Saturday, August 09, 2008

The 24th Miller-Hastings Family Reunion

The descendants of Samuel James Miller and Elizabeth (Betsey) Ellen Hastings Miller again had another reunion. About fifty people attended this year's reunion. The president, Richard Hearn, did an excellent job of arranging the reunion. Since Sam and Betsey Miller had daughters and no sons, no one at our family reunion bears the Miller Surname. In general, the family tends to produce more daughters than sons.

Most people who attend our reunion live in the local area. There is something about people who are born here, very few actually move more than 50 miles from the place they were born. We usually have a few attending that have temporary moved away, this year we had some who were living in North Carolina and always a few from the western Shore. Family reunions are more for the younger generation than the older people who make up the majority of people who attend them. They are there to pass on stories and history of the family to younger members who never knew the original Sam and Betsey Miller and to satisfy whatever curiosity they may have about the family.

The line to the food table. Always lots of food in great abundance at a reunion and the best part of it very little of it is health conscious food. You leave the reunion feeling as tight as a tick.

Puerto Rico Wins the World Series

ESPN televised the final game of the World series of Softball. It was Latin America against USA East. Latin America is Puerto Rico and USA East is West Cumberland County, New Jersey. The end result is Puerto Rico won 3 to 2. It was interesting hearing a national TV station talk about Sussex County Delaware. Naturally I have a complain about their coverage since this is girls softball the only game they televise is the final game, yet with the boys baseball games they show regional games and a week of games when they play. When this game ended they didn't even hang around to show the trophy presented.

Barbara Hudson Announced Candidacy for 40th District Representative Seat

Today, at ten A.M. Barbara Hudson announced her candidacy for 40th District Representative Seat. The event took place in the Carvel park (dedicated to Ann Carvel) in Laurel before a crowd of about 50 and it lasted about a half hour.

Chairman of the Sussex County Democratic Party Committee Tom Chapman gave a little intro for her. He seem to have felt the the 40th District was made up of Bethel and Laurel as he didn't mention Delmar, so right off I dismissed him from my attention span.

Benny Hudson (Barb's husband), Barb Hudson and Jack Markell current Delaware state treasurer and Democratic candidate for Governor. Jack Markell gave a little spiel on her behalf.

Chad Robinson from the 30th district (Felton/Harrington/Houston) was a student of her's in Woodbridge. He said she taught him about politics. He gave a little pep talk about her.

Finally Barb Hudson herself spoke. She said Biff Lee had not had anyone oppose him since 1996 and it was time someone actually made this an election where two people run for the office. She said she taught Government and US History in school and had relatives who were in politics in the past. Being a teacher she naturally stressed education. SHE was aware Delmar was in the 40th district. Rather than misquote her, since I am hard of hearing, I will post some of the things she is for at a future date.

Should you want to support (financially) Barbara Hudson in her run for office, checks can be made out to: Friends for Barbara Hudson
and mailed to: The Hudson Campaign
113 Carvel Ave.
Laurel, DE 19956

So what was my impression of Barb Hudson? Well no candidate seems to have all the things I am looking. Some of the initial negative things would be; I would like to see more of a blue collar type that had his or her own business running for this office. Since she is a school teacher (Government taxpayer supported person) I am afraid she may have the idea that if you want more money for something you just raise taxes. I don't see her doing the Hilary Clinton thing of walking into a bar and doing shots, washed down with a beer with the boys. If she is elected she will collect her teacher's pay from the Delmar school system plus the State Representative pay and the Delmar school system will pay for a substitute when she is out of class and away in Dover.

The good points for her; she is running against Biff Lee. She seems like a nice, honest, sincere person. Altho I did not try to quote some of the ideals she spoke of they seem to me to be good ideals.

We will see how she does as the election wears on.

Bruce Revel

As Elbert pointed out in his blog Bruce Revel, local blogger of "Bruce Thoughts", has recently passed away August 3rd.

Melson News - 1900

From the Salisbury Advertiser August 11th, 1900

MELSON - The corner stone for the new church here will be laid Thursday next. The size of Church is to be 32x40 with an L 25x35.

Our boys crossed bats with the Parsonsburg team here Saturday, 4th, Score 27 to 3 in favor of the Melson nine notwithstanding the Parsonburg team had the pitcher and back catcher from the Salisbury team to aid them, which was a surprise to our boys. Mr. Clarence Hearn, pitcher for the Berlin team was one of our spectators. Three or four hundred people witnessed the game.

1950's Lunch Counter treats

Jane sent me this F W Woolworth Lunch menu from the 1950's and i thought I would share with you. Now the Woolworth lunch counter in Salisbury was always a good place to go. Reads Drug store with their lunch counter in the basement was another one. There were several soda fountain places down town Salisbury also.

There were two soda fountain treats back then that seem to just Eastern Shore items. One was the Chocolate (or Vanilla) Zip and the other was a Bob-Bon. The last time I had a Chocolate Zip was when there was a sandwich shop across RT13 opposite the Hospital in the late 1980's(?) and you could get them there. My recollection of a Zip was it was similar to a New York egg cream (about one inch of chocolate syrup, about one inch of milk, ice, and carbonated water filling an 8 oz glass and being  stirred as it goes in so it is frothy). Dick Dykes who ran a Drive In and worked at Watson Smoke House says I am wrong. The Zip was just flavored milk with ice. You can also tell it is time dated, as in my recipe, I refer to an 8 oz glass - no one uses 8 oz glasses anyone, everyone is supersized and uses at least a 12 oz or 16 oz glass.

The Bob-Bon (Recipe again from Dick Dykes) consisted of a layer of ice, a dip of ice cream, another layer of ice and whipped creame with a cherry on top.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Bobby Baker and the Democrats

I recently finished reading Bobby Baker's book "Wheeling and Dealing". I had previously did a post on Bobby Baker and his Carousel Hotel and to continue a little additional research I thought I would buy the book and read it. Now as far as adding information on the Carousel hotel, it didn't add much, other than it was a money pit for him. What it did was impress me with is how crooked our government is. This was the period of about 1958 to 1978 (Spiro T. Agnew, Gov. Marvin Mandel, Watergate, etc)but I am sure things are just as crooked now as then. In the book he talks about some of the deals he was involved in that were trade offs, deal making, ways money is past on to Senators, and just stuff you know goes on but you find disgusting anyway. To be a United Senator must mean you are scum with no moral value. Diogenes and his lantern would have a hard row to hoe to find an honest man or woman in the Senate.

In reference to Lyndon B. Johnson, Bobby Baker said "like so many public men grown accustomed to the trapping of high office, he accepted without question his right to do as he pleased. And, like many public men he reached that point where he no longer could distinguish between Lyndon Johnson the private citizen and Lyndon Johnson the political czar."

That thought of "accepted without question his right to do as he pleased" leads me to go off track and relate it to Senator John Edwards and the Democrats. What is it with the men in the Democratic party that they can't keep their dick in their pants? You go back to Roosevelt, the Kennedys, Johnson, Clinton, Ex-New York Gov Eliot Spitzer etc and they just have to fuck somebody other than their wives. At the very least they could pick women that are mute or who are at least discreet. What gets me is they feel it is no body business but their own (in spite of frequently using taxpayer money to get their piece of ass)and they lie like hell when they are cornered with the truth. Maybe Hilary would have been a good choice for the Democrats, she has balls but as far as I know, no dick, don't know what Bill would have done as first lady tho.

Back to Bobby Baker, you can't really feel sorry for him in the book, as he certainly admits to a great deal. No one came to his rescue however when he was caught. He goes thru a chapter in which he describes how rough he had it in Allenwood prison. He couldn't always play tennis when he wanted to, some guards treated him like he was nothing but another prisoner, how he would get drunk on smuggled in scotch, and how he was under the protection of Jimmy Hoffa who kept him from getting killed.

Of interest, he was so loyal to Lyndon Johnson that he named his son Lyndon and his daughter Lynda.

The book isn't written that well but if you are interested in this time period and the crap that went on (and still does) it is worth while reading. The book is "Confessions of a Capital Hill Operator - Wheeling and Dealing" by Bobby Baker and Larry L. King. I bought it used at for $2.95 (paid more in postage than for the book).

Soft Ice Cream Trailer For Sale

I see over on the Ballon Man Blog, Dick Dykes is advertising a soft Ice Cream Trailer for sale at $9,500. Here is your chance to follow the entertainment circuit and make big bucks. Okay, it is a little late in the season, but maybe it is like buying a boat this time of year, the price is good.

Crime in 1946

From the Bi-State Weekly Friday August 9, 1946


John Cummings, local police officer, has stated that two Delmar homes and a fruit stand has recently been broken into.

One of the homes, that of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Mitchell, Grove Street, was entered between 7 and 9 p.m., while Mrs. Mitchell and her son were attending the movies. Upon returning from the movies, Mrs. Mitchell found that the lock on the back door had been tampered with, but did not find anything missing.

The other home was that of Mr. Luckenback on North Second Street. Mr Luckenback reported that his home had been entered during the late evening, and evidence of someone having been in his cellar was very plain; also the lock on the front door had been tampered with. This is the second time some one has entered his home. The first time some jewelry was taken.

Sgt, Sites of the Delaware State police has been assigned to investigate this case.

The fruit stand operated by James Parks has been broken into and several choice baskets of peaches taken. This stand is on the Maryland side of town on Route 13.

Several cases have been reported where men have called at different homes begging food. This is against the Town ordinance and Mr. Cummings said that if such cases were reported at once the persons would be apprehended and perhaps more notorious crimes would be prevented.

The Grapes are turning

My grapes are starting to turn purple. We will see who gets to them first this year; the birds or me.

McDonald's Construction

The new McDonalds in Delmar is coming along. In just a couple months Fine Dining will return to Delmar.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

1963 Ad - Shore Lanes - Salisbury

Delmar Police Department Press Release

Delmar Police Department Press Release
Incident: Assault / Reckless Endangering / Weapons Violations
Date of Incident: 08-05-08
Location: 800 E. Chestnut St., Chestnut Manor Apts., Delmar, MD
Suspects: Unknown

On 08-05-08 at 8:00 PM officers of the Delmar Police Department responded to the parking lot of Chestnut Manor Apartments, 800 E. Chestnut St., in-front of the 400 building in ref. to an Assault. Officers met with victim who advised that a black 4 door Ford Taurus occupied by three males wearing mask approached victim. Victim advised that one of suspects displayed a handgun, and threatened victim with same. Suspects fled the area in vehicle prior to police arriving.
Anyone with information is urged to call the Delmar Police Department at 410-896-3131.

Drugstore - 1946

From the Bi-State Weekly Friday, August 9, 1946


One of the oldest established business in Delmar changed hands when Tingle's Drug Store has purchased by Lee. B. Hearn a few days ago. Hearn took charge last Saturday morning.

This drug business was established about 1891 by Dr. Robert Ellegood and operated until 1924 Dr. M. W. Tingle purchased the business and from that time it has been known as "TINGLES'S". Dr. Tingle operated the business until his death three years ago, and since then Mrs. Tingle has been in charge with Dr. Truitt as prescription druggist.

"Tingle's" has long been a favorite gathering place for young and old of the community. It has become a meeting place for all ages.

Mr. Hearn stated the business will continue to be known as "Tingle's".

Mr. Hearn has been employed for the last four years by the Marvil Package Company of Laurel.

1963 Ad - Wicomico Lanes - Salisbury

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

District III wins over Canada

We went to Roxanna tonight and in the cornfields of Sussex County District III recovered from their previous lost by beating Canada 13 to 0. It ended in the 5th inning with the slaughter rule. Frankly, Canada did not appear interested in playing softball. Needless to say 13 to 0 made for a boring game.

Jewell Street Restoration Project

Eat your heart out Delmar, Maryland we are doing street work that isn't just a street patch. Between 7th and 8th street (one block) the sewer line is being replaced and the street resurfaced. The low bidder was Dixie Construction with a total bid of$153,540.75, with the street portion being $86,396.75 and the Utilities being $67,144.00. This project was approved in the budget two years ago but finally it has started.

Not only is Jewell Street being worked on, but the school is trying to finish up their new parking lot and other work. That whole section of town has construction equipment and streets blocked off. Currently Dixie Construction is replacing the sewer line. Will they be done before school starts???

The old pipe looked like it was 6 or 8 inch terra cotta. The backhoe simply broke it into pieces and than scooped it out. The backhoe guy did well as he was working under power lines.

You can see a worker in the trench. The pipe is down about ten foot. It still come down to manual shovel work. In mining work aren't those short handled shovels they use called Banjos? Anyway there was a couple laying around.

10 inch PVC pipe is being installed, since it is not metal it can't be located with a metal detector. The green tape you see tangling from the yellow machine is a metalized tape they bury about three feet below the street, and above the actual sewer pipe so the metal detector will pick that up and the sewer line can be located.

This thing is apparently a remote control earth tamping machine. Anything that keeps men out of a trench I am in favor of.

Small Business in action

If you live in a more populated area I guess you would sell lemonade, in small towns like Delmar you sell produce. Joseph is hustling watermelons at $3 a piece.

Dream Drive In Purchased

In today's "Daily Times" was an article about the Dream Drive In, which with the roller rink, has been on the auction block. Part of it, the Drive In movie part, was purchased by Don Brown of Felton for $250,000. He owns the Diamond State Drive In Movie at Felton. For those who are familiar with the Dream, it was a roller rink and drive in movie in Wattsville, Virginia (bend in the road on the way to Chincoteague). I think the last time I went to the drive in was in the 70's. There is almost nothing left of the Drive In movie - screen gone, speakers gone etc, what he bought was a 9 acre field with junk in it. The "Dream" was a very popular place for people from Pocomoke and the Eastern Shore of Virginia. To steal an ad motto from the "South of the Border" Motel billboard for their rooms, it was heir proven.

1974 Ad

Senator M. R. Henry works a deal

An interesting article in today's News Journal about State Senator Margaret Rose Henry, D-Wilmington 2nd District. An opponent of Senator Henry, Josie Roy, was going to file to run against Senator Henry. Instead state Senator Henry offered her a job at $90 a day as a legislative page, and Roy didn't file to run against her.

"I did not buy that lady off and I never asked her not to run. That's not even in my makeup," Henry said. "I asked her to come work with me as a page, which is not a job that has benefits or anything like that, so she could see how bills are passed and things like that." And I am sure we were all hit upside the head this morning with the dumb stick to believe that.

Competition for Biff Lee At Last

Barbara Hudson to Announce Candidacy for 40th District Representative Seat

Who: Barbara Hudson

What: Announcement of Candidacy for 40th District Representative Seat

When: Saturday, August 9, 2008 at 10 AM

Where: Corner of Carvel and Poplar Streets, Laurel, DE

Barbara “Barb” Hudson, lifelong Laurel resident and educator, will announce her candidacy for the 40th District Representative seat in the Delaware House of Representatives this Saturday. Barb has been a high school teacher for 15 years in Sussex County. She began her teaching career in the Woodbridge School District, and has been teaching in the Delmar School District for the past five years. Her devotion to teaching is evident by the many students she has touched in her career, some of whom will be present at her announcement.

Barb is a 1973 graduate of Laurel High School who went on to Salisbury University where she obtained her B.A. in History and Secondary Education and the University of Delaware for her Masters in Liberal Studies. She is the granddaughter and niece of two former 40th District Representatives, Reese and Bill Gordy. Barb and her husband Benny are members of the Laurel Nazarene Church, Laurel Alumni Association, and Delaware Education Association. Her four children (Erin O’Neal, Jamie Parkhurst, Rachel Hill and Joshua Hudson) and six grandchildren all live in the 40th Representative District.

Invited guests to the announcement include both Democratic Gubernatorial candidates Jack Markell and John Carney, Matt Denn, Democratic candidate for Lt. Governor, State Senator Bob Venables and County Councilmen Dale Dukes.

Driving directions: Going North on 13A; 13A becomes Central Avenue; drive past the High School and then the Middle School and take a left turn onto Carvel Avenue--second street on left after Middle School. The park where the announcement will be made is on the corner of Carvel and Poplar Street.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The 24th Miller-Hastings Reunion

On Saturday August 9th, noon time, at St Georges Church the descendents of Samuel James Miller and Elizabeth (Betsey) Ellen Hastings Miller will meet again. Those who want more information should call 302-846-2133.

Support Your Local Library

I made a small donation to the Delmar Public Library yesterday. It wasn’t a large amount but it was more to show my support for the library. I have always thought it was a miracle Benjamin Franklin could have come up with an ideal as simple as someone walking in and free of charge check out all the books I could possibly read. Pure genius. Now I may be bias due to my own personal use of libraries over the years, but I think a town library is one of the key factors to both the youth of the town and the community in general. Some people may never use a library after they leave school, others may be there every day, some times it is used as a daycare and other times home schoolers use it as their main source of information, regardless we are lucky to have the Delmar Public Library with their audio books, DVD’s, Video tapes, great programs, large children's and young adult sections, internet access, books for the blind etc.

I think today’s buzz phase in the library circles is “transformational force”. They are trying to say that the library is not just a source of information but it is a transformational force on the youth and community.

Now there are few organizations I do not have issues with, the Delmar library is not excluded, however overall I strongly feel a library is such an important keystone in a community that we all must try and support it in what ever way we can. So rather you live in Delmar or Chincoteague - support your local library.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Delmar Police Department Press Release

Delmar Police Department Press Release

Incident: Assault
Date of Incident: 08-02-08
Location: 200 Block E. Elizabeth St., Delmar, MD
Suspects: Dennis T. Washington, 40, Laurel, DE / David S. Nailon Jr., 24, Millsboro, De / and a Juvenile (Name Withheld)

On August 02, 2008 at 9:29 PM officers from the Delmar Police Department responded to the 200 block of E. Elizabeth St., Delmar, MD in ref. to a report of a large fight. When officers arrived they made contact with two victims who had been severely injured. Officers learned that Dennis T. Washington, David S. Nailon Jr., and a juvenile had assaulted the two victims over a previous dispute between one of the victims and the Nailon suspect a week prior. All three suspects were gone on officer’s arrival. Delmar EMS transported both victims to PRMC for treatment. The following charges were obtained for suspects:

Assault 1st
Assault 2nd
Poss. of Dangerous Weapon with Intent to Injure
Reckless Endangering

State Line Motel Fire - 1976

From the State Register Thursday, August 5, 1976


Maryland State Police arrested a Delmar Youth Tuesday at 5 p.m. in the Salisbury area and charged him with arson in connection with the burning of the State Line Motel on US 13 near Delmar, arson in connection with the burning of the Concord Apartment House on East East Street in Delmar, and malicious burning in connection with a fire set in a truck owned by the Delmar Pants Factory, Inc.

Police said Gerald Washington Taylor, 18, of Oak Haven Avenue, Delmar, has been committed to the Wicomico County jail in Salisbury awaiting a preliminary hearing on three charges.

Police said the investigation into the arsons was conducted jointly by Maryland and Delmar Police and the Maryland and Wicomico County Fire Marshal office. They could not say what evidence led to his arrest.

A blaze which swept through a 50-unit wing of the State Line Motel on U. S. 13 near Delmar early Sunday morning was one of three arson-caused fires in the bi-state community, according to Maryland State Fire marshal.

The fire that destroyed the motel complex caused injury to 17 people according to Fire Marshal W. Donald Williams. All motel guests got out of their rooms safely after the 2:43 a.m. fire with Mary Meredith, 61, of Miami, Fla. the most severely injured. She was admitted to Peninsula General Hospital with a fractured ankle that as sustained when she jumped from the second floor of the two-story wing.

Also injured in the fire was Lawrence Lapide who received a contusion of his right hand while he attempted to help people from the burning building.

Hospital officials said that 10 others were treated for smoke inhalation and five fireman were treated for minor injuries.

According to reports, a motel guest was out of his room to get a soft drink and saw a man in the corridor bending down with what the guest said he thought was a small flashlight. When the man got his drink and turned around , the corridor was on fire and the man with the light had fled. Fire officials believe that what the guest actually saw was someone with a cigarette lighter.

According to assistant Fire Chief Gary Wootten, who was with the first firemen to respond to the alarm, the fire engine encountered dense smoke almost 100 yards from the motel. Firemen found flames pouring out of a number of motel units.

Ted Evans, the motel owner, said he believed that the entire complex had about 100 people in it and they were evacuated within 10 minutes after the fire was discovered.

Evans also said that cots were set up in the nearby Del-Mar-Va Convention Hall for some of the evacuees, while others were put in other areas of the motel.

Investigators later discovered that the wing where the witness was staying showed “signs” of attempted arson. Bits of burnt paper were in a basement corridor and a shag rug on a wall showed signs of being set afire.

Thirty-one pieces of equipment responded to the blaze. Companies involved were from Delmar, Salisbury, Laurel, Gumboro, Sharptown, Hebron, Parsonburg and Princess Anne.

An estimated 150 firemen fought the blaze for almost 11 hours and Chief Wootten, who praised all the companies involved, said: “It was a losing battle and we had to fight the fire room by room. There was just no way we could do it.”

Mrs Kay Davis, the manager of the motel, called the fact that the fire had been contained in the one unit “lucky” and added: “If it hadn’t been for the swimming pool, we might have lost the whole thing.” It was reported that the firemen used the pool for a water supply and drained almost 100,000 gallons from it.

Mrs. Davis, along with fire officials, praised the citizens of the community, who, they said, came out in force to help people who had lost what clothes and belongings they had with them in their rooms when the fire broke out . “Everyone in the community pitched in and worked together,” Mrs. Davis said.

The Salisbury Fire Company Chaplin, the Rev. Harvey Dixon, also praised the occupants of the motel. “Other guests opened up their rooms and let the people in.” he commented.

Mr. Dixon also spoke of the involvement of the people in the community of Delmar. “We had to break out car windows of guests whose cars were parked in front of their rooms in order to move them, because the people had been so concerned about helping others that they left theirs belongings, such as car keys, behind and could not get back in to get them.

According to Williams, 45 minutes after the motel fire, another blaze was reported in an apartment house three blocks from the motel, and 45 minutes after that a third fire was reported in a delivery truck two blocks from the apartment. The fire marshals said these other two fires also appear to have been set.

Officer Earl Cecil of the Delmar police said the fire at the Concord apartments, in the 800 block of East East Street, started when paper was lit on the steps. Flames burned the steps and a wall, generating considerable smoke and waking residents who called firemen. Smoke permeated through the apartments, Cecil said but there was little damage otherwise.

The delivery truck used by a Delmar pants factory, had its seat set on fire, but the flames did not spread to the rest of the truck.

State Police said the fire marshal’s office are working together on the investigation of the fires. The apartment house and delivery truck sustained only minor damage . The actual damage to the motel in dollar figures was not established immediately.

Firemen had to be called back to the motel at least twice when the fire rekindled.


Gerald Washington Taylor, Jr. 18, Delmar, has been charged with a single count of arson, and is being held in Wicomico County jail in lieu of $200,000 in bail. The charge of arson carries a maximum sentence of 30 years upon conviction.

The charge of arson is the result of a blaze in the early hours of Sunday, August 1, that gutted a 50-unit wing of the State Line Motel on U. S. 13 near Delmar.

The fire destroyed the wing of the motel complex caused injury to 17 people, and sent approximately 130 other guests fleeing in their nightclothes.

According to Wicomico County Fire Marshal Donald Williams, Taylor might be subject to as many as 150 criminal charges in connection with the motel fire.

The state solicitor’s office said they were considering separate counts of arson for each of the 49 rooms in the motel plus charges of assault with intent to murder each of the motel guests.

In addition to the arson charge in connection with the burning of the State Line Motel, Taylor has been charged with arson in connection with the burning of the Concord Apartment House on E. East Street in Delmar and malicious burning in connection with a fire set in a truck owned by the Delmar Pants Factory, Inc.

The 2008 Senior League Softball World Series

Well, as many of you know, again this year over in Roxana (Sussex County) the World Series of Softball will be held. It started on Sunday and some games have already been played. Tonight at 8 p.m. West (Ken Hubbs Memorial Little League, Colton, California) will play Delaware District III Champions -Laurel on the Connie Mack field.

The World Series of Softball is almost an unknown event, unless you have daughters who have played softball. Ten teams of 14 to 16 year old girls from around the world will play at Roxanna for the next week. As small as the event is it still brings in quite a bit of money for Sussex County as the parents and fans will stay in the area, many who have never heard of Delaware let alone Roxanna. For those who do not know where Roxanna and the ball field is click here.

My wife will be there tonight to cheer the Laurel team on. I can't go because I will be fighting my Delmar tax reassessment at town hall tonight.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Some Comments on Little Richard's Food

Over at the Ballon Man blog, Dick did a post on Little Richard's Foods. I asked him to explain a few things about how a food concession works playing the fair. I think his reply is interesting so take a look.

Before the Delaware Memorial Bridge

1944 Ad Delaware - New Jersey Ferry Co.

In April 1945 the Delaware State Highway Department was authorized to construct and operate a crossing of the Delaware River between New Castle, Delaware, and Pennsville, New Jersey. It took $44 million to build the graceful 440-foot-high span, which opened to traffic on August 15, 1951. It is the world's longest twin suspension bridge. The New Castle-Pennsville ferry had been in operation since September 2, 1925.