of the most highly desirable campsites in Tom's Cove as it is water front, in a limited strip of about 7 campsites, close to the fishing pier, and close to the boat docks. We of course did ride by to check out her campsite (photo above).

It's Howard Birthday!!!

Friday, August 01, 2008

Tot Lot Beginning?

Delmar Police Department Press Release

Delmar Police Department Press Release
Date of Incident: July 26, 2008
Location: 800 block of E. Elizabeth Street, Delmar, MD
Suspects: Two Juveniles
Names withheld

Narrative: On July 26, 2008 at approximately 12:30 am, Officers of the Delmar Police Department were alerted to a Robbery that occurred in the 800 Block of E. Elizabeth Street, Delmar, Maryland. The investigation revealed three adult males, who reside in Delmar, were “attacked” by approximately ten African American male suspects. The victims reported walking in the area between the 700 & 800 block of E. Elizabeth Street when the suspects approached them. The victims reported being punched and kicked, as well as property being demanded from them. The suspects subsequently stole the victims’ cell phones, an iPod, and numerous clothing items. Two of the victims were beaten unconscious.
The investigation revealed the identity of two Juvenile suspects. Delmar Police have obtained warrants on the identified Juveniles charging them as adults. The investigation in on going and no information has developed to determine if the incident is gang related or not.

Anyone with information regarding this crime is urged to call the Delmar Police Department at 410-896-3131.

Delmar Police Department Press Release

Delmar Police Department Press Release
Location: 800 E. Chestnut Street, Chestnut Manor Apartments, Delmar, MD
Suspect: Tyrell Maurice Washington, African American, male, DOB: 11/12/1983, ht. 5’11”, wt. 164, hair black, eyes brown, L.K.A. 11311 San Domingo Rd., Mardela Springs, MD

The Delmar Police Department is seeking information on the whereabouts of Tyrell Maurice Washington. On July 24, 2008 the Delmar Police Dept. obtained the following charges on Tyrell Washington:
- 6 counts, Attempted 1st Degree Murder
- 6 counts, Attempted 2nd Degree Murder
- 6 counts, Assault 1st Degree
- 6 counts, Assault 2nd Degree
- 6 counts, Reckless Endangering
- 1 count, Armed Robbery
- And numerous weapons charges
Anyone with information is urged to call the Delmar Police Department at 410-896-3131.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

James A Tull - USS Indianapolis

On July 30th, 1945 Anthony Daniello, Harry Hickey, William Rue of Wilmington, and James Tull of Laurel, 4 Delaware sailors, died in the sinking of the USS Indianapolis in the Pacific in the last hours of the war.
Taken From This Day in Delaware History from our Delaware Public archives.

Of course as anyone who has seen "Jaws' is well aware the USS Indianapolis had just returned from carrying the first operational atomic bomb to the pacific. It was sunk and it's position was not known nor the fact it was sunk. About 300 sailors were killed by the damage of the sub sinking the ship and another 583 were killed by the sharks that attacked the men in the water.

Chincoteague Pony Swim 2008

I took a few days off to go to the Chincoteague pony swim. My family refused to let me carry a lap top with me so I had computer withdrawal symptoms for a couple of days but with the help of a bottle of Goslings Black Seal Rum I made it. I will say when I got home today and finally started this post when I touched the mouse it was like in "Sweeney Todd" when he picks up the straight razor and says "my arm is complete again."

I won't call my trip a vacation as when you are retired you are on perpetual vacation, it was a vacation for the rest of my family however. Back when I worked for a living about a week before my planned vacation, which ever shit head of a boss I would have, would start with "Well there is a lot of work coming up I don't know if we can let you take that vacation, you may have to move it to another date." So up until the last minute you didn't know if you were going on vacation or not. Thank God for retirement and not having to put up with those ass holes anymore.

In Accounting in private business you are expected to take least one week of your vacation time as a complete week. The ideal is with you out of the office for a week someone else can do your job and look for irregularities (check to see if you are stealing). When I was employed by Wicomico County they would allow you to take your vacation anyway you wanted to, by the hour if it suited, they didn't care if you were stealing or not as they didn't intend to check anybody.

So back to talking about Chincoteague this year. As usual we stayed in Tom's Cove Campground. We tent camp so you can usually arrive without a reservation and have a camping site, altho I did think the place was more full this year than compared to past years. Sunday night as we were putting up tents a storm came in with wind, lighting, and rain. Our tent blew over and everything was soaked, so my wife found herself in the Laundromat that night drying bedrolls etc. When you tent camp you have to expect that occasionally.

Our Site

On Monday we went to see the herd moved down the beach to the south corral. More and more people are turning out for this event.

About 7:45 AM they came by us

and in two minutes they were gone.

We were talking to some people who drove up from South Carolina for this. I can't imagine driving ten hours or so for a two minute run by of ponies.

The ponies resting at the south corral.

Alex can con a saltwater cowboy out of his hat and whip. It helped that it was Bruce.

Later that night we went to eat at the Chincoteague Carnival. After a year long absence I got my oyster sandwich, by far, they are the best oyster sandwiches on the Delmarva.

The famous oyster sandwich

The place is covered in sea gulls. These sea gulls have walked in to the french fry place to place their order.
Tuesday was dinner at Don's Seafood. Our neighbors came with us on this trip and they had Alex (a three year old) so he thought eating crabs was great play time.

Wednesday; the pony swim was early. They went in the water about 7:45 AM. Again the swim is only about four minutes long. Those people who drive a distant must be disappointed that it only lasts four minutes. I thought this early time was great as you didn't melt like you do when they swim at 11 o'clock and you have been standing around for two hours in the sun waiting. The other thing is people unfamiliar with it do not bring chairs to sit in while waiting so you see these old people or woman holding year old kids standing the whole time waiting for the swim to start. I don't know if it was due to the fact the swim was early or the price of gas, but the crowd watching the swim was about half the number of what a normal year is.

This is known as the pony swim marsh tip toe walk

They can lift those feet up as high as they want they are still going to get muddy

Ponies in the water

Marsh mud

Can't escape the mud at the pony swim the Amish guy was smart wearing boots.

The only gentleman I saw.

Ponies on parade after an hour rest from the swim

Pony Swim must be freak week for Chincoteague people as there are strange people visiting there and walking the streets. Back in Tom's Cove there was a continual parade of golf carts riding the paths, kicking up dust, looking at everyone. That age old desire to see and be seen.

We didn't hang a round for the auction today. I don't really like it. When they separate the colts from the mares there is a lot of panic neighing and whining between the mare and colt. There is, what I think is, an urban legend that goes like this; after the auction and after the ponies have been swum back to the island, a mare will swim back to Chincoteague and wander around the island looking for her colt that was sold.

Always a good time in Chincoteague at pony swimming time.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

1963 Ad - Johnson's Dairy Queen Salisbury

Patience Walls White - 1938

From newspaper July 29, 1938

Patience Walls White, an ex-slave, celebrated her 104th birthday on Monday at the home of her daughter in Lewes. Aunt "Pash" as she is known, claims to be the oldest person in Delaware. She was born in slavery in 1834 on the farm of John Hopkins, near Coolspring, and lived there until the close of the Civil War. Her husband died in 1925 at the age of 74 when Patience was in her 92nd year. She then moved to the home of her daughter. Each year she is given a side of pork, a can of lard and a birthday cake by the heirs of the late Henry Marsh, farmer, for whom she once worked. She has worked for several families in Lewes, and her birthday brings her scores of gifts.