Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sarah Palin for McCain running mate

I have to say it would be a wise choice for John McCain to pick Sarah Palin for his running mate. I think he would pick up a number of Hilary supporters who are mad about Obama not picking Clinton for the VP slot. It would also offset McCain rather boring old white man image and put someone beside him who is good. Be interesting having a Vice President contender from the second smallest state in the union against the Vice President contender from the largest state in the union.

Christine O'Donnell is going to have a hard row to hoe against Biden if he stays in the Senate race, which I assume he will. She is basically running against a ghost. If Obama/Biden is elected it screws over the Delaware voters who were voting for an unknown person.

1974 ad - Pine Ridge Restaurant and Bar - Hebron

Alvaro Merlo

Well I haven't done a fraud or theft post in a while. I wouldn't want for people to think crime in Delaware has stopped. Alvaro J. Merlo, 18, assistant manager for an arcade at 101 S. Boardwalk in Rehoboth Beach was arrested for stealing change from the arcade machines. Altho Merlo said he only took a few hundred dollars, $4,514.50 was missing over several weeks.

Now this is a classic case. Usually the classic example is related to the people who collects the money from parking meters and are caught with their hand in the till. Anywhere you have vending machines, parking meters, etc accepting coins, this type of thing occurs, not infrequently it is the owner skimming cash off the top. Now in the article I read, it said Merlo was paid $8 an hour. I don't feel sympathy for the owner of the arcade when he would pay someone such a small amount and trust them with cash. Certainly the amount you are paid is not a sign of your honesty but it increases the temptation to steal when you are low paid. It also seems with the smaller denominations of money people don't view it as a crime to steal.

Coins weigh quite a bit so in order to walk out with a few hundred dollars in quarters each night he must have been walking at a slant from all the weight on one side of him.

Sanitation in Delmar in 1917

Some highlights of the Delmar, Maryland Council meeting minutes in 1917 regarding sanitation. It would not be until 1927 that Delmar had a sewage treatment plant and a sewage collection system. Until that time outhouses and septic systems were on each property in town.

Oct. 8, 1917
Motion made by W. S. Parker; 2nded by R. R. Walls that Levin Hastings be notified to take care of his waste water where Mrs. Knotts occupies his property within ten days as it is a nuisance and a menace to health.

Motion made by G. L. Long, 2nded by R. R. Walls that Mrs Knotts be notified to clean out her hog pen within ten days and keep the same in good clean condition.

Sept 6, 1917
Bailiff was instructed to put lights on East State and E. Elizabeth Streets; also to notify Hearn and Venables, S. H. Whayland to clean up premises of all rubbish also to clean out toilets on the rear of their lots. He was also instructed to notify Mrs. L. A. Truitt to have the weeds cut on her lot.

May 9, 1917
Bailiff was instructed to notify Mrs. Annie Parker to have her cesspool looked after as the odor was very annoying to the citizens near her. Moved and seconded that May 24 be the day designated as clean up day for the rubbish on the Delmar, Md. side of town.

Barb Hudson Starts Campaign

I found a door hanger on my door yesterday from the Friends To Elect Barabara Hudson, I guess her campaign has started. Her web site is here.

She will be at the Laurel Senior Center covered dish dinner Sept 17 at 5 pm
Apple Scrapple on Oct 11
Maritime Fall Festival in Bethel on Oct 18th.

The Delaware Continentals Monument

I was in Dover yesterday and stopped by to look at the new Delaware Continental Monument. It is small but looks nice. I don't how many people will walk over to see it, given it's location in front of the capital building. Frankly, it is small enough (Half of it is sunk into a hole) you really don't notice it as you drive into that area.

The base of the monument sets down in a sunken amphitheater type hole. What struck me as odd is there is no handicap ramp going to the base of it.

I had figured with the handicap lobby so strong everything built new from basement to attic would be handicap accessible in State government.

Biden and Obama

Wow, finally we can get rid of an incumbent. Maybe with any luck he will move the rest of the Biden family into Federal government positions and we will be free of them for a few years. Clever of Obama, now he seals up Delaware's three electoral votes.

Friday, August 22, 2008

1974 The Greenway Inn

The Democrat Convention

School is Open

We don't need no education.
We don't need no thought control.
No dark sarcasm in the classroom.
Teacher, leave those kids alone.
Hey, teacher, leave those kids alone!
All in all its just another brick in the wall.
All in all you're just another brick in the wall

Pink Floyd's 1979 concept album, The Wall, subtitled part 2

Delmar Middle and High School opened for the year today. Let me say for those people that opposed school uniforms I think the kids look great today. There is NOT that military uniform look to everyone. Altho the tops are white or blue or orange and the bottoms are blue or khaki there is a wide range of variations of that theme. The Delmar kids look good. I can't think that it cost anymore for those "Uniform" clothes than what they normally wore and they look so much better than last year.

I was told WalMart would have carried more clothing that conformed to the Delmar Uniforms if the school had let them know what the uniform was. In the past we have had the same problem with the Delmar school in giving WalMart class supplies requirements. Every other school in the area supplies their requirement to WalMart so you can buy early but Delmar has this attitude they can't be bothered.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The August Planning and Zoning Commission

Tonight, the August Planning and Zoning Commission was held. Ferro and Dixon were not present, Boyer, Houlihan, Anderton and Slaybaugh were present.

There were only two items of business tonight.

First Richard Johnson came before the commission about a neon sign he wants to put up to replace the two older signs at his place of business; "Johnson Okay Used Cars". There was much discussion on this matter. Everyone agreed the sign was nice looking but the commission was not happy about it being neon. They said approving a neon sign will set the precedent for neon signs in Delmar. A motion was made to give a favorable approval to the sign and it died for lack of a second. Johnson will now have to go to the Joint Council.

2 West State Street
Melvin Caldwell Jr, attorney, representing Barrington Properties, LLC. at 2 West State Street (Maryland side) appeared before the commission to tell them the property was going to be split into two condominium units. Now attorneys can act like shitheads sometimes, so I was not impressed when he told the commission he was merely being nice coming before the commission to tell them about this as he really didn't have to because the State of Maryland had already approved it. So he proceeded to explain to us country bumpkins in the room how it was a house they had cleaned up and were going to sell as two condos (3 bedrooms, 1,600 sq ft, about $115,000). There was no vote or say in the matter. If it ever sells this will be the first Condo in Delmar.

Melvin Caldwell giving his talk and Carl Anderton contemplates

The Salisbury Park Cannon

The old German howitzer that sits on a knoll in the park in Salisbury has been a magnetic for boys for years and years. I remember it being painted an aluminum color in the 1950's and 1960's. Sometime in the 1980's it was cleaned up, repaired and repainted.

Besides begin great for games, everyone scratches their names, initials, social commentary, etc into the cannon.

The howitzer weights about 1,700 pounds and was cast at Ingolstadt, Bavaria about 1907 or 1909. It is not known what part it played in World War One.

The cannon came to Salisbury after WWI in a trainload of battle souvenirs. I don't know when it ended up in the park.

Four O'Clocks

I was outside about 8:30 this morning and noticed the 4 O'Clocks were still open. Usually in the summer heat they closed up by 7 a.m. but with fall coming and today being cooler they are staying open a longer longer.

1974 Ad - Pappys - Salisbury

Some Bits From 1876

From the Salisbury Advertiser Feb 19, 1876

From our Delmar correspondent we learn that on Sunday night a coal oil lamp in the family of Mr. W. H. Hitchens exploded. The oil spread over the floor setting a bed on fire and badly burning Mr. Hitchens hands in the attempt to extinguish it.

The barn on the farm of Mr. John T. Gordy, near Delmar was entirely destroyed by fire on Thursday morning, between the hours of ten and twelve o'clock. The fire is supposed to have been of incendiary origin. Loss estimated at three hundred dollars

From the Salisbury Advertiser May 20th 1876

Juvenile marriages are not entirely out of style. Mr. Joseph Hayman, aged 22, of Trappe district, came to Salisbury this week and carried away and led to the altar, Miss Martha Tindall, aged 12 years and 6 months. May they live long and be happy.

Powellsville is fast getting a reputation which does it no good. Minos Figgs is the keeper of a drinking house in that place, and under his fostering care disorder reigns supreme. On Saturday J. G. Perdue and I. P. Dennis, after imbibing sufficient quantity of Figgs fighting whiskey, quarreled over the estate of a dead mother-in-law, amounting in the aggregate to about ten dollars. Words soon led to blows and blows to something worse as Perdue, drawing a huge knife, made a wipe at Dennis throat. Dennis fell backward and by this means saved his life. The gash was a fearful looking one but not very deep.

Aptes Bros - 1936

From the Milford Chronicle August 21, 1936

DELMAR NEWS- The Delmar Packing Company after being closed for four years has undergone repairs and was opened Monday morning to handle the tomato crop just coming on, and will be operated by Apte Bros., owners of several canneries on the Eastern Shore.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Brian, our goldfish, went to the big fishbowl in the sky yesterday. We have had him for at least seven years. He started out in a fishbowl, worked his way to a ten gallon fish tank, then a twenty gallon tank and finally a thirty gallon tank. Goldfish will continue to grow as long as they have room. With each move up in tank size Brian also moved in size. He was a little over 14 inches (pan size) and weight 1.6 pounds at his death.

One morning when Brian had a ten gallon tank I came down for morning coffee and I heard a little voice saying "Help, I have fallen and can't get up." It was Brian, he had flopped out of his tank onto the floor. I don't know how long he had been on the floor but I put him back in the tank and he sunk to the bottom and stayed there for the next two days than finally started to recover. The other fish in the tank picked on him but he waited until he was well and bigger and than ate them. When he was younger and in a tank to him self, he use to watch "Finding Nemo' with us.

Brian taught us a number of things;
First, you can be as big as you want you just have to be in the right environment.
Second, We all occasionally fall down and need a helping hand
Third, With a little patients you will arrive at a point where you can kill your enemies.
Fourth, "Finding Nemo" is a pretty good movie for people or Goldfish.

Swim Free - Brian - Swim free.

Delmar Police Department Press Release

Delmar Police Department Press Release
Incident: Burglary
Date of Incident: 08-19-08
Location: 800 E. East St., Delmar MD 21875
Suspects: Unknown

On August 19, 2008 at 5:10 PM an Officer of the Delmar Police Department responded to the Delmar Wesleyan Church located at 800 E. East St., Delmar MD in ref. to a Burglary that had occurred sometime between 12:00 PM on 08-18-08 and 5:00 PM on 08-19-08. The investigation revealed that an “Acer” laptop computer, small amount of cash and a small fire safe containing misc. documents were removed from the church. Anyone with information about this Burglary is urged to contact the Delmar Police Department at 410-896-3131.

Incident: Suspicious Incident
Date of Incident: 08-20-08
Location: 300 block of South Maryland Ave., Delmar MD 21875
Suspects: Two Juveniles

On August 20, 2008 at 3:55 AM an Officer of the Delmar Police Department stopped two juvenile walking in the area of the 300 block of S. Maryland Ave., Delmar MD. The two juveniles had numerous music CD’s and DVD’s in their possession which were confiscated by officer. Upon further investigation the juveniles admitted to checking to see if any car doors had been left unlocked. Investigation is continuing. The Delmar Police Department would like to remind all the citizens of Delmar to keep their vehicle doors locked at all times.

Two 1974 Crab ads

Now you know it was a while ago if the "Red Roost" was advertising all you can eat crabs for $1.99

I don't remember this "special" of hard crabs for ten cents at Little Jimmy's, does anyone remember what the deal was on it?

Vote Incumbents Out!

There is a Kingdom by the sea where elected officials remain in office forever and assume they have the same guaranteed rights as the Divine Rights of the Kings of Europe. Incumbents in Delaware are rarely opposed and almost never defeated. In spite of the example set by George Washington in stepping down after two terms, lesser men, in Delaware, refuse to give up their elected offices and allow other citizens to have an opportunity to represent the people. I have never viewed “Politician” as a job occupation and professional career. I have always viewed it as a chance for a citizen to “temporarily” represent other citizens in their district. Let’s face it - it is a difficult job, as anyone who has been elected to a public office can tell you and if someone continues to run for office you have to question their reasons why and perhaps their sanity.

Now the incumbents are not necessarily bad people (maybe Thurman Adams is), but by their continuation in office they, and the two party system in Delaware, are killing the free election political process in Delaware. Less competitive elections breed less interest, lower levels of participation and lack of political effectiveness. I tend to view politicians the same way I view the police. The police, by way of their job, mainly associate with criminals and after a number of years as policemen they tend to know the criminals better than they know the non-criminal citizens. It is the same way with long term politicians, they know the influence peddlers, lobbyists and government workers better than they know the citizens in their district and as such are influenced more by them than the citizens in their district. Does anyone doubt that the “open our General Assembly” (OOGA) bills were backed by the citizens of Delaware and they were killed by someone who has been in office too long?

This year, Robert Venables is running unopposed for the 21st District senator. Now I like Senator Venables. The times we have been to him for help on various matters his office has always responded, unlike Biff Lee’s Office, and I like the way he votes on matters, however I think someone should run against him. There may be a better person for that office and we will never know until that person files to run against Senator Venables. Clifford “Biff” Lee of the 40th District representative does have some one running against him. Her name is Barbara Hudson and I give her credit for filing to run against him. The American election process will at least go into effect with her having filed. She will have a difficult time of it. Biff Lee is a retired Delaware state trooper, has a nickname, is a Volunteer fireman, you get birthday cards from him, been in office since 1990, etc he is the quintessence Western Sussex county good ol’ boy. Of note he has his 21st “Pig-Picken’” at the Laurel Fire Hall on September the 13th.

Am I saying to vote someone out who is good at what they are doing just because they have served the public for an extended period of time? Yes I am. Politician is not an occupation, and holders of that title should not be allowed to make it a career. If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results, than most Delawarean must be insane. If your elected official has been in office longer than ten years - vote them out. If nothing else when they are voted out of office they can start a blog to amuse themselves.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Delmar Items from August 16, 1940

From the Bi-State Weekly Friday, August 16, 1940


Farmers in this section are receiving a bumper second crop of cucumbers according to the announcement of a produce buyer, on the Delmar block Saturday. Prices are ranging from $1.00 to $1.65 a hamper and is the highest price ever paid at the local block according to the buyer, this late in the season.

Clarence Workman, a farmer living east of Delmar in the Morris neighborhood, is believed to have established a record in the growing of cucumbers this year. He began picking on June 27th from two-acre patch and on Thursday sold 59 hampers through the local block and on Saturday another 100 hampers. He has picked over 1000 hampers from the two acres thus far, and he states that he has not finished picking yet. this is one of the largest yields per acre in this section.

Many of the farmers are reporting that they are averaging $300 per acre on cucumbers this season which is the highest average in over 20 years.


Frank Baker, of this city, has received word of his appointment as Justice of Peace on the Delaware side, from Governor Richard C. McMullen. Mr Baker, a life long Democrat in this section, was recommended for the post by the Democrat leaders in Delmar. He has for several years been in business in Delmar. He will succeed Patrick H. Hearn, whose term expired on Saturday. The appointment is effective immediately.

Mr. Baker was drafted by the Democrat leaders for the post and has not stated whether or not he will accept the appointment, however he is expecting to make the announcement within the next week. At the present time he is spending several days in Ocean City. The appointment is a recess appointment and will be brought before the Senate for confirmation at its next session.


Three grass and Woods fires kept Delmar Firemen busy last Friday. At noon the grass between the railroad and the Wilson Shirt Factory on State Street caught fire. Chief of Police Arthur L. Godfrey of the Maryland side saw the fire when it started and summoned the aid of workers in the factory, who were able to put it out without any damage to the building. The fire is believed to have been started when a one of the employees tossed a lighted cigarette through the door into the dry grass.

The second fire early in the afternoon swept over twenty five acres of land owned by Mrs. Mary Hastings. The fire was swept by a stiff breeze through the tall grass and it took firemen and about 15 railroad employees about an hour to bring the fire under control. The lot is located just north of the Railroad round-house. No buildings are near the field.

Friday night the Company was called to extinguish a wood's fire one mile north of Delmar on the west side of the railroad tracks. The fire burned through about five acres of cut over timber which is owned by Harland Smith. Chief Harry M. Burrows of the Delmar Department stated that this fire was started from the embers of a fire built by transients. In the woods is a tramp jungle which is located at the north end of the Delmar yard. When firemen arrived the Chief stated there were still several logs on the fire still burning, but no one was near it. Squirt guns and tanks were used to extinguish the three blazes. This is the first day that local firemen had been called since July 15th.

From the Milford Chronicle Friday August 17, 1934.

DELMAR NEWS- The Charges against John Tilghman and brother of Salisbury, for beating up town Bailiff Ralph Williams have been settled out of court.

1969 ad - Kelly's Oyster Bar - Fruitland

Delmar Firemen 2nd Annual Sportsman's Giveaway

The Delmar Volunteer Fire Department is having their 2nd Annual Sportsman's Giveaway on November 1, 2008. Donations are $25.00. Door open at 11:00 A.M. Must be 18 to claim prizes. Only 5,000 tickets will be sold. Visit their site for the details.

Politicians and a Balanced Budget

It's an election year in Delaware and Sussex County and once again we are inundated with State/local politicians telling us how their regime, if elected, will be different from the current regime. Now we all know nothing is going to change except who the political favors will be granted to, but what I think should be required is for politicians, when they say they are going to give more emphasis to education, energy, cancer etc should be required to say how they plan to come up with that money to do so. We all know the money is going to come from us, the taxpayers, but if we have balance budgets in the state and county and the emphasis shifts to a new area that will mean money will be taken from another area to beef up the new area, unless thay plan to raise taxes or "users fees". They should be required to state, "I am going to put more emphasis on education and I am going to get the money to do so by cutting down on the the number of state troopers and social service employees." Ah, laws to mercy, my slower, lower Delaware mind would find that to be interesting if they did that.

Monday, August 18, 2008

1969 Ad Smitty's - Princess Anne

High School and Middle School Start Date

Just a note on August 21st the sixth and ninth grades will start school at Delmar Middle and High School. On August 22nd everyone will be going back.

Each year the date school starts seem to be getting earlier. When I went to school this was still an agricultural area and school started in September and farmers were griping it was starting to early as they still had produce to bring in and the teenager labor force was in school. Usually you would work after school in some sweet potato shed on into October.

The 1933 Flood

On Sunday, August 20th 1933, the Delmarva Peninsula was sweltering under a heat blanket. Salisbury was reporting 98 degrees at noon and there was every indication it would continue to rise. A half-dozen deaths had been reported in the area due to the heat. The Baltimore weather bureau was predicting a thundershower would arrive that night to give some relief from the heat. Everyone turned on their fans, hoped for rain, and talked about The World Fair in Chicago having nude dancing in the Oriental village and other places along the Midway. They were glad that after Mayor Edward Kelly of Chicago saw a “Lady Godiva” ride he had made them tone down their performances.

On Monday, August 21st eleven inches of rain fell, by August 24th another six inches of rain fell. This rain was an outcome of the 1933 Chesapeake-Potomac Hurricane. Rain filled every stream, ditch, roadway, backyard, field and many houses.

In Delmar, washouts of the Bacon and Smith Mills dams caused the closing of both the Whitesville Road and the State highway (RT13). A temporary bridge would later be constructed at Bacon but the road would be closed for a week. Delmar streets were flooded and everyone’s yard and gardens were flooded. The worst flooding to affect Delmar was the break in the Delmar-Salisbury road at Leonard Mill. The roadway was undermined and 189 feet of road was swept away. It would remain unusable for weeks. The gas main was also broken leaving Delmar with out natural gas.

South of Delmar at Roque Pond (also called Rook’s pond, Ruark’s pond, and Roaches Pond) the water backed up and on Wednesday the railroad sent a crew down to reinforce the embankment the railroad ran over. Mr. Alison Dryden, 45, was the railroad section foreman. While trying to reinforce it there was a washout and his body was not found until Sunday, about a mile down the stream. He was buried at Parson’s cemetery. He was survived by his wife and two children; Mrs. Alfred Colona and Mrs. Marie Dryden Dennis. The railroad from Delmar to Salisbury would not be opened for another week.

In Laurel, a 75 foot section of highway at Sixth Street was washed away when the water on Rossakatum stream reached 20 feet. More than 50 homes were flooded, at least five homes on Rossakatum were lifted off their foundation and carried down stream. Chipman dam gave way adding more water into Records Lake. The water was so high the draw bridge at Central Avenue had to be lifted cutting off traffic flow to the north of Laurel. It would remain lifted for a week, until the water dropped. Eight of the nine mill dams in the Fifth Representative District (Bethel, Laurel, Delmar) were washed out.

Areas Bayside and Seaside suffered the most. The 1933 Chesapeake-Potomac Hurricane produced high tides 7 to 9 feet higher than normal. At the seaside, Bethany beach was ordered to be evacuated. Cottages from Bay View to Ocean City were smashed by waves or washed out to sea. Down in Crisfield the town was under three foot of water, on Tangier Island only three boats out of a crabbing fleet of 200 were left. Unearthed caskets were bobbing around. Acres of land were covered in salt water. Anything that could crawl, slither, hop, run, walk, or fly headed for higher ground. Snakes, frogs and turtles were looking shelter in houses. Mules, cows and pigs were swimming and chickens were making for roof tops. The storm destroyed a railroad bridge heading into Ocean City and created the Island of Assateague when the storm cut an inlet at Ocean City and separated Assateague from Ocean City. Public Landing, below Snow Hill, which was a popular resort of the time, was wiped out.

Since all the phone and telegraph lines were down the only way the Peninsula could communicate with the rest of the world was by amateur radio operators. They set up in the grill and bus terminal in Salisbury, or in their homes. Edgar L. Hudson from Laurel was one of the operators.

The effect on farming and fishing was horrible. The Tomato crop was ruined, between 30 to 60 per cent of the apple crop was on the ground, the peach season was ended, and grapes were damaged. After the storm woman and girls went to the fields to salvage all the lima beans and vegetables they could. This was a time when people canned their own vegetables out of necessity and they still needed to be put up for winter or they would go hungry. Canneries were shut down until the water had receded from within them. Aptes Brothers was the main owner of canneries in the area and once the water left the canneries they accepted the tomatoes that were usable after the flood. When the dams broke fish were swept out into the woodlands and left helpless in small pockets of water. Delaware Chief Game Warden Foster and five men went searching for pockets of fish to save. Dead animals were everywhere. They had to be buried plus the coffins that had popped to the surface had to be hunted down, the corpses identified, and reburied. Gasoline tanks, fuel oil tanks and propane tanks had to rounded up.

One story I heard was a man by the name of Smith who lived in the small town of Smithville, in Accomack County Virginia, had his home flooded out so when he rebuilt he built a houseboat and lived in it on dry land until he died in the 1940's. He wasn't going to take another change on having his house flooded.

On the weekend after the storm, thousands of people were on the roads riding to southern Delaware to see the damage. In Delmar there was a three mile line of automobiles going north to Laurel to see the damage. Traffic congestion was heavy in Laurel. Between Milford and Georgetown, in the Ellendale Swamp, the road was under a foot of water but still the cars kept coming. It would be months until things returned to normal in Sussex County.

From Johhny Cash "Five Feet High And Rising"

How high's the water, mama?
Two feet high and risin'
How high's the water, papa?
Two feet high and risin'

We can make it to the road in a homemade boat
That's the only thing we got left that'll float
It's already over all the wheat and the oats,
Two feet high and risin'

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Handicapped Curb Ramps

Boulevard Beer and Wine has a wheelchair-accessible sidewalk corner at Bi-State and State. Now I have never thought much about it, other than it was for handicap people in wheelchairs to go from the street to the sidewalk and Delmar does have a number of wheelchair people. Yesterday, I watched a car use it as an entrance to the parking lot at Boulevard Beer and Wine. It is perfect for that. If you are making a left heading south from Bi-State it is a perfect line up with the turn. If you are going east down State street you just make a slight right turn into the parking lot. Whatever you think up someone else will come up with a different use for it.

Another ramp I have written about is the one in Delmar Manor that has no sidewalk with it. People in wheelchairs are not going to go over there because they can't roll through grass. I am sure there is a larger plan out there that I am not aware of.

1969 ad - Smith Island Camp Meeting